Gilbert: Michelle Obama is Running in 2024

By Joel Gilbert

It was the gasp heard round the world. “They could run Michelle Obama, and if they do …” said Monica Crowley before the CPAC 2022 audience reeled audibly in shocked recognition, cutting her off in mid-sentence.  Crowley had seen an early screener of my upcoming film and book of the same name, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, which will be released on July 11.  Crowley was not trying to make waves at CPAC.  She was trying to send a warning.

The CPAC crowd, and conservatives in general, have failed to realize that the ever present Michelle Obama was a potential Democrat presidential candidate.  This is largely because Michelle Obama launched a cover story for her intense political activity back in 2008 that goes like this: “Michelle hates politics.”  The media have faithfully sustained the ruse — when they discuss likely Democrat contenders in 2024, they typically leave Michelle off the list.

The Obamas needed this cover story to undo the damage that the increasingly shrill Michelle was doing to her husband’s campaign in 2008.  In February of that year, when she told a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, “For the first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country,” Barack’s advisers knew they had to reel her in.  In the days following, the angry Chicago culture warrior mellowed into the amiable “Mom in Chief.”

For those who have monitored the Obamas closely, as I have, the plot to elect Michelle president has been obvious since at least 2016.  Michelle has been following a formula scarily like the one that got Barack Obama elected president.  Like her husband, Michelle served as the keynote speaker at a Democrat Convention.  Barack’s 2004 breakout speech introducing John Kerry made him a viable candidate four years later.  Michelle’s 2020 speech on behalf of Joe Biden established her as the favorite next nominee.

Next, Barack Obama based his candidacy on his personal story, as captured in his 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father.  Michelle is basing her candidacy on her wildly popular 2018 memoir, Becoming.  Conservatives failed to notice that Michelle was selling out arenas around the country, ostensibly to promote the book, but in reality to solidify her political ambitions.  There was scarcely a talk show she did not appear on, and, if that were not promotion enough, Netflix turned Michelle’s life story into a movie.

Finally, Barack started in politics by running a voter registration drive called “Project Vote.”  Michelle now aggressively runs “When We All Vote,” a project designed to showcase Michelle’s leadership and remind voters of her solid skills at reciting Democrat talking points.  The showcasing has worked.  Michelle Obama is a genuine pop culture phenomenon.  Like Oprah or Madonna, she scarcely needs her last name anymore.  She has more than 21 million Twitter followers, 48 million on Instagram, and 18 million on Facebook.

The one thing that can stop Michelle’s drive to the White House is the truth about Michelle herself.  She is not who she pretends to be, and she knows it.  As I show in Michelle Obama 2024, Michelle repeatedly refers to “imposter syndrome” in describing her own ascent to stardom, though she pulls short of detailing the ways she has deceived the nation and herself all these years.

“After weeks of careful preparation,” writes Michelle in Becoming of the 2008 Democrat National Convention, “I walked onstage at the Pepsi Center in Denver in late August and stood before an audience of some twenty thousand people and a TV audience of millions more, ready to articulate to the world who I really was.”

But who was Michelle, really?  Did even she know?  She claims to have spoken to America in her “own voice” and with her “own words,” but if she really wanted help finding her own voice, she might have used her own words.  Instead, she relied on a white twenty-seven-year-old speechwriter, Sarah Hurwitz, a Harvard Law grad and Judaism scholar.

To soften the ground just prior to Michelle’s convention speech, the Obama campaign displayed before the crowd a sweet short film, narrated by her mom, Marian Robinson, entitled “South Side Girl.”  Throughout the campaign, Michelle had used the “South Side” metaphor the way William Henry Harrison had used the log cabin in his 1840 presidential campaign.  “She was very committed to the South Side of Chicago,” Harvard prof Charles Ogletree said in the film.  “She was very committed to using every bit of her skills and talents to lift others up.”  In truth, Michelle had been running from the South Side since she was old enough to attend kindergarten, and that included an illegal elementary school registration out of district to avoid lower-class Black kids.

Michelle’s convention speech was well crafted. She and Hurwitz laid out ample doses of Michelle’s and Barack’s working-class roots and Joe Biden’s as well.  To fit the larger Democrat narrative, Michelle reinvented her career to try to cancel her “first time proud of my country” faux pas.  “In my own small way,” she told the enthralled crowd, “I’ve tried to give back to this country that has given me so much.  That’s why I left a job at a law firm for a career in public service, working to empower young people to volunteer in their communities.”

