Speaker Johnson Popularity Soars In Congress

Office of Speaker Mike Johnson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has praised Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for pushing forward a foreign aid package.

McCaul, who is a big supporter of Ukraine aid, has stated that he would back Johnson following his decision to pass through the House a foreign aid package over the weekend. Several of the party’s conservative members have opposed Johnson’s decision to allow the vote. Some have even threatened that Johnson would be ousted for this decision. 

During his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” McCaul argued that Johnson had his support and that his “stock” in the House Speaker has increased. He continued by saying that Johnson had earned his respect for choosing to do the right thing, regardless of how that might end up affecting his job. 

Regarding Johnson, McCaul argued that the Speaker had gone “through a transformation” by getting the foreign aid package to the House floor. This is a significant step, as previously a package to approve additional aid to Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific region, and Israel had been held up in the House as the Republicans opposed it. 

McCaul argued that what the Speaker had tried to do was what the Freedom Caucus had pushed for, but that ultimately they were running out of time and needed to provide aid to Ukraine as the country was close to falling. He added that he believed that the briefing he had got in the classified space as well as the advice he had received from people like him had turned a man from Louisiana into the House Speaker. 

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