Trump: Mental Illness is the Problem, Not Guns

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on CNN Thursday to push back against the liberal argument that more gun control is needed in the wake of the Virginia shooting.

“This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem,” said Trump. “It’s not a question of the laws, it’s really the people.”

After Democrats from Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe to Hillary Clinton made calls for background checks, the ATF confirmed that shooter Vester Flanagan actually passed one in order to buy the Glock that was used in the murders.

“In the old days,” Trump said, “they had mental institutions for people like this because he was really, definitely borderline and definitely would have been and should have been institutionalized. At some point somebody should have seen that, I mean the people close to him should have seen it.”

What’s really tragic is that this story is being politicized at all. Isn’t it enough to witness this horror in all of its gruesome character? Democrats couldn’t even wait until the killer had been identified before they started sounding the gun control alarm. And they haven’t stopped since, even after learning that Flanagan bought his gun within the full confines of the law. There was no break in the system. There is no reasonable law that could have prevented this tragedy.

Trump isn’t wrong when he talks about the need for stronger mental health awareness, but there’s more to it than that. We need to recognize one undeniable truth that has been with the human race for as long as it has existed: murder is part of our society. Evil is part of our society. Bad people exist, and they were killing innocents long before the invention of the gun. Lest anyone forget, 19 terrorists killed 3,000 people without a single gun among them. Somehow, though, we didn’t spend the next ten years talking about box cutter control. Maybe because that would be ridiculous.

Instead of focusing on background checks, we should focus on the sick society that gave rise to a killer like Flanagan. He was directly influenced by the black church murders in Charleston, a shocking attack that liberals politicized as well. Instead of focusing on the insidious white supremacy that led Dylann Roof to carry out the murders, though, they wasted all their time on the Confederate flag. They conveyed a simple, subtle message: as long as that flag flies, every Southerner is responsible for these murders. As is clear from Flanagan’s 20+ page letter explaining his actions, he was highly susceptible to that message.

The further we stray from fundamental principles of societal integrity and morality, the more of this we’re going to see. No amount of gun control will stop it. No mental institution will stop it. Only when we shake this country free of the parasites infecting its soul will we conquer evil.

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  1. Trump nails it again!

    Unfortunately Democrats will not be able to understand his logic.. Because democrats are infected by a mental illness themselves, liberalism…

    • Every shooter of notoriety to include those who have committed mass murder beginning with John Wilkes Booth has been a Democrat or offsping of Democratic parents…You are correct…Democrats are infected with mental illness and no Democrat should be allowed to own a firearm.

      • Or knife, baseball bat, ax, or hammer. They can’t handle it!

          • Radicals do radical things to further their cause! God protect those that protect us because they’re fighting a declared war with “Black Lies Matter” in which our president backs! This is also a double edge sword, every attack that succeeds the progressive see as a gun control victory. These attacks will also be stepped up on military and civilians as time passes!

          • There were 8 all black towns
            that were completely destroyed by White racial groups, one was in Rosewood, FL
            and another in Tulsa, OK, etc. The money turned over 17 times in their
            neighborhood. Jealous WHITES Terrorist looted, burned and killed many of the
            black residents on a rumor some white women was assaulted by a black man. Again
            it is one of the many atrocities by WHITE American terrorists, which they don’t
            want in the American history book.


            So all the white racists that have written
            racist comments here should read these web sites, information that MANY white
            Americans are trying to hide of their barbaric terrorist behavior. What the
            Blacks did in Ferguson don’t compare what WHITES have done.

          • And if you go back further you’d see what blacks did to Blacks to get to that point and if you go even further you’d see what the Italians did to the French or English but you know what? I wasn’t alive then and instead of being angry at them for what their ancestors did I’m given them the benefit of the doubt, as for the blacks they can’t even see what they’re doing to each other?
            While whites and working folk of all color are paying for that government housing that medicate, those food stamps so their children don’t go hungry and the dead beats medical marijuana!
            I can’t help it if your black politicians made you dependent on the working class teats! Move out of your depression, do something for your selves for your kids. If that seems too hard to do than swallow that vile that “the black lies movement’ is spewing and destroy your future and whatever little chance your kid has to make it adulthood,
            because more than likely it’ll be one of those Muslim brothers or gang bang members taking out your kids and family
            And if you’re fine with it, why should I give a damn, I just hate wasting my hard earnd money on a hopless cause!

          • I could also say the same thing that blacks did to Korean and Chinese shops not in Ferguson or Baltimore, but then we all know Blacks can’t be racist for they have raised so far above the white man!

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          • Hard to imagine that, what have you imagined lately that no one before you has?

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          • Hate to mention it, but Jesus referred to nonJews as dogs in the Gospel of Matthew.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Indeed he did!

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            God has maggots dripping out of his ass and drops them on the earth. They are conservatives.

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          • I guess if it makes you sleep better it must be OK!

          • Oh yeah, I can see the strain on your face, it’s not so hard a matter of fact, it gets easier with each lie now doesn’t it!

          • No lie. Matthew 7.6; 15.26 At that time nonJews were called ‘dog’ by Jews in antiquity for they would eat anything, i.e., nonkosher food.

          • A little deception in your words, now its Jews calling non- Jews, dogs not Jesus? But Jesus did say; do not toss your peals in front of swine unless you want them to trample all you hold dear into the muck.

            A term used for the non-believer not by the non –Jew. Somehow dog was much better term to be called then swine, just saying?
            A matter of fact Samaritan was a term used that was worse than even dog or swine as the parable came the term “The Good Samaritan,

            The Samaritan helped a Jew who was beaten and mugged. Yet if it would have been a role reversal, the Samaritan would not have gotten help from the Jew of that day. So the term coined “The Good Samaritan of today!

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            Actually, I do have more than an idea. I see conservatives going to hell every day, in fact, the entire Repugnant party and all conservatives are quickly slipping into Satan’s clutches this very instant. Take some marshmallows, chocolate (in the image of Obama) and Lindsay Graham crackers with ‘ya and maybe Satan will let you make ‘smores!

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          • You can always apply for admission it’s not too late, but for you it could be tricky?

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          • What is that a reply to?

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          • Well, in Matthew, Jesus is not identified as God. You find that in the beginning of the Gospel of John. Even by calling gentiles dogs is not racist. When it comes to the Gospel of Matthew it was created by what is called a Jewish Christian community. These followers of Jesus are Torah observant Jews and they see Jesus as the correct and only interpreter of the Torah; almost like a Second Moses. In fact, if you are expelled from their community, you are then to be treated as a Gentile; indicating that you have to convert to Judaism to be a follower of Jesus. At this time, there is no Christianity as an independent religion; ‘Christian’ at this time (80-95) was a Jewish sect.

          • I don’t believe God is racist, but that’s just my opinion of Him/Her/It. If “God is Love,” that wouldn’t make any sense, would it, kanewas?

