MAGA Hits Biden Like Never Before Over Iran

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – The MAGA GOP has blasted President Biden over the recent Iranian attack against Israel which took place this past weekend. 

Over the weekend, Tehran claimed that they had launched over 300 missiles and drones against Israel as retaliation against the country, which they claimed is responsible for the attack on an Iranian consular building in Damascus Syria in early April. This attack resulted in the deaths of 12 people, including two senior Iranian generals. This is the first direct attack ever launched by Iran against Israel from its own territory. The attack comes at a time when the tension in the Middle East has continued to climb following the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza which started after the Oct. 7th attack. 

American forces were instrumental in assisting Israel to defend itself against all the missiles and drones according to a Saturday statement by Biden. In his statement, he noted that the military forces had worked to support Israel under his instruction which is how they blocked almost all the missiles and drones that were incoming to the country.

Biden continued by arguing that the United States’ support for the country was “ironclad” which he would convene during the G7 meeting. 

Former President Donald Trump however took to social media to blast Trump arguing that under his instruction this would have never happened. He then proceeded to post clips of a Pennsylvania campaign rally as well as his remarks on his social media platform Truth Social. He proceeded to argue that Biden had shown extreme weakness. 

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