McCain and Graham: We Need to Overthrow Assad

Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham never miss an opportunity to harmonize on what’s best for the country. While it’s important that Republicans in Congress offer advice to the president, one can’t help but occasionally question the motives of these two. McCain has earned a lifetime’s worth of respect for his time in the service – much of which was spent in a POW camp – but that doesn’t make him an expert on all things war.

Nonetheless, McCain and his partner-in-crime Graham have once again taken to the op-ed pages to lay out their strategy for success in the Middle East. Overthrowing Syrian President Bashar Assad, they say, is a necessary step if we want to eradicate ISIS. In the Wall Street Journal, the two say that we risk bolstering the Assad regime by going after ISIS first:

Mr. Assad all but created Islamic State through his slaughter of nearly 200,000 Syrians, and he has knowingly allowed the group to grow and operate with impunity inside the country when it suits his purposes. Until we confront this reality, we can continue to degrade Islamic State in Syria, but Mr. Assad’s barbarism will continue to empower it.

In the article, they also repeat their call for troops on the ground. Lest anyone forget, this is a turnaround for both senators. Each of them, at various times earlier in the year, have agreed that we can defeat ISIS with airstrikes and coalition forces alone. That’s changed in the last month or so. Now they say that we need to put boots on the ground to make sure that our airstrikes are getting the job done.

In their continual calls for greater and more complex military action, McCain and Graham find themselves out of step with the rest of the GOP, out of step with the administration, and out of step with the American people. They are two war hawks out on a wire, trying their damnedest to drag America into another prolonged conflict with Islamic terrorists. To be certain, they aren’t wrong when they criticize the president for his weak approach to the fight. They certainly aren’t wrong when they take him to task for backing down from Assad over chemical weapons.

When it comes to their ideas about an expanded military intervention, though, they would do well to take a seat. It’s still early days in the fight against the Islamic State. While military experts both within and outside of the administration have admitted that airstrikes aren’t going as well as one might have hoped, this is not the time to push for all-out war. If it is that time, then the case needs to be made, by the president, to the American people and Congress. Since we know that’s not going to happen before the midterms, maybe it’s time to relax a bit. Stop chomping at the bit to send our troops into harm’s way for the sake of some good old fashioned war-mongering.

It may well be that we have to take Assad out on our way to defeating ISIS. Weakening our focus when we’re already fighting as distantly as we can, though, makes no sense at all. This is exactly what got us in trouble in Iraq. That McCain and Graham can’t learn the most basic lessons of history shows that they don’t deserve an audience today. It’s perhaps inevitable that a conflict like this become politicized, but if it has to happen, this is the GOP’s chance to demonstrate a superior form of leadership. That shouldn’t be difficult, given what we have in the White House. Wild strategies involving overthrown regimes and ground troops, though, only serve to prove the opposite.

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  1. We nee to take ALL the bastards in congress in November. And put a congress in place that respects our Constitution. And then impeach Hussein Obama and his partners in crime. Then we could take care IS, and the rest of the muslim terrorists.

  2. It is a Wonder they don’t Advocate to grant the Syrians Amnesty if they would only come to America.

  3. Bright. Really, really bright.
    Take out Assad. And replace him with……….? What? Who? ISIL?
    And by all signs he is probably the only one both ruthless enough and respected (because of the ruthlessness) to govern Syria. Plus compared to all of the local competition he’s Mother Teresa. Possibly the most fair and open handed/open minded leader outside of Israel.
    I still think he (Assad) will outlast all of those who preach for taking his scalp. Including our very own POTUS.
    He’ll probably end up with a longer and more positive entry in the history books than Obama.

  4. McCain and Graham need to worry less about Assad and more about the douche bag in the White House

    • You are right.

    • Those two are among the most dangerous Fascists in our government, it’s very difficult for me to even listen to this disgusting Traitor John McCain. During his campaign run he made it known that Obama is a good guy and would make a good president. Communists; John don’t make good presidents especially in our Constitutional Republic . Remember these two went to Egypt to try and help the Muslim Brotherhood, but it backfired. These two don’t care about this country, McCain for example has been for Not closing our borders, why the people of Arizona keep electing this Liberal/Fascist/Communist all rolled into one is beyond me.

      • I wish more people would view the YouTubes available regarding McCain’s real behavior in Hanoi. Would change minds.

        • Somebody took videos of “Songbird”? Sweet. The verbal descriptions were plenty graphic!

