Trump Endorses New Replacement For McConnell

Former President Donald Trump has backed Rick Scott over Mitch McConnell as the Senate GOP challenger.

Trump during a phone interview with former Fox News host Glenn Beck’s Blaze Media news program confirmed that he would back Florida Senator Rick Scott as a potential challenger for McConnell.

McConnell has held on to the Senate GOP leadership position for years. Trump has previously criticized McConnell and even made racist remarks about his wife Elaine Chao.

Trump added that Scott would be a better option than McConnell. He also proceeded to say that he knows both McConnell and his wife, who he called “CoCo Chao” well and that he was not a fan of them.
This particular portion of the Blaze Media broadcast was made available on Twitter. Since it was originally shared the clip has been viewed more than 430,000 times.

While there are many races that have not yet been called, the disappointing performance during the midterm elections by GOP candidates has led to many casting blame in many different directions.

Republicans are still expected to win the House, but their victory margin is expected to be much smaller than originally anticipated.

Some have been blaming Trump for the party’s performance, noting that a number of his endorsed candidates failed to win important battleground states. This includes Dr. Mehmet Oz who did not win against Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate Race as well as all secretary of state Trump-endorsed candidates in swing states.

Trump on the other hand has blamed the GOP leadership, including McConnell, for these results.

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  1. Less than 10 of the people President Trump lost their elections. Quit spreading liberal bull crap!!

    • Less than 10 of the people President Trump endorsed lost to a dumbocrat. Quit spreading bull crap liberal, commie lies!!!

      (Messed up the previous comment!!)

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