This November Will Be The Biggest Election Day Ever

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

( – has initiated its most ambitious voter registration campaign to date, targeting the addition of 8 million voters for the upcoming 2024 election cycle, the nonpartisan voter engagement organization announced on Friday.

Andrea Hailey, CEO of, highlighted the urgency of this initiative in a statement, pointing out that the disillusionment reported among young people and people of color with this year’s electoral process underscores the need for a robust campaign to engage and assist them in registering to vote.

Hailey emphasized that the organization is fully committed to this campaign because “the stakes for our democracy have never been higher.”

Armed with a budget of $25 million—which describes as the largest sum ever dedicated solely to voter registration—the organization aims to particularly increase registration among young voters and voters of color. These groups are seen as pivotal in what is expected to be a closely contested presidential race.

This campaign is launched amid concerns over potentially low voter turnout in November, driven by diminished enthusiasm for a possible electoral rematch between President Biden and former President Trump. has already made significant progress, having registered nearly 500,000 voters so far this cycle. This includes more than 200,000 18-year-olds, nearly doubling the number from the same point in the 2020 cycle.

To achieve its goal of 8 million new registrations, plans to implement outreach strategies that include engaging students on campuses and conducting radio advertisements that resonate with local communities. These advertisements will feature various Spanish-language dialects and include Navajo translations to ensure broader reach and impact.

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