Dems Ramp Up Investigation Of Trump

The special master in charge of reviewing documents in Donald Trump’s classified documents case has announced that he would discuss with the National Archives and Records Administration the way that material is being categorized under the Presidents Record Act.

Judge Raymond Dearie, who has to independently review thousands of documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Florida estate in August is looking to see whether any of the documents in his hands are protected by attorney-client or special privilege.

On Monday, in court filings, Dearie announced that he would be in contact with the National Archives to discuss the categorization of presidential materials. He also encouraged anyone looking to comment on this consultation should submit a letter by November 10. The letter would have a maximum of three pages.

Trump has maintained that there has been no mishandling of documents or other wrongdoings relating to the Mar-a-Lago case. Still, this case could affect his chances if he intends to seek another term in the White House in 2024.

During a rally in Dayton, Ohio on Monday night, Trump had said that he intends to make “a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.”

Andrew Weissman, a former federal prosecutor, took to Twitter to say that Dearie’s move is an “interesting new development”, however, that this development might be deemed unimportant if the Department of Justice wins its appeal and the special master review is no longer necessary in this case. The DOJ has claimed that District Judge Aileen Cannon did not have any reasonable justification for the appointment of the special master.

Legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Joyce Alene also said that the special masters would indeed become irrelevant if the DoJ’s appeal is successful.

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  1. Biden The Retarded is just trying to get the attention off of himself and how bad a president he’s been. I never thought I’d see a worse president than Nixon.

  2. I am so sick of the bombastic violent rhetoric full of hate , Biden along Carter and Obamawith stress working together across Republicans seem to just want tear things apart, give big tax breaks while doing away with Social Security & Medicare and Medical . How are your father all your aging relatives or you going to live when they take away your Social Security ? Trump polices raised the debt, did little for the average American , while giving the rich a big tax break. REPUBLICANS are all about greed and have sowrn not to work acoress the Dems. Unamerican calling for a civil war like they have been this week.

  3. Can’t wait to see the house investigate the Biden crime family and other crooked democrats

  4. Interesting how trump supporters mimic their dear leader’s penchant for insulting people (and the people’s intelligence) with every utterance. The exact point of interest is that every comment they and their dear leader make are sub-average intelligence, reflecting their hatred of education, culture, and honesty. trump and his beanie bois are as thick in the head with hatred.

  5. That will ONLY happen by the Repub-li-cans getting it done because he will never be touched by the FBI. Look at what NEVER HAPPENED with Bidens son Hunter, NOTHING —but they sure went after everyone they could for the White House scuffle.


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