          • Yeah we have our own Manchurian Candidate, brainwashed to be a sleeper agent to be woke up with the right codewords! Maybe we need to overthrow Obama instead of Assad

          • More than 1, it seems. Removing O would surely be of FAR greater benefit to ALL humanity, than removing Assad, including the Syrians! Assad may not be up for sainthood, but he hasn’t done the world anything approaching the damage that O has!

          • I have a friend from Syria and she says Assad was SET UP to look like he used those chemicals on his own people. She says that the people TRUST ASSAD more than they trust OBAMA! He protected the Christians and all the minorities!

          • I’m sure he was. He’s an impediment to the NWO because he does protect minorities. They want “people of the Book” (Christians and Jews) wiped off the Earth. Assad isn’t “their boy”, so must go.

      • I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Live and in person, he’s even WORSE! The people IN AZ aren’t all of AZ, if you catch my drift.

    • Neither did Saddam.
      GW still invaded them.

      • The United States invaded Iraq with the full approval of the Congress of the United States. Saddam threatened the United States and we responded. Where in the hell do you think Assad got his chemical weapons; from the tooth fairy? Another liberal retard.

        • Why did Bush invade Iraq, Congress did not approve. There never was or ever will be threat from Iraq. All Texan presidents want war Also it either dead or live. Bring them on is still doing on.
          Saddam was a dictator better than GW.

          • Google it. Actually Congress did approve, including Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Obviously you don’t know your facts. The only president in modern history who sent personnel and equipment to a foreign country without Congressional approval was Obama when he sent planes and personnel to Libya.

          • Kilary and the rest of the communists all voted for the Iraq war. I believe that uhbamma was the only one to vote “present”, although there may have been one or two other islamics that voted no. It was near enough a vote to be called unanimous.

          • Barbara Boxer also voted against it.

        • Hey, Sen Kerry was “for it before I was against it”. No wonder the current SecState Kerry is laughed at on the world stage.

          • Kerry is an elitist idiot. He is also a liar which was proven during the 2004 presidential campaign when the swift boaters told the real story behind Kerry’s so-called “Military service”.

          • Looks like Lurch from the Addams family. Goes around to all the other countries making a fool of himself. Then you have Obama and his Apology tour going around apoligizing for all of our shortcomings. No one seems to remember how many times we bailed their sorry asses out when the going got a little to tough!

        • Larry Richard Kivett

          If you would do some research, you will find our congress voted in favor of letting SADAM HUSSEIN have his oil fields ( Kuwait) back and when he attempted we double crossed him and initiated “Desert Storm” and that was our (America) mistake. It really wasn’t our war, but we jumped right in. The second mistake we made was not finishing him off when we had the chance.

          • We’re talking about two different wars. You’re talking about Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and the rest of us are talking about the US declaring war on Iraq. Bush 41’s hands were tied when it came to taking out Saddam during the Kuwait war.

      • Was there no threats from Hussain right after 9/11? Implied or real, another and bigger cloud over NYC would have been tough to explain if nothing was done. The only real problem was the Muslims cannot handle true freedom as offered to them by the USA via the overthrow of Hussain. Few, even today, admit that our altruistic beliefs and intentions mean nothing to the Muslim World.

        • There is no altruism in this world, everyone is looking for something , . In case of Iraq was oil and money which they got, Afghanistan for minerals . this is the place with a lot of fun coming up.
          The Sorry part is young teenage boys and girls are getting killed for no rhyme or reason.

          • What oil or minerals did the US get? And if some did, do you think for a moment the Dems would not have that on the front page of the NYT/WP/LAT everyday with specifics? And what is the United Nations than a temple of and to altruism?

          • Plenty of minerals in Afghanistan. As far as they are concerned Saddam was better.
            There will never be any peace, just forget it and thanks to GW for invading Iraq,’
            Middle east has the solution but no one wants to bell the cat.
            Wake up to the new reality.

          • Let me know if you will. How does your comment make sense in regard to my response to your comment about oil and minerals in Iraq and Afghanistan? There are plenty of both in those countries. But who has benefitted from them as you contend? Can you name the company(s) with specifics? Wild assertions do not make facts.

          • …. waiting. Your lack of response is telling after 20 hours.

          • There will never be peace between arabs and jews period. The only peace that is possible over there is when the towels are re-arming, and getting prepared for the next assault. Wake up to the permanent reality.