          • God is love his love is; he’s not leaving man to his own demise but has provided a way through the front door.
            No, God is not racist against man because of his skin, but of sin which is worn like a skin.
            God cannot look upon man because of his imperfections; this is why Christ had to die on the cross to be resurrected, and why man has to be changed to avoid the second death!
            “He, she, or it?” If one has to question what he is, then the individual has a long what to go, in my opinion?

          • Definitely the blacks, but their actions during the past 18 months are creating a huge upswelling of racism among the Whites in this country also, who are getting fed up with them, and with our so-called leader. Sadly, that situation doesn’t bode well for any peace in the future.

          • But I would say only among whites who were predisposed to racism.
            And you are right – doesn’t bode well for any peace in the future, but I think that was always the case – just highlighted now.

          • “Blacks can’t be racist for they have raised so far above the white man?” Surely you jest! With a 40% drop out rate, extremely high rates of drug addiction, a 72% out-of-wedlock birth rate, and at 13% of the overall population and yet commit 50% of the crimes? How do you figure? It appears they’re on the slippery slope of a downward spiral!

          • General his hands are up, I think you got ‘em! I also think this whole nation is on that slope?

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          • Two wrongs don’t make a right. “Black Lives Matter” already taken over by extremist, will
            only insure there will be no Blacks left in America.

          • How often I hear that stupid comment “two wrong don’t make it right” when it come to Black Americans protecting themselves from white aggressions. Mlk Jr was drinking too much Kool Aid. Telling Black Americans to march and pray and hope that White American’s conscious will make them treat Black as AMERICAN CITIZENS with the same protection under the US Constitution. The KKK and other white supremacy groups had a field day on the Blacks. Why was it wrong for a black man to protect his family and property here in the USA, but it was OK to kill designated enemies in other nations, peoples that Never threaten his life or home in the US. An Example FIFTY YEARS LATER the SCOTUS gutted the 1963 Voting Rights Bill. ENOUGH SAID

          • One wrong make a God lovin’ conservative.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Two Chinese Wongs don’t make an Okie White.

          • In view of their extreme dissatisfaction with this country, it’s probably best that they return to their roots in Africa. There’s not much to recommend their homeland, but some folks just have to suffer the worst conditions imaginable firsthand before they realize how lucky they are!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I doubt they can comprehend what they read.

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          • Proud liberals are always on their knees trying to appease the enemy.

          • That is just an idiotic lie. So you are saying that those in the military who are Democrats are appeasing the enemy? FDR was appeasing the enemy during WWII?

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          • Rephrase what? If I am a progressive communist, then you are an illiterate racist and hick.

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          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • You really need to work on you delivery.

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          • Don’t tell me, is that your adolescent experience taking, or a brainless fart?

          • Don’t worry, many Americans like you don’t like either gun control or gun safety. We don’t care about school massacres. That is the price to be paid for our Second Amendment rights. For many gun advocacy groups, everyone should have the right to buy a gun, whether a criminal or mentally ill.

          • So whose getting these killers off death roll, I’ll give you a guess it’s not conservative lawyers?
            Who’s doing the killing? It’s not conservatives or NRA members!
            There are dots to be connected but liberals will never connect them?
            I’ll make it simple for you Muslim terrorist when they’re not hiding
            This type of killing is happening in Russia as we speak, it’s just the government doing it to Chechens so much for gun control!

          • Well first there is DNA tests that show that a good number of convicted people were actually innocent. There is also prosecutorial misconduct., But some of those lawyers are conservative and truly believe in justice. But, I guess you prefer to keep innoncent people in prison.
            Name me one criminal that did a mass shooting at a school or church? None, they were all law abiding citizens. They legally owned their weapons and passed the background check. Although background checks are necessary to keep criminals from legally buying, it does not stop those who are going to do their first crime with a gun.
            There have been more deaths in one year in the US by gun homicides than by terrorists.
            Actually most NRA members are rational and logical and they want better gun safety and laws. But then there is the fringe group and fears that any movement toward gun safety is a step short of confiscation. And, of course you have Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America who believes that any gun safety courses required for a permit should be unconstitutional, and since criminals will get guns anyway, then gun stores should sell to criminals.
            Besides all you need to do is follow Cragislist, gun shows, private owners, swap meets – no background checks, and that includes a lot of stalls at gun shows.
            Chechens have a real grievance against Russia; going way back to the 90s at least.

          • There are very few incidences but now that DNA has come on to the scene we can correct these few injustices, and with Joe Kaneda we can lock these low bottom feeding scum away for life!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hi there, Joe Canada here…I’d like to let you in on something…kanewas is and was a looser.

          • Better go back to impersonating the red power ranger, because your detective instincts suk!

          • By the way, do you think that the deaths of those college kids and teacher is the price we pay for our second amendment rights? Don’t you believe that everyone has their second amendment rights? I didn’t hear you actually respond to what I wrote. Why?

          • NO! It’s the price we pay for implementing free fire zones.

          • You mean not allowing weapons on campus?

          • That is exactly what I mean. Why is it OK for adults to carry weapons safely everywhere except on school campuses?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I know right!?! Why don’t we arm elementary school kids to be first responders? WTF!

          • Oh, that college in Oregon that suffered that massacre allowed guns on campus. They just don’t allow the students or the faculty to bring their guns to class! Nor did they allow the guards at the school to be armed! Stupid, huh? I’m sure Obama will praise the college administrators for establishing such “common sense” rules when he visits Roseburg! The thing is, the residents of Roseburg are pissed about him even coming!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Didn’t you know liars go to hell. It was not a Gun Free Zone liar. Your pants a burning, just a precursor to what you’ll experience dancing with Satan.

          • So, you have a bunch of amateurs with no training in combat, etc., to go and start shooting. Now, how many more bystanders would have been killed? Now, when it comes to those guards – what are they? Actual officers or renta cops? If the former, they should be armed; if the latter, then what is their background when it comes to training. Of course, you are assuming that they will target the correct people and that all of their bullets will hit their target. So, if your solution is for more shooters and thus more people being shot, and not necessarily culprits, good luck with that.

          • No more than the perp would if not neutralized. If nothing else, he’ll be too busy returning fire to concentrate on executing kids

          • Wouldn’t have to, the other shooters would be doing that. So how many bystanders shot by the civilians is acceptable to you? The criminal shoots,, let say, five, and those responding shoot six accidentally – that acceptable?

          • You have no faith in your fellow man or teachers.

          • I have no faith in amateurs. Teachers didn’t sign up for combat and they are not going to get combat pay. Find it interesting that the only major nation that needs armed teachers are us. The only major country that has a problem of guns and the mentally ill are us.

          • Then find professionals for every classroom because that is the only way to stop future mass murders via the gun.

            Don’t be too surprised that we disagree with you. Long live the 2nd Amendment (and woe to those who try to destroy it).

          • Problem with that is money. Who is going to pay for it? Property taxes going up? People won’t like that. But, it won’t matter because there is really no solution. On the whole, we are more violent than any of the other western nations, Japan, even Saudi, Qatar and most African nation. I think it would be more honest to just admit that this is a problem that has no solution. Not for us.

