The Last Thing Republicans Need Is More Compromise

I’ve come to the conclusion that liberals lack self-awareness. For years, they’ve been shouting that Republicans in Congress refuse to compromise with the president, seemingly unaware that compromise comes from two sides meeting in the middle. Much of Congress’s failure to do business with Obama has been the fault of the White House and not Capitol Hill.

This week, U.S. News and World Report opined that, should the GOP take the Senate in November, they should be ready to compromise for the good of the country.

Several news outlets, both conservative and non, have played up the early candidacy of Rand Paul, painting him as a rogue maverick perfectly willing to compromise on matters of social importance.

Compromise, compromise, compromise.

While you won’t hear anything like this from liberals, the truth is that Republicans have gradually moved to the left for the last 25 years. The whole country has been enveloped in an ever-thickening gauze of liberalism that permeates politics, media, and entertainment. This is obvious when you look at the scathing reactions to movies like Dinesh D’Souza’s America, figures like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and even popular movements like the Tea Party. Whenever the left fears that true conservatism is going to rear its powerful head, they use every tool in their disposal to demonize it.

The drastic drop in Obama’s popularity is a sign that the American people are not happy with the direction of the country. That direction, mind you, is pure, undistilled liberalism. And though they don’t get equal representation in the media, conservative-minded Americans make up the vast majority of the population. Yes, some of them vote Democrat, but that’s only because people have yet to realize how far left that party has gone.

Only in a country that has lost control of their government could a bill like Obamacare ever become law. Only in a country that has been led into rampant liberalism could we have Republican politicians crying for amnesty. Poll after poll shows young Americans largely get their news from places like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, though whether that reflects the government or informs it is unclear.

In the war for mainstream culture, conservatives are getting destroyed. Gay marriage, legalized marijuana, abortion, family values…these have been captured by the liberal left and distorted in the media. Though 76% of Americans identify as Christian, when was the last time you heard someone profess a belief in Jesus Christ on a secular program? The media makes sure that every possible minority is represented on TV, but the only time Christians make an appearance is to be ridiculed or play the bad guy.

Knowing all of this, how can any conservative decide that more compromise is what the Republican Party needs? Yes, it costs elections to stand firm in your values. Sometimes, though, that’s the price that must be paid. Otherwise, tomorrow’s Republican Party will look like today’s Democratic Party. And I don’t want to think about what tomorrow’s Democrats will look like.


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  1. If things go as I hope in November the Republicans should compromise just as Obama and the Liberal Democracts did in the previous terms!
    If the Republicans don’t put forth their “CONSERVATIVE” ideals without respect to compromise I will be finished with them! They would be advised to support some of the Tea Party candidates and not shut them out!,

    • The first thing on a Republican majority Senate’s agenda, needs to be the “Nuclear Option” right back at them! Shalom!

    • I am all ready Finished with the Republican establishment. 10 years ago all one would have heard from me was high praise for anything Republican. However with age comes wisdom . And as a Fiscal Conservative., Libertarian leaning, Tea- party Patriot an activist. I will no longer promote or promulgate the Party line crap.Neither party Establishment mentioned is interested in what they can do for the country, but what they can gain for themselves whether it be more power or more profits . There fore If it is not a confirmed Tea- party Candidate He or she will not receive my vote Period.

      • Peatro: Not voting Republican is tantamount to voting for a dummycrap. While I appreciate your frustration with the Republican establishment, please reconsider. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

        • So sorry you enjoy compromising away your fundamental beliefs. I on the other hand am not the foolish one here .This year I am blessed with the opportunity to vote for true Fiscal conservatives in the state of N.J and they both represent my district. Still if they weren’t running I would have just stayed home. For this very simple an rightous reason a vote for a so called moderate is a vote for the same old same old bull crap. 56 years of never missing a vote whether it be for a town consul or a national office. I’ve seen enough liars to know win or lose they shall never have my vote.

          • Then your vote will mean nothing; the nation isn’t yet ready for a 3rd Party, or a Tea Party majority. We have to start by eliminating as many RINOS as possible when they run for reup, and replace them with reps who have the nation’s health as their primary goal. It’ll take several elections fo cull the losers, takers, and traitors from the top down.

          • My Friend It is not That the nation is not ready , it is that both party Establishment as well the progressive news media are unwilling to relinquish. That power which they now have. Several poll’s over many years have shown the people are ready. However the powers that be have joined together to crush the desires of the people. So no my vote may not amount to much. it is my decision to stand fast in my fight for a return of our Constitutional Republic. For I unlike others am willing to fight for the greater good and the true just cause. I will not coward in the face of overwhelming odds as so many others have done an are doing. For I would much prefer to die one thousand times with honor and dignity then die once a cowards death.

