Trump Makes Big Promises for His Second Term

Oren Rozen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Donald Trump vowed that if he wins another term in office he would be bringing the “Iron Dome” which is Israel’s defense system to American skies. He also blasted President Joe Biden arguing that because of him the world was on the verge of a World War III. 

On Wednesday, during a rally in Michigan which was aired live in its entirety on Newsmax, Trump argued that it was Biden’s weakness that had resulted in the world being close to a nuclear war. He continued by stating that if he wins back the White House he will bring the world to peace. 

Trump continued by saying that he knows all of the other leaders and they respect him, but that currently, they have lost respect for the United States as it is a country in decline. However, he added that they would bring the country back on the right road very soon and they would prevent World War III. As he pointed out he was the only one that would be doing that. 

Trump added that currently, the country was in a “precarious position” but that he would help the world avoid another world war and that he would bring peace through strength. He noted that he would also build a great Iron Dome, similar to the one that Israel has, but one that would be even better. 

Trump in his remarks also questioned why the United States did not already have that and argued that this is something they should have in place as there are many hostile people and bad actors in the world. 

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