McConnell Booted From GOP?

Former President Trump called out Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying that Republicans ought to push him out as he is a “pawn for the Democrats.”

In the Statement published by Trump, he spoke about how McConnel and his wife Elaine Chao have connections to China and how they should have been pushed out a long time ago.

He also said that Mitch McConnell is not a true opposition leader and that he is too afraid to oppose the Democrats and do what has to be done. He also called for a new Republican leader to be picked.
The feud between Trump and McConnell, whom Trump has previously called an “Old Crow” has been going back to the events of the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

This past weekend Trump also commented on McConnell saying that he is not doing enough to help Republican candidates heading into this election season. The quality candidates Trump is referring to were endorsed by him.

McConnell has noted that the race for the Senate is bound to be a close one this November. Trump also called Chao, his former Transportation secretary until her resignation the day after the Jan. 6 attack, crazy.

Trump is also saying that a new Senate leader should be chosen by the party if they want to have a chance at retaking Congress in 2022.

This is not where Trump’s accusations end, as he has also said that McConnell has given the “Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND.” He also said that McConnell should have stopped the Inflation Reduction Act from passing.

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  1. There he goes again,opening his big mouth without thinking. Trump loses so many by badmouthing those who have a lot of influence. That’s how he lost the Presidency to Biden and now before he announces he will definitely run again he’s already starting to cuthis supporters. That’s just plain stupid and I will not vote for him again because of his personality. I like what he did for America but his mouth has surpassed that good and he’s just not worth putting up with again. The Republican party should reach out to someone like John Kasich. He could win over any democrat that’s been mentioned so far.

    • John Kasich is an I d I o t

    • Trump did NOT LOSE THE ELECTION, The Demonrats Stole The Election For the NINCOMPOOTE BIDEN

    • Under Biden we will be another China.I won’t live long enough to see it but I have a son an a granddaughter that I worry about what they will go through. Since Biden was elected this country is going to pot. I don’t see the ones in the white house caring about what they are doing to this country. I would vote for Trump over Biden any day of the week.

    • Trump is right. McConnell is a Rino. Hell, he might as well be a Democrat. It’s time for him & Chinese wife to go!

    • I totally agree with President Trump. Mitch is useless and does not care about anybody but himself. Why is he not supporting the new comers and campaigning for them. He had ads for Arizona and Alaska and cancelled them. We need young new blood to represent us. He is far to old and stuck in his ways. Swamp creature and a Rino! Trump 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Ohh, poor baby your feelings hurt. I would not give one second to spare your feelings.

    • Well maybe you should look in the mirror, and realize that you are the baboon who’s lips are flapping in the wind, and no one cares about!

    • Trump is right! Sorry you are wrong!

    • You should think before you say anything as well McConnell wife is tied to the ccp in China so he’s not good for our country

    • I agree that Trump’s personality and needless snide remarks are often abrasive and offensive. However, his effectiveness, leadership and successful stabilization of our country is undeniable. With the dangerous path the Democrats have us on, we must elect the next president who will, once again, put America first and reverse the nation-killing agenda of the Dems and their left wing radicals. Clearly, that person is Donald J Trump.
      The first step in restoring logic and sanity to our country is to overwhelmingly put conservative Republicans in control of Congress. We, the American Patriots must ourselves PUT AMERICA FIRST.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong, McConnell is deep state and he’s right where you want him but I tell you November will be your wake up call and he will be gone

    • So you are putting personality before substance. Not a good way of thinking. This is how we got what we have now. I hope you rethink this as I will take mean tweets before I will take our country being turned into a Banana Republic. President Trump’s policies FAR OUTWEIGH any personality traits you think he is lacking.

      • You know what President Trump is absolutely right about Mitch the turtle McConnell when President Trump wanted to build the border wall McConnell and Paul the snake Ryan opposed they didn’t give him money McConnell is a BAD person he doesn’t Care about this Country and China own his and his wife ass and he has to go as long as McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsay Grahamnesty and the rest of those RINOS are there we won’t make any PROGRESS

      • Yes! Thank you for what you said in reply to the person who won’t vote for Trump because of his personality. I wish the people who feel that way would think about what you said and hopefully reconsider their priorities.
        Smooth talking “everything is great” professional politicians who make speeches and do nothing to help our country or someone who actually helps our country but doesn’t Talk Pretty?
        Please put personal Personality Preference aside. Vote for the person who made our country better, because the condition our country is in now is far more offensive and disgusting than words can say!

