Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Why He’s Feuding With Trump

Erin Scott, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Jimmy Kimmel, the well-known late-night television host, is intensifying his ongoing dispute with former President Donald Trump, humorously critiquing recent remarks Trump made during an interview with Fox News. Kimmel used his platform to jokingly express that Trump’s repetitive criticism of his talent is causing envy in Eric, one of Trump’s sons. Kimmel openly relishes these exchanges, finding amusement in the back-and-forth banter.

This latest episode in their ongoing spat erupted after Kimmel humorously referenced Trump during the Oscars, playfully questioning if it was “past your jail time?” Trump, responding on Fox’s “MediaBuzz,” objected to Kimmel’s decision to broadcast a post that Trump had made on Truth Social during the Oscars, claiming it led to widespread viral attention. Kimmel retorted by highlighting the global amusement his joke garnered, evidenced by the laughter and applause from celebrities, including actress Margot Robbie, at the awards show. Kimmel took a playful jab at Trump by saying, “Barbie was laughing at you,” referring to Robbie’s role in the film industry.

Trump’s antics and controversies have consistently provided material for late-night show hosts like Kimmel. Over the years, the rapport between Kimmel and Trump has significantly soured, particularly after Trump, as a presidential candidate, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kimmel’s comedic feuds extend beyond Trump, as he recently engaged in a light-hearted conflict with New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers over his vaccine remarks and conspiracy theories related to Jeffrey Epstein. This ongoing dynamic between Kimmel and public figures showcases the enduring intersection of comedy, politics, and celebrity culture.

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