60 Minutes Spins “Fake News” Story Until it Becomes Fake News

CBS’s Sunday evening newsmagazine 60 Minutes did a feature story on the “fake news” phenomenon this weekend that was almost as ridiculous as the fake news they were talking about. In the piece, reporter Scott Pelley relentlessly painted this as a conservative media problem, even as he professed stunned disbelief at a poll that suggests otherwise.

Throughout the first two-thirds of the segment, Pelley repeated several times that fake news was a problem on both sides of the political divide. However, it was not until the closing minutes of the program that he actually got around to providing any left-wing examples.

Small wonder, since exposing the real left-wing fake news is a step CBS is probably not going to take anytime soon.

To give you an idea of the flavor of the segment, just enjoy Pelley’s opening remarks:

“In this last election, the nation was assaulted by imposters masquerading as reporters,” he said. “They poisoned the conversation with lies on the left and on the right. Many did it to influence the outcome; others just to make a buck.

“The President uses the term ‘fake news’ to discredit responsible reporting that he doesn’t like, but we’re going to show you how con artists insert truly fake news into the national conversation with fraudulent software that scams your social media account,” he continued. “The stories are fake, but the consequences are real. This past December, Edgar Welch opened fire in a Washington D.C. pizzeria. He told police he was there to rescue children forced into prostitution by Hillary Clinton. The story of Secretary Clinton’s child sex trafficking operation in a pizzeria was invented before the election by fraudulent news sites and shared by millions.”

And yet, at no time in the piece did he address the “real” fake news problem, which was laid bare by the 2016 campaign. That’s the fake news that twists facts and ignores entire segments of the voting population so they can nudge the result of the election in their desired direction. That’s the fake news that lost, big league, in 2016, and all this other stuff is their feeble attempt at making a comeback.


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  1. The only thing that caused the loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016, was Hillary Clinton herself. She thinks she is entitled to be POTUS, and that it is “her turn”. She ignores almost all of the country except the East Coast liberals and the West Coast liberals and labels the rest of the country as “deplorables”. She is so fake and such a liar and crook that she couldn’t even give her own concession speech. She is the only reason she lost this election. Besides, in my opinion, SHE ISN’T FIT TO BE A DOG CATCHER, MUCH LESS POTUS.

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    • Was just considering the comical possibilities of a dog being a dog catcher.

    • Does the dog catcher job come with a chauffeur ?

    • But Hillary said if you didn’t vote her, it would be misogyny…???

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        Hilary said a whole lot of things that weren’t true! That was one of them!

      • HILLARY Elizabeth Indian wannabe princess Warren, and Meryl Streep, Michael Moore, Madonna, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Leo Crapio, and Ashley Judd, and Rosie need to quit now the blaming of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for their neurological problems. We understand their psychological problems are severe but playing the blame game won’t heal them. They need professional analysts. They make others sick with their mental illness. A good case for staying away from their movies and other convuluted “art”.

    • What an insult to dogs, the best creatures on Earth.Let’s make her Cootie-catcher or Booger Bagger or Roach Wrangler. Hillary and Billbo sure made an ugly daughter; you can’t even call that a “love child”. Hope for a new batch of chromosomes/DNA from Chelsea’s baby daddy.

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        Won’t work. The genes for lying, and criminal activity are too strong in the Clintons! She will get it from both of her maternal grandparents.

      • I can see it now The “Clinton Bunch” in… “Night Of The Walking Shred!” Starring: Hillary Clinton (and her flying monkeys) Bill Clinton (and his pet glow in the dark condom) and Chelsea, (the “horse face” that grew into her teeth). Pilot episode: The family that attacked and consumed Little Rock!

      • Not much of a chance

      • And he’s a communist!

      • Mr. Manfredgensenden

        Chelsea’s dad is Webb Hubbell. The mouth says it all.

      • Craig Vandertie

        Human centipede, Barry’s head buried up George’s ass, Killary’s head buried up Barry’s ass.

        • LOL ROTFWTIME Craig, (Rollin’ on the floor with tears in my eyes). My hair’s still on fire over the failed plastic surgery of Chelsea. That surgeon’s body may be found soon near the cherry blossoms like Vince’s or Webb’s (Killary’s possible baby-daddys) and ruled suicide..(There’s a couple of conspiracy theories all rolled into one big nasty fer ye. Perfect for the hillbilly Clinton crime family legacy.) I know. I sound like a crazy. They’ll probbly put out a contract on ME now. OK, just go ahead and KMN (kill me now) I’m a-gettin’ up in years innyhow.