    • What is plain stupid is saying you won’t vote for someone because of their personality. What matters are policies, putting America first and putting America on the right path, which we are clearly not on right now. Use your brain.

    • Oh please!!!So Mitch knocks good people who are running as GOP and want to change the the RINO hold on America!!! Mitch …. Time to retire!!!!!!!!!John Kasich is just another yes man for RNC!!! No way will he help America!!!!!

    • Euegene Dad Pfennig

      Mcconnel has been less than a true Republican for some time. It would definitely be good for the Republican Party to bid him farewell. He has way to much of a China connection.

    • Trump tells it like it is, He is exactly right and you should open your eyes, He’s the only one looks out for us.

    • He lost the presidency by theft! Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Did you watch 2,000 miles, did you watch what was disclosed at the pit, did you watch Frank speech last week. There is a mountain of evidence, but our corrupt government including SCOTUS don’t have the intestinal fortitude to tackle the criminal democrats, cabal, and Satan.
      No worries, patriots are fighting back every day to save our country even though people like yourself are too stupid to know what’s actually going on. But don’t worry, you too will reap the benefits of our success!

    • Believe me, McConnell was not a Trump supporter and Kasich is a Rino and not to be trusted. It appears to me that you lean more left than right. This is the problem with the GOP, they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the DNC and their ilk for fear of being abused by the liberal media and the denigration from the democrats.

      You sound like a dem.
      McConnell is a rhino, a democrat all the way. McConnell always gives the Dems what they want.
      As far as Trumps big mouth, he is mostly correct. I liked the USA when Trump was President. I hate Biden and his fascist agenda.
      The GOP should get rid of McConnell NOW , HE IS BAD NEWS HAS BEEN FOR DECADES

    • TC get off drugs

    • Well I’m one glad President Trump calling out the moles ,the Anti American Democrat party should be disbanded.

    • He didn’t lose the election

    • After awhile these do nothing republicans get old. If they can’t get it done move out of the way and get somebody in there that can. There are so many issues McConnell should be on but he is not. So if you want to defend these types just because they are Repubs you are part of the problem

    • McConnell ,carrer politician doing good for himself ,don’t give a shit about the American people.just like the rest of these carrer politicians Democrat and republican.term limits the only way to fix our gov .

    • kasich is a rhino!!!!!!!!

    • McConnell is a piece of shit and should be out of office! He’s done nothing for the Republican party or for the United States citizen! He’s done nothing but sit back and let the Democrats just run over him! He should be calling them out for their constant lies and unconstitutional actions! Trump may be a little bit too blunt but what he has to say has to be said, and those of us who are the voting public should be paying heed to what he has to say! This country hasn’t run as well as when President Trump was in office! As for the election and Biden being elected as president is bogus! They predicted exactly how it was going to happen and it happened just the way they said it would Trump would be leading going into the early morning and then all of a sudden Biden will get these unexplainable votes during that 3-hour period of where everybody was kicked out of the voting stations so that the Democrats could do their dirty work! President Trump is the only one we have that has the balls to tell the Democrats that they’re corrupt immoral and anti-American! With this Administration I have gone from having money left over with my paycheck to putting in twice as much money in my gas tank instead of paying my bills! I used to have money at the end of the pay period now I’m going day to day wondering if I’m going to have enough to cover the necessities! Somebody has to stand up to these Democrats and it sure as hell ain’t McConnell!

    • No jack your the one opening your mouth with out thinking of course since from your comment it shows everybody that your a true leftist.

    • I’m not a trump personality fan either. But at least he is brave enough to tell the truth.
      China has all our major businesses a d buying up our business and farmlands. McConnell is a lying American backstabber married to a Chinese business person. Which he backs everything bad for this country.
      I’d vote for Trump 10 times rather than a TRAITOR DEMONRAT.

    • McConnell is no better than Paul Ryan. Both turn-coat RINO’s. If you can’t see that you are not paying attention. The GOP is full of them and it will take a long time for us to rid ourselves of them, particularly if you can’t see the most obvious one’s. Wake up.

    • He lost to Brandon? When the polls closed on Tuesday night Trump had the election nailed down. He had 81 million votes. By the time Wednesday came the fix was in and massive fraud put Brandon in the WH.

  2. Gene Synder, McConnell knows who was…was my neighbor and friend. He was Rep from the 5th KY District for many years. He would be ashamed of McConnell now.

