Republicans Sound Off on Obama’s Gun Control

President Obama is expected to announce new executive orders this week that will further deteriorate American gun rights. While we won’t know the form of these actions until he clears them with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, insiders believe they will be primarily aimed at closing the “gun show loophole” by requiring more sellers to run federal background checks.

This weekend, several prominent GOP presidential candidates slammed the president for his ongoing assault on the Second Amendment.

“The so-called gun show loophole doesn’t exist,” Jeb Bush said on Fox News Sunday. “People who want to occasionally sell guns ought to have the right to do so without being impaired by the federal government.”

At a campaign in Biloxi, Bush’s arch enemy Donald Trump said, “We’re not changing the Second Amendment. I will veto that. I will unsign that so fast.”

Also appearing on Fox News Sunday, Chris Christie took exception to Obama’s use of executive action. “This president wants to act as if he’s a king, as if he’s a dictator,” said Christie. “The fact is, if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to Congress and convince them that they’re necessary. But this is going to be another illegal executive action, which I’m sure will be rejected by the courts, and when I become president will be stricken from executive action.”

Political realities dictate that Republicans oppose gun control as a matter of course, but this kind of monolithic response actually dilutes the argument. Do any of these candidates have anything original to say?

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the point where these candidates have no other choice. The Republican Party that could take an objective stance on gun control has been forced into the corner by a president who has nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment. When facing an enemy who wants to destroy one of our foundational American rights, compromise is not an option. Even Bush, who sometimes sounds like he would be more comfortable on the other side of the aisle, can see the perils of surrender on this issue.

The problem, perpetuated by Obama’s adoring media, is that Americans may begin to believe that Democrats are the only party willing to do something to stop these tragic mass shootings. Republicans have mastered the art of saying “no” to every gun control proposal, but they are not proactively seeking an alternative. Other than some vague mumblings about mental illness, they mostly seem content to shrug these massacres off as the price of liberty. As these tragedies increase in both scale and frequency, how much longer can they afford to do nothing?

To be clear: Doing nothing is far wiser than whatever Obama has up his sleeve. But in the political world, where perception outweighs reality, the first candidate who comes up with a viable alternative to gun control will do himself, his party, and the American people a great service.

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  1. 0bama needs to be impeached.

  2. The king has spoken, who will listen?

  3. There is no such thing as a “gun show loophole.” If you know a Democrat, you know a liar and you know one of your enemies. The other is a Muslim. Put them both out of your lives.

    • I never met a Demofag I ever liked!

    • that’s correct!

    • That’s the first thing that Obama’s clapping seals bring up, the mythical “gun show loophole.”

      • you don;t mean the “LOOP HOLE” in the Chicago “LOOP” do you???

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Yea, idiot, that’s what he means…argh! Slow children ahead

          • Does the faht that you are one of those DERANGED “LOPS” infuriate you?? REALLY?? Shot anyone today yet???

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Yes, he did do that. And…he acknowledged you and texexpatriate have no concept of how Amurika works. You can always go out behind the outhouse and play with one another.

    • i go to ever gun show that comes to town—they call an check you out on every gun sale

      • Correct, every business has to do a call-in to the NICS system. The so-called “loophole” is when a private individual (who is not a gun dealer, but just someone who wants to sell a personally-owned firearm) goes to a gunshow with hopes of finding someone who would like to buy his gun, usually just someone else who has paid admission to go to the gunshow. A sale between individuals does not have to go through the NICS system. If Obama wants these transactions (which may take place on the grounds of a gunshow) to go through NICS just because they are on the gunshow site, well, maybe the people taking part in these transactions will just agree to meet in a Walmart parking lot to take care of business there. Or maybe one of their homes. It’s still a Free Country, and people are going to do as they please.

        • Kevin, I don’t where you live, but in Commy New York State ALL private sales have to go through a FFL Dealer with a fee for the gun shop. The buyer gets his NICS check and the transaction is recorded with the feds documenting the seller and buyer in their records. Not all states have this law, but then again, not all states have the “NYS Safe Act”…

          • WOW! Thanks for the info! All I know about the “SAFE” Act is what I’ve heard on Cam Edwards’ NRA News (I live in the Commie state of Washington right now, but I also have family property in the Commie state of Oregon). I’ve also heard about your “Sullivan Law” but I think that only applies in New York City (?) (it outright bans handguns, except for special permits that the city government never actually grants?) Anyway, I grew up on the Oregon property back in the 1960s-70s, graduated from Oregon State (BS ’81, MS ’83 in Nuclear Engineering), then came here to Tri-Cities, WA to work at Hanford (USDOE weapons complex). Here’s another politically-incorrect tidbit for you. During the 1980s, I (and a few thousand others around “the complex”) helped Ronald Reagan build up our nuclear weapons arsenal, spending the Soviets under the table, and I don’t feel ONE DAMN BIT guilty about it (in spite of the fact that to this day I believe that the Left thinks the “wrong side” won the Cold War). But, back to the subject at hand, the biggest threat I see coming out of Obama’s edicts, is that requiring “universal background checks” is totally impossible to trace unless there is also “universal registration.” You can’t just buy or sell a car or truck “between friends” because the license/registration/title paperwork has to be transferred. They may now make the same argument for firearms.

          • In NY the NICS paperwork is tied to the seller and buyer, so all new sales are documented. I wonder how they intend on documenting the over 300 million undocumented guns law abiding citizens own already. As of 2012 there were only 3.1 million “registered” firearms or a mere 1% of the total guns in America…They certainly won’t even dent the surface during confiscation if gun owners are smart enough to keep registered in a separate location…

          • If they can’t keep track of illegal aliens, how can they keep track of guns?

          • It’s a “want to”, to keep track of whatever they want to control. Lawful citizens might register their guns, but an illegal (criminal) alien will “register” at one address to get food stamps and (section 8) housing, then move on.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Especially the welfare queens who buy Cadillac’s.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Amen to that

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hornibrook…Me so horni!

          • It isn’t the illegals they want to keep track of, they created sanctuary cities for those law breakers, think about it? What did the patriot act protect us from, search warrants? Or is it going to be used to seize guns, Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge are good examples what the gun seizer is going to look like. The poor saps in Oregon are going to be turned into law breakers by the liberal media before they’re squashed by government tanks. I seen this reality TV before as liberals chip away at the second amendment bit by bit!

          • StupidConservativeValues


          • Very, Very stupid progressives,


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          • StupidConservativeValues

            They’ve come to buy baby parts from Planned Parenthood.

          • Its obvious they don’t come to contribute!


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          • BUT they Contrubiute to Crimes, Getting Welfare and HC at OUR expense, Occuoy Expensive Jail spaces, get Sent back and the IDIOT in te WHITE TOILET lets them back in…..Go figure the STUOIDS of tyev PROGRESSIVE SOCILISTIC REGIME of the Chicago A-SHOLE!

          • That’s why we have to vote and then we have to stop the steal!

          • and DEPORT of the IDIOTS like the One calling ITSELF Stupid and LYING about ConservatoveValues…thye are TRAITORS to AMERICA..( that’l get this IDIOT to go BAT SHHIT) LOL

          • That would be a good start!

