Cartels Take Over The Southern Border

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – In an interview set to air on NewsNation at 9 p.m., an anonymous Border Patrol agent claimed that the U.S. border was controlled by cartels rather than federal officials. 

On a special edition of “Dan Abrams Live,” NewsNation’s Ali Bradley asked the border management agent about his view of the border. The agent argued in response that the biggest thing right now was that they did not have any control of the border. They added that everything they were doing was a reaction to the actions taken by the cartels, who as they pointed out were doing everything they wanted.

The agent’s stance further showcases how the agency has for years struggled with recruiting agents and morale issues. The Border Patrol has been struggling with processing the record high numbers of migrants, many of whom were trying to seek asylum. The historically high numbers have also altered the agency as officers are spending more hours handling asylum requests rather than patrolling the border. 

The National Border Patrol Council, which is the agency’s union, has also been a lot more vocal politically regarding border management and immigration. This month, the president of the union, Brandon Judd is set to retire. 

In Mexico, there has been an increase in organized crime, and cartels have been involved in smuggling operations. There are also allegations over how influential drug money is in the country’s politics and a general increase in cartel control within Mexico. The federal government has also implemented a “hugs, not bullets” strategy that they have been following for the last six years. 

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