    • Well, ebola, but with help from Chikgunya, EV D68, drug resistant TB, and whatever else they’ve allowed to waltz in unchecked!

    • I agree totally. We need to take care of the most dangerous threat to America first and that is obama. He has done more to destroy America and that she stands for than any little middle eastern dictator.

  5. Overthrow Assad? Why? He isn’t hurting his people (before the civil war started) anymore than Qaddafi bothered the average Libyan or Mubarack bothered the average Egyptian. Obama armed the Muslim Brotherhood in both countries,. over threw the stabilizing dictator, and created the vacuum for the Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS to fill. Assad is fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Get rid of Assad? Are McCain and Graham now joining forces with Obama to destabilize the world and further destabilize the Middle East? What’s Obama’s end game? Crush the US by starving her of all energy — no Mid-East oil, not fracking of our huge reserves, stopping the keystone pipeline, and shutting down 90% of the electricity generators using coal?

  6. Assad never killed 200,000 Syrians the idiots are transferring Hussein’s slaughter of 200,000 plus Kurds in Iraq.!
    Assad is tolerant of all other religions in Syria including Jews and Christians.

    • Assad is an alewite for Christs sake and in the eyes of the muslim fanatics is seen as an infidel like
      all Christians, jews and other people of the non muslim believers.

      • Assad is not a Muslim.

        • Alewites however like the sufis who by the way are more ancient are more ancient than the muslims are among others one of the plus or minus 71 sects; – Greek-Orthodox, Roman Catholics, jewish, Armenian Catholics, Armenian Gregorian, Protestant, Maronite, Samaritan, Nestorian Christian, Syrian United Orthodox, Kurds, Monophysite, all were a divisive rather than a unifying political factor and today are high on the list by Isis. There was doctrinal opposition by the numerous Shiites in the region to the Sunni faith and to their claims to the caliphate.

        • Then why was he seen at Muslim Friday prayers in a very rare public appearance lately?

          • It was reported and photos taken. What is BS about that? Are facts BS?

          • I have not seen any photos of this incident.
            Even if he was seen at the Friday prayer so what, he was also seen at church,
            Never imagined American like you to be so bigoted.

          • Sorry to inform you, but one with facts is not a “bigot”. Assad is Muslim. An Alawi Muslim to be exact. To see pix, try doing a search. Remember, speaking the truth is not being a bigot. I hope you grasp the nuance.

          • Assad is not a of Muslim faith. Awalites are not Muslims.
            Alawite doctrines have not been written down, but rather they are handed down as secrets by the religious leaders. The Alawite faith is a secret religion even today. Alawites do not have mosques, only devotional rooms. They disapprove of the Islamic religious duties (praying five times, fasting during Ramadan etc), but under persecution they sometimes practise them to protect themselves.

          • Then go to “Wiki” and correct it. Do Alawites believe Mohamed was the prophet? Aren’t you splitting religious hairs here? Christianity has many different sects too. I believe all Christian believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah. Is the Kuran the holy book of Alawites?

          • Awalites are not muslims period.
            Other than the 4 confusing Gospels , The others acclaim that JC was a man, and a good pious man and a messenger like Moses Abraham, David Noah all used to pray to one God .
            God is one for everyone

          • Isn’t it pointless for you two to go on debating whether or not Assad is a Muslim, particularly based on whether or not he attends services in a Mosque or goes to church ? Obama has been seen in church many times. He was a card-carrying member of Rev Wright’s racist “church” in Chicago and his family attends church in DC now and then. He was steeped in Islam for a good share of his youth as well. But at the risk of sounding like Hillary Clinton, ‘What difference does it make”? Their behavior is what matters, not whatever “photo ops” they chose to use to further their appearances. Only God knows what is in their hearts. All we have to go on is their behavior, which, thus far, isn’t pointing to any real spiritual strength in either one of them.

          • Jesus can’t be a “good man”. He told the world he is the son of the living God. Either he was telling the truth, and was messiah, or he was absolutely out of his tree and a blasphemer. There are, like usual, only two choices, and a “good man” isn’t one of them.

          • Alewites are in fact a small offshoot of Sunni Islam. Some of their beliefs are similar to other faiths, but they are definitely not Christian.

          • Who cares? Did we learn nothing from Egypt and Libya? We helped get rid of their leaders and what was the outcome? The Muslim Brotherhood and 4 dead embassy personnel in Libya. Just what we need……another vacuum with the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS more than willing to step in and fill that vacuum. Obama is furnishing weapons to what he calls “moderate rebels” in Syria. Nobody can be that stupid; it has to be part of a well conceived plan to put the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in positions of power throughout the Middle East.

