New Civil Rights Chief at DOJ isn’t a Social Justice Loon, so Liberals Are Mad

President Trump has nominated former George W. Bush administration official Eric Dreiband to head up the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and, wouldn’t you know it, liberals have a huge problem with it. Accustomed over the past eight years to having a Civil Rights Division committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and other loony social justice organizations in their ongoing war on law enforcement, they are fit to be tied about Dreiband, who actually has a history of practicing LAW, not “community organizing” or whatever it was that Obama looked for in his administration officials.

“Whoever leads the ‘crown jewel’ of the Justice Department must have deep relationships with stakeholders and marginalized communities, and have a deep, abiding faith in our nation’s civil rights laws,” said Vanita Gupta, who ran the division under the previous president. “They must respect the laws that touch everyone, rights that people have literally died for. They must respect the role of what has been called the conscience of the federal government. In all those regards, Eric Dreiband is woefully unqualified to lead the Civil Rights Division.”

Crown jewel? Seriously? If anything, the division will gain in prestige under Dreiband, since it will no longer be used as a politically-motivated, SJW attack dog. Dreiband will be concerned with prosecuting actual cases of discrimination that fall afoul of the LAW instead of running interference for some of the most disruptive, divisive groups in the country. The Civil Rights Division does not (or at least, should not) exist as the federal government’s advocacy arm. It is there to investigate and prosecute cases where federal LAW has been violated. It’s not there to spread the message: “Well, this is what the law SHOULD be, so we’re going to tie these police departments up in investigations for the next ten years…just cause we can.”

Yes, Dreiband has represented companies who were defending themselves against discrimination claims. So what? A private attorney isn’t free to take such work? Is every discrimination case automatically valid in the liberal mind? He also brought lawsuits against companies FOR discrimination in his capacity as General Counsel of the Equal Employment Commission under Bush. The very fact that he’s worked both sides of the issue makes him all the more suited for the DOJ position he’s been nominated for. We don’t need an ideologue as a federal prosecutor; we need someone whose allegiance is – say it one more time, with feeling – to the LAW!

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  1. The Obammunists will not be happy until President Trump flees like Batista and The Mongrel takes possession of the government like his idol Fidel. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder will not be satisfied until every conservative has had his or her religious and cultural beliefs changed, and until they can find a Hodgkinson to shoot every Republican official. They and their captive media must be ignored and pushed aside, beginning with a “Justice” Department that is as thoroughly corrupted as Orwell’s Ministry of Love.

    • NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Trump will not run.

      • AMEN! He is the strongest, most resilient, most courageous genius we have ever been fortunate enough to elect to the White House to run our beloved America! He epitomizes a true counter punching New Yorker, America loving citizen who will stand and fight for her and for her citizens.
        As ole Blue eyes, the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra sang, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” and OUR PRESIDENT has been a successful NY builder and real estate developer to the tune of BILLIONS.
        Despite the horrendous attacks of the lame-stream media, the Demonazis and the establishment elite RINOs including McCain, Graham, Sasse, Flake, Murkowski, Collins, Rubio, Kasich, the Bushes, Romney, Rove, Krauthammer, McConnell and Ryan, look at what he has already done for our veterans, our border, our stock market, businesses and workers, and for our future – a Constitutionalist appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is the happiest of birthdays for America ~ God bless OUR PRESIDENT Trump ~

  2. If Democrats want to begin to again become relevant to the country, they should back qualified appointees like this. A non-GOP friend and I were discussing political issues. I said we, the country and my state of MD, need some conservative Democrats. He said his parents had always been Democrats, but they wondered where their party had gone. They could no longer support it. Party affiliation should stop after the election. Someone tell Chuck and Nancy.

    • Conservative Democrat? lmao They are all but extinct. In my book, a conservative democrat is a RINO. Face it, the Democrats have been taken over by socialists and communists. It’s extremely sad when a political party supports illegal aliens, criminals, lawlessness, activist judges, etc. and flips the bird at it’s own citizens. It’s more than sad, it’s disgusting.

