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As American consumers continue to feel the impact of liberal spending on social policies, Patriot News Daily supports restructuring and reining in spending. We help you connect Capitol Hill policies and the American economy.

Freedom and the American Economy

The American economy is a vibrant engine, but under liberal spending policies, our nation’s success is stifled by frivolous budgeting. We support policies that build our economy by promoting:

  • A strong military with smart spending to keep our nation protected and to defend democracy abroad
  • Tax cuts to help American families
  • The free market to show a trust in American innovation
  • Deregulation to allow thriving industry
  • Lower taxes to avoid burdening the average American
  • Significant reduction of government debt to get the most out of every American dollar, avoid spending on interest, and reduce our interdependence on foreign markets

With lower government spending, lower government debt, and lower taxes, our free market economy will thrive and help America maintain her position as the greatest nation on Earth.

Patriot News Daily: In Pursuit of the American Dream

It’s every American’s right to pursue the American dream, and that means being free of undue tax burdens. When we aren’t beholden to pay for other Americans’ mistakes, we forge ahead as individuals and communities more able to pursue the American Dream. Whether that means growing personal wealth and contributing to the community by serving as a member of the armed forces or law enforcement or building strong families by working farms and oil rigs, our readers are willing to do what it takes to create a dream for their families.

Daily Political News

In pursuit of the American dream is the God-given right to preserve our way of life. We hold sacred our religious communities, our right to defend ourselves, and the sanctity of life, and more conservative spending policies allow us to live our lives the way the founding fathers intended. We hold the Constitution at the center of this, and know it upholds our rights to pursue the American dream. You’ll read about all of this and more in our regular Political News category, where we highlight those supporting and defending these values while challenging those who are not. You deserve to know what moves your elected officials are making and we’ll do our best to keep you informed.

Superior Financial News

A strong job market is essential to maintaining global economic dominance. We believe in a strong job market for the American people, with a system set up to support domestic jobs. Forget “made in China” — it’s time to make things here at home again and support the American worker. Domestic production includes auto manufacturing and construction, but it’s about so much more than that. At Patriot News Daily, we know that by keeping jobs at home, we support and defend our values and strengthen our own economy.

These ideas just begin to scratch the surface when it comes to American finances. Check out our Financial News pieces regularly to stay in the loop, not just about jobs but the financial state of the country as a whole.

Factual Freedom News

There’s something unique about America. We have the strongest military, the most devoted communities, and, when the free market thrives, the ability to do anything we set our minds to as a nation. We were chosen to live a life of freedom, and we highlight this idea weekly in our Freedom News section.

About the Patriot News Daily Team

Our writers hail from all over America, but most are focused in rural communities and have hometown values and pride. They respect the contributions of law enforcement and support hometown heroes, recognizing the difficult jobs they have to do. In support of this way of life, we’re committed to providing truth in every post, and to helping you understand how sweeping policies on Capitol Hill affect the economy of your hometown. It’s important to our writers because they’re members of your communities.

We are a publication for patriots: that’s why we’re Patriot News Daily. Each day, we bring news in an understandable format for every conservative voter. You’ll find traditional family values here and traditional, everyday families represented in our site. We’re here to serve and preserve that traditional structure and way of life and consider it our mission to bring the news of the day to you at Patriot News Daily.

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