First Trump Official Heads To Jail For Jan. 6th

Photo by Umanoide on Unsplash

( – Last week, former White House adviser Peter Navarro became the first Trump administration official to be required to report to a federal prison in Miami. Navarro is going to be serving a four-month sentence for having refused to comply with a congressional subpoena that the House Committee investigating the Capitol attack had sent him. 

During a parking lot press conference, Navarro ranted that they could put anyone in prison. He added that they would go after former President Donald Trump in the same way that they had gone after him. 

As he told the group of reporters if they had come for him then they could come after you, too. 

Navarro had made one last effort to avoid imprisonment; however, on Monday evening, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts argued that, in his opinion, Navarro should still be required to attend prison. Roberts also said that, because executive privilege had not been invoked by Trump, Navarro forfeited any argument to challenge the district court’s conclusion. Therefore, he denied Navarro’s application. 

Roberts argued that because of this, there was no reason for him to disagree with the determination that Navarro had forfeited these arguments in the release proceedings. 

Roberts was the one to decide on Navarro’s appeal, as he is the one who handles the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals emergency matters. 

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