Poll: 2020 Democrats are Much Further to the Left Than American Voters

Ahead of this week’s Democratic primary debates in Detroit, where the candidates once again tried to stake out territory as far to the left as they could, a poll from Heritage Action for America confirmed what most people already know: The 2020 Democrats are much further to the left, politically, than the American voting public. And if one of the radicals actually wins the nomination, it’s going to be very difficult for the party to defeat Trump in the general election next year.

Some of the damning takeaways include:

  • 70% of voters oppose Medicare for All, which has been endorsed by most of the major candidates.
  • A majority of Independent voters, whose support is crucial for the winner next year, think we should consider skills over family bonds when crafting legal immigration policies (in other words, no more chain migration).
  • At the last debate, most candidates raised their hands when asked if their healthcare solutions would include providing government-sponsored insurance to illegal immigrants. But the polls shows that a plurality of all voters think illegal immigrants are already overusing taxpayer-funded social services.
  • Nearly 80% of voters think political correctness is a major problem in modern society. The Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to erase the term “illegal alien” from the U.S. legal code.
  • 45% of voters from across the spectrum think abortion should be “illegal in most cases” with only “some exceptions.” This is far afield of the Democratic Party’s embrace of letting even those fetuses that survive abortion die on the operating table.
  • 56% of Independents think the Democratic Party has lurched too far to the left. Hell, 30% of Democrats think so.

Running in second place in most national polls is Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist. The face of the party, increasingly, is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most radically-leftist lawmakers to ever darken Washington’s doorstep. The Democratic Party has gone to bat time and again for extreme abortion practices, socialist medicine, radical climate change plans that would include astronomical tax hikes, and open borders.

Meanwhile, they can’t even bring themselves to admit that Baltimore is a city drowning in drugs, murder, and rodents, because it would be “racist” to say such a thing.

Good luck beating Trump next November, Democrats. You’re going to need it.

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