Jim Jordan Says That Joe Biden Has Failed at Every Turn

Long-time critic of the Democratic Party, Rep. Jim Jordan, says that the Biden Administration has failed at every issue it has attempted to handle.

During a recent interview, the Ohio Republican said Biden has given America record-setting crime and inflation rates. Jordan added, “democrat policies have also reduced and eroded America’s constitutional freedoms.” 

He stressed Biden is doing everything wrong.

Jordan made the comments on “Sunday Morning Futures” three days after it was revealed that annual inflation is running at the hottest pace in nearly four decades as widespread supply disruptions, extraordinarily high consumer demand, and worker shortages fuel rapidly rising price increases. 

Prices soared by 5.7% through November, according to the Personal Consumption Expenditures price index data released Thursday morning. That topped the previous month’s rate of 5%, becoming the fastest pace increase since February 1982, when the gauge hit 6.17%.

The inflation spike largely reflected surging energy costs, which rose 34% from a year ago, and food costs, which were up 5.6% over that same time period. Services inflation rose by 4.3% in November, and goods inflation increased 8.5% – up from the 7.6% pace a month prior, the data shows.

“The American people would like safe streets, they’d like affordable gas, and they’d like freedom,” Rep. Jordan argued during the interview. “Instead, what Biden is giving them is record crime, record inflation, and Dr. Fauci.”

“You pick the policy area, they’ve [The Biden administration has] done it wrong,” he added. 

Jordan then argued that in “literally in 11 months,” the country “went from safe streets to record crime.” 

“We went from a secure border to complete chaos,” he continued. “We went from stable prices to now record inflation. We went from projecting strength around the world to the debacle that was the exit in Afghanistan.” 

As of this post, the White House has not responded to any of Jordan’s accusations.

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  1. I don’t take anything this butt sniffing pervert has to say seriously. He is a lying obnoxious grandstanding jackass.

  2. Jordan is an unAmerican creep headed for prison . The worst of us. The fact that he has a platform after being involved in the years long sexual abuse case dealing with wrestlers shows just how low my once great GOP has fallen.he hates democracy. Lock him up asap

  3. I agree completely. Joe dementia Biden is a 100% failure and should never have been in our White House pretending to be president. I vwill never call him president and I never listen to him speak as it is so awful. The man can’t speak coherently. The man can speak at all without reading a card with the answer and even then gets mixed up. Biden needs a cognitive test and paced in a nursing home.

  4. Biden and company are the worst group of people to ever occupy the White House. When the president is not allowed – by his handlers – to answer questions unless he has a card with the picture of each reporter he must call on and the question the reporter will ask him and the answer he must give the reporter, then you must realize our government is in deep trouble. Who exactly are his handlers? We do not know who for certain but we do know that George Soros is using Obama to direct Biden on all important issues. During the first week in office, Biden stopped construction of the Keystone pipeline, stopped our fracking operations and within a few months he was begging OPEC to increase their crude production. They of course told him NO!

  5. Salvatore Mantegna

    Sad example of a Congressman! Sad example of the people speaking in a negative way whatever President Biden does. They praise a man who was recorded saying ” Grab the by the pussy, no problem ” How sick can you be? All the women that have come forward of being abused and/or raped by Trump. how many women have NOT come forward? Most would say, ” Why be subjected to Trump Lovers?
    Jordan would be slapped in the face so hard from so many Fathers that he could not speak! What a benefit for America!

  6. Salvatore Mantegna2

    My reply is above!

  7. Right on, Rep. Jordan! Joey has been the absolute Failure the Demoncraps were hoping for ! They can lead him around by his nose & do whatever they want to do to this country !! It should be a crime what the DNC has allowed by letting someone who is known to have mental problems run for the Highest Office in the country !! This is REAL LIFE ~ NOT SOMR SORT OF IDIOT GAME !! They are playing with the Lives of out Citizens!! I don’t care what they think or Jill Thinks !! It is long past time ro think about the safety & security of this county & it’s citizens!!

  8. Biden is an embarrassing demented idiot and should be removed from office before he can do more damage. The problem with that is there is NO ONE to replace him, not the VP, certainly not Pelosi or any other democRAT. So we have to suffer until November when with any luck and the Grace of God the Republicans retake both Houses and can impeach both FJB and the VP, charge Pelosi with insurrection and violation of the civil rights of the 01/06 political prisoners and remove the “Squad” from office especially the illegal immigrant Ilan Omar for marring her brother to gain admission into the country.

  9. Every decision slo Joe has made as a senator was wrong so why did anyone think he would get smarter as president? From the guy who brought you gun free zones that mass shooters see as a way to shoot as many people as possible because law abiding people would be unarmed! What a genius!!!

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