          • Got to Start somewhere….and could include TRANNY BHOZO the HE/SHE thing

          • Hopefully the real American citizens are starting to see through this big azz globalist joke?

          • Well it seems to me that REAL AMERICANS are being Overwhelmed by Illegal Voters and DUMBASSES That Voted for ODUMBO and are now lining up for the LYTENT ING Barking B*TCH….LIBTURDS like the STUPOD POTTED Plant Clueless on CONSERVATIVE VALUES

          • That’s why I would like to see Trump win this election;


            it will be our last stand as America citizens

          • COPY that and the IDIOT PUKE posting Below is GOING Bat SHIITE

          • and STUOID…and INCURABLE DEASESE for THese MORONS!

          • Washington State because of I594 passing has all sales requiring a NICS. The fact that it’s being ignored for the most part by everyone except businesses is quite revealing.

          • It sure is! At the age of 56, I’ve pretty much got all the guns I’m interested in now for my collection, and I have never sold a gun, so private sales is not something that affects me directly, but I have given a few guns to friends and relatives over the years. The thing that infuriated me most about I-594 was, as a Washington resident, I received a lot more propaganda mail from “Everytown…” than I did from the NRA, and I’m a Life Member. Not that NRA was absent (they weren’t), but their spending was far outdone by Bill Gates and Mikey Bloomberg. I heard that Bloomberg alone spent over a million dollars ramming I-594 through. Their ads (Mikey and Bill’s) only admitted to funding from “Everytown for Gun Safety,” but I knew that meant funding from Bloomberg. The other big funder was a Microsoft front group (God I wish we weren’t all joined at the hip to Windows! – “No, really, are you sure you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10? – Really, you really should upgrade to Windows 10 …”), which of course meant Bill and Melinda Gates. I read once that Bill Gates really isn’t that interested in politics (he is a very hard-working techno-geek, but his father is a real lefty Seattle lawyer and I think Bill contributes to leftist causes because it makes his dad happy). Anyway, the pro-I-594 propaganda was filled with half-truths and outright lies (oh gee, am I surprised?). The other real “success story” is the recent “high capacity magazine” ban they did in Los Angeles. What’s the population of Los Angeles? Four million? I read where the number of magazines holding more than 10 rounds turned in to law enforcement was … are you ready? … drum roll …. 0! That’s right, ZERO! I’m sure that’s making the Los Angeles city council feel real comfortable about now. So, I will now conclude my rant on that happy thought! 🙂

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Happiness is a warm gun…bang, bang shoot, shoot. When I hold you in my arms and I feel my finger on your trigger, I KNOW nobody can do me no harm…because, happiness is a warm gun!

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          • Only the enemy burns our Flag, you’re on your own on that one La Raza!

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          • U tell me you’re the one with all the experience!

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          • Ah i am just down road from you …Moses lake wa. and i like old style of buying gun .. Find one for sale in newspaper and go buy it with cash and nobody needs to know nothing about it

          • Yes, that’s what America is, and control-freak liberals can’t stand it.

          • StupidConservativeValues


            P arty
            ) f
            H Ypocrites of the Clinton alinsky Persuasion EH Skippy???

          • Easy does it.. This TOOL is either a potted Plant by Facebook, the Clinton Foundation or Media matter Planted in pure Horse S*HIT…. best let it go IGNORED!!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’m not going to say it! No, I’m not going to say it! Look, I told you I’m not going to say Redhawk is an uneducated rube. I won’t say it, not gonna happen. Period!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’m not going to say it! No, I’m not going to say it! I told you I’m not going to say Kevin is an uneducated rube. I won’t say it, not gonna happen. Period!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Get an education idiot! PhD = Phucking Dimwit

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          • BULLS EYE….

          • Interesting – I grew up in Oregon, and had NO problem getting a CC permit. An old S&W .44 revolver is hard to conceal with a 6.5″ barrel. The permit is also good personal reference for job applications, as most employers do a “check” before hiring.

          • Not all states have a gun REGISTRY, that ID’s gun owners, that some media “outlets” HAVE published for all to see.

          • I didn’t say anything about “public publishing”…If you have to show I.D. to purchase a firearm, you are registered with the state or feds…Unless a dealer is willing to risk his license to do a “under the table” undocumented deal for you, all gun sales are documented by the dealer. I don’t know of any state where you can purchase a gun with out I.D….

          • That includes the gangbangers and thugs too – getting a background check ?

        • Your post is 98% correct with the incorrect 2% being: ” It’s still a Free Country.” We have reverted back to the days of English rule and now have a King.

          • I get your point. Maybe I made the same mistake Gerald Ford made in one of his debates when he stated that Eastern Europe was NOT under the domination of the Soviet Union. I was in high school at the time, and even I was shocked at what he said. He even doubled-down when asked if he really meant what he just said. In fairness, he said later that he meant it in the “diplomatic sense” of “not recognizing” what you refuse to accept or endorse. He knew Eastern Europe (Warsaw Pact) was a Soviet-controlled block, be he meant that the people who lived there had never accepted being Soviet slaves, and wanted their freedom, and would never give up.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            YES! We want Drumpf as our KING!!!!

          • Only free men are allowed to carry just like in back in the day king Charles, all the rest are slaves to the state!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Only free WHITE MEN!

          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • and dat be da tRUFF.. But holder and Sharpton did not yet “GIT IT” .. and Odumbo is too busy with more apoligies to Hirishima to actually understand that hE BE A FREAKING RACIST

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Ah duh, I’m a conservative and luv Amurika gad dummit! Hey, you fu*king kids, get off my lawn!

          • He’s an equal opportunity racist against American whites and blacks and other law-abiding citizens, which makes it easy to do his masters Soros’s business creating a continental racial divide in this great nation. Sharpton, Holder are lap dogs like Obummer!

          • and the DOJ is now GIVING BIG Donations to SHI-T-LERY… We need some nEW Department via an INDEPENTENT COUNSEL to INDICT the B8tch… Loretta is too busy rearranging Toilet sears for Trannies to do HER JOB….

          • Hopefully all in vain as that money goes down the toilet, or into Chelsea’s inheritance. I ‘ll look into my crystal ball, let’s see what the next six months brings us? Until then, keep fighting a good fight!

          • YES.. FIGHT WE MUST ….and then CHELSEA will run???

          • How much does Media matters pay you to be a Perfect A-SHOLE??


          • YOU WISH..

          • StupidConservativeValues


      • I go to all that I can ( not in the best health physically ) and you are exactly right.

      • May be we should Insist that Every Delusional Progressive DUMMI C RAT be forced to attend them for “EDUCATION”?

      • The 0’bumma puppets assume the gun shows are like going to the local flea market to buy guns… ALL licensed dealers use the background check BEFORE any sale, or take the chance to loose their license/job.

    • He is pandering to the “low information voter”, that do not know what the hell is going on in our country.

