Weird: Mother Spent Four Years Lying to Her Kid About Trump Being President

We’ve talked a lot about Trump Derangement Syndrome in these virtual pages, and we were pretty sure that we’d seen every manifestation of the disease that we could possibly see. But as in so many other cases, we’ve dramatically underestimated the left. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a young mother to write a Facebook post all about how she’s lied to her child for the last four years: In her house, Barack Obama is still the President of the United States.

“It’s still 2008 in my home. That is, my 6-year-old son assumes Obama is president, he knows Biden is president-elect, but he has no idea Trump exists—which is a deliberate parenting choice I made that spun a little out of control over the past four years,” the woman wrote. “In 2016, I deliberately shifted the way my family consumes information. I swapped all of our print subscriptions for digital, keeping headlines far from the eyes of my curious son. During our morning commute, I changed the channel from NPR to indie music. We stopped watching TV news entirely.”

We can’t fault the woman for turning off NPR and television news, but the fact that Trump’s election was so traumatizing and frightening to this woman that she felt the need to shield her son from it…well, that’s a new level of mental deterioration.

“I thought the election was a mistake that would soon be corrected, and I’d never have to tell my child about Trump until much later—but that didn’t happen,” she explained.

She said that her lie expanded to the point where she didn’t know how to put the genie back into the bottle, but she insisted that “it’s been nice” living in a safe zone where “all of the noise and tweets and scandals don’t exist.”

“It feels like I have some control in a chaotic world,” she wrote.

Like we said, we can sympathize and even support this woman to a certain degree. While we obviously don’t share her moonbat levels of hatred for the president, she’s on to something when it comes to turning off the TV, avoiding the constant stream of politics “news,” and so forth. We would particularly recommend this way of living over some leftist parents who seem determined to raise their children to hate Trump every bit as much as they do.

In fact, we have to say…there’s an important lesson inside this post that most of Trump’s haters are going to miss: How easy it is to turn off TV, the radio, and social media and suddenly realize…his being president doesn’t actually affect you all that much.

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