Democrats And Media Caught Manipulating Voters

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – Following former President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio, many conservatives slammed media outlets for having taken out of context some of his remarks relating to the border crisis and the impact it has on smaller communities.

Many outlets including NBC News, CBS News, and Rolling Stones had headlines noting that Trump had claimed that if he did not win the presidential election in 2024 there would be a “bloodbath.” However, what they all fail to mention as many Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators pointed out is that Trump’s comments had been made about the automotive industry. 

On Saturday, Trump mentioned during his rally that he would be imposing tariffs on Chinese-manufactured cars that arrived in the United States. He also addressed Communist Chinese leader Xi Jinping stating that if he was listening he knew that the two of them were “friends.” However, he pointed out that President Xi knew the way that he dealt and that they would be implementing a 100 percent tariff on all of the cars that were crossing the border. He noted that if he won the White House then none of those cars would be sold. 

Shortly after that comment, Trump argued that if he did not win the White House there was going to be a “bloodbath” and that this was only going to be the least of it. 

Many media outlets took that comment and shared headlines about how Trump had warned about a “bloodbath” if he did not win the presidential election. However, they did not make any mention of what the context of Trump’s statement had been. 

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