    • ANY lawful handgun sale with a legal gun dealer has a background check done. THAT has been ongoing for a couple decades. There is NO “loophole”, except for guns being sold “on the street”, just like drugs and prostitution….. ANY street cop knows this. 0’bumma HAS GIVEN the Mexican cartel and Al Qaeda guns, so why does he want to disarm lawful American citizens ????

      • Virginia Hornibrook

        Because he’s stupid and doesn’t know anything about guns impeach him today he’s running our country into the ground and by God he still has another year to do so of course he’s on another golf trip he’s got to get at least 1 a month in so he can charge it to the tax payers wonder what he’ll do when he has to pay for his stuff himselg

      • “Fast and Furious” comes to mind!

    • IF ever there was a reason for IMPEACHMENT for INCOMPETENCE This is IT….The Tool goes to CRY on TV after Ignoring Criminal gun Violence for 7 Years as the WORLD is BLOWING UP ….H bomb by NOKOm Taliban killing an American, Iran/Saudi Conflict, China building another Carrier and Devaluing they Money to Hurt OUR economy, Wall street TANKING Us into another RECESSION ( will he blame BUSH???) and Is he planning another GOLF Vacation???
      time for a DELUSION CLINIC Visit???

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        Don’t worry, there’s the Rapture.

        • oH that was a RAPTURE you got from ODUMBO or was it reggie that “RAPTURED” your A-SHOLE???

          • StupidConservativeValues

            WTF, your comment is gibberish. Your political views are gibberish. Your race is dumb as a rock. Your love of country is faked. You are a traitor to our founding fathers. You must have been an abortion gone wrong.

      • StupidConservativeValues


    • StupidConservativeValues

      Praise be to Allah, your Christian god’s butt buddy.


    • tHERE Certainly IS ” a gun show loophole” Just ask that LOOPHOLE ODUMBO ..He’ll make it up jusr like SHI-T-LERY makes up Stories…

  4. The ONLY thing that 0bama’s new laws will do is create a Federally controlled national data base of gun owners….

    Now what purpose does the Government have in knowing who and where the guns are?

    Let me help the liberals out here, the lists will be used to confiscate guns,

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Exactly Sir. And just like his hero, Hitler, he’ll then know EXACTLY who has em, then start his gun confiscation. Martial law gets closer and closer.. GOD HELP THIS ONCE MIGHTY COUNTRY!!!

      • Confiscation rhymes with imagination, and that is where you get your asinine notions that Obama wants to confiscate your precious guns and is going to impose martial law. Your dimwits are working overtime..

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Oh well, HEADUPHISASS just had to jump in and root for his favorite communist!! Your parents must really be grieving over having brought such a dumbass into the world!!!

        • Liberal dem bloodsucking liar, Obama , Clinton, Durbin, Schumer Holder Pelosi and Reid have all said openly, they want to confiscate weapons.
          You are right about one thing he will try martial law, but when he sees the results he will leave the USA very quickkly

        • If anything you are the one with the imagination and little else including common sense. Obama and his socialists would like nothing more than to confiscate guns and impose martial law because they are deathly afraid of an armed rebellion and civil war which is what Obama is bringing us to. You cannot deny the fact said that Sarah Brady stated that “We cannot have a socialist America until we take away the guns”.

        • Your head may be on straight but too bad it is stuck in your derriere opening

        • independent thinker

          obama has expressed his admiration for and the desire to institute Australian or British style gun control. Either one REQUIRES the confiscation of privately owned firearms.

        • FASCISM
          a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
          A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victim hood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal
          restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.
          [Robert O. Paxton, “The Anatomy of Fascism,” 2004]

          Please tell us all just what part of this does NOT fit your beloved turd sucking demigod. Perhaps if you pulled your head out of your tail and put on your big boy paints you would see the truth about this KENYON lying POS and the you could truthfully claim your avatar , but then we have had this discussion before

          • All my pants are big boy pants, size 36/33. As to which elements of your deranged diatribe do not fit the current President, that is answered simply, in three words:

            NONE of them!

            They exist only in your imagination.

          • get a life and stop being stup


          • Guess again moron, that is the legal definition of FASCISM
            and history has shown that every one of these points fit your worthless KENYON demigod.
            so judging from the responses from the others on this thread you not only do NOT have your head on straight but it is without a doubt up your rectal cavity.
            PLEASE provide just one thing your demigod has done that is legal let alone in the best interest of the people of THIS nation. I DARE you. go on just one

        • get a life and stop being stup

          wow where you from ..must be a obama shit hitler bot or a damcrack..a traitor for sure what you have to say means as much as a piss hole in the snow traitor

          • Typical wingnut reply–utterly devoid of substance and utterly given to potty-mouthed juvenile insult!

          • get a life and stop being stup


          • Typical wingnut reply–utterly devoid of substance and utterly given to potty-mouthed juvenile insult!

            You make it so easy!

          • get a life and stop being stup


          • Seriously. You are led by emotion. Do you even know what role the Federal Govt is supposed to have? Obviously not. You really do need to expand your knowledge. I agree name calling is stupid. I don’t know how old you are, but it appears you have no recollection of our country before Bush and Obama really got the ball rolling in the war to take our rights. You are obviously one of those sheeple who would rather be penned and caged in order to be taken care of, than live life as a freeman.

        • dimwits? lets look at that—here is a lying fool calling us dimwits—he ha—he licks the boots of his mad rabid dog obama–like him if he opens his mouth its a lie

        • Why was the UN in NYC advertising on our gov. website for a person with 7 yrs experience in disarmament of small arms? It was also mentioned in an article about the July/Aug. UN meeting in Mexico. You dimwit is not working at all.

          • Seven years experience to unload a magazine break down a pistol or rifle and remove the firing pin ? Must have been written by a liberal who doesn’t know any thing about anything.

          • I am pretty sure it was to disarm the people of America or any other country by the UN Peacekeeping Foreign troops. Google “Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group” New York 29-31 July 2-013. or UNODA How could you have misunderstood what I wrote so bad????????? You must be the Liberal.

    • The only thing I disagree with in your post is your use of the term “Obama’s laws.” I know its hard to resist the constant politically-correct propaganda, but of course, the president has no authority to enact “laws.” The only thing the chief executive can do to “create” a law, is to sign a bill that has already been passed by both houses of the Congress (House and Senate). Obama’s executive orders do NOT qualify as “law.” Even federal rules and regulations are subject to public comment period, etc. Executive orders have their place, as in directing policy issues within the Executive Branch of the federal government. One example might be if the president wanted all federal employees to recognize a “Hawaiian shirt day on Friday” (okay, I’m an “Office Space” fan). The jurisdiction of executive orders does NOT extend to ordering the American people around like a bunch of drones. Most people will just ignore his little temper tantrums and get on with their own lives. By the way, if you DO “disobey” one of Obama’s missives, it’s not something you can be prosecuted for, because it isn’t a law, by definition!

      • If it is as you say then why are there now so many children resettled into the U.S.? Remember the executive orders removing the need to vet immigrants a couple years ago? The children were provided by South America and bussed to the southwest U.S. to be processed and settled despite laws denying these actions. Syrian refugees are coming now despite a firm NO from us again ignoring Congress. These were in effect Laws written by Obama through regulations.

