FBI Monitoring One Social Media Platform Constantly

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – An FBI agent has admitted that every day, the bureau was spying on Facebook. This revelation came after an FBI counterintelligence operation tasked with monitoring radical Islamic speech ended up being exposed. 

Reason reported that the FBI agents had visited the home of Rolla Abdeljawad, an Oklahoma resident, to ask her questions about her comments on Facebook which had been anti-Israel. A video from the visit was also shared by her lawyer Hassan Shibly who argued that had stated that he wanted to shed some light on the rights of Americans. 

In the video, one of the FBI agents stated that the woman’s account details and screenshots from her account had been given to them by Facebook. Abdeljawad, who had refused to speak to FBI agents, had only asked whether the United States was not a free country anymore and they were no longer allowed to just say whatever they wanted. 

In response to a second argument, people continued to have that right which is why they were not there to arrest anyone. They added that this was something that they were doing “every day, all day long” and it was part of their efforts to ensure that everyone was safe and that there wasn’t any ill will against anyone.

Shibly pointed out that it is true that his client’s lawsuit was going to be challenging especially as the FBI has the authority to launch an investigation on Americans. However, he pointed out that his client’s case did suggest that there was surveillance of free speech regardless of the Constitution’s First Amendment. 

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