          • Precisely why teachers are the only logical conclusion. All? No but only those who wish to participate. No perp would know which teachers are packing and which aren’t.

          • HistoricalConstitutionalRoger

            Gun Free Zones mean Come Shoot Here! What we should do is encourage All to use the Open-Carry of Ohio and see the robberies and craziness drop like a rock. Train And Carry! Even if those too afraid of a Real gun had a Fake…. would the robber, or foolish REALLY want to find out Who has he Real Gun??? Only if they have a death wish or Brain issue.

          • Hell No, ignoring mental health issues that’s the price we pay! These guys have a record at the grade school level threw high school. These records are hidden from public how about sending this information to Law enforcement, so they can tag that individual when someone reports them for Stocking or having a gun they can step in and solve the issues before another copycat appears. To damn simple for the progressive I suppose?
            I’m sure the ACLU will stand up for these guy’s rights knowing they’re setting a ticking time bomb loose.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I told you to go back to Armenia, now go!

          • Mental health issues, make for good Democrats

          • Not arming teachers and administrators is the price we pay. Stupid gun free zones.

          • Also true, but then you have the teachers mental issues to consider. Since I’m not in the liberal loop I’m not exactly sure of the agenda, but I believe it has something to do with gun control but more like confiscation?

          • The problem is not necessarily mental issues; more people are shot and killed by the sane. And when it comes to teachers, how much more are you going to pay them? Age requirements? Who is going to pay for their training in combat shooting? Take a course at a police academy. Gun safety courses are not enough. By the way, who is going to pay for their weapons? Concealed or unconcealed? Required to carry them on their person all the time? Insurance liability, particularly if they accidentally shoot a child?

          • how much more are you going to pay them? ZERO

            Age requirements? NONE

            Who is going to pay for their training in combat shooting? THEY ARE

            Take a course at a police academy. IF THEY SO CHOOSE

            Gun safety courses are not enough. UP TO THEM

            By the way, who is going to pay for their weapons? THEY ARE

            Concealed or unconcealed? CONCEALED – DUH

            Required to carry them on their person all the time? ABSOLUTELY NOT


            particularly if they accidentally shoot a child? GOOD SAMARITAN LAW. JUST KIDDING; WHO GETS SUED IF A PERP SHOOTS A CHILD?

          • If they don’t take a little responsibility then they are mental and should be tagged as such!

          • Now, what type of training will they have? And, how much extra are you going to pay teachers and administrators to become combat shooters for their schools? Insurance liability?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You are stupid fucking dipwad Commie! Go back to Armenia.

          • Tag you’re it!

          • That is not what any responsible 2nd Amendment advocate supports! That is just the lying propaganda the Left spews out ad nauseum! But even when laws are in the place in Blue Democratic run states to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill or criminals, virtually every time a mass shooting occurs in those states, the shooter “fell through the cracks.” I truly believe nothing is done about the violence because the more of it which occurs, the more Obama’s “We Must Disarm the American People to Prevent Gun Violence Campaign” gains traction!

          • But what you are saying about Obama is irresponsible for it is not based on any facts. But I have heard members of Gun Owners of America refer to all of the victims as martyrs to the Second Amendment, and you have some members of Congress making similar comments. And you are right about calling that irresponsible.
            At times it is not merely falling through the cracks because the whole topic of mental illness is also verboten. Think how long it took the Pentagon to recognize PTSD as legitimate.
            But, with opposition to background checks or any gun safety measures, the massacres will continue, but just as worst is how many are killed per year through gun violence. What is it now? about 33,000 per year and they are not all gang bang shootings. Most people are murdered by people they know. Women who victims of a gun homicide are normally killed by a family member. A house that contains a gun has a greater chance of gun violence, than one without.
            Two things are striking – the majority of NRA members want better laws, the leaders of the NRA do not. The other is Larry Pratt who doesn’t want anyone to lose their rights to the second amendment, even they are criminals, those who have serious mental issues, and those who have protection orders against them. That’s the extreme that gets to me, and I am a gun owner. I have used guns all of my life.
            By the way, what does Gen11American mean? Significance? Just curious.

          • “But what you are saying about Obama is irresponsible for it is not based on any facts.”

            It blows my mind when I read statements like yours above. Apparently because I happen to be retired, and because I’m very dedicated to the preservation of the freedoms which multi-generations in my family have fought and bled for, beginning clear back in the American Revolution, I probably spend much more time watching cablevision news, and searching the internet to determine what latest assinine attacks on our freedoms, especially upon the 2nd Amendment, our pitiful puppet of a president has come up with lately. But convincing the unconvincible is a total waste of my time, and if 6.75 years and 76 violations of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t convince U.S. citizens how dangerous to our Constitutional Republic Obama is, nothing will.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It “blows” your mind? What else blows you?

          • Amen Gen 11. this man has done irreparable damage to this country. The worst is yet to come, our children and grandchildren will suffer greatly because of Obama’s importation of Muslims, but try telling that to the Insane is a waste of time. He surrounds himself with Muslims and gives them key positions, but a Liberal will call you a racist and point to Biden, as if that proves he’s patriotic.

          • Obama hasn’t imported Muslims. The only danger to this country are delusional and paranoid people like you.

          • You are an idiot.

          • Hi Paul: Talking to one such as Mogan who has renounced reason is like administering medicine to the dead. This fool actually believes that Obama isn’t actively involved in giving Muslims support in migrating here, while this evil president is against Christian immigration from the same countries. I believe it was Thomas Paine who made this true observation about reason and fools.

          • Yep, the dumb is deep with this one.

          • No it’s those God warned that He would send “Strong Delusion” referring to those who would choose to believe the lie, He called this time period the “Latter Days” We are given at least one clear Scripture on how, God sent a “Lying Spirit” I doubt you see this country falling, but just like the ancient Roman Empire and for many of the same reasons America is headed for destruction. Liberalism is truly a Mental Disorder. Seek God’s help while you still can.

          • If you are talking about the Book of Revelations, it is solely about the Emperor Domitian, with some material going back to Nero. It is all about how Jesus will destroy the Roman Empire. That is it. But, because that never happened, the book gets reinterpreted through the centuries. All of that is just pure gibberish. Next it was the Kaiser as the Beast, then Hitler, then Stalin or simply the USSR, then Saddam and now the crazies think it is Obama. Next it will be Clinton if she become President.

          • The bible is pure gibberish.

          • Not necessarily. It how some people use that is gibberish.

          • No, the bible is gibberish – over 2200 sects of xtianity and jewish division prove that.