        • I know. I could give a longer reply here, but really, all I need to mention is: Why do you think they call Obama a “lawless president?” He disobeys the congress, and any court actions/decisions that do not agree with his ideas. He is a true tyrant and dictator.

        • For some reason, Congress is afraid to go after him, or Corporate America is paying them ALL off….Which could very well be…

      • I hear what you are saying, but don’t you think the “executive orders” are being presented as “Laws?”

        Just watch the “News” agencies and how they “report” these new “executive orders.” You will come to the same conclusion that I did, 0bama is creating laws unconstitutionally.

        • they are law–if we do nothing

        • Yes, I agree 100%. The leftist media do present Obama’s edicts as “laws.” That’s the problem. When conservatives point that out, they’re just dismissed as “racist” (which is nothing more than a deflection of the argument). “I don’t like Obamacare!” (ans: well, you just a racist, ain’t ya?). “I don’t like gun control!” (ans: well, you just a racist, ain’t ya?). “I don’t like illegal aliens invading my country and collecting welfare off my dime!” (ans: well, you just a racist, ain’t ya?). And I could go on and on. The Left never thinks there could be any possibility that their agenda is to blame, or could be criticized. Hell no! Their arguments and ideas are correct, just ask them. If you disagree with ideas that are “obviously” correct, then there must be something wrong with you. I am so sick and tired of their BS sometimes I could scream (but then they’d say I was “violent” and want to take my guns away – well – Molon labe!)

          • We must break the MEDIA cabal… Their influence is destructive to the American Republic.


          • The first and smartest thing we can all do, which I have, is to stop buying their newspapers, quit watching their tv channels, try to not support their advertisers. IF we all watched only Fox news the otherr ratings would continue to fall. They would be only watched by their libtards. Our words will not defeat the media if our actions do not follow suit.

          • You are correct, stop buying their newspapers, quit watching their TV channels. I have already done that.

            But, that does not stop them from tapping into what seems to be an endless source of TV watchers that have succumbed to their propaganda.

            Mad As Hell Boycott takes the boycott one step further and it is easy for you guys to join. We boycott the advertisers that spend money to support the Liberal Cabals propaganda. And more important, Mad As Hell Boycott unites all the single voices out there that are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

            Boycott lists are updated weekly, so you do not have to watch the channels. You can also send petitions directly to the manufacturers asking them to remove their ads from ABC, NBC, and CBS.

            You are correct, words and traditional boycotting of these “news” outlets is not going to defeat the media… United, our ACTIONS will.

            Please consider joining, and get everyone you know to join.


          • THANK YOU. I’m so tired of hearing how we can’t change things. Please, everyone start making your voices and actions heard and seen in addition to posting here.

          • No thank you, and spread the word…. We need lots and lots of people to sign up to to get the attention of the Liberal media.

          • There are many news programs that tel the truth. Ben Swann, Alex Jones. Check out the MRC. They have been uncovering and exposing the lies of MSM for 3 decades. And I realize we’re all disgusted with the Republican Party. You are all falling into the hands of the manipulaters and provacateurs. Has anyone here even followed Rand Paul. Ron Paul is the reason we have a grassroots movement. Rand may not be his father, but he has stood for less government, the constitution, freedom and completely removing many government agencies such as the EPA, B Please do your research! It’s because of he and his father that Audit the Fed is a reality. Trump is refreshing because of his refusal to buy into the political correctness BS, but he reminds me too much of Hitler in the early days. Pleas check out this link and understand that you are all being affected by the MSM blackout of Rand Paul, just like is father before him.'t you think it’s odd that there is so much coverage of Trump? I know you’re all ‘awake ‘ her, but please expand your knowledge.

      • They will try to prosecute anyway, make you hire a lawyer, make it expensive to fight them even if you are right.

    • He got this idea from his Marxist hero; Hitler! This is just the prelude to gun confiscation. Many Democrats see through this agenda; and are not pleased with the end consequence!

    • “Executive Actions” are not laws…period. The states DO NOT have to enforce them…Congress makes “Laws” and the president signs off on them. The president can not “legally” create any new laws that Americans or States must abide by. This is pure fluff for the upcoming election ( if we have one, due to the possibility of big o declaring martial law for civil unrest he’s trying hard to create) being that the Dems have nothing to offer for president other than 1 liar and 1 socialist…

      • I hear you! and believe you are correct. But that is NOT how the Liberal media is presenting these actions… The Liberal Media is calling them LAWS…

        Stop the liberal media at.

        • As usual, the liberal media is unaware of the way our govt. is “supposed” to work. They’re just sheep printing what big o says, whether it’s right or wrong…I just hope that in my lifetime (I’m 60) that Congress grows some balls and starts to support the Constitution, unfortunately it’s the executive branch (the president) that enforces the law, and if they are breaking it who’s to stop them ???????

          • We the People must stop them.

            We must take back our Government.

            We must resist all forms of socialism in our Schools, Churches, Unions, Courts, MEDIA and both political parties……..

            Do what you can, where you can… And stay safe…. God Bless America.

  5. Oblame-a knows it will not stop anything he is just chipping away at our constitutional rights a won’t be happy until the take away all our guns

    • one more time–this mad rabid dog of a president can only do what WE let him–do you see the problem?–what the forest is blinding you?

  6. WTF …. it’s way past time that Obama “MUST GO,” …PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By ANY Means, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I hope that Republicans have enough balls to stop Obama on gun control but I have little faith in that happening.

    • put no faith in this republican congress—they have went another way–they no longer do the PEOPLES wishes—they now have their own agenda

  8. I am so sick of this liar and chief. He outright lied again. What did we hear after each lie? Idiots clapping over this shitz lies. I do not care what anti gun people have to say. This disgrace had the audacity to quote a man (Reagan) that would never even peed on him if he was on fire.O’boon called for a vote, and he acted like a spoiled child when he didn’t get his way. The people spoke and this idiot couldn’t handle it. Now another pen stroke and Americans rights are shitz on.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Like I’ve said, time and time again, martial law is but a stone’s throw away… GET READY !!

      • You’re ridin’ hard to catch that herd, Dimwits, but you ain’t caught it yet! And you will not, since martial law will NOT happen. It is the monster under the bed of the ideologically deranged. But polish your guns, be sure to have more ammo on hand that you could possibly need, store a lot of freeze-dried tasteless pseudo-food under that rusted-out double wide you call home, and wait for the hammer to fall. I sure hope you are good at waiting.

  9. Ryan, cancel aka barrys invite to Congress, and tell the Dems, that their bring the moslem brotherhosers to Congress is cancelled….

  10. The biggest problem with the GOP is that now that they have sounded off, they’re finished with that issue. They never, ever do anything else, even if by some chance they had a veto proof majority they would still not do anything.

  11. When things get down to the nitty-gritty, I wonder just how many who are talking big now, will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and FIGHT.

