Woman Burns and Kills Husband, Claims it Was Suicide

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for allegedly murdering her retired deputy sheriff husband — and then burning his naked body on their back porch.

Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson, 66, was charged with criminal homicide, aggravated arson and arson over her 84-year-old husband Carmen Henderson’s grisly death last Thursday, CBS21 reported.

Authorities discovered the gruesome scene after the wife, who is a former political candidate in Dauphin County, called 911 to say she thought her husband of 30 years had set himself on fire, according to a criminal complaint.

Zigerelli-Henderson allegedly changed her story repeatedly when questioned by investigators about her husband’s death.

She initially claimed it was suicide and then allegedly said her husband had accidentally set himself alight after smoking a cigar on their porch.

When inspecting the victim’s body, authorities said they spotted fly larvae in his mouth and nostrils — indicating he’d been dead for a while.

It wasn’t immediately clear when Henderson died and authorities haven’t released his exact cause of death.

Zigerelli-Henderson allegedly admitted to delaying her 911 call — but couldn’t explain why she did, the complaint said.

Authorities said the couple were in debt after the wife allegedly said she’d blown all their savings on vacation homes and indulgent activities like day spas.

Zigerelli-Henderson said they had owed $40,000 on a second mortgage and their sheriff’s office were going to seize the property, according to the complaint.

The wife also allegedly admitted her husband, who retired as a Dauphin County chief deputy sheriff in 1995, had a $10,000 life insurance policy.

Original Article: Penna. wife accused of killing, burning husband on back porch (nypost.com)

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  1. They walk among us. Scary.

  2. I bet she was a democrat!

  3. Beware of bearded women!

  4. Clearly, the day spa visits were helping her preserve her youthful appearance.

  5. Recent graduate of the Arkansas School of en-light-enment!

  6. Oh its a woman murderer. She spent 2 nights in jail while the investigation was ongoing, so the Demorat judge will give her “time served” plus a 3 month unsupervised probation. Yeah, I know, women are so “picked on” in our society. Snark, snark.

  7. If she wants to get that sentence down a bit, maybe she can claim native American ancestry like a certain loony tunes politician we all know!

  8. As the shadow said who knows the evil that lurks in the human heart the shadow does now laugh hard.What can one say about such.

  9. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a mustache as well.

  10. Didn’t yall know that men with angry wives commit suicide like this all the time. It was noted by the homicide division as one of the most determined cases of suicide in that state. My ex is a whopping 4′-9″ troll and freedom to Washibgton State. Katrina kicked her to Missouri. That’s why steer clear of Missouri, I’m not suicidal.

  11. Has to be more than money for her to go to such extremes considering they were at least 40 grand in debt but only 10 grand in life insurance

  12. Jeez, fact is often stranger than fiction. What a way to solve her upcoming housing problem. Now she will have housing and friends!! Joan

  13. her expensive trips to the spas sure didnt do her any good yikes she looks like a witch SCARY

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