Trump-Hating Republicans Target The Electoral College

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – On Monday, an anti-Trump Republican group in Nebraska announced an ad campaign that could potentially help change the Electoral College votes in the state. If it passes, it could also lead to the former president getting an additional electoral vote. 

The efforts are focused on switching Nebraska’s system from a split district to a “winner-take-all” state. These efforts also have the support of the former President, as well as Sen. Pete Ricketts (R-NE) and Gov. Jim Pillen (R). However, last week it failed a key vote in the unicameral Legislature of the state. Still, there is an option to pursue the issue later this year in a special session.

Defending Democracy Together, a group that was founded in 2019 against Donald Trump, argued that the change would dilute the voting power in the state. The group’s spokesperson Gunner Ramer noted in a statement that Nebraskans were taking great pride in their ability to have their voice heard through voting. 

He added that when voters felt that their votes were important then democracy was performing better. This is what makes Nebraska’s system right now so powerful. 

Lawmakers in Lincoln are going to be upholding the pro-democratic principle. 

The only two states to have a split Electoral College voting system are Maine and Nebraska. In the majority of the presidential elections, the Republicans have been easily able to win over two districts in Nebraska. However, District 2, which includes Omaha, is tightly contested and in the last two of the four elections has gone to the Democrats. The last two electoral votes are usually given to the winner of the popular vote which tends to be a GOP candidate. 

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