  12. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    LMAO look at all the nugebts

  13. My husband is a gun collector/dealer who goes to all the gun shows in Cleveland, OH. There are many dealers who are also licensed FFL dealers who always do background checks on new gun purchases. My husband is a collector of antique Colts, Winchesters, etc. for the most part, but also deals in some pistols that are not that old. Most of his guns are not registered to him, as he buys guns that are in need of work, fixes them and turns them around for a profit. None of the guns he sells (or buys) have ever been used in crimes-just have history like Civil War era, etc. so no background checks are done-or needed. Dealers like him make up the MAJORITY of gun dealers at these shows, which are held weekly. There are ATF guys scattered throughout the show, looking for “criminal” types -but rarely see any. The buyers are hunters, collectors and gun enthusiasts who enjoy looking as well as the occasional purchase. Not sure what “loophole” can be closed here-as the federal laws are already being enforced. Is there the occasional “straw” purchase-yes, but as a rule, thugs, and gang bangers do NOT show up at these shows to buy -they get them on the street from OTHER thugs or they steal them. Obama has his head up his ass (as usual) on this one-it is just one more dictatorial move he thinks he can get away with-we can’t let him

    • obama knows what he doing—destorying america—his plan has not changed one iota—-an WE are going to stay seated till it done

      • oh you are so right about that don-but it is not him alone -he is merely the puppet played daily by the billionaire Soros who has checked his list off since 2008-Obamacare-check-racial division-check-immigration chaos-check-apologizing for America-check-muslim/terrorist sympathizer-CHECK AND CHECK. He is doing exactly as promised-fundamentally changing America-and we the people are letting him-WHY?????

  14. We should live in as Republic, but unfortunately many have made it a Democracy which means if you can muster a majority you can dictate to others what they can and can’t do. You can take away their rights. We need a Republic of laws which only Congress can change with the approval of its citizens. We also need Trump….he the man

  15. BO is doing nothing other than what his handlers have told him to. In that he has allowed himself to be a willing instrument of Evil, I suppose that gives many the reason to hate him. I for one, view him as pathetic at best.

  16. Vernon Cunningham

    I listened to his speech on his executiove order for closing loop holes at gun shows. It is much to do about nothing . Already in the State of Illinois, I know of no dealers, or private sellers that do not have to do exactly what Obama proposes ansd will sign as an executive action. He spoke of penalties, but since he cannot write laws, they mean nothing and can be thrown out by any local judge. Only the state laws prevail. In my state, what he proposes is already state law. This is just another attempt to mess wioth politicians and keep them focused on nothing. I expect many to comment in the coming days. Let it Go. Therre is nothing of substance here.

  17. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Republicans should come out and say that they will rescind the 1968 Gun Control Act since it is based on the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 and is being used to usurp the Second Amendment. That would put all Republicans in good stead with the electorate.

  18. WAKE-UP AMERICA!!!! This is “incrementalism” on the march. Mr. Obama said in his 30 minute speech with emotional outbursts and mentions of his: 1) feckless protections of American citizens and total disregard for any American citizen with; 2) failed immigration policies that gave us San Bernardino, CA, Shoot out and innocent deaths. It is Mr. Obama who kills Americans, not We The People, nor responsible Gun Owners and Traders. We follow the Laws, Mr. Obama is a “lawless President.” Has been and will always be. His Executive Order and Valerie Jarrett are two Islamist/Muslims who not only have killed here in the USA but in Israel, too. Two Israeli citizens were killed because of President Obama wanting to push back Israel’s borders to the 1967 accords. President Obama is working behind the scenes to have the UN enact a Palestinian State before the end of his REGIME. PEOPLE, AMERICA, please WAKE-UP!!! Gun background checks are merely “nibbling around the edges!” This is INCREMENTALISM on the march…a little here, a little there and before We The People know it…CONFISCATION. THIS IS PATENTLY AGAINST THE SECOND AMENDMENT. More citizens have died from gun shot wounds on AMERICAN soil (and Israeli soil)under this President’s REIGN of terror, than under any other PRESIDENT in American History. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV

  19. It’s not only gun control that the GOP need to worry about. How about impeaching that POS.

  20. In other news they are stating that O-king is going after many who receive Social Security.


    We have over 325 million people in our country and you wont be able to stop people for killing each other There are alot on insane people out there will us what ever types weapons to kill with MORE people die in auto accidents then anything else maybe we need to stop making automobiles just a thought

    • Especially The Assault Cars. Like Corvettes. Vipers. Ford Gt’s Ford Mustang Gt-350’s Chevy Z-28’s Porsche’s. Lamborghini’s Etc. They Clearly Exceed The Speed Limit In Big Fashion Do They Not? And I’m Just Kidding Peewee. I Love Cars. They Say What Use Do You Have For A Gun Like That? Well. What Use Do You Have For A Car Like That? What Road Are You Going To Open It Up On? I Just Get Stares Of Dumbfoundedness From Them. Take Care.

    • now peeweetan you know stoping car making will not let him have control over us he —but us with out guns –we go straight to under their marixist heel

  22. It means if you sale a gun to your family you will be considered a GUN DEALER!!! Or I call it infringing on our rights AGAIN!!!

  23. It would seem that democrats of sound mind and not subjects of the demagogues in control of the dimwitcrat party, would also believe they have the constitutional right to be in the possession of guns for both recreation and self defense in these unsettled day and times. Thus by process of elimination, why on God’s green earth would they vote for a Hiliary Clinton who would go even further to adulterate the 2nd amendment of our U.S. Constitution? Doesn’t make sense.

  24. Think about it folks.. I will not demeanor anyone here as MOST are well aware of what this asshat is doing to our country. What this master of manipulation is doing is broader than just this “gun control” issue. He is yet STILL separating and dividing this ONCE great nation. Now with his mind control speech he is labeling all “Republicans as enemies of the Children!! Those that SUPPOSEDLY died at Sandy Hood as he mentioned at least 4 times. Yeah do YOUR OWN research on this FACT! No one died there! PERIOD! For him to use this event in his speech PROVES beyond a fraction of a doubt that he is a liar beyond anyone’s farthest reach of trust and honor! His lies on statistics again prove my points…along with most everything that spews from this despicable excuse for a leader of our country and our RIGHTS to Freedom that is so disdained by some many other countries and beliefs. We are being led down a path of COMPLETE destruction folks and I fear for this countries future and that of our children.



  26. Simple solution would have been to require all gun sales transactions be processed through an FFL Dealer! CCW Permit holders should be exempt from this background check fee as they have already had a THOROUGH background check! Obama is the enemy, and should be dealt with accordingly!

  27. We are witnessing the near end of Obama. Let it be.

  28. what part of ” shall not infringe upon” does this moron writer not understand

  29. get a life and stop being stup

    Patriots we do not have to give up our guns for any reason..being a veteran i am already considered a threat ..crazy ..6yrs in the Army and two tours in Nam and i am considered a threat to my own country..crazy..i thought after the bad coming home from Nam was bad..this takes the God My Guns My Constitution are not up for being taken away..come for mine and there will be blood shed from me and anyone that comes for my please if you are a American Patriot that loves your country please don’t come because i do not want to hurt or kill American Patriots ..It will be more blood on the terrorist muslim’s hand’s..but i am sure he sleeps well at night being the soulless bastard that he is..

