She Might Be Dirtier Than Hillary

Rep. Cindy Axne admitted Sunday she went on an August vacation in France with her family despite the Iowa Democrat voting remotely while abroad through a COVID-19 policy on a key spending bill.

Axne sent a letter to the House clerk Aug. 12 delegating her in-person voting status that day to Democratic Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton. While Axne wrote in her letter that her “proxy” vote decision was “due to the ongoing public health emergency,” the congresswoman admitted in a Sunday interview that she was actually in France traveling with her family.

“The deal is I’m a family member,” Axne told Iowa’s WHO 13. “I’m a mom of two boys and my husband. We had August session, where we were out of session here, and I had a trip planned for eight months and paid for because that was the only time that I could go because we were out of session.”

The House approved a COVID-19 remote voting policy in May 2020 called “proxy” voting as “a necessary and immediately feasible-low tech option” for members who can’t be in the chamber. The bill Axne proxy voted on was the Democrat-led Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion green energy and healthcare spending package President Joe Biden signed into law Aug. 16.

Axne’s son notably posted a picture on Instagram Aug. 11 with the congresswoman and her husband that was captioned “France Pt. 1.,” Fox News reported. The image was removed from Instagram after the outlet reached out.

“Now, Senate finally got their act together, was able to pass something a year after we passed in the House, and then emergency vote was called,” Axne also said Sunday. “I was gone. I wanted to make sure that I voted so Iowans can have a voice because we need the Inflation Reduction Act for Iowans and we needed to make sure we have that vote.”

One ethics watchdog group told the Daily Caller News Foundation it is “gravely concerning” whenever a member of Congress “makes false statements” to both Congress and the public.

“This is a willful abuse of the system and dishonest,” said Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust. “If a House Member is not present to vote due to a vacation it is not an option to submit false statements to the Clerk.”

Republicans have criticized proxy voting as ripe for abuse.

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi extended proxy voting until after Nov. 10. House GOP leaders vowed in their “Commitment to America” plan Thursday to end the policy should the GOP take a chamber majority in November.

Axne is facing off against Republican Zach Nunn, an Iowa state senator, to retain her seat in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. A Republican has not held office in the district since 2016.

Axne’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. another upright honest member of the Democratic Party. is America sick of this charade yet???? abominations shoved in our faces, and we have to salute them??? transgenderism???? more than two genders??? idiots calling themselves plural? the inmates are in charge of the asylum for sure. tired yet?????? passing huge trillion dollar boondoggles? vote Republican. end the madness.

  2. I say most all democrats are dirty and can not be trusted

    • I’m guessing there are many in Congress who are corrupt, of course, the ones on the LameStream news with regularity (i.e. Schiff) come to mind first! Frankly, we need a new breed of representatives in Congress–who have actually READ our Constitution, understand what Freedom & Liberty mean and are not closet Marxists or “dirty” politicians.

  3. If Zack Nunn is elected to Congressional District 3 then he should be the one voting for his elected purpose, shouldn’t he? Additionally, Congresswoman Cindy Axne lied to Congress and to her District about the reason she will be unavailable, not because she has Covid 19, but because she is on vacation out of the Country during that time! Should she lose the election then she is no longer representing the will of the people in her district but instead voting against their wishes!

  4. Vote people ….this shit has got to end…

    • Don’t we need to make sure the voting laws are clear, honest, and not ripe for fraud?? Photo ID would go a long way to protect our voting rights. When the fraud is massive, like in 2020, there needs to be a lawsuit and SCOTUS should step up and do their job!

  5. A typical democRAT.Why in the name of”H”can’t they just be truthful about what they are doing.The democRATS really are the most devious kind of marxist liberals in our country today,”ship em out”to a country that they think is better than AMERICA.

  6. What a wicked web we weave
    When we practice to deceive

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