Rand Paul: Pushing a Kid Towards Gender Confusion is “Child Abuse”

Weighing in on the controversial case of 7-year-old James Younger of Texas this week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said it amounted to “child abuse” for the boy’s mom to systematically convince her son that he was, in fact, a girl.

“We don’t let kids drink alcohol til 21,” Paul tweeted this week. “People want to move smoking age to 21. But we will allow a 7 year old to have his life and body altered like this? This is child abuse and the state should side with the father who is trying to protect the child.”

A judge this week granted dual conservatorship over James to his divorced parents, Jeffrey Younger and Dr. Anne Georgulas. This gives both parents a say over the child’s medical future, which is a partial victory for the father, who was previously being shut out of those decisions. Jeffrey Younger says James’s mom is intent to push the child through the gender transition process, though he disputes that young James has any clue as to what it is he is pursuing.

Jeffrey buttressed his case against the mother this week when he posted a video of himself discussing gender with James when the latter was only three years old.

“You’re a boy, right?” asks Younger in the video.

“No, I’m a girl,” replies James.

“Who told you you’re a girl?” asks the father.

“Mommy,” James says.

This is a tragic case that has galvanized conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who has the sense God gave a goat. The harm that Anne Georgulas is inflicting upon young James cannot be overstated. Just because a three-year-old shows an affinity for feminine toys or even feminine dress does not mean he is secretly a girl on the inside. Never mind that this entire concept of being “transgender” is a fiction, the idea of convincing young children that they should begin living a lie is outrageous and dangerous. Numerous studies have shown that it will have negative impacts that will last a lifetime. And unfortunately, it could be a very short lifetime, if you take the suicide statistics into account.

We’re not suggesting that gender dysphoria itself is a fiction, of course, and we’re not suggesting that James Younger isn’t a victim of this malady. We are saying, however, that to “treat” this mental disturbance with female hormones and puberty blockers and surgery is a colossal mistake, especially when it comes to a child this age. Indeed, it is as Rand Paul said: child abuse.

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