          • There are five branches of Judaism, but you are right about the number of denominations in Christianity. That is due to the Protestant principle that everyone has a right to interpret scripture as he or she sees fit. That has led to the thousands of Protestant denominations. Now, the way many, perhaps most people, use the Bible is gibberish. I have to say this is more of a Christian thing. Christianity has a long history of reinterpreting scripture to bolster their beliefs. They also make claims that are not really biblical based. Making use of Genesis as a physics textbook is idiotic. Being pretty much ignorant as to the origins of the documents in the Bible and then attempting to interpret them is ridiculous. And, not actually reading the Bible, but only in translation is problematic at the very least. You are not really reading the Bible, unless you are reading it in its actual languages: Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and then Greek for the NT. All translations are interpretation, and you can identify translation as Roman Catholic, mainstream Protestantism, fundamentalist, and Jewish.

          • And all this from a god directed, deity inspired, self help manual? Does this ‘deity’ have no control whatsoever? Hansel and Gretl has better moral content. Grimm’s Fairy Tales makes more sense.

          • Let me be clear on this. I don’t believe this god exists. All gods and all religions are the creations of human beings. Now, what we have in the bible are documents created by human beings from different historical periods and also coming from different religions. For me, the contents of the Bible are of historical worth for examining the peoples and their religions that lie behind it. For myself, I am only interested in the origins, original historical contexts of the documents and their original meanings. I could not care less how people today misuse it.
            This is not to say that the some of the authors or some of the documents have important messages: such as being socially just is more important than attending religious services, and that if one religious faith does not call for one to be socially just, that faith is dead. But, taking the myths in the Bible as being actual records of historical events, that is where I agree with you that is gibberish. Even the Israelites didn’t take the accounts of creation in Genesis literally, but poetically.

          • There is obviously some interesting historical information in there but it is so mixed with myth and story telling that it’s hard to know what is real. we have the written judicial and historical records of the Jewish and Roman court systems, governmental records, etc. that provide more reasonable information.

          • That’s absolutely true. Outside of the Bible, you would not know about Moses, Abraham, Solomon, etc. We have Babylonian and Assyrian chronicles that help, but not that much. Archaeological research is important, and helps in determining claims of certain events. For example, the whole account of the conquest of Canaan found in the Book of Joshua never occurred. There is no archaeological evidence for three massive military campaigns, and the next book, Judges, contradicts much of what is in Joshua. Because of that biblical scholars who specialize in this part of history believe that there was a very small scale invasion (tribes of Levi, Manasseh, Ephraim and Benjamin – the only ones that were in Egypt), and that most of the Hebrews never went into Egypt and had been leaving among the Canaanites. There was probably mini invasions from the North and perhaps and the South.
            You seek the historical narratives that we have in the Hebrew Bible are theological-historical narratives – not history the way we do history today. These narratives are about the meaning of history – not about what actually occurred. I won’t go into that because examples of this are quite lengthy.
            Turning to the New Testament, we have issues here of oral traditions concerning the life and teachings of Jesus, with some of his teachings actually the creations of later Christians, and Jesus’ own words were often modified and changed. Plus, when it comes to the gospels, none of them were written by eyewitnesses (nor do they claim to be). Because of this NT scholars are constantly searing for the original teachings of Jesus, his motivations.
            I think I’ve said enough. But for academic scholars of religion, we use a variety of methodologies when dealing with the history of the Israelites, the origins of Judaism, Jesus’ life and teachings, and the origins, original contexts, original readerships, etc. So, we do start with aspect of skepticism. But, then there are those who are ‘biblical scholars’ who do their work as an aspect of their faith and they have religious motivations for their work. For those of us who are academic scholars, knowledge is our motivation, never faith.

          • It appears that we are on the same wavelength if not the same amplitude. Keep up the great work.

          • Thanks and nice ‘conversing’ with you. Have a good night.

          • Obama has no campaign like that. There problem will not be solved because the second amendment is more important than the lives of those who died in the mass shootings. That price to be paid for our second amendment rights – innocent people are going to be killed. And as for those slipping through the cracks, if you don’t have a criminal record, or your state doesn’t both will submitting names of those who are mentally ill, what do you expect? We’re not Australia.

          • “# Bring our girls home” Yep gun control and gun safety at its finest! There’s no better deterrent then a pissed off parent with a gun!

          • A pissed off parent that has a gun but doesn’t have the training. Great scenario there.

          • Is stopped by a good parent or teacher with a gun who does have training.

          • Yeah, we had a lot of ‘em during the revolutionary war, and look how that turned out?

          • Comparing apples and oranges, but then, not that well in the beginning of the war. We weren’t a true army until we got some German training. There is no better example of a sloppy shooter is someone who is pissed off, especially a parent. So, getting back to the discussion, everyone is assuming that if students were armed, they would be perfect shots; so how many additional lives lost by stray bullets is acceptable. Even some of the best trained police officers will miss and quite often. The NYPD has recently had problems with bystanders being shot. So, how much collateral damage is acceptable?

          • All you would have to do is look toward the Kurds for inspiration, nothing more gut wrenching then seeing a four year old shooting a machine gun because her life depends on it. Would like to see some of these gangsters wanta- be’s playing knockout games, putting them in the thick of it! They’d be chetting them self’s and crying like the entitled Obummer coward’s they really are!

          • What separates an adult student from any other adult? What is the difference between an armed student on campus and an armed student in the local toy store? Much ado over nothing.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Obama’s going to announce he’s finally — FINALLY — coming for the idiot’s guns. Then he’ll wait a few hours for the ensuing clusterfuck of gun nuts shooting off parts of their own bodies as they stumble all over themselves preparing for Their Big Moment. Then he’ll step back up to the podium and announce — to whoever’s left alive in their fortified compounds — that he was just kidding. That’ll thin the stupid ass gun loving herd!

          • You are welcome to your opinion….
            You and 0bama will be disappointed.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Nope, wrong again MAHB001! Must be mentally jarring knowing you’re a looser, or do you have the cognitive ability to know you’re an idiot.

        • Nor a vote, nor even a proposed law. These things in the hands of democrats is clearly too dangerous.

          • Democrats meaning….

            DANGER exposure to injury or evil; peril; hazard; jeopardy.

            ENRAGE to fill with rage; to provoke to frenzy or madness; to anger immoderately.

            Migraine severe headache often accompanied by nausea.

            OBNOXIOUS offensive; objectionable.

            CONTRADICT to assert; the contrary of; to deny.

            RILE to anger; to exasperate; to irritate.

            AWRY twisted to one side; crooked

            THREAT declaration of determination to harm another; menace.

            SOCIALIST an advocate or supporter of socialism.

          • Love it! This is so true!

          • Liberal meanings:
            LOST in Utopian dreams.

            IN complete denial of truth.

            BEGINNING to lose common sense.

            EASILY conned by a corrupt media

            READY to dump the capitalistic system

            ALWAYS beating the PC drum.

            LAST ones to admit they’re wrong.

          • The last one to admit they’re wrong? They would never admit that, it’s against they’re core principle. Great post.

          • FANTASTIC POST! So very clever. Cons are sheeple, meet ya at the church steeple. Hey what you gonna do when you get to St. Peter and he sends y’all down to hell for perverting the word of your imaginary god? Duh, I dunno.

          • Really, the last Bush never said he did anything wrong.

