The BIG LIE About Voter Suppression

The latest issue to arrive on the front burner – after President Biden’s Build Back Better fiasco – is what is generically called “voting rights.”   Specifically, it is a part of congressional bills that are claimed to address egregious problems with the current voting procedures – and those being enacted by various state legislatures.

In typical left-wing hyperbole, this is yet another issue that is existential to the survival of the Republic.  After spending years criticizing Republicans for undermining public confidence in the electoral process with unwarranted criticisms – and proclaiming to high heaven that the American elections are virtually perfect — Democrats and the left-wing media are now conducting a major campaign to … undermine public confidence in the electoral process.  Go figure.

Just as they turned an ugly riot into a barely failed coup attempt, those on the left are claiming that there is black voter suppression akin to what Democrats were doing in the days of Jim Crow.  They even call it “Jim Crow 2.0.”  

President Biden compared Republican state legislators working on election protection legislation to Sheriff Bull Connor, who used dogs, nightsticks and cattle prods to prevent blacks from registering and voting – not to mention the deadly intimidation of the Ku Klux Klan and para-military terrorist groups.  Even Democrats, like Senate Democrat Whip Dick Durbin called out Biden for his harsh language.

The comparison is utterly outrageous – and even the claims of voter suppression against blacks, Latinos and younger voters is factually untrue.  Ryan Clancy of put facts to the claims and counterclaims.

A poll of voters had 94 percent of all voters saying it is easy to vote.  Democrat voters found it even easier than Republicans – with 95 percent of Biden voters saying it was easy to 93 percent of Trump voters.  The breakdown of those who said it was “VERY easy,” was 81 percent for Biden voters and 73 percent of Trump voters.  Those are very high percentages in the face of claimed voter suppression.  

But there is more.

A recent Quinnipiac poll asked voters if they believe that elected officials will protect their right to vote.  The most confidence came from Democrat voters at 71 percent.  Sixty-two percent of Republicans expressed a similar confidence.  Two-thirds (66 percent) of white voters expressed confidence in the system – AND 70 percent of black voters.

Put that last figure in perspective.  Seventy percent of the very voters who the Democrats and left-wing activists say are the victims of voter suppression expressed confidence that their right to vote is secure.  In fact, black and white turnout has reached the closest parity ever – with 66 percent of whites voting, and 63 percent of blacks casting ballots.

That makes sense when you consider that in the recent election, there was a record number of black voters casting their ballots.  That is not what you would see if there was any significant level of voter suppression based on race.

Those proffering the big lie about voter suppression also claim that young voters are being suppressed.  Clancy reported that in the 2020 election, the senior vote increased by 3.9 points, while the youth vote shot up 7.1 points.  This is not a possible outcome if there was suppression.

Another supposedly suppressed group are Hispanics.  Yet they had the biggest gain in turnout in 2020 of any other demographic group –a 10-point gain.

Of course, Americans believe that it is easy to vote.  In every state they have a menu of options – absentee voting, early voting, same-day registration and Election Day voting.  You would have to have an IQ no higher than a hockey score to not be able to figure out an easy means of casting a ballot. 

It seems from these polls that the American people – who see what is happening on the ground – are a lot smarter than a bunch of politicians looking down on them from their lofty perches in Washington.  Put all this together and there is only one irrefutable conclusion.  Voter suppression is a canard … a phony campaign issue … a BIG LIE.

So, there ‘tis.

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