  30. Are there web sites where you can buy a gun with no background checks, I keep hearing about that also. I have been to some but all said they have to be shipped to a FFL store?

    • Any legitimate website where you can buy a firearm (such as will ship to a local FFL where you can pick up your purchase, after filling out Form 4473, followed by a call-in to the NICS system, so you are correct. I don’t know of any illegitimate websites, but I’ll concede there probably are some. There are jihadist websites for crying out loud, and let’s not even mention the XXX sites. Yes, even low-lifes have learned how to program in HTML.

  31. Obama is flatulating orally. This executive order BS is just that…., NONSENSE!

  32. ” a president who has nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment”
    Ever ask yourself why? Even Obama admits laws would not have stopped those shootings, so what is his main reason for the position he has taken? Disarm America and institute a dictatorship under shariah law, perhaps?

    • I think he does not realize that he is just appeasing the “low information voter” because from what I have read from our local gun organization, these laws(?) do not affect anything.

  33. Repubs talk talk talk how about some real action the dictator is ignoring our rights.

  34. The
    Boston Massacre is considered one of the most important events that turned
    colonial sentiment against King George III and British Parliamentary authority.
    John Adams wrote that the “foundation of American independence was
    laid” on March 5, 1770, and Samuel Adams and other Patriots used annual
    commemorations (Massacre Day) of the event to fulminate against
    British rule. Christopher
    Monk, the boy who was wounded in the attack and died in 1780, was paraded
    before the crowds as a reminder of British hostility. Later events, such as the
    Boston Tea Party, further illustrated the
    crumbling relationship between Britain and its colonies. Although five years
    passed between the massacre and outright revolution, Will
    our King George make the same mistake? It would be prudent that the Government
    tread lightly when dealing with these citizens of our great nation.

  35. I NEVER get this.

    The negro is not even a legal sitting US president. Yet everybody is running amok that we might have to bow to a negro.

    The proper thing to do right now because no one will remove the negro is to IGNORE the negro. He will be gone SOON.

    If you do choose NOT to ignore the negro he will NEVER leave!

  36. eah just like the mythical clean air act clause that DOES NOT EXIST that he and the EPA are using to kill the coal industry.. when they should be worried about all the trees being bull dozed down which is in turn keeping more carbon dioxide into our air NOT the coal…. we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, trees and plant life breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen simple grade school science that people have so foolishly forgotten. how did this great country become mindless idiots that believe what ever a politician tells them is golden? WAKE UP AMERICA OR WE WILL BE NO MORE

  37. GOP. please stop this bimbo now before a number of us have a aneurysm. it is getting tiring of listen to every angle he can think of to get rid of our rights. Sometimes I wish he would get lockjaw of the mouth.

  38. Another unconstitutional action by the most evil presdient America has ever known. If I stopped with background checks I could live with it, but we all know that Ovomit WON’T stop there, and anything he says to claim he is is just another lie, like “If you like your plan, you can keep it”.

  39. We all know that Ovomit likes to point fingers and pass the buck. I found out that when BHO farts in the Oval Office, he blames the dog. 😀

  40. Obama wants to be Dictator of the USA like Hitler was in

    Hitler, Mao and Stalin all used this same exact tactic to
    take control of their countries and make themselves Dictators.

    History is repeating itself only this time We the People of
    the United States of America are the victims being led to our Slaughter.

    Yes of
    course Obama believes in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution – that is why
    he is trying to destroy it.

    Obama has to destroy the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees
    the RIGHT to ALL Citizen’s to Keep and Bear Arms.

    Obama is doing this in order to make it easier for his Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists
    buddies to come into the USA and take over.

    Many of
    which I am certain are already here.

    Obama intends to be the first Dictator of the USA.

    Obama himself is NOT even a Citizen of the USA.

    Obama is an Unsecured Undocumented Illegal Alien who is Illegally acting as the
    President of the United States of America.

    Why do you think he is trying so damn hard to change the immigration Laws?

    He does not want to spend the rest of his life in prison for Conspiracy Fraud
    for lying about being an American citizen.

    His Hawaiian birth certificate was printed on paper that was not in production
    or use for birth certificate’s till more than 10 years after the date of his
    alleged birth on his birth certificate that he gave to Congress and the press.

    The evidence is against him.

    The truth shall prevail.

    Obama you are a Socialist and a Communist and an Al Qaeda terrorist and ISIS
    supporter/leader which is why you forced the Socialist Obama Care down our
    throats and why you like Hitler and Stalin are try to force Gun Control up our

    Obama is an Unsecured Undocumented Illegal Alien who is Illegally acting as the
    President of the United States of America.

    Why do you think he is trying so damn hard to change the immigration Laws?

    Obama does not want to spend the rest of his life in prison for Conspiracy
    Fraud for lying about being an American citizen.

    His Hawaiian birth certificate was printed on paper that was not in production
    or use for birth certificate’s till more than 10 years after the date of his
    alleged birth on his birth certificate that he gave to Congress and the press.

    The evidence is against you Obama.

    And here is some of that evidence.

    This is the US governments “Pandora’s Box” regarding Law Enforcement
    and Gun Control;

    I spent 16 years and 2 months of my life working as a Law Enforcement officer =
    3 years in the United States Army Military Police and 13 years and 2 months as
    a Court Officer for the 44th District Court in Royal Oak Michigan (north side
    of Detroit).

    They teach in Law School, college & the police academy that the government
    draws its RIGHT to create Law Enforcement agencies and or departments from the
    10th Amendment of the US Constitution which says “All Rights not specified
    to the Union are therefore given over to the States and the People.”

    There is a problem with the governments thinking as that Law Enforcement is
    specified in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 which says “Congress shall
    have the RIGHT to call forth the militia to enforce the Laws of the

    The US Supreme Court has given a ruling in the days of Lincoln that the militia
    is the citizens who are not government employees. Lincoln did not want to pay
    the militias because the government could not afford too.

    Well the moral of this story is that not any Law Enforcement agencies and or
    departments have been constitutionally legal.

    And not any arrest made by those Law Enforcement agencies and or departments
    has been constitutionally legal.

    Thus all people arrested for whatever crime has the RIGHT to have their
    unconstitutional arrest and or conviction overturned on Appeal.

    This of course empties out all jails and prisons quickly.

    And everyone is going to wish they never let that Al Qaeda terrorist Obama try
    force Congress to take away our Constitutional RIGHT to “Keep and Bear

    As to the Unconstitutional making of Laws that restrict and or regulate our
    possession and or ownership and or carry of weapons and or firearms.

    All those involved in the making of and the enforcement of said
    unconstitutional Laws are GUILTY of Violation of United States Code Title 18
    Part 1 Sections 241 & 242 Violation of a person’s RIGHTS under color of

    That is 2 Federal Felonies they are GUILTY of for taking away and or infringing
    upon our Constitutional RIGHTS.

    Only the Al Qaeda terrorists, ISIS terrorists, Communists and Socialists … are
    in fact the ones who want to disarm the American Citizen just so it will make
    it easier for them to move right into the United States of America and take
    over without having any resistance capability of the Citizen’s.