          • Bush 43 never claimed that he was wrong when it came to invading a country that hadn’t attacked. Oops, forgot I wrote about that already.

          • Why is it that only George Bush is at fault and the democrats voted to go on the same intelligence that he got? Some of the democrats like that POS john kerry voted for it before he voted against it.

          • I have never heard of one admitting they were wrong, but I imagine there are some that have realized their errors.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Why are you trying to make up for the obvious fact you’re a fag?

          • Your mother sucked my cock last night, she swallowed to.

          • One you left out Tam; they support Islam, that alone convicts them of insanity. See Lyle H. Rossiter’s video on youtube. He is a board certified forensic psychiatrist with over 35 + years experience. He has a great book that can be read for free on his website.”The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” As a Christian I believe that God has sent them “Strong Delusion” as He warned He would send to those people that mock Him, how would He do this? the Bible gives an example, it was done by a Lying Spirit”

          • He is the one that is delusional.

          • Problem is that all Americans are socialists – Medicare, Social Security, the VA, the federal highway system, the CDC, the FAA, etc.

          • I’m not a socialist, it’s the programs, and there are lots of socialist in this country.

          • If you are making use of Social Security, Medicare, the VA, drive on a federal highway, use public schools, etc., you are a socialist.

          • I paid into social security for 53 years, I also paid into medicare when it was started and I’m a vet and I paid to drive on the roads through taxes.

          • That is still socialism. The government entered into the retirement business with SS and the government entered into healthcare with Medicare. That’s socialism. The government entering into medical care instead of letting people fend for themselves with our health insurance companies, and the government making you pay for retirement, instead of leaving that to your employer or simply yourself. This why the Republicans have been against SS from the very beginning and why Regan believed that Medicare would lead us to become a communist country.
            The understanding is that the government is to provide for the defense of the country and uphold our constitutional rights. No one has a constitutional right to retirement benefits, healthcare and education.

          • Meant to be read as: “These thighs in the hands of democrats is clearly too dangerous.”

          • StupidConservativeValues

            We love to assassinate the unborn!

        • Crossbows are okay though.

      • I think you may be on to something, it looks like whatever has been happening that has been evil has liberal beliefs and liberal morals !

        • You were right up to the point when you put liberal and morals together.

          • He probably understands that Liberals lack morals but worded it wrong,

          • i was once a demo. had my trust in a lying man. now that im for repub.. i vote for them cause of morals , as a demo, didnt realize how blind and ignorant i was until God open my eyes spiritually. and allowed me to see how messed up. i was. etc, yet rep. helps me trust God . more and more each day. i have lost trust in all of them. , i will vote , yet it will be ones who closes to the things of
            God. not cause of the lies they keep telling us .

          • Hi Judy: Thanks for taking the time to share your story, I belief today is that a great many people have received a delusion from God as He promised to those that made the choice to believe the Liar, Satan He would send “Strong Delusion” We certainly live in perilous times, many people have a strong feeling that something isn’t right or something big is about to happen. There is an End Time Nation that God calls Mystery Babylon if you were to study Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Habakkuk you will come away with over one hundred prophecies that describe America perfectly. I developed an interest in this End Time Nation many years ago and only recently learned that others had done research, One Christian by the name of Doctor Franklin Logsden wrote a book about America being Mystery Babylon and was ostracized by his peers, another Christian Scholar is Doctor Richard Coombes, Richard passed away in 2013 but he left us with some great information on his years of research. Look him up online and read some of his material on this Mystery nation. The latest is that Saudi Arabia is mystery Babylon, this is laughable and it comes from a supposed Bible scholar as Saudi doesn’t come close. Christians are in denial yet America is getting more draconian every year, with more and more laws, the churches are getting more and more like Laodicea. BTW Doctor Coombes back all his research up with facts, he began his research because he didn’t believe America was Babylon, he was going to prove once and for in a book but then the truth hit him and he shares it in an easy way for anyone to understand. God says He will send Fanners into this ETN’s land and they shall surround her, Fanners are aliens, these are the bad kind God calls them Caterpillars they are so destructive He also describes nations that will come up against this ETN and all are today Muslim nations and one is mentioned by name is Persia which is modern Iran these nations will use fiery darts to destroy this ETN no doubt these darts are missiles ancient Persia did take ancient Babylon but it wasn’t destroyed using today’s vernacular Babylon was taken without hardly firing a shot. Amazing we sign a nuclear deal with a country that has sworn to wipe us off the face of the earth.

          • thanks apollo for sharing

          • Saudi Arabia didn’t approve abortions, the United States did. Saudi Arabia doesn’t permit unrestricted promotion of homosexuality in their country, the United States does. Saudi Arabia hasn’t approved same-sex marriage in their country, the United States has. Saudi Arabia isn’t allowing their country to be overrun with millions of illegals to destroy their culture and bankrupt their nation, the United States has. Which is the smarter nation? It sure as hell isn’t the United States! Three straight generations of pot-smoking, poorly educated, dumbed-down nincompoops with zero morals and zero foresight is destroying us!

          • gen the usa has became very soft so satan is taking advantage of it. . those other countries are standing up for their rights. even obie on family and gov told him not to being that evil to their country being they are christians hadnt heard any more about it since he came back. . if more christians would stand up for this country we could win this battle.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Satan loves soft satin.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            What did one homo fetus say to the other homo fetus?

          • amen gen everything thats happen been forth told to use. in Gods word. so we seeing no surprises

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Thanks for your words Judy, just proved what a fool you are!

          • I once worked very hard for the Democrats, until I attended the State Convention and read the pages of demands the LGBT community was determined to include in the Democratic platform. I got up, gathered up my stuff, and walked out, and I’ve never voted for another Democrat since! That was 25 years ago, folks! How a nation can allow 2-3% of the population to totally degrade the morals of a nation, and demand every right under the sun, including the right for gays to adopt boy children to use for pedophilia, is beyond me! Take our nation back from the Democrats in 2016, elect a decent leader, or we’re done!

          • wow that’s a blessing. . i lost trust in all of them .sad today most people will lie in a seond. whats sad to find so many believers who will lie . dont seem to bother them i believe in honesty. i take God word very serious. . it saith how no liar will enter heaven. . we need to stand up for whats right. i was proud of the lady yesterday who wouldn’t give those people license to married. many up set about it. if we would truly come together before those evil people some put in office we could get this country. back many of them even christians are afraid to stand up for whats right before God . with Gods help i pray several times a day for this country. . thanx for sharing .ps. that’s right under the democrats heard how so many people got killed under. them. when kennedy died i was shock to read in the look magazine back then how many were killed after John kennedy was killed. heard a lady was killed in a plane crash who found out truth about obama birth certificate. before he enter office his own dad’s mom. was on this pastor show Bill Smith one nite she was showing some who went to africa . from his show . what room obama was born in kenya. this year read where is mom’s mom said he was born in kenya. asked us to pray for her grand son. . . prayer today is so important. .sure that’s y many are afraid to up and stand up for whats right before God

            In a message dated 9/2/2015 3:10:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

            “I once worked very hard for the Democrats, until I attended the State Convention and read the pages of demands the LGBT community was determined to include in the Democratic platform. I got up, gathered up my stuff, and walked out, and I’ve never voted for another Democrat since! That was 25 years ago, folks! How a nation can allow 2-3% of the population to totally degrade the morals of a nation, and demand every right under the sun, including the right for gays to adopt boy children to use for pedophilia, is beyond me! Take our nation back from the Democrats in 2016, elect a decent leader, or we’re done!” (
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          • mans problem , is he will never know or understand the things of God until hes born of Gods spirit. its a spiritual battle we are up against.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, keep telling yourself that fool.

