The Punishment of Kim Davis Continues

Someone needs to teach the LGBT lobby how to be gracious in victory. You would think, after decades of fighting for gay marriage, these activists would be thrilled to finally be able to legally wed in every American state. Following one of the most disturbing Supreme Court decisions in history, conservatives had but one tiny consolation: At least now we could stop hearing about this crap for a while. But of course we were only lying to ourselves.

With their unforgiving war on Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, the LGBT lobby and their partners in the ACLU have made their agenda clear. This isn’t just about the legalization of gay marriage. This is about making sure that every damn person in America recognizes, respects, and participates in gay marriage. And whether you’re a government employee, a small business owner, or the CEO of an international chain of fast food restaurants, they are going to see that you comply.

Poor Kim Davis. This woman is no fame-seeker. Does she look like someone who wants to be plastered all over national headlines? This woman is trying her hardest to do her job without betraying her faith. What did it earn her? A six day jail sentence. Gays and straights alike can now get marriage licenses through the Rowan County office, but Davis’ critics are furious at the way she’s modified the forms.

Unwilling to have her name associated with the licenses, Davis confiscated those issued by the office and replaced them with licenses that say they were issued “pursuant to federal court order.” Davis has said this is a compromise she can live with, but her enemies in the gay army aren’t about to leave her an out.

“The adulterated marriage licenses received by Rowan County couples will effectively feature a stamp of animus against the LGBT community, signaling that, in Rowan County, the government’s position is that LGBT couples are second-class citizens unworthy of official recognition and authorization of their marriage licenses but for this Court’s intervention and Order,” ACLU lawyers said in a written complaint to the court.

They want Judge David Bunning to order Davis to reissue the original licenses. If she refuses, they want him to put her office in receivership and appoint a clerk who will carry out their demands. At press time, no decision had yet been rendered.

What, honestly, is the harm in allowing Davis this small compromise? Are we not all Americans, trying to get through this life the best we can? Why is the gay lobby so eaten up with vengeance and fascism? Is this really the best way to win over a nation of religious objectors?

But it doesn’t seem they care about winning anyone over. They have their victory, and now they are dancing in the endzone. They want to shove their win in your face and dare you to say something about it.

Gay Sharia is here, it’s queer, and it is just as obnoxious as you thought it would be.


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