    Obama who is in fact an Unsecured and Undocumented Alien who is illegally
    posing/acting as the President of the United States of America is and has been
    trying to change all our immigration Laws so as to allow these terrorist into
    our Country unrestricted and so as to keep himself from having to spend the
    rest of his life in prison for lying to Congress and the Citizens of the USA
    about his being a Citizen of the USA by Birth witch he is NOT.

    The Birth Certificate that he produced and gave to Congress, the Department of
    Justice and to the press was printed on paper that was NOT even in production
    till more than 10 years after Obama’s date of Birth – this of course proves that
    his Birth Certificate that gave to Congress, the Department of Justice and to
    the press was in fact a Forgery.

    Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery because he is in Fact an Unsecured and
    Undocumented Alien and NOT a Citizen of the United States of America.

    And the Federal Law clearly states that to run for and or to be the President
    of the United States of America you must be a Citizen by Birth to do so.

    So now you can understand the motives behind Obama’s fervent demands to change
    our immigration Laws and his fervent demands to disarm the American Citizen
    which he calls Gun Control and or Gun Reform.

    Amazingly Hitler, Moa and Stalin all did the same exact things with the fervent
    demands to change our immigration Laws and his fervent demands to disarm the
    American Citizen which he calls Gun Control and or Gun Reform.

    Obama even Socialized Health Care the same way the Socialists from the UK and
    Canada did.

    Yes, you all fall for the hype because they play it up after they are all
    behind the attacks against the USA.

    The truth shall prevail.

    So if A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Here’s a picture that proves that Sandy Hook was ALL an ACT;

    Post Script; Switzerland has the lowest GUN Violence crime rate in the World
    and the country of Switzerland has a Federal Law that mandates that every
    Citizen Own and Possess a SIG 550 fully automatic Assault Rifle and be trained
    by the government to be proficient in the use of that weapon.

    Switzerland does not have a standing Army- thy only have a Citizen Militia and
    through 2 World Wars they have managed to stay neutral and were NOT invaded by
    the NAZI’s during either World War because even Hitler knew better than to
    attack a Country that armed ALL its Citizens.

    The Swiss have shown us and the whole World how to follow our own United States
    Constitution “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be

    Maybe it is time we followed it ourselves and replace our now Tyrannical
    government with a government that is in fact “a government of the People
    by the People and for the People”.

    Find out more about the Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists that are trying so hard to
    take over the USA by using our Political offices and by destroying our
    Constitutional RIGHTS at;

  41. He said guns kill almost as many people as cars but isn’t pushing for back ground checks when buying a car.

  42. Obozo just won’t stop. He needs to resign

  43. All of these gun control laws are not supposed to solve the problem. If any did no more would be needed. What is going on is or at least could be called confiscation creep. The more laws passed that are unsuccessful requires more to be passed. Nothing short of total confiscation (which cannot ever be possible in America) can possibly stop all mass murders. Furthermore, even total confiscation cannot stop mass murderers. When (IF) guns are outlawed and confiscated they will use bombs which are already outlawed. But how are they to be stopped? They cannot be! No law restricting the weapon can ever be successful. Only law restricting the person using that weapon regardless of what it is will stop this violence. In other words no law will ever stop the problem. If it could how could Honduras where guns are actually outlawed have the highest murder rate in the whole world? No weapon I know of acts on its own. Bombs neither build or detonate themselves and guns do not shoot by themselves.

    Is it too much to expect the oppressive people who refer to themselves as democrats to, any time soon, understand that?

    Shedding a tear as obama did in his description of why he is proposing the new gun control is a very good act but still an act. A page perhaps out of hillary’s play book. His goal is not protecting American citizens it is oppressing Americans. Take that to the bank. If he can avoid prison after he leaves office perhaps he has a career in acting. If anybody would go to see anything he was in. I have no sympathy or even respect for barack obama. The damage he has done single handily to this nation is totally inexcusable and above all should be unacceptable by every American who calls themself American.

  44. Is anybody else tired of Republicans who “sound off”? They are truly all “sound”. Why do these mongrels think we gave them the Majority, so we could hear “sounds”? Hell no, so you’d do something to rein in this SOB!!!

  45. Executive Orders only work when those affected cooperate, which is far from the case regarding guns. Lock and load, trouble ahead in 2016!

  46. Aw, Jeb Bush, it is not that people “ought” to have a right to sell guns but that people do have the right. F*** all Democrats and spineless Republicans.

  47. National gun registry – Easier to know where the guns are if and when they began to confiscate gun illegally. We already have the illegal gun laws. Smart Gun Technology – Easy to flip a switch and disable any and every gun if they want to or if you disagree with anything against them. Gun Dealer – What makes you think they will give you a license to sell a gun. Do you know what you have to do to be a gun dealer. So that prevents the selling of guns. Inch by inch is how they do this.

  48. Our “Affirmative Action” POTUS has NO authority to alter or circumvent the Second Amendment, period.

  49. Actions must follow the words of the members of congress.Those who allow this must be removed from office!

  50. This sound off by republicans is only a sound. Republicans will not do anything to stop this infringement on the 2nd amendment. How many promises have we herd that never materialized? If the republicans were sincere about stopping these executive by-passes, they would develop a bill to end this type of Constitution destruction. How could any government check and balance be given away by their oath to the American public? Fire the traitors and remove their citizenship.

  51. One of the other Myths: On-line gun sales are not straight from the seller to the buyer. FACT: The gun and/or receiver must go through a licensed gun dealer before a buyer can obtain it. Thus a back ground check. Obama’s MYTHS about guns are an attempt by the federal government and in this case a dictator wann-be named Obama to USURP The United States Constitution and to needlessly cause fear and division in the United States.
    That was the ultimate goal of Fast and Furious, but it back fired on Obama and Holder. Note: The news media is not reminding America of that failed screw up.
    If Obama was really concerned about what he calls “gun violence” he would have camped out in Chicago to encourage the end to gun violence in that City. Instead he was busy with his golf game and giving away the farm

  52. That’s all the current flock of republicans have been doing for the past 7 years …is “sounding off” but not doing a damn thing. That’s why the current “POTUS” P.O.S. gets away with doing what IT’S doing. ‘Cause no one is doing anything but sounding off on t.v. making conservatives “think” that maybe this time republicans will actually do something to put a stop to the tyrant want to be king. AGAIN WE’RE DISSAPOINTED…AS USUAL.

  53. Mr. Trump wants to fix the problems in DC and take America back from these nothing but wasting our tax dollars on nothings who have let obama do as he damn well pleases and they sit their getting paid for wasting our tax dollars on complete BS. taking about aiding and abetting the enemy who is obama they are all guilty. Every since obama been in office by fraudulent means he has been destroying this country for his murdering Muslim brotherhood and yet they keep pouring money his way to make sure he succeeds. We have law breaking illegals coming into this country everyday and also terrorist who want us dead, and yet everything goes on like they are in a trance. I think only when the murdering terrorist kills one of their family members will they come to grip that we’re all targets for these murderers.