          • To fit in. Syria is the last muslim country in the M/E to not be under sharia. He sucks. It goes that way in that part of the world. Putin is right. Leave Assad ALONE. Kill the easiest to get, ISIS players from the air, and leave the rest to figure out their futures (bleak no matter who prevails).

    • Somebody killed a bunch of Syrians. Who done it is a question without a provable answer. Assad is indeed the last ‘arab’ ruler that has resisted sharia. As much as I hate and distrust commies, Putin is right. Assad is the best choice of leadership for Syria, from the civilized worlds perspective.

  7. Her we go again . The two stooge. Assad might not be an angel but he protected the minorities. I Assad goes ISSI will move in and you can imagine what will minorities. These two men are crazy.



  9. The American people in their respective states need to throw them out of office. They are both democrats.

  10. No, you need to get rid of the terror threat right here in our own country, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is a liar, a murderer, a tyrant, and a Muslim ISIS lover. He hates everything this country stands for and hates our military even more. No, McCain and Graham needs to get their heads our of their ******* and start doing their job. They are cowards just like every Liberal in Congress. McCain and Graham have to go and the sooner the better and take Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Kerry, Rangel and the rest of those lying crooks with them.

  11. McCain and Graham are CRAP and are traitors to our nation. They are in support of aiding and abetting the Obama Sunni – think Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS/iSIL. Fox should be ready for the proper debate of why these two are setting us up for a takeover., and tremendous harm to our military. We MUST help the Kurds…. and some of our brave veterans have gone there to support the Kurds because they know our enemy and our enemy is within the USA keeping ISIS protected to commit mass murder of Shites including all children and women. McCain and Graham’s true allegiance is not to the United States of American, and hasn’t been for a long time. Just review their voting records. Strange bedfellow but Assad must not be toppled. In Jesus, name I pray for his Divine Intervention, and the Kurds pushback and defeat of ISIS.

  12. Chris_in_Kalifornia

    One of the things I’m happy about is that by moving to Arizona I’ll be able to vote against McCain and support his primary opponent’s campaign. He would have been far worse than Romney as President. It seems like he’s suffering the same malady that has afflicted Reid and Pelosi. Alzheimer’s dementia or some similar ailment.

  13. Taking out Assad removes the lone barrier between ISIS and Israel. Assad is the only marginally stable government in the region besides Israel and Iran. Turkey is playing politics and we haven’t armed the Kurds as we have repeatedly promised. This is a very bad idea.

  14. What total f**ing a holes we need to overthrow the enemy in the peoples house.

  15. ACTUALLY, Mr. MCcain, we need to overthrow Obama, but thanks anyway traitor

  16. Leave Assad alone, virtually everything we have touched over there has come back to bite us. There will never be peace over there, until Jesus Christ comes back. Stop pumping money to those who want to kill Americans…PERIOD! If Damascus falls, the world is in for another war, and will all but desolate the Muslim nations. America needs to stay out of this one.

    • I think it’s in Isaiah 17:1 Where it says Damascus shall become a heap of rubble, Damascus has never been destroyed, at least in the sense described in the book of Isaiah. With what is going on over there I believe this prophecy may be fulfilled any day now, never has this world been so ripe for complete destruction, at the hands of man anyway.

  17. We need to overthrow Obama too. He is the most dangerous person to have hit America since WWII.

  18. i could care less about Assad, McCain and Graham need to be overthrown.

  19. Assad was and is capable of being one of the most stabilizing influences in the middle east, Yet Obama and His Arab Spring Adventures, Destroyed that stability in the name of Democracy, Which in the end became Islamic Jihadist Theocracy, and We now have RINO’s John ” Senile Maveric” McCain, and, Lindsay ” Pink Patties in a Bunch” Graham playing bipartisan to the liberal media looking for some more time in the maverick corral.

    • No doubt. We are fighting on the wrong side, again. When Libyan was attacked and destroyed, there were two countries that were not under sharia, now there is just Syria. US fighting in Libya, wiped the most advanced country in the region back to the 14th century and pushed the Libyans under islam rule.