          • Craig Vandertie

            You are not crazy, normal reaction when sane people hear the nonsense being spewed by the truly insane Demoncommiecrats and their Mouthpiece
            Lamestream media, it definitely compels 1 to laugh uncontrollably.

            I was wondering why Chelsea did not look quite as much like a human Muppet, Cosmetic surgery can work wonders.

          • Yes, I agree it was a good start, but there was just no way to fix that mouth, so he called it a day. Craig, this is not me! I am never that judgmental .. something comes over me when I think anything “Clinton” They are all 3 SO evil and crooked and morally bankrupt. They have some SERIOUS karma coming at them. Stand aside and brace for impact.


          • Craig Vandertie

            That goes to reason, back in 1998 when 1 of my then coworkers said that Killary’s would 1 day running for the presidency, knowing of her crime of Insider trading in the Livestock market and both her and “Slick Willie’s” involvement in the White Water real estate scam my reply to my coworker was that if I had any sway in the election it would be against that She Demon.

            Some guy who graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy told me that growing up his family lived 5 houses down from the Rodham, he said even as a child Killary was a lying bitch.

      • She would make a great dog POOPER SCOOPER!!!!

    • Well may be a CLOSET Sweeper___with Huma as the RUG Cleaner_______?????

    • Nina, you’re SO right about Hillary, it’s so bad that Bill Clinton once said that Comey didn’tloose the election for her, that she lost it herself. Pretty bad when your own husband can see that you’re to blame for your own mess.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Very well said she lost all by herself

    • well sAid..double ditto

  2. Fake news trying to explain fake news. Fake people trying to convince real people they’re not fakes. Fake caring, fake compassion, fake tolerance, false accusations, false narratives, fake outrage, fake protester’s carrying preprinted, false flags doing their best to destroy the country they claim they’re trying to save. If Hillary had changed her slogan to better reflect reality it would have said, ‘Faker Together’.

    • Great comment! You really nailed the truth to the wall when you named the actual phases of HYPOCRISY that we are subjected to by the lefty lunatics.

  3. Okay cbs, fake news huh? How about the fake news this morning saying that Russ interfered with the election all over local and national news after CIA and FBI said there is no evidence of Trump and Vladimir! Seems to me that cbs,abc,nbc,cnbc,msn,msnbc all keep the fake news rolling around but when it comes to crimes the dnc has done you turn a blind eye!

    • The production of fake news is a reality. So is the interference of Russia in our election, a fact confirmed by U.S. intelligence agencies. And there was plenty of fake news produced by some sources regarding Hillary Clinton, e.g. the child sex trafficking/pizza parlor nonsense and the false reports of her health condition. There is indeed fake news all over the place, whether or not the Trump campaign collaborated with Russia.

      • Apparently your head isn’t on straight because you libturds fell to think about all that the dnc does! Hitlery selling American intelligence to Russia,hitlery administration officials dealing with Russia before the elections,obozo administration interference with other nations elections,Soros voting machines changing election results from straight republican to straight DEMONcrat,obozo continuously urging illegal aliens to vote,dhs at polling stations to make sure illegal aliens didn’t get turned away,showing favoritism to hitlery during the debates to give her the questions so she’d know how to answers,hitlerys involvement with pleasure island,isis creation,Benghazi where 4 Americans died and hitlery and obozo lied, hacked emails from personal computers,all the different devices used then destroyed,bleachbit,I’m only getting started! How about the wide open border allowing God knows who into our country! This including her health issues are not fake news especially when her secret service agents all claim the same! About time you snowflakes get you head out of your asses or um sorry, obozo and hitlerys asses!

        • About time that you owned up to the FACT that there is a lot of fake news being generated. Your litany of accusations about Hillary Clinton in no way changes that FACT.
          You, like McFerguson, above, need to learn the basic principles of argumentation so that you can submit relevant information and analysis in support of your contentions.

          • All the things I listed are all true not fake like you dumb liberals like to think. That’s okay though. They’re the ones like yourself that are ruining the DEMONicRAT party! If y’all like communism so much why don’t y’all just move to Iraq? Until keep your ignorant remarks to yourself! Just because you and all your snowflake friends can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is the president now and is here to clean up all that hitlery and oho mo have done to destroy our country as well as your rinos and other DEMONicRATS! Now is the time you go get your cocoa,crayons and coloring books,your crying partner,and just shut up! You all point your fingers at republicans. You all make up stories to try to discredit someone but when it comes to your party you turn a blind eye! Hypocrites!

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson



          • Exactly. They can’t get over the fact that Trump won and hitlery didn’t!