In fact, I discovered, Michelle left her law firm job hoping to find less stressful legal work at the University of Chicago.  When that cushy opening did not materialize, she took a job at City Hall helping White developers and their political friends clear poor Blacks out of valued real estate.  Having proven her callousness toward the Black community, Michelle was promoted handsomely to perform a similar service for the White elite at the University of Chicago Med Center, literally steering poor Blacks away from the modern hospital E.R. and into dumpy storefront clinics.  “Lifting people up” is a much less apt description of her work function than “selling people out,” specifically those in Chicago’s Black community.

The trickiest part of Michelle’s convention speech was to neutralize her self-inflicted image as “an angry Black woman who didn’t love her country.”  This took some finessing.  To begin, Michelle identified herself with a sundry assortment of people.  These included the unlikely trio of Martin Luther King, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, all of whom were allegedly “driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do — that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”  Michelle’s recognition of this fighting spirit was — drum roll, please — “why I love this country.”

The audience failed to recognize that Michelle pulled the “world as it should be” quote from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and repeated it five times in her speech.  And Alinsky was the least worrisome of Michelle’s radical affiliations.  It was she who pushed her husband into the arms of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  And it was Michelle who worked with the Weather Underground terror group’s Bernardine Dohrn at her law firm and got tight with her and hubby Bill Ayers.  Michelle, in fact, recruited Dohrn as the  first sponsor in her Public Allies program and recruited Ayers to speak at the University of Chicago.  Until Barack’s Senate run in 2004, the two couples had dined together weekly for years.  And it was Bernardine Dohrn who schooled Michelle on “the politics of fear” that she recited almost verbatim on the 2008 campaign trail.

In 2008, with an able assist from the media, Barack Obama was able to conceal his radical connections and sell himself to the nation as a racial healer.  Michelle lacks the temperament to pull off that scam.  But do the Democrats have a choice?  Events of the past year and a half have made Michelle the most practical candidate.  Her name recognition and popularity will put her atop the polls once her name is introduced, and even Republicans will be terrified of criticizing her.

However, the truth can stop her.  As Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power becomes viewed and read around the country, Michelle will have to answer for selling out and exploiting the Black community she is now pretending to care about.  That’s a sales job not even the media can help Michelle overcome.

Original Article: Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024 – American Thinker

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  1. Joan Fredagucci

    She plans on running in 2024 but…..if she starts running now by the time 2024 comes around she’ll be so far away we won’t even remember who she was!!!

  2. This will be our first gay, transgender, black “female” president!

    • Andrew Charlson

      Why do you think that has moved to the forefront since Obama took office!! Ad Opra to the ticket and OMG!

    • this individual ,in my opinion, has none of the desired qualities to run this country as a qualified candidate. Her husband has clearly indicated he is nothing more than a puppet of the Leftist Socialistic Democratic Party of a failing agenda to disaster to all Americans especially the working middle class. She supported Obama in his reign of CHANGE (America) as a husband and as a President so why would she really only be a puppet president in the same likely position as Biden with his same failing DEMOCRATIC AGENDA. Its time to retire all Democrats from political office as unworthy persons to serve the American people who value this country.

    • You finally got caught up with He/She transgender life ? I knew about this 2 years before, I am because president. She used dress like a man. I am is Gay himself. You never saw him with another woman. Both of their daughters are not biologically Michelle’s.

    • That’s funny , yeah “Micheal” Obama!

  3. If she was running for dogcatcher. I wouldn’t vote for her.

  4. Well, now we can get started on her impeachment and have it ready for her campaign and/or presidency. It will be for nothing, though because there is not going to be an election 2024. Trump coming back soon as President will change that. Since the military re-inaugurated Trump as President of the United States on March 18, 2020, this changes the entire timeline. Trump will be coming back as the i9th President of the United States under our original Constitution which is “The Constitution FOR The United States of America eliminating the Constitution of the United States that we are under now. Michael has to be lying to her/itself if it thinks it could ever be a President. Same goes for Kamala. she is the biggest female joke ever to walk on Earth.

