Antisemitic Protesters May Lose Major Biden Benefit

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) during a congressional hearing pushed for Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to take student loan forgiveness from students who have been part of antisemitic protests on university campuses across the Country. 

During the House Education Committee hearing, Cardona testified about the priorities and policies of his agency. 

Foxx asked him whether he thought that people who were spending their time on campus antagonizing other students should be allowed to get their education paid for by taxpayers. Cardona avoided directly answering this question and instead noted that he was proud of the work of his department in providing a lifeline to students. 

Foxx pointed out that she was referring to students who were exhibiting antisemitic behavior and had been threatening and blocking Jewish students from attending class. She clarified by bluntly asking whether Cardona thinks their loans should be paid off by taxpayers. 

Cardona in return had argued that all those who had broken the law needed to be held accountable, but did not provide a clear answer regarding student loan forgiveness. 

Foxx did not stop with her questions there, as she continued pressuring Cardona to state plainly whether they would commit to having those students who broke the law or who harassed other students not receive student loan forgiveness in any form.

Cardona, in response, argued that they were working to make campuses safer and that they condemned all forms of violence on campus. 

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