Trump Endorses RFK Jr.?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Donald Trump recently commented on the entry of Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the race, terming it as “great for MAGA” (Make America Great Again). In his remarks made via a post on Truth Social, Trump emphasized that Kennedy, in his view, represents the extreme left, specifically criticizing his support for environmental policies, which Trump disparagingly called the “Green New Scam.” According to Trump, Kennedy’s environmental stance, along with other positions, would lead to economic detriment.

Trump suggested that Kennedy’s campaign might inadvertently benefit his own political cause by siphoning votes from the incumbent President Joe Biden. He interpreted Kennedy’s participation in the race as a positive development for the MAGA movement, insinuating that it would divide the opposition’s vote.

In his critique, Trump also mentioned Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, describing her as more liberal than Kennedy. He painted Kennedy as a perennial leftist, hinting at potential legal troubles for Kennedy and Shanahan, specifically accusing them of being susceptible to charges related to environmental fraud.

Despite the criticisms, Trump seemed to relish the competition, noting that Kennedy was more of a threat to Biden than to himself, and expressed pleasure at Kennedy’s decision to run.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Kennedy, at an event in Oakland, California, announced tech attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his vice-presidential candidate. He lauded Shanahan as a testament to the American dream, overcoming numerous challenges to achieve success. Kennedy’s introduction of Shanahan aimed to highlight her multifaceted career and contributions, framing her as a dynamic and competent partner for his campaign.

Polls have indicated that Kennedy trails both Trump and Biden by a significant margin, with Trump leading Biden slightly. This polling data suggests a challenging path ahead for Kennedy in garnering widespread support.

The Democratic response to Kennedy’s campaign has been largely negative, with accusations of him acting as a “spoiler” to Biden’s chances of re-election. Critics, including Democratic representatives, have suggested that Kennedy’s campaign might be bolstered by Republican supporters, aiming to dilute Democratic votes. This sentiment was echoed by Rep. Robert Garcia and Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, both expressing strong disapproval of Kennedy’s candidacy and urging him to withdraw from the race to avoid fracturing the Democratic vote.

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