Radical Virginia Dems Turn Out to Be Terrific Gun Salesmen

Since taking control of the legislature, Virginia Democrats have left no doubt in any citizen’s mind: While the exact methods and policies are yet to be determined, every leftist politician from the governor on down intends to enact the most radical gun control policies the state has ever seen. This ominous threat has already inspired dozens of Virginia counties to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, and many local sheriffs are already on record as saying they won’t enforce any unconstitutional laws passed in Richmond.

But in addition to encouraging a near-revolt from the citizenry, Virginia Democrats have also proven to be some of the finest gun salesmen in America.

From the Washington Examiner:

With Virginia Democrats taking over all branches of state government, a firearms store owner in the state says sales of guns, magazines, and ammunition are up 200%, and more of his customers are paying in cash.

“This is the largest Christmas and November, December that we’ve had, basically, since Trump has come on board. The only other person that was a better salesman right now is when we had President Obama,” said Jerry Rapp, owner of SpecDive Tactical, in Alexandria, comparing the administrations of President Trump and his White House predecessor, Barack Obama.

“Every time [Obama] turned around he was going to ban something or make something illegal. But even that isn’t even close to the amount of sales we’re selling right now of magazines, of guns, of every kind of gun from pistol, rifle, shotguns, to AR platforms” and ammunition, Rapp told the Washington Examiner. “We can’t keep it in stock.”

Ah, you can’t help but laugh. Was this what Gov. Ralph Northam and his allied lawmakers had in mind when they started tossing around plans for mass confiscations? A full-scale boon to the Virginia gun industry? Well, at least now the Democrats have a roadmap of what to do whenever a Virginia business or product is in danger of going bankrupt: Just threaten to ban the business or item in question!

It never fails to amuse us when Democrat plans backfire, as they always seem to do. Higher minimum wages lead to startling levels of business closures and unemployment. Proposed gun bans lead to higher gun sales. Throwing money at X inevitably makes X worse. You’d almost think there was some sort of sinister method to the madness!


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