  3. McConnell is weak. He’s also McCarthy era leader. Made of the same cloth as Biden. Time pass the torch, term limits . Why haven’t the gop called for referendum on abortion for every state? The people r supposed to b voicing their opinion. Take the politics and politicians out of the equation. Kansas let the people vote

    • Why would Republicans put forth a referendum on abortion? The SCOTUS stuck down Roe V. Wade to put the states in charge of abortion legislation not the government. Your statement makes no sense. Also, WE DO HAVE TERM LIMITS. It is called AN ELECTION. People need to do their homework on candidates, not just vote on “name recognition”.

  4. McConnell must go if the republican will stick together like the dem do. John Kasich cant eat food with out get it all over his face be serious.

  5. McConnell is a FAKE Republican. Sadly in DC there are people calling themselves Republicans when they are NOT. The first group are the RNOS lead by Romney and easily detected because they only claim being Republicans but act like Democraps all the time. The Group that McConnell leads in the Senate and Cheney leads at least for a little while longer in the House are FAKE Republicans. These are harder to detect because they act like Republicans and speak like them in public and on the record . In Private they like the MORON MEDIA and RINOS SUCK Democraps RECTUMS for all they are worth. The only REAL TRUE REPUBLICANS are those who CHALLENGED that FARCE Democraps and the others call an Election. President Trump is right to call McConnell out. It has been FACT for so long as I can remember that Democraps LIE about everything they claim they will do on all subjects. Especially when it comes to lowering taxes on the middle class and SAVING money that Americans send to DC. They claim that they will pay for their money WASTING in 10 years but they NEVER did. Look at Obozo’s Stimulus package they claimed it would be paid for in ten years but not a single penny has been paid on that bill yet. Americans are still paying off the Money Tip O’Neil and the Democraps spent under Reagan and that which was WASTED by Clinton and Obozo without the extra wasted in the so called Stimulus package that did nothing but pad Obozo supporters pockets. All the Billions Obozo gave away to Companies he said would create jobs and taxes to only have them go BANKRUPT as soon as the Government checks cleared the bank. So McConnell needs booted as do any other politicians who are not and do not hold Democraps accountable for all the Crimes and LIES they have abused Americans with.

  6. Fighterforfreedom

    McConnell has been a puppet to chyyna and the puppet masters for over 20 years. He is the poster child for a Republican Party full of RINO’s that are extorted and blackmailed. The consequences of this is our government, resources, prosperity and free will have been decimated. Trump takes no prisoners and that is what leaders have to do under the current climate bc the swamp is getting deeper & murkier. Unfortunately, there is no end to the treachery and venom the swamp can spit at Trump and making another enemy w/the influence McConnell has accrued, Trump will now be subject to both sides of the aisle attempting to skewer him. Of course, this also exposes abetting, or at least no opposing, the treachery conducted as they are devoted to saving their own hide and continuing to accrue wealth & power as long as they keep their head in the sand.

  7. make the list, MIKE PENCE ,bar,Romney, the bush family, Morgan South Carolina, and all the fake gangs to vote peaching trump

  8. You cannot honestly think McConnell, aka the Turtle, is doing everything that’s best for the GOP. He simply likes to pretend the SWAMP is perfectly okay and there’s no problem in D.C. when we all know DIFFERENT. With some of his comments, I’m not so sure he wants Republicans to take back the Senate and save our freedom & liberty. Rich politicians, whether or not they made their wealth in politics–clearly have no problem when WE THE PEOPLE are struggling with the recent FASCIST executive orders that are choking our economy and destroying our freedoms.

  9. McConnell is trying to sway the election to Democrats! I have never seen a Democrat trash their candidates, even though they are corrupt- Democrats stick together. Why would McConnell say our Republican candidates are terrible? Whose side is he on?
    A real traitor! Disgusting.

  10. I agree 100% with my president, McConnell must go. He’s compromised through his wife’s Chinese family owned shipping company. I believe that’s why McConnell hates Trump. He wants China left alone with no sanctions.
    All of the old school elites want to go along to get along. We need the fresh ideas that come with new leadership within congress. Only when we rock the boat will they get trust from the American people.

  11. I advise all American to listen to Trump’s Virtues by Tom Klingenstein. Especially those to think about opinion of John Kasich, ext.
    It’s worth every minute of your time.
    America on the pass to become next Soviet Union, Venezuela, or Cuba.
    The window of opportunity to change this pass is very narrow.
    People wake up.
    God bless America and Donald Trump.

  12. How many of our politicians does China own? Money has a changing and treasonous effect on people. The love of money and power lead many to do evil things.

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