Fani Willis Chickens Out Of Critical Debate

Photo by ibuki Tsubo on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) ended up skipping the Atlanta Press Club hosted Democratic Party first debate. This led to attorney Christian Wise Smith, who is running against her, debating on his own on an empty stage. 

Following a brief introduction about Smith, the debate moderator informed the public that Willis had been unwilling to attend the debate and that in her place there would be an empty podium. 

Willis has received nationwide attention, as she is responsible for the election interference case in Georgia that has been brought forward against former president Donald Trump and his allies. Earlier this month Willis’ reelection campaign had revealed to the Atlanta News First that Willis would not be doing any interviews that include discussions of the high-profile cases that the office is prosecuting, and especially the election interference case or the trial of rapper Young Thug. 

Smith, during the debate, questioned where Willis was and pointed out that he had attended the debate because he cared about Fulton County and its citizens. He continued by arguing that she had been fundraising across the country and attending the correspondent’s dinner but was not doing anything to address the issues in Fulton County, their prisons, or the backlog. He proceeded to argue that Willis’s absence during the debate was all the answer they needed. 

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