      • It is called the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), Which posits that those afflicted are unable to act in a rational, civilized manner, because all thoughts are driven by emotion.

        • Thank you…this is the best explanation to date.

        • LOL I keep forgetting to use that abbreviation for their Mental Condition, there is truly something wrong with these people. As a Christion I believe they have received the “Strong Delusion” that God said He would send to those that chose to believe the Lie the lies of Satan. I cant say all or any percentage for sure but it’s seems the vast majority see good as bad, and bad is good, Etc. history backs up the conservative view as being correct on many important issues America faces today such as when the majority of a country’s citizens begins to live off the public treasury those countries have always imploded, yet Liberals cannot understand this simple economic fact, that is just one example of many. I think Liberals should open up their homes and start taking in illegals and supporting them especially those in Congress with millions of dollars like Nancy “We have to sign the bill to see what’s in it” Pelosi for one, this way they could lead by example, Pelosi could prove she loves the “little children” I’m sure she has more than enough room in her palatial home to accommodate at least a dozen or so.

          • They aren’t mentally deranged. They are EVIL, and the power in this country must be taken from them before they destroy this country completely! That is their aim, people!

          • lol lol lol no no gen. just need to be deliver of those unclean spirits as the man who was in the grave yard cutting himself with stones, until Jesus came along and casted them out and he was clothe with a right mind

          • Oh Jesus Christ you’re dumb. My God, when ya gonna wake up?

          • But you are

          • amen apollo please let keep this lady in our prayers the one who they put him jail cause she would issue those guys license to married. . in her spirit she was right. better to please God than man any day.

          • Judy, Judy, Judy…there you go again.

          • Let’s assign one illegal family to each member of Congress’ home; they have plenty of extra rooms in their mansions. That should get Trump’s wall built by election day!

          • How ya gonna pay for the wall dummy? How ya gonna round up all the illegals…have neighbor tell on neighbor? Yea, that’s the American spirit. Old Patriot…you’re an old fool. You sully what it means to be a true patriot.

          • We have 653 miles of wall. That cost 7 billion. So, to complete the wall, would cost us at least 21 billion, not including cost overruns and then expenses for present maintenance. Then if we follow Scott Walker and others, then we have to do the same thing along Canada.. Of course, the wall won’t help since most illegals fly into the country.

          • Even if it does cost 21 billion to build the wall, we’re spending $348 billion per year providing social-welfare benefits to illegals! The wall is cheap in comparison to what it’ll cost if the number of illegals doubles in the next 10 years!

          • Problem is that you can go under, over and around. Plus, the bulk of illegals fly into the US as legals first. Perhaps, as some have suggested, no more legal immigration.

          • With a decent president who possesses some common sense, the millions of illegals flying into our country would probably be halted. The only reason the Democrats are doing so for the votes in 2016!

          • How could they vote? The ones that are flying in are not illegal yet. Visas expire, then they have to deal with immigration, which is a mess, and thus illegal.

            Paul G Schneider

          • The estimated 48 million illegals in the U.S. cost the American taxpayers $348 billion per year. The wall would cost $22 billion to construct. That’s a bargain considering the millions of additional illegals who will be heading to the U.S. in the future, hoping to be granted amnesty!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            We are a nation of immigrants, legal or otherwise. We should take the $22 billion and build “re-education camps for conservatives.”

          • If the majority are living off the public treasury, that would include you? Are you counting on your SS check? Medicare? Unemployment insurance? Did you children go to public schools? But as a Christian, what would Jesus do? Turn his back on those who are poor? What about his teaching that you should love your enemies? If someone needs a cloak, give him your second one?

          • Jesus would have us help each other and not go crying to the government for long term welfare.

          • But as a nation what should our response be? Jesus wasn’t about rugged individualism. This is one of the reasons why we are not a Christian nation. We don’t turn the other cheek, we don’t love our neighbors as our selves, and today our neighbors are global. And, of course, we don’t love our enemies, etc.

          • The government has 18 jobs to do. They should do them well and nothing more.

          • What are those?

          • You can’t be serious – you’ve never read the Constitution?

          • I just want you to list them to see if you know what you are talking about.

          • Here you go. Sounds like you need a bit of education. . .

            Section 8

            1: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
            2: To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

            3: To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;
            4: To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;
            5: To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
            6: To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;
            7: To establish Post Offices and post Roads;

            8: To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;
            9: To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;

            10: To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;
            11: To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;
            12: To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;
            13: To provide and maintain a Navy;

            14: To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;
            15: To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;
            16: To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;
            17: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, byCession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;—And
            18: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powersvested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You have #18 wrong; it’s “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying the Execution of all conservatives.”

          • Hillsdale College has a free on-line computer course on the Constitution that is excellent. We should recommend that every chance we get to those who apparently never took civics, probably because our piss-poor education system doesn’t teach it any longer except in private schools. It would probably be offensive to our immigrant-dominated public schools with the 110 different languages other than English.

          • #1 – Provide for the common defense. Are they doing that? Hell, no! The border is wide open, ICE released 60,000 criminal aliens in 2013 alone, Obama has been flooding in Muslims at unprecedented rates, and now he’s agreed to bring in 200,000 Syrian refugees even though Europeans are warning us, along with ISIS, that the refugee crisis will be used as a means of infiltrating Europe and the U.S. with terrorists!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You forgot to put out your racist trash, Paul.

          • When the government deliberately approves “free-trade” agreements that send millions of family-supporting jobs overseas, and flood in millions of immigrants to take what jobs are available, at lower pay than Americans would be paid, that leaves few options for people. It’s when non-citizens suck the welfare system dry that Americans cry “foul!”

          • The ones that sucking the welfare system dry are Americans.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            White conservative Amurikans in the southern states!

          • What about them? They are the most patriotic Americans in this Union, and I wouldn’t be disparaging them if I were you! Granted, since Obama has been shutting down the coal industry, lots of Southerners have been forced to accept welfare, but that’s Obama’s fault also! Funny thing, George Soros financially backed both of Obama’s campaigns for president, and now George Soros is buying up all the extra coal. That makes a reasoning human think there’s a connection!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Right…they’re the most patriotic because they seceded from the Union. Their heritage stands tall and proud! You are without question the dumbest fuck ever.