  20. I would say to both of them, the US called for the resignation of Mubarak in Egypt and Quadiffi in Libya and look where that got us……the Muslim Brotherhood in both countries and four dead embassy personnel in Libya. While I don’t agree with McCain and Graham, they’re not the ones who sent planes and personnel to Libya and they’re not the ones who are arming rebels in Syria, many of whom are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. That’s on Obama.

    • Please don’t forget the Shah of Iran. The Dems overthrew him and what has the world got in his place? Same complaints about the Shah were made against the others you mentioned. With the same miserable results.

      • I did forget about him. Thanks for the reminder. Obama says he is going to arm the “moderate rebels” in Syria. What a joke. They’ve been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Actually I’m beginning to believe there is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”. If so, where are they? Why aren’t they screaming against ISIS? Where are the so-called “moderate clerics”?

        • If they are true to Islam, they can’t complain. They complain only if they are of the different sect of Islam which ISIS is. Sunnie or Shitty, I get them mixed up.

          • They both rhyme with witty.

          • ISIS is Sunni, like uhbamma. Iran is largely Shia. Uhbamma seems to like Iran more than us, but his actions indicate that his real allegiance is to the Sunni. Crappo, what a bizarre world we live in.

        • The only difference between so-called “Moderate Muslims” and radical Muslims are the many ways they can and do go about Jihad, even though some sects wage war against other sects they will come together to fight we infidels. I’m sick of hearing about moderate Muslims, while they go about infiltrating every fiber of our country. Islam is a Fascist Political Ideology that cannot coexist with any form of Democracy.

      • Not so, brother. Islamic militants over-threw the shah, and stole the American and British oil-fields.

  21. One question for those wanting to oust Assad. Why? What has this man done to the USA or its special interests? Has he invaded our only ally in the area, Israel? No. Can someone remind these two and their followers about the our recent results in Egypt and Libya? While at it, remind them how “bad” the Shah of Iran was and how swell his replacement(s) was and have been. Carter ousted the Shah and we and the world got 30+ years of international Islamic terrorism in return. Swell.

    • Actually, Carter didn’t ‘oust’ the Shah. Carter’s administration was ensured by Khomeani (SP) to be one-term.

      • I must admit, you have stretched credulity about as far as one could imagine. Carter, according to your comment, trusted the word of anti-Americans, anti-Western Islamists over an ally and a man who tried to counter the 9th century Islamic movement with modernization. Obama certainly took a page from Carter’s book. The nuance you claim is indicative of the modern day Democrat Party’s belief in “the Arab Spring”, the “Muslim Street”, which have given the world chaos in Egypt, Libya, now Iraq, and Afghanistan when we leave. Even in 1979, US public support of the Shah may have stopped radical Islam in its crib. Without that support, we sat and watched the birth of Islamic terrorism. I recall a USAF Lt Gen saying his task of informing the Shah (who had been a longtime ally of the USA) that the US was pulling all support for him was the toughest task he had in his long career. My question in my original comment stands.

        • Perhaps. My memory of Jimmy’s exploits in the middle east is primarily the time wasted at camp david, getting Egypt and Israel together on a “peace accord” which islamics will never really uphold. If I remember correctly, six months after that accord was signed, the Egyptian leader was killed by islamics for making peace with the eternal enemy (according to koranic text). To say that radical islam was in the cradle in 1979, though is just wrong. The islamics that stole the western owned oil-fields were well on the way to being the same islamic terrorists that have been murdering their way through history since mohamed first invented it. If you remember, the gas rip-off was back in 1973. Jimmy still sucks. I’m not trying to defend the indefensible. I was unaware that the Shaw wasn’t thrown out of Iran by popular support of the Iranians.

          As far as the question, if you read my comments, you already know that I agree with Putin on Assad. He isn’t supporting ISIS, but rather opposing and fighting against them trying to keep sharia out of Syria. I am glad that you agree with me on the issue in front of us in this article.

  22. Steven, I totally agree with you. McCain and Graham are two liberal Republicans that are allowing Obama and his crooked henchmen to destroy this nation. With open borders ISIS we gonna have Ebola be our epidemic downfalls? McCain and Graham need to be impeached/recalled/voted out of office? Nah! it won’t happen. Assad is just a pawn.Does anyone think someone was looking other way(s) during the magnificent football run: oops, the pigeons flew the cages early, messy poop and all. GO NATIONALS!

