Trump Airs McConnell’s Dirty Laundry

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Former President Trump feud are once again at the center of people’s attention this weekend. Using Truth Social on Saturday, Trump posted a comment concerning McConnel that painted him in a negative line. The comment also concerned McConnell’s wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who Trump called crazy. Chao had worked under the Trump administration until a day after Jan. 6, 2021.

Trump’s comment related to how McConnell is allowed by other Republican Senators to scorn other Republican candidates, rather than focus on helping them with campaigning. He also said McConnell is helping Chao and her family grow their wealth back in China.

Chao comes from a prominent shipping family, as her family owns the Foremost Group which is an American company.

The Department of Transportation inspector general has previously noted that Chao may have used her position both under former President George W. Bush and Trump to help promote her family’s business. The Justice Department refused to open an investigation on Chao in the past.

Many were surprised though that Trump would once again heighten his conflict with McConnell as currently, the Republican Party is struggling to secure as many votes as possible for the upcoming election to take over the Senate. Currently, the odds of a takeover are not in the Republicans favor.

McConnell when asked stated that he had no comments regarding the statement made by the former President. He has also been cautious when speaking about the odds of the Senate flipping. The House is far more likely to switch than the Senate, McConnell has said.

Scott Jennings, a Republican strategist, spoke about Trump’s comments, saying that this is another attempt by Trump to place himself centrally in the midterm race. This has hurt the GOP in the past.

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