          • 51% of illegal immigrant familes are on welfare, which is a higher rate than native-born Americans. Even legal immigrants are sucking off the system because H-1B workers are being brought in to take their jobs!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You don’t know shit about Jesus, Paul.

        • Actually, everything they do is to achieve an evil agenda that was established clear back in the 1950’s, and the Democrats have been working steadily, trying to achieve it. Everything Obama does is geared toward the conversion of the U.S. into a communist/fascist state, but he and the Democrats know they must first disarm the American people! That is why every politician must be voted out of office, or kept out of office, if they support gun control! The only gun control which should be in place is prevent whack-jobs and criminals from gaining possession of firearms, but their bureaucrats don’t even prevent that because they are using the gun violence they fail to prevent as excuses for instituting more gun control!

        • Projection on your part, you just described yourself to a “tea.”

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Hey dumb shit, you didn’t even serve! You were 4F! ForFuckup

        • StupidConservativeValues

          You have no thoughts, you are an empty headed fool.

      • Or hold public office.

      • I truly have to wonder if most democrats are not the result of inbreeding, or for whatever reason,their elevator never went to the top floor! The dems and liberals are generally people who have NO fuxxing common sense!

      • Not exactly true, but then I doubt if you know much in the way of American history. But that’s okay. Ideology always beats reality. If you want a shooter of note then Jim David Adkisson who went into a Unitarian Universal Church and started shooting because this Christian denomination is known for its liberalism. He had read all the books about how liberals are ruining the country, so he thought it best to start killing liberals. Most people have forgotten about this shooting because it is in the distant past, 2007.
        From a lot of comments here, I believe some here might be thinking that Adkisson should be seen as hero.

        • You have scored a point…however Jim David Adkisson was an exception to the norm…if there is such a thing…I don’t forsee Adkisson as being a hero…just another lunatic amongst many…mostly Democrats.

          • When it comes to prominent assassinations in the country,you do have Democrats, but not all, and then you have to deal with the time of the murder. So, the man who killed Martin Luther King was a Democrat, but at that point many southern Democrats were racists and many of those KKK members. Today, they would be independents or Republicans due to Nixon’s southern strategy. They left the Democratic part because of LBJ and the Civil Rights Voting Act, etc.
            As for Adkisson, he was not insane. There was no insanity defense. He was driven by ideology.
            I’m not saying that you would think of him as a hero, but there have been a number of comments on this website by those wanting all Democrats and liberals dead or that there should be a Second Amendment remedy.
            Now Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t a Democrat. Sirhan Sirhan wasn’t even American. McKinley’s assassin was an Anarchist, not a Democrat. Garfield’s assassin had been a member of a religious cult.
            So, where did you get the idea that they were mostly Democrats?

          • Lee Harvey Oswald…Sirhan Sirhan…McKinley’s/Garfield’s assassin…I might ask you the same question…how do you know they were not Democrats or were not Democratic sympathizers…I’m sure your answer will be much simular to mine in that your claims are based on what you have read…same as mine.

          • Based on actual historical research. I am sure that there are probably a lot of articles written by pseudo-historians whose goal is make money off of people who are predisposed to believe anything that is anti-Democrat or anti-Liberal. Like the whole fake news when Obama went to India and it was costing billions.
            For Oswald, no one really knows why he killed Kennedy, There have been claims that he was a Republican, and that I serious doubt since he was a Soviet sympathizer. Sirhan Sirhan was proPalestinian and not an American citizen, and if he was a Democratic sympathize, why kill RFK? Garfield’s assassin was, again, a member of a strange religious sect and something of a failed lawyer. Mckinley’s assassin, was an Anarchist, not a Democrat or Republican. If he had anything to more modern pollitical leanings, perhaps a radical Libertarian, but that would still be a big stretch.
            Making such as claim as yours, would be to make the claim that all of the threats and attempts on Obama all came from Republicans.
            So, what your specific information that they were Democrats. Do we have records of them registering as Democrats? Not suspicions; not innuendos from crackpot historians.

          • You are correct…we only know what we read which earmarks more Democrats as being shooters of notoriety than are Republicans or Independents…However I understand you liberal defense…I also suspect that you are a voting Democrat…There is no sin in being a Democrat…not in your mind…or is there?

          • i’m not. I admire the Republicans because they are more organized than the Democrats and also because of their ruthlessness. They’ve study Alinsky, use his tactics and then the Democrats for using them (which they do). Despite that, the Democrats are not that organized, and their weakness is that they prefer compromise over conflict. The Democrats would never do to a Republican president what the Republicans did to Obama – oppose everything, even if some of the things are good ideas or even their own. Republicans have chosen a more parliamentarian way of doing things, and that is to always be the opposing party, offering no compromises.
            And the Republicans know a very old lesson – people don’t care how they are protected as long as they are protected. Fear is the more powerful force in governing. If you can make the citizens fearful, you can control them. That’s a basic tent in politics for centuries.

          • You are not a Democrat and you are not a Republican yet you talk like a Democrat…maybe you should register as such…you might feel better about yourself for doing so.

          • Nope. I remain neutral, because I don’t care for either party. In addition, registering for one party can rule out job and contract opportunities. Have friends in the past who were not hired by the government because of party affiliation. I had a number of friends who work as Arabic translators for corporations. They wanted to become translators when we had taken over Iraq but they were rejected because there were registered Democrats. That was the only reason. I have always preferred to be neutral, so that I am the one who rejects an offer, not the other way around.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You are Satanic. You are going to hell. Beware, Satan is everywhere, especially in the White House in the East Room.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Actually, they were all Kock sucking faggots, conservatives in other words.

          • Oh My…how would you know a Kock sucking faggot from a Soros sucking faggot…a CommieCRat at heart.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I know the difference when I see lying sinners like Walker publicly blowing the “Kock’s” junk.

          • Oh My…Judging from your language me thinks you need serious mental help.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, right! Me thinks your absolutely mistaken, are a conservative and by default need to have a psych evaluation. But you won’t…

          • Congratulations…You have just confirmed you desperately need mental help.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Restricting the 2nd Amendment…for shame, for shame. You either embrace it in its entirety or you’re a treasonous bastard (or bitch).

    • Amen to that, lol

    • Right you are.

    • The fix is really easy we should have gun control for liberals. They are the ones who almost every single time are the perps. In fact I can’t think of any time when it wasn’t a liberal. So yes keep guns out of the hands of ALL liberals and the problem will go away.

    • Oh boy, you said a real true, I said this for long time, insane have a political party and are not possible. Dem party must be outlaw.Liberals can see when more attack Trump more assure he became more and more stronger and be will win.

      • Outlawing a political party will not work. A new party can be formed, or the outlawed will simply move to another existing party. After all, the communists have managed to take control of the Democrat Party.

      • God cannot exist….he made conservatives. He would never do anything that evil.

        • God and evil are real, what you can’t see not mean not exist. He not make conservatives or Dem Demon, each one make a choice.Who not believe in GOD are a beast, and Dems be will NOT win, but after be will start much more suffer who we suffer today. Dems are cursed.