    • “Conservative Democrat” is an oxymoron just like ” Moderate Muslim”. The last “conservative” Democrat was assassinated in Dallas.

      • Absolutely right, William Glass. If JFK was alive today he’d be a fiscal conservative and a member in good standing of the Republican Party.

  3. If democrat dummies are upset, that means President Trump has made a very good selection.


    Fortuately for us the Civil Rights Division is supppost to be for ALL PERSONS CIVIL RIGHTS. Not just for the that the liberals and racists choose. I am thrilled that the liberals are coming unglued over this “Civil Rights For All” That means we have our boot on the throat of one of the biggest problems we have in this country and that is the race baiters and have mongers….

  5. This is an excellent article and I agree with it completely. “Social Justice” is an anomaly. It means nothing, but suggests certain groups are more entitled to justice than individuals. Like LGTB(q) groups generally, and the “gender identity” folks specifically, which means on a given day a mature 45 year old biological male may self-identify as a female, which then entitles him to go to a public beach and shower with all the ladies, young and old. This is the nonsense Obama’s political philosophy and his “social justice” has brought us. Here, in Never Land, feelings always trump reality. And undocumented citizens (reality check: illegal aliens) can diddy-bop across our border, be transported to one of 300 sanctuary cities across the nation, where they’ll be protected by the political establishment of that city which will hide them from the reach of federal law. This is also called Social Justice. I guess because illegal aliens are more deserving of having their “illegal rights” protected than are Americans of having their natural born citizens rights protected. I think the family of Kate Steinle would disagree vehemently.

  6. If the left is unhappy with The President’s choice, then our side is all good with it. Haha, winning!

  7. If they mad, that the good thing

  8. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Perhaps some of the monkey business under the Obama administration can yet be rectified. I an so sick of the kow-towing to vocal tiny groups of minorities just in order to give business to the extreme predatory lawyers in the ACLU.

  9. They mad??? We glad !!!

  10. As long as the Democrats are frustrated, angry, and unhappy about everything, We the People can take comfort in the fact that President Donald Trump is DOING THE JOB, that We the People hired him to do! TRUMP 2020!

  11. Yeah, God forbid the president put someone in charge who might follow the law and actually knows what it is like from both sides on an issue.

  12. These shariacrats are about as bright as a lightening bug up a bears a$$.

    • Denton Haskins

      I have to ask of the lightening bug(Demoncraps), how in the world did you get to where you are???? What chapter in Alinsky’s book covered that maneuver???

      • Escuze me, Dented, but I got here from NOT being a liberal toilet bug of low character and absent of integrity. Obviously, you dint read Alinsky well enough to know there is no chapter on ShariaCrats, but they’d like to think there is.

  13. Winning is becoming habit forming! You gotta love it!

  14. Very good article. Like the question an attorney shouldn’t take the job. This is about real violation of federal law, not political agendas . President Trump MAGA

  15. Equal rights does not mean some have more rights than others. It means we should have EQUAL RIGHTS. But some want to gain an advantage, and so they suggest that their group should have additional rights, or protection. That denies equal rights to all others and makes it UN-EQUAL! It makes them First Class Citizens and everyone else SECOND CLASS citizens!

  16. Good – investigate obozo – holder – lawyers and judges that attacked arpaio – the deputies of Maricopa – the taxpayers o Maricopa while giving taxpayer money to la raza and several other orgs for their trouble…..

  17. The only thing Gupta got correct was that the DOJ needs someone who follows the LAW!. Not what homosexuals, terrorists, illegal aliens or the mentally ill WANT the LAW to be.


  19. Halleluah!!!!

  20. But liberals hate those with allegiance to the actual law, they like people who are willing to interpret it as dictated by them. People who are willing to ignore it entirely in favor of ‘progressive’ ideals. Which more closely resemble raving lunacy.

  21. The worse thing that ever happened to this country was the Civil Rights Movement, africans have been out of control ever since. More uncivilized, more demanding. I’d like to civil rights them right back to the homeland!

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