  23. Well yes, but start with obama. Practice makes perfect.

  24. Whenever these two cranky miscreants open their mouths someone should be putting a sock into the gaping hole. Or maybe they require medication. They wanted to arm the “moderate” elements, then they wanted to maybe bomb Assad or provide assistance to someone or some group to attack, now they have taken off the gloves and simply want him removed. Had they just left it all go, perhaps, just perhaps ISIS would not have come into power. Then there is the Russian aspect to consider, as they have supported Assad in the past. But what ever happens, can someone help to vote these two rhinos out of office and get someone else in there? Someone not so prone to want to drop bombs at the drop of a hat?

  25. Time to overthrow this Pres. and the entire Congress…..WHAT SAY YOU ?

  26. That’s not the one the need to worry about overthrowing……..

  27. (WRONG) we need to overthrow OBumer

  28. Check out MCain /Hanoi on U-Tube

  29. Hmmm I seem to recall the last time those two suggested we go after Assad it was later found out that the Isis or whomever was responsible for the chemical weapons and not Assad. Also seem to remember them trying to find ‘moderate muslims’ to back in the conflict all of whom were either killed by the same terrorists or didn’t exist, ohh and let’s not forget that Russia is an ally of the Assad regime…do the ohh ‘soooo wonderful’ (noooot!) maverick and Gramnesty want us to ally once more with those from Isis and irritate Putin just to go all warhawk one everyone?

  30. The U.S. knocked out Hosni Mubarak in Egypt; look what happened-the U.S. took out Mohamar Quadafi in Libya; look what happened; The U.S. took out Sadam Hussein in Iran; look what happened…ISIS. Leave Bashar al Assad alone unless you what an even bigger ISIS. It’s time to let these savages fight their own sectarian battles, which are largely none of our business. We got too many things we need to tighten down around here. Once our military is spread thin and we’re largely broke, Then we’ll be attacked; It’s the moozlum way of war.

  31. Get over it McCain and Graham! good grief our Nation is on the very edge of collapse do something about that!

  32. It should be well enough to bottle up ISIS and let them eat their sand. It’s McCain and Graham that need to be overthrown. Our alleged president still thinks he matters when, by all indicators he’s been made redundent!

  33. Why don’t McCain and Graham get a room?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  34. We need to get Barry out of the White House while we’re at it too!

  35. Lie! Assad had NO part in creating ISIS! That was entirely the work of O, aided and abetted by Graham and especially McCain, via “Fast and Furious, east”, which got 4 Americans muedered and dozens wounded at Benghazi! Had they NOTbeen arning, and financing the MB rebels, ISIS would likely still be trying to organize itself! Assad was fighting against that bunch, as he still is!

  36. Let Obola work this out , things were pretty calm a year ago, til he messed with the security set -up in Iraq. And , what did he do in Benghaz? And what did he do in Egypt?- LIbya?……McCain must be blind , don’t see a Islamic- Communist in WH.

  37. No we need to overthrow POTUS obola!

  38. They all hate us and want nothing but our money and weapons. It’s time we should just get out except of course for Israel. We need to show full and unwavering support for Israel.

  39. Graham isn’t quite at the same level, but McCain has lost all credibility. The picture of McCain is one of an old fool trying to remain relevant. The reality is, we have a lot more to worry about right now than Assad. Assad is not a great person or leader, but he is a whole lot better than the Islamic fanatic that would replace him if Assad were taken out now. Assad protected the minorities in Syria. Assad did not create ISIS, and certainly isn’t supporting them – let Assad continue his own struggle while we continue ours. We can regroup on this at some later date when we’ve made some progress on our current struggles, but deflecting resources now is not smart, especially when the outcome may very well be more damaging than the current situation. Stop IS, protect us from Ebola, and stop the Islamization of America first, then we can talk about Assad.

  40. So my question is .. When are McCain and Graham going to hit the Beaches? or are we going to Air Drop them in. I have a number of Friends that are do to get out of the service around 2016. They are waiting to see who wins the election because they don’t want to wind up again in another Mideastern Country fighting risking their Lives so some company can get rich again.

  41. Assad, peckrhd that he may be, is running the only Non-sharia state left in the middle-east. If his government can survive, it’s the only one that will ultimately keep what is left of the citizenry out of the 14th century. Of ALL the arab countries, his is absolutely the ONLY one that’s enmity toward the US is based on anything but fundamental hatred, based on islam. Putin is correct this time. Leave Assad Alone.

  42. McCain and Graham should get a room.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get smart.

  43. vote—- mc cain an graham out of office they are too liberal just like obummer

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