  5. It would be another president in name only. Barack would be in charge again. What a disaster that would be!

  6. If you thought the Obiden administration was bad, Mr. Michelle would be the worst of the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. A first lady with a cock. What a joke!

  8. Robert Therrien

    Sure, Eve4ry American will vote for the woman that stated on national TV that she hates the United States of America. I would stand a much better chance of becoming president than Michelle Obama. Of course I would run with no party so I won
    t have to join the current parties that contain a plethora of liars. Just write in my name ROBERT tHERRIEN My slogan is ” I Can Do Better ”

    I would open up our pipe lines, Open enough new drilling to move gas. food, and goods prices down, Stop the attacks and remove the insans gun laws and put money into mental health. Change education back to core education values without teachers politico opinions. Ad put an officer of the law in every school across the land. I would restart building the wall on our southern border, catch and deport all illegal aliens in our country. I would use my executive power to make sure every politician caught violating the law would be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law and given maximum sentences and be prevented from ever holding a public office again.

    These are my campaign promises!

    • Seenitbeenthere.

      Is this you Donald? Sounds like you, sounds like what you did & were doing before they stole the election.

  9. Just what we need! Liar, traitor, evil , corrupt! WE DON’T WANT YOU, MICHAEL!

  10. This racist witch with a capital “B”, would make another Obama crap shoot of the country! They are determined to make us global, and our freedoms and rights would be gone!

    Anyone who thinks this person would be a good president has mush for brains!!!!

  11. They STOLE the election for Obama’s 3rd term, so NOW he wants a 4th term ???????? What a pile of TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bemused Berserker

    Yeah, I don’t see her winning. The American people are tired of Dynastic Politics (60 -70% per polls). Moochelle brings nothing to the table. She’s had no first hand Political experience, and very little private sector experience.
    She’s just another Angry Black Woman who thinks she brings something to the table, but in reality she doesn’t bring anything of value.

  13. Tha F@%K YOU SAY THAT UGLY MAN FOR PRESIDENT COME ON MAN…..Michael please either cut ✂️ off the cock or come on out

  14. If MOOCHELLE were to run she would lose unless Democraps CHEAT her in like they did Pedo Joe.

  15. Let’s hope she runs…far, far away and stays there….wherever
    there’ is.

  16. I agre with every one that obuma is looking verry hard and wants a fourth term so bad he can taste it,he will try anything for a fourth greed and power hungry he is.

  17. Michelle, if she runs, will win simply because stupid people will vote for her based on gender and color. That’s all that matters. Qualification means nothing anymore.

  18. Do not take this lightly. Her husband is personally responsible for the disaster we have right now. The Anti-Christ and his wife have dissected and torn our great country asunder and gotten very rich at the same time. Charisma and charm are the hallmarks of Satan and they are avid devotees. Better seriously squash this menace as quickly as possible or there will be no chance for our great country to ever return.

  19. David in Dallas

    Rotten though she is, I would not put her candidacy lightly. She has a fervent following and a lot of women worship the ground she walks on.

  20. She needs to be truthfully revealed to everyone.The article tells her
    true story, except she was promised she would have the life of a
    QUEEN if she would just play her roll and help Obama and now it is her
    turn, she may feel intitled. She may not be able to step away. If one
    could convience her she would have to work at least twelve to sixteen
    hours a day she would not do that. The hospital position, she refused
    a office up front where she would have to deal with people, she agreed
    to an office in the back where she would not be involved in anything or
    anyone. The idea of work may scare her from the work of a Queen???

  21. This evil witch must be exposed for the fraud she is!!! Obummer must not get a fourth term. put her to work on a lobster boat since that was her preferred food as flotus.

  22. Doesn’t she/he hate America?

    DEMONCRAPS ARE DEMONS👹👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺👺👺🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  24. She couldn’t win in an election for Dog Catcher, she a worthlesss Queer, transgender, bigoted, incompetent black woman/man!

  25. Katheleen Genevieve Camp

    July 4, 2022

    She, and I say this loosly, will start campaigning WITH A GREAT BIG LIE. SHE IS A HE, MICHAEL IS HIS REAL NAME. Of course after all the lies and deceitfulness the Democrats have spewed for years, this won’t be news to America.

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