  54. I still think that the best place for Obummer and the Gangster H. Clinton is a nice cozy room at the famous accommodations of Git-Mo Naval Base Cuba. There’s always a room available and if they are for some reason are over booked, the present residents would be happy to share. After all between the two of them they make a great terrorist cell. At this point I can also think of a few DC so called law makers Dem & Rep that I would like to see join them for an extended stay. I’m sure that the USMC keepers could even come up with an extra set of DIRTY WHITES for them so that they will feel right at home.

  55. The G – ood O – le P – unk Party whining and whining and opining which accomplishes jack-sh^t! I suggest that all of you grow a pair and IMPEACH this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, there are enough crimes and misdemeanors to do so, treason being among them! Sh^t or get of the pot, going on state-run, fifth column propagandist media outlets and spewing your rhetoric is useless, azzholes! I urged you long ago to impeach this imposter and NWO implant: it would have slowed down his communist agenda – his latest unconstitutional executive order is a great example – by making him defend himself against the charges. 2) it would have made his state-run, fifth column media REPORT the charges rather than doing what they are now doing for him, COVERING THEM UP! 3) It would hold the Communist Party USA, formerly the democ-rats and now defined as progressives according to them, responsible for the results of what happens to this dead Republic if they choose to let him skate; that is why he should have been IMPEACHED many moons ago and because he wasn’t: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr===============================?, there will be no elections held in 2016 and more than likely there will not be a USA if this demonic psychopath is permitted to finish “US” off!
    One thing about the communist party USA, they protect their own as they are the ones calling for impeachment of a GOP governor because he criticized their new Hitler! The chicken-sh^t GOP has no balls and they are devious as hell because they always say that they will do what they were voted in to do only to do exactly the opposite! We have a two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy and to deny this is to be a fool; hence I reiterate: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  56. Everytime you see “gun control” mentioned, replace the term with “government control”. The criminals in DC kill Veterans… No one cares…. Slighter millions of the unborn alive for body parts…. No one cares… Sanctuary cities protecting and releasing rapists and murderers… No one cares….. Importing terrorists…. No one cares…. Christian genocide…. No one cares. A responsible gun owner….. EeeeeeeK! The world is ending! IslamObama has a tear in his eye! Is America really this stupid?

  57. Gun CONTROL is the only issue considered, when CRIME control should be addressed with mandatory (NO parole) sentences, IF they would get enforced. Most illegals that get charged with felonies, get deported and they return to do crimes AGAIN, then get deported again and it starts over.

  58. The republicans “sound off”, write letters, and then beg for money. In other words they DO Nothing! The congress is an Equal One Third of the Government. However, they have allowed themselves to become irrelevant. The congress is now and has been controlled by RINOs (democrats in disguise) and they assure that there is absolutely no opposition to the appointed president. The conservatives need to Unite and Defund ATF, the president’s vacations, the injustice dept, the dept of indoctrination, the EPA, and the IRS for starters. The congress has the power of the purse but rather than using it to cut illegal, bloated and disfunctional agencies they keep spending more each year and giving the appointed president everything he wants. Wake up congress!

  59. Obama’s unconstitutional “executive orders” have no force of power behind them and won’t stop me or anyone I know from buying or selling between one another. Moreover, there’s not enough time in his tenure for him to somehow engineer a way to force people to obey his orders. This Marxist SOB can go straight to hell.

  60. i stop going to gun shows because i couldnt buy a gun and walk out with it the same day.

  61. that’s all they do is sound off- Obama could have been impeached for a myriad of criminal acts. starting with the unauthorized unprovoked attack on libya
    for releasing the names of the navy seals who were on a secret mission to get binladen- the list goes on and on
    the gop still–does nothing but sound off
    screw ’em all!

  62. As to Republicans not seeking an alternative, they don’t need to. Simply enforce strongly what is already on the books.

  63. A dictator that hates the country that he rules.A dictator that has no common sense.A dictator that doe’s not believe in the constution,unless it fits his anti-American agenda.I will not name anyone,but his initials are barack Obama.

  64. Obama so full shit he stinks that why flies try crawl into his mouth

  65. What ever the gay golfer does will be unconstitutional. What has he done lately that isnt? But why doesn’t Congress have the cajones to stand up to the limp wimp and impeach him. A who bunch of congressmen should have to pack their bags and have to find real jobs. Whatever it and Winch lynch come up with will be unconstitutional and that criminal should be impeached also. They can’t keep up with your medical records or personal information without them being stolen. They can’t keep up with the terrorist they bring in, they can’t even do proper background checks now. The Church shooter should have been stopped from purchasing a firearm but the lowclass minority help they hire failed that check. They want broader more detailed checks? But all this vs talk isn’t going to make anyone safer. If anything less safe. What government agency is not corrupt now? Please tell me? How many scandals has the IRS been involved in? The State Department? The BLM? The VA? The EPA? How many have been disciplined? How many people have been fired? How many Government agencies have their own seat teams and are hoarding ammunition? But the gay golfer wants to regulate us. This is BS he or it should be removed from office and brought up on charges. How many crimes have his Secretary of States committed? His AGs? Putin is a better more moral leader than this dog dodo. How are we better now than a third world country?
    I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands NO MORE!

    • I am one pissedoff red neck.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You want personal accountability, how about this little gem from one of your congressmen:

      Currently being drafted in the House by noted House Republican, Evan Jenkins of
      West Virginia’s 3rd District, the “Accountability Act” would require anyone claiming itemized tax deductions of over $150,000 in a given year to submit a clean drug test. If a filer doesn’t submit a clean test within three months of filing, he won’t be able to take advantage of tax deductions like the mortgage interest deduction or health insurance tax breaks. Instead he would have to make use of the standard deduction.

      Rep. Jenkin’s office calculated that the people impacted will be those who make at least $500,000 a year. “By drug testing those with itemized deductions over $150,000, this bill will level the playing field for drug testing people who are the recipients of social programs,” a memo on the bill notes.

  66. BARACKY the STUPID KNOWLEDGE of GUNS is SO LIMITED that I bet If we Asked him to LOOK down the Barrell and SQUEEZE the TRIGGER of a fully Loaded Sem- Automatic hand gun with around IN THE BARRELL he’d DO IT!!!sUCH A DUMBASS that he is!!!

  67. StupidConservativeValues

    You want personal accountability, how about this little gem from one of your congressmen:

    Currently being drafted in the House by noted House Republican, Evan Jenkins of
    West Virginia’s 3rd District, the “Accountability Act” would require anyone claiming itemized tax deductions of over $150,000 in a given year to submit a clean drug test. If a filer doesn’t submit a clean test within three months of filing, he won’t be able to take advantage of tax deductions like the mortgage interest deduction or health insurance tax breaks. Instead he would have to make use of the standard deduction.

    Rep. Jenkin’s office has calculated people impacted will be those who make at least $500,000 a year. “By drug testing those with itemized deductions over $150,000, this bill will level the playing field for drug testing people who are the recipients of social programs,” a memo on the bill notes.

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