Biden Gives $41 Million To Who?

The Biden administration awarded $41 million in taxpayer-backed government contracts to a new nonprofit organization that is working with illegal immigrants to fight deportation. The Acacia Center for Justice, a Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit, has currently taken six “legal services” contracts from the Department of Justice. According to the records, the contracts started on Sept. 1.

The contracts are worth millions of dollars, and they came to be only months after the nonprofit got a determination later from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in which it was stated that they would be exempt from taxes.

According to the group’s website, they are looking to provide legal support to those immigrants who are currently facing deportation as well as providing other legal assistance to immigrants across the United States. Outside of providing legal assistance they are also advocating for more programs and infrastructures that will work to guarantee that immigrants are being treated fairly and justly.

The Vera Institute and CAIR are in a partnership in the creation of the Acacia center. Vera Institute has for years provided legal support for immigrants while CAIR has an adult defense program that provides support to illegal immigrants. They also work to assist detained minors.

The Acacia contracts come at a time when the U.S> is facing a border crisis.

The number of immigrant encounters has been rapidly increasing. In August alone there were over 200,000 encounters. There was also an increase in immigrants coming from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

This fiscal year it is estimated that there have been over 2 million encounters.

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  1. The STUPID idiot should be spending the money on the CITIZENS of the US, not the damn illegal aliens! FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • he is so evil! We pay taxes and he steals them and doesn’t take care of US citizens,Military or Seniors. BUT an illegal? get them in give thm ID down the road 100% amnesty AND the right to vote! ALl the while we support them with free food,medical,housing and schools.

    • Yes, the traitor in chief is a TOTAL IMBECILE! But don’t forget that his strings are being pulled by soros, obama, susan rice etc…. THEY want to control the world. Well, I’ve got news for them….since they sold their souls to satan, for money, control and power, satan will welcome them in his Lake of Fire, burning them for eternity! And I REJOICE!

    • My thoughts exactly! Satan is hard at work in America but God will triumph. The sad old man will eventually do something they can’t roll back.

  2. Commander of thieves. Tax payers need to fight this illegal funding.

  3. American taxpayers are at the bottom of his list of people to HELP . WE,THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED!!

  4. Just a Demonrat stealing from taxpayers which is normal process for them.

  5. And just wait till you see, especially in the areas where they flew plane loads of illegals in the dark of night, your school taxes go up and property taxes go up to pay for the housing, health care and schooling of all these illegals. The majority of the illegals were put in the suburbs where their children are going to better schools and will be getting a better education then the American born children stuck in the failing city school system.

  6. It was obama,he tell biden what to sign and biden willingly does what ever hes told to do.bidens a eager boot licker.

  7. there is only one way to get rid of this Democratic Party scourge on America. VOTE REPUBLICAN. this party is FOR AMERICANS, not illegals who want to take and contribute NOTHING to this great country. more than half work under the table, pay nothing back here, and ship the majority home to what ever hell hole they crawled out of. I am speaking about the illegals who walked into America. Not the ones who applied legally, and waited their turns. who actually contribute to this country with their knowledge, skills, and abilities. the Democratic Party is a party of thieves,, and con men. whose parents before them taught them all they could in the art of the con. I am sick of the dual standards here. I am sick of the abominations that this party is shoving down our throats. there is only TWO GENDERS, FOLKS. MEN AND WOMEN. the rest is the figment of sick minds. I refuse to acknowledge the mentally ill. you cannot change your sex, no matter how badly you want to. you can add, subtract, paste on, whatever. you are still either a man or a woman. OWN IT. get mental help. you aren’t kidding anyone with a brain.

  8. How about taking care of the American people that were born here and are now struggling to make ends meet. We can not afford to finance the people that entered this country illegally. What the heck is wrong with Washington? Oh..I forgot it is Biden, Pelosi, Schummer and con’t forget Obama (we all know he is behind what is wrong with this country). Please get out and vote this fall.

  9. Damn straight we need to help united states’citizens first and foremost. Until there are no U.S. citizens homeless hurt or hungry, there should NOT be any funds going to those who are not.

  10. I have ALWAYS been an optimist. But seeing what libs are capable of in the last election shows me, we are doomed!
    Anyone else notice the PLANdemic started after Pres Trump started transforming the country ? Dems don’t want “success “, they wamt power and all the money in the world, which is more than they could ever spend, in their lifetime. (sound familiar killery?)

  11. This kind of crap pisses me off so much.
    God’s curse on the DemoRats, Leftists, Liberals and illegal-alien-invaders and their wicked ilk.

  12. US code 10 prohibit giveing any money to alien.

    U>S. code 10 prohibit giving money to any

  13. Why shouldn’t he do this. Our voice in Congress, our elected Republican Winnie’s are not standing up for us. We are being railroaded every where we turn.

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