Private Money Banned From Elections?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Next month, Wisconsin voters will decide whether private grant money can be used to assist in state elections being administered. This is one of the two measures included in the GOP-backed ballot. However, the Democrats have opposed the measures arguing that they were just attempting to make it harder for elections in Wisconsin to be conducted. 

On the April 2nd ballot, there will be constitutional amendments that also include giving only election officials designated by law the right to administer elections. If these changes are approved by the majority of voters, they will be included in the state’s constitution. 

On Tuesday, early in-person absentee voting will begin and remain available until March 31st. Since 2020, there have been 27 states in which Republicans have either limited or completely outlawed private election grants. 

Republicans have been supporting the measures that are facing criticism and opposition from several liberal groups and government watchdogs. The amendment has not been supported by a single Democratic lawmaker. It has now been split into two questions that have been included on the ballot. 

State Sen. Eric Wimberger, the amendment’s co-author, took to X (formerly Twitter) to note that people needed to trust that all elections were fair; especially in a swing state like Wisconsin, where integrity is very important. 

However, those who oppose the measures argue that this is just an attempt to restrict voting rights and make it harder for elections to be run. 

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