          • hora- Your god is a sick f*ck if he creates people and then sits back and watches all the pain and suffering his creations inflict on themselves and one another due to his “wisdom” of giving them free choice. There is no reason for that other than god actually being evil. btw- how did god come into existence? You just have to have faith?

    • lol lol lol mah no nono they are just spiritually blinded to whats going on in Gods world .

    • He’ll never get the nomination…har har!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Donald Trump’s rump is an illness.

    • Checkout Doctor Lyle H. Rossiter’s book that can be downloaded free on his website. Doctor Rossiter is a board certified Forensic Psychiatrist with over 35 years experience, the name of his book: “The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” Liberals are the main cause of America being destroyed from within, America is being invaded by people that adhere to a religion that want and will turn America into another Islamic Hell-Hole. Look at Sweden just to name one in Europe. Research Lebanon a once very nice country, so was Iran and Egypt. For almost 1400 years this menace has taken and destroyed, never giving anything to the world, yet Liberals are on their side. You can watch the good doctor’s video on you tube for a start.

    • So what is his solution? Institutionalize everyone that is suspected of being mentally ill? He really has no solution.

      • The real question is what solutions are the liberals really trying to fix?

        All the Liberal Politicians want is the destruction of the second amendment and our guns… Then they will impose socialism (slavery) in the place of the Constitution.

        • What everyone should be trying to fix are the 30,000 gun deaths each year.
          You confuse socialism with slavery. We have had two kinds of slavery in this country, and neither was socialist. The south had official slavery before the Civil War and the North had de facto slavery after the Civil War (pure capitalism). The workers were slaves.

          • 30,000 represents 0.0097% of the population or 30 per 100,000. Get rid of the stupid anti-gun laws in Chicago, New York, New Orleans and the other murder capitals of America and that number would drop significantly. Remember that the gun capitol of America also has the lowest gun murder rate in the nation. . .it’s not the guns stupid.


          • That was silly.

          • opinion noted

          • What gun grabbers confuse is the association of gun deaths with guns and the obviously stupid placement of the blame on the gun.

            I can see you pretend to sleep to support your ideology. One can not awaken someone who pretends to sleep… As if any of the gun grabbing laws that our politicians propose will do anything to stop violence… Gun or otherwise… What the laws do is punish law abiding citizens and attempt to remove guns and the peoples right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government…

            Your accusation that Capitalism is slavery is ludicrous. That is as credible as saying the affordable care act saves the middle class money… Which is just a lie.

            “Socialism- a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles.”

            Socialism is slavery, because, the control is NEVER by the people, it is by corrupt politicians like 0bama, Hillary, and Bush… Politicians do not apply equity and fairness, they use the ideals to control folks like you.

          • Paragraph 1: There is a relationship between gun deaths and guns by definition. The gun runners pretend there isn’t.
            Paragraph 2. No laws will punish law abiding citizens, again by definition. How can you say otherwise. There is no need to protect ourselves from ourselves, since we are the government. WE ELECT IT.
            Paragraph 3. It would be fun to have you as a mine worker a hundred years ago. They were de facto slaves, as were industrial workers. Telling them how free they were could have gotten you killed.
            Paragraph 4. Socialism covers a broad spectrum. What you quoted is the extreme as in communism. Market socialism as practiced in Europe is simply capitalism with a conscience.
            Paragraph5: Completely wrong. In the European model for example the control is entirely by the people. Note you failed to note corrupt politicians like Bush, Cheney, Cruz, etc who use people like you to spout their anti socialist propaganda.

          • 1, So you only want to solve gun deaths? You do not care about victims? As the number of victims goes up as guns are taken away from law abiding citizens.. That is a fact, dead is dead, and you show faux concern for only gun victims.

            2. Your lack of how our civil society actually works astounds me. Do you know the most common form of punishment in America is? I’ll tell you, it is a fine, or fee. Have you ever paid for a parking ticket, or maybe a speeding ticket? Who pays for all the background checks, extra taxes on guns and bullets? Again, I’ll tell you, law abiding citizens… Who is punished in the form of fees and taxes, Law Abiding citizens…..

            3. I would say your de facto slaves and industrial workers paid far less taxes on their wages than you do right now….. Who is a bigger slave? And who are those taxes going to? Liberals big government, we are definitely slaves to our Government already.

            4, Pure Socialism does not exist on earth, why? Because it always leads to some form of communism…. And none of your “market socialism” Countries in Europe have produce the wealth and standard of living that has been produced in the United States.. It is only a matter of time before those “market socialist” countries turn into Greece… Bankrupt…

            5. Can you read? What was the third corrupt politician on my list? Socialism is slavery… Mankind has not evolved to the point where all of us will work for the common good.. Socialism falls to communism and the “chosen ones” must FORCE all the others work,

            Anti socialist propaganda….. You are funny… who in their right mind would choose slavery (socialism) over capitalism (freedom and liberty)?

          • 1. I am concerned about victims. If we had the same gun laws as Great Britain, the number of victims in this country would drop by more than 25,000 per year. I don’t know where you got the idea that gun control would increase victims. It is contrary to the experience of countries that have done it.

            2. Not sure what your point is. Very vague and unclear.
            3. Of course the slaves to the industrial powers paid little taxes. They were barely paid enough to exist as long as they had a job and if they lost their job through layoff or injury, their wives had to prostitute and their children steal and beg in order to survive. That is slavery. We are clearly NOT slaves today. Your last statement makes no sense.
            4. Partly right. However, the market socialism countries in Europe (e.g., Germany, Great Britain, Norway, etc.) have a better standard of living than we (except for our 1% who have a much higher standard of living than their 1%)
            5. Pure Socialism (communism) may or may not be slavery, but as American history showed, pure capitalism produces a slave society.
            Everyone in their right mind would choose market socialism (or conversely, social capitalism) over the pure variety of either.
            Thanks for the chance to set things straight.

          • 1. Great Britain’s crimes increased dramatically when they took away gun from the public…. Those laws showed zero compassion for the victims of crimes…. The ONLY statistics that decreased where the ones with the word “gun” in front of it.. For instance rapes with guns went down, Rapes went up. Beatings with guns went down, beatings went up….

            Your entire argument is debunked here..

            Don’t forget to watch the follow up

            Note specifically Biden’s comments in the second video. Biden basically confesses that gun laws will not work…. So why do you think politicians like Biden want to disarm the public?

          • Four answers. First, crime was already increasing before the guns were taken away; that is why they were taken away. (They didn’t tell you that did they?)
            Secondly, the number of murders dropped dramatically. The “crimes” involved fists, knives and clubs, MUCH LESS LETHAL than guns.
            Third you are changing the subject from deaths to crimes. Deaths are MUCH more important.
            Fourth, LOCAL gun laws will not work unless localities can protect their borders. In our nation, only national gun control will provide safety.

          • First, how does that crime was already increasing have