        • YES….lesser of two evils

        • Francisco Machado

          While it is sometimes necessary to choose the lesser of two disasters, when the choice is between being shot or hanged and the end result is the same there is some dignity (and less effort) in abstaining – and going underground, insofar as possible. Recall that Romney publicly said that he agreed with a lot of Obama’s goals – thereby eliminating the stimulus which might otherwise have motivated a number of voters. The RNC favors candidates having the fiery passion of a street sweeper and strong Progressive leanings differing from the Democrats only insofar as who gets to spend the taxpayer’s money and grow the government. As far as “compromise” goes – I got a lecture on bargaining from a NYC electronics store Arab which has stood me well (and got me a radio/tape player on his recommendation on which everything works well – even the tape player – over thirty years later). The Progressives want the United States. So they demand the whole universe and compromise their way down to the whole planet, then – as a gesture of good will, generosity and co√∂peration, agree to just taking over this country – leaving the bragging GOP proud of what fools they have been. The failures have long since ceased to look accidental, and the GOP success in the coming election depends not upon their soaring ideology but upon the Democrat’s insolvency, serial disasters and blatant violation of the Constitution.

  2. In order to “compromise”, some part of what we believe in has to be sacrificed. We have already done way too much of that. Compromise is out of the Question now. Do we want to keep our constitutional republic, or succumb to a dictatorship? It is now time to “hold the line” now, or we will lose it all!


      • I hope you are right because the next step gets bloody if the Communists retain power.

        • Real Americans aren’t communistic……..some may pretend to be Americans…. while hiding their true identities …but true colors will show if and when required…..for the USA…….our military is not communistic…………..etc etc etc……here’s what gets me people who hate the USA and it’s lifestyle and FREEDOM…YOU ARE FREE TO GET THE HELL OUT NOW………………LEAVE….QUIT FLAMING COMPLAINING, GO BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

      • So where are the real Americans ??? Much bravado spoken with little to no effort put forth. We have become that which our forefathers despised the most fat, lazy, willing sheep to the slaughter. What I would ask of each American is simple this (” Prove me wrong.”)

        • Peatro…….I can tell you are one of them….so am I .and there are millions more,,,where and when deleterious action dictates things happen, thanks for the reminder…….best regards, Joe T

  3. Elizabeth Sprowes

    We don’t need any compromising with any one, they all need to say WE have had enough of taking orders from some one who doesn’t have the AMERICAN PEOPLES BEST INTERESTS in mind. STAND UP TO THE B****RD!
    Just because he has the tittle of President doesn’t mean he is better than any one of you that we VOTED into office at least I think were VOTED in with out AS MUCH FRAUD AS HE DID.

  4. New Democrat Campaign Slogan …………
    …………………”GOT EBOLA?” …………………


  5. The people are thirsty for another Ronald Reagan; a man who lays things out in simple, easy-to-understand, verifiable terms: NO LIES.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and know what you are doing.

  6. The next 2 elections are crucial to the Repub;lican Party.
    The conduct of the establishment republicans in Va and Ms have them walking a razor edge between conservatives giving them the finger and saying a pox on “both of your houses, and voting dem in an education program.
    Start acting like repubnlcians scum bags, or we will thumb our nose at you.

  7. Amen to realistredneck’a comment !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Call it what it is, Communism. You can change the name but not the Communists. Liberalism my ass.

  9. The compromise that the GOP most desperately needs is compromise within the party. The three main factions of the GOP have been fighting each other to the delight of democrats. Republicans need to focus on their common values and be willing to negotiate with other republicans on their differences.

  10. See them run! Mitch McConnell has compromised himself out of a Senate seat just as John McCain compromised himself out of a Presidency.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will be sharp.

  11. I stated my belief and got deleted before it got into this item! We need to vote all the democrats out and start from scratch and bring back this country from the end of it as a country!

    • Along with all the traitorous Democrats, the RINOS must go, too! They’re complicit in the dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, therefore our freedoms! All must go, like the vermin in a barrio slum.

      • Which freedoms? The freedom to practice your own religion, even if it isn’t Christianity? Or maybe it’s the freedom to throw huge fucking piles of money at politicians until you own the government?


        Oh! It’s guns, isn’t it. Figured. Most liberals don’t give a fuck if you have guns. We just want to make sure you’re fit to have them. Wouldn’t want black people to shoot us all!

  12. Conservatism is only a word in the present Congress, except in a few cases. The shift to the Left began in 1932 under FDR and has been rolling along the tracks toward a Socialist dictatorship ever since, with the support of moneyed liberal interests, and many international megacorps. Voters will need a huge broom to rid the nation of the scum in DC; a water cannon would work even better. Joe McCarthy was basically correct; most of Hollywood is a nest of elite liberal traitors spending megabucks to promote the “progressive” agenda..treasonists on our screens.

  13. Compromise? Yoiks! Who wants compromise: losers, wimps, hoity – toity liberals, and the( Democrat
    {three stooges} party). Republicans, TEA Partyers and conservatives of every kind should wage all out political warfare on the Socialist-Progressive, Communist, Neo-Fascist Democrat Party. A Jihad against tax and spend Insanity; a holy war against all who would violate the Constitution for political gain..

  14. Few RINOs know we are the party that was formed by men who wanted to get rid of slavery. Certainly it will not be reported.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

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