The Last Thing Republicans Need Is More Compromise

I’ve come to the conclusion that liberals lack self-awareness. For years, they’ve been shouting that Republicans in Congress refuse to compromise with the president, seemingly unaware that compromise comes from two sides meeting in the middle. Much of Congress’s failure to do business with Obama has been the fault of the White House and not Capitol Hill.

This week, U.S. News and World Report opined that, should the GOP take the Senate in November, they should be ready to compromise for the good of the country.

Several news outlets, both conservative and non, have played up the early candidacy of Rand Paul, painting him as a rogue maverick perfectly willing to compromise on matters of social importance.

Compromise, compromise, compromise.

While you won’t hear anything like this from liberals, the truth is that Republicans have gradually moved to the left for the last 25 years. The whole country has been enveloped in an ever-thickening gauze of liberalism that permeates politics, media, and entertainment. This is obvious when you look at the scathing reactions to movies like Dinesh D’Souza’s America, figures like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and even popular movements like the Tea Party. Whenever the left fears that true conservatism is going to rear its powerful head, they use every tool in their disposal to demonize it.

The drastic drop in Obama’s popularity is a sign that the American people are not happy with the direction of the country. That direction, mind you, is pure, undistilled liberalism. And though they don’t get equal representation in the media, conservative-minded Americans make up the vast majority of the population. Yes, some of them vote Democrat, but that’s only because people have yet to realize how far left that party has gone.

Only in a country that has lost control of their government could a bill like Obamacare ever become law. Only in a country that has been led into rampant liberalism could we have Republican politicians crying for amnesty. Poll after poll shows young Americans largely get their news from places like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, though whether that reflects the government or informs it is unclear.

In the war for mainstream culture, conservatives are getting destroyed. Gay marriage, legalized marijuana, abortion, family values…these have been captured by the liberal left and distorted in the media. Though 76% of Americans identify as Christian, when was the last time you heard someone profess a belief in Jesus Christ on a secular program? The media makes sure that every possible minority is represented on TV, but the only time Christians make an appearance is to be ridiculed or play the bad guy.

Knowing all of this, how can any conservative decide that more compromise is what the Republican Party needs? Yes, it costs elections to stand firm in your values. Sometimes, though, that’s the price that must be paid. Otherwise, tomorrow’s Republican Party will look like today’s Democratic Party. And I don’t want to think about what tomorrow’s Democrats will look like.


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