60 Minutes Spins “Fake News” Story Until it Becomes Fake News

CBS’s Sunday evening newsmagazine 60 Minutes did a feature story on the “fake news” phenomenon this weekend that was almost as ridiculous as the fake news they were talking about. In the piece, reporter Scott Pelley relentlessly painted this as a conservative media problem, even as he professed stunned disbelief at a poll that suggests otherwise.

Throughout the first two-thirds of the segment, Pelley repeated several times that fake news was a problem on both sides of the political divide. However, it was not until the closing minutes of the program that he actually got around to providing any left-wing examples.

Small wonder, since exposing the real left-wing fake news is a step CBS is probably not going to take anytime soon.

To give you an idea of the flavor of the segment, just enjoy Pelley’s opening remarks:

“In this last election, the nation was assaulted by imposters masquerading as reporters,” he said. “They poisoned the conversation with lies on the left and on the right. Many did it to influence the outcome; others just to make a buck.

“The President uses the term ‘fake news’ to discredit responsible reporting that he doesn’t like, but we’re going to show you how con artists insert truly fake news into the national conversation with fraudulent software that scams your social media account,” he continued. “The stories are fake, but the consequences are real. This past December, Edgar Welch opened fire in a Washington D.C. pizzeria. He told police he was there to rescue children forced into prostitution by Hillary Clinton. The story of Secretary Clinton’s child sex trafficking operation in a pizzeria was invented before the election by fraudulent news sites and shared by millions.”

And yet, at no time in the piece did he address the “real” fake news problem, which was laid bare by the 2016 campaign. That’s the fake news that twists facts and ignores entire segments of the voting population so they can nudge the result of the election in their desired direction. That’s the fake news that lost, big league, in 2016, and all this other stuff is their feeble attempt at making a comeback.


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