          • They are busy BLAMING FOR THEIR NEUROSIS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Hillary Indian wanna be Princess Elizabeth Warren, Leo Crapio Michael Moore Madonna Meryl Streep, Barber Streisand, Judd head, need professional help. Those of us exposed to their mental illness is not good. Their movies and fake art convuluted and twisted as they are. Blaming our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for their mental and emotional challenges diverts them from getting the professional mental health care they desperately need.

          • Nancy Pelosi just said she senses a stench. About time. She stinks like fresh cow patties in a field covered with dew and buttercups, stuck on the heel of my shoe.

          • Why don’t you prove us wrong then? Show us the proof that it’s wrong! Don’t post any shit from huffington,Washington post,New York times,abc,NBC,cbs,MSNBC,CNN= Clinton news network,communist news network,MSN, or any other left leaning websites! Put your money where your mouth is! I’m tired of having to prove myself all the time in such as mooochelle is really Micheal lavaughn Robinson, you post your proof because many of us are waiting!

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            Now that would be refreshing, but they can’t DO it because there isn’t ANY PROOF!

          • That’s exactly why I said that!

          • There you go again, posting lots of irrelevant flak and avoiding the actual point I made, that there is lots of fake news being generated. Trotting out a litany of complaints about Hillary’s 2016 election behavior is in no way responsive to what I posted. As a reminder, here is what I actually posted and what you and others so carefully avoid responding to:

            “The production of fake news is a reality. So is the interference of Russia in our election, a fact confirmed by U.S. intelligence agencies. And there was plenty of fake news produced by some sources regarding Hillary Clinton, e.g. the child sex trafficking/pizza parlor nonsense and the false reports of her health condition. There is indeed fake news all over the place, whether or not the Trump campaign collaborated with Russia. I would add, as another example of really zany fake news from the right, the silly-ass assertion that Michelle Obama is a transsexual.” I would add, as another example of really zany fake news from the right, the silly-ass assertion that Michelle Obama is a transsexual.”

            It is all slowly coming out, that Russia connection. Only it is coming out and will continue to come out from Congressional and FBI investigations, not from some sleazy right wing blog. When the awful truth is disclosed, then you wingnuts will have something else to decry as some sort of liberal deception, because you CAN”T STAND THE TRUTH! I shall return to this forum at that time with a great big “I TOLD YOU SO!”


          • Billy don’t waste your time…his headisuphis ass…seriously, he can’t deal with anything but his own delusional non-reality.

          • I blocked his worthless @ss after making my last comment. Got tired of hearing the snowflake cry!

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            And you, Headonstraight, (really bad name for a Liberal!) need to learn to separate FACTS from liberal FICTION!

          • And the moron keeps dipping deeper and deeper in to the pile of donkey dung hoping the vacuum between its ears will suck some up.

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          The keep looking for stuff that does NOT EXIST where Trump is concerned, and are blind as bats when it comes to Hillary and Obama! I really feel sorry for them! Must hurt to be that dumb!

          • It’s that stupid on purpose. This is not training ground for idiots like this troll jockey shorts on straight, on head, pulled down to ears.

          • I think they’re too stupid to realize how dumb they really are!

          • They get a little dumber each time they drink the liberal koolaid.

          • Too lazy to even try to read and research rather than buy into anything the lefty “leaders”
            makes me feel sorry for the informed and responsible Americans.

        • Blocked the insanity a long time ago. Not worth the time!

      • Was the illegal server in Clinton’s home with unsecured classified data on it “Fake”? Or was this numb-skull clueless abut the proper handling of classified information? Or, worse, she knew but didn’t give two hoots? Whaddya think, heads, I’d like to hear the analysis from the drop-dead, leftist viewpoint.

        • That there was a private unsecured server in Hillary Clinton’s home is a fact. But so what, as regards fake news? There are any number of other known and proven facts you could cite about misbehavior on the left or right, but that does not change the FACT that there is lots of fake news being circulated. You need to enroll in a remedial polemics class so that you can make valid arguments.

          • Classified info on Hillary’s and Anthony Weiner’s unsecured computers that were hacked is a big deal.

          • More idiotic spew from the brainwashed liberal moron.

          • Well, on just this single topic (there are hundreds, and nearly all are from the far left progressive-fascist media), the fake news was the refusal of the MSM to report the story, and their deliberate failures to investigate. The fake news was the lie that she used a server “just like many others” (lie), and that Obama never knew of it (lie, he sent many emails to her). The fake news is that the server did not have a malevolent purpose, but it did – avoidance of FOIA requests (something the Clinton became adept at over the 90s) and a paper trail. I could go on, but maybe you get my point.

            The lies told and maintained (like the “Russian plot” ) by the far left MSM are standard procedure for them (since the 1960s at least). The biggest enemy of the USA is the progressive religion and its cult of followers in the Dem Party (the 20% base), the 95% prog media, and a huge chunk (100% in large cities) of prog infestation in the education system. The media cannot conceive of the fact that most Americans despise prog ideology, but many who vote for Dems are kept unaware of the true nature of the Dems, hence they are useful idiots (since they could figure it out on their own with a little research). It would be fabulous if everyone 16 and up would read “Liberal Fascism” – it would break the indoctrination cycle of “teachers”, media, and “entertainers”.

          • Excellent, you didn’t disappoint, heads. My question is why are you too lame to recognize that you, the media and your party, the progressive loons, went through a whole election cycle without challenging a candidate that was a pathological liar, corrupt to the core, and was willing to sell 20 percent of this country’s nuclear bomb making material to the Russians without so much as an “excuse me?” And now you cry like little school children because someone in the Trump administration may have talked to the Russian ambassador about the two countries becoming friends, rather than blowing one another to Kingdom Come! You can bury your polemics in the same place your head is, deep in the southern portion of your anatomy.

      • It wasn’t Russia to cause Hillary to have crowds of 50-200. It wasn’t the Russians who gave Trump crowds of up to 35,000 people with another 35,000 that couldn’t get in. The voting machines aren’t online. Could you please tell me how they interfered?

        • But but but but but! That would be headuprears answer!

        • You are so-o-o-o naive. Tampering with voting machines is only one of many, many ways to influence the outcome of an election. This will be amply clear even to you brain-addled wingnuts after the ongoing investigations are concluded. While you are on the subject of voting machines, please advise all your wingnut friends that since the voting machines are not online, the silly-ass wingnut assertions about George Soros (the adult wingnut’s replacement for the monster under the bed of his/her childhood) using voting machines to manipulate voting outcomes are bogus for the same reason you described.

          • The investigation, a Rachel Maddow nothing sammich.

            George Soros? The guy who worked with the Nazis and he confiscated their property, and of course he’s a democrat. Is that a silly assertion? Soros was interviewed by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes and Soros admitted it.

            You alt liberals are spooky!!

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        7 different intelligence agencies have said there is NO EVIDENCE that Trump had anything to do with Russia! For Heaven’s sake, it’s time to drop it! They keep looking for something that does NOT EXIST!

        • Be patient. You will learn much more when the ongoing Congressional and FBI investigations have concluded and the awful truth is revealed!

          • What will you do when the awful truth comes out and proves you were completely conned and dead wrong. OBAMA and HILLARY actually hate each other and will rat each other out when they are indicted for their treasonous acts. The facts will come from the proof of INTELLIGENCE reports that will be finally revealed.

      • Obviously you are a moron who has soaked up the FAKE news and are unable to separate the sidewalk from a pile of donkey poop. How sad.

    • Yes, that is what owned professional propagandist’s do, so well…

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      Actually, that’s not news. They’ve been doing that ever since Trump announced he was running.

    • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

      Communist is as communist does….

      CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC = Elite MEDIA all repeat the same half truths, and practice bias by omission to create their news.

    • Heck even the Dems that want to lie have only claimed the Russian interference was in the form of getting into the email servers of the DNC. Which would make them only trying to do the job our major networks should have been doing. Which would be to try to insure we had knowledge of the actual activities of the political operatives.

  4. Lol, truth and the liberal media have a ‘Strangers in the Night” relationship

  5. Haven’t watched 60 minutes in years, it became a crap show long before the term “fake news” got to be popular. At least Andy Rooney was good for a laugh…

  6. The MSM truly exists in a world of make believe.

  7. I know what I’ll be next Halloween. “A Reporter”

  8. Attention Scott Pelly, Please Bend over and Pull your Head out Slowly, you have lost too much oxygen..

  9. Who should believe any program that is broadcast by any major so called news company except Fox. They all should be shut down for their lying reporting.

    • Fox recently is not lily white, either. Had to block it on my t.v.; too liberal by far. At least the ch. 10 station in Phoenix.

  10. CBS is fake news’

  11. hit the FAKE NEWS , in their wallet, stop supporting the companies that purchase add time, an maybe an e-mail bombardment to these companies, to stop purchasing TV add time on these FAKE NEWS PROGRAMS. cnn msnbc, 20/20 60 minutes. ect. An maybe sooner or later, their dollar resources will dry up an so will they. It is just an IDEA, have the sponsors tell them TELL THE TRUTH or GO BROKE

  12. The default position of the lame stream media is that anything written by anybody who’s considered to be left leaning is “undeniably true,” but when written or spoken by anybody on Fox News is a damnable lie, a fake, or an outrageous portrayal of the truth.

  13. Too bad that Soros said the Hillary as president was a “done deal”. He owned the voting machines, and tried hard to win, but trump is the one with the huge crowds, while Hillary had to photo shop her audience.

  14. Scott Pelley…. The ” Ted Baxter ” of television news. For those of you who do not remember Ted..watch some old reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

  15. Yeeesss….the MSM propagandist’s are true professional’s, and they will make use of their memory hole, and every trick up their sleeves to shape your minds, back to the desired result’s for their owner’s…the truth doesn’t have a chance against a professional propagandist’s…that is why they are paid vast sums of money by their owner’s, to shape the mind’s of the citizen slaves…yeeesss.

  16. all the left has is fake news and lies. Their agenda has failed everywhere so they suppress the results.

  17. Pelley is a fake news propagandist. Sixty minutes has a long history of blatant lies and propaganda. Remember when comrade Dan Blather tried to influence a presidential election with forged documents? Nothing has changed, except now we have Scott instead of Dan, both are lying fake news propagandists. I haven’t watched 60 minutes in years and their habitual lying is why

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      I watch TV to be entertained. News shows of any kind are NOT entertaining! So I don’t watch any of them. Well, I do like Hannity and Tucker on FOX!

  18. It was so ridiculous I turned of 60.

  19. Marjorie Lee Peterson

    He forgot to say that it was the Left that did all the fake news! All to try and defeat Trump. They’re just mad it didn’t work!

  20. These operatives of the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization are bat crap crazy.
    I know why America is in dire straits and it is for sure not the conservatives fault.

  21. I stopped lending 60 minutes any credence three decades ago. Who cares what they have to say. They spin every story as if it were a top.

  22. Well they’re paid to report fake news and false narratives and propaganda right? What more could one realistically expect? They are cheap sleazy unprofessional incredible and not believable. Funny looking people that landed a job based on their peculiarity and weirdness.


  24. Everyone with a brain knows CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the bought and paid for news group will continually lie and cover their asses! It’s time to clean the swamp in the news media! We also know that what was said earlier by Nina below this, that the only reason Killary lost was Killary and maybe in the eyes of the FBI and the head of it James Comey, yet another swamp swimmer, was presumed innocent but the American people know she WASN’T. Evidently if your a politician in DC you have carte Blanca to do anything illegal?

  25. Read the book “Hillary’s Secret War” if you can find it. Never Hillary Clinton

  26. Scott Pelley is just as “false” as the reporters he talked about in his story. He is so biased toward Hillary he still cannot believe she LOST!! I cannot bear to watch his news broadcast any more. Makes me furious!! All he does is make snide, snarky remarks about Trump & Trump people. Don’t watch him any more…..

  27. HC as POTUS, would be hiring a thief to catch a thief.

  28. The mainstream media (MSM) has been reporting fake news for about a decade ago. It got more aggressive and relentless during the 2016 pre-election years because they hijacked Freedom of the Press, just like radical Muslims hijacked Islam religion. The MSM is getting away scoff-free with impunity. So, they lied and lied consistently in every news. It becomes the new norm. It is only recently more people realize this because the social media and the internet technology have become more widespread which allow many exposures to other sources of news.

    So, no surprise to find that 60 Minutes reporting about Fake News are fake news themselves because they are losing credibility. They need to use fake news to fight fake news. It is the race to the bottom. The leopard can’t change its spot. Why? B/cos they have impunity guaranteed by the US constitution. Very ironic. It is used by MSM to destroy America from the inside out. The MSM are the militants of Freedom of the Press – abuse and rape the public thru’ mass propaganda. A new form of McCarthyism.

  29. The fact the public lumps good reporter’s in with the writer’s of “fake news” is understandable. When the “so-called” good reporter’s do absolutely nothing to stop those within their own ranks from spreading the lies and in turn spread them themselves there can be no surprise about the result. Hillary Clinton lost the election, period. No amount of crying, no amount of hand wringing and no amount of anything else will ever change that. Hillary made it abundantly clear that the only people she cared about resided on the east coast and on the west coast and the rest of America consisted of “deplorables.” If you lived in the middle of America would you vote for her?

  30. That’s why I did not watch this particular 60 Minutes. I knew they would twist the truth to make the fake lying news look legitimate. Believing CBS is like believing CNN, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC, they all lie lie lie.

  31. The clinton chronicles never end


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