Bullet Flies Through Windshield on Freeway, Caught on Dashcam Video

Dashcam video caught the moment a bullet flew through an engaged couple’s windshield during a shootout on a northern California freeway last month — and it missed them both.

Garrett Mason and Tina Do — who are planning a December wedding — shared their terrifying ordeal with KGO-TV.

What are the details?

On June 14, Mason and Do had just left work in San Leandro — about a half hour east of San Francisco across the San Francisco Bay — and hopped on the eastbound Interstate 580 around 5 p.m., the station said.

It would not prove to be your average Tuesday afternoon rush-hour hassle.

Instead they found themselves in the middle of a shootout as one vehicle cut them off and another tailed them, KGO said.

“Maybe within 15 seconds of getting on the freeway, the first vehicle shot back at the second vehicle lined up on the freeway,” Mason told the station.

Suddenly — as their dashcam was recording everything — a bullet flew through their front windshield and exited through their rear window, the station said.

“He heard a few rounds at that point, and when it hit the front windshield, I thought it was a rock,” Do told KGO. “I didn’t know it was a bullet at all. I was literally feeling my body making sure nothing else was hurt. We had minor scratches.”

Police told the couple that freeway shootings aren’t uncommon, the station said, adding that there have been more than 80 freeway shootings in the Bay Area in the last four years, with most of them happening in Oakland. Statewide in that time period, there have been more than 215 freeway shootings, KGO said.

“Really the only rare part of the scenario is the bullet went right past her face,” Mason added to the station.

“I grew up in the South Bay, so it’s like my family is all here,” Do noted to KGO, blinking back tears as she added that “now that it’s like personally hit me, and you don’t want it to like affect anyone else. It’s really disappointing it’s happening in our hometown.”

Mason told the station that “unfortunately we were in the wrong place at the wrong time” before Do interjected: “Also luck at the right time.”

Mason — who was behind the wheel when the shot came through their windshield — added to KGO that “people have commented … if you were a second faster or slower in our car, how could that have changed where the bullet is. But [we] can’t think too much about the what ifs — it’s just where we’re at.”

With that Do noted to the station, “So you can say that we literally dodged a bullet.”

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  1. “Shootouts are not uncommon,” and they should be. What does society do with people who don’t care about the lives of others to the extent that they are willing to open fire on other vehicles and don’t care if other bystanders are in the path? I suggest that if we allow abortion to exist, we also need the death penalty. I see nothing wrong with permanently removing people willing to kill others. They have lost their right to life because of that.

    • That what happens when Biden, told the people they will have semi automatic guns taken away. But, the thing of it, is Biden really doesn’t give a damn.

    • 99% of all shootings are black.97% of all blacks shot are by other blacks.they are supposedly 12% of the population yet 85% of the crime rate in america.far past time to end the black supremacy and crime in america.blacks are the number one problem in america.

    • Agree, but it is parenting, parenting, parenting instead of letting kids grow up by themselves with no discipline or control.

    • What has an unborn child done to deserve the death penalty. Your comparison makes no sense at all.

  2. Bring back the death penalty, period.

  3. Barbara P Turner

    Well, for sure that’ll be one for the grandkids stories one day! Glad they’re ok! OH AND CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES ON YUR UPCOMING MARRIAGE! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT!

  4. Barbara P Turner

    Well, for sure that’ll be one for the grandkids stories one day! Glad they’re ok! OH AND CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR UPCOMING MARRIAGE! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT!

  5. Unfortunately things like this happen when criminals are allowed to go free. The purpose of prison is to separate criminals from society. When criminals are in prison they can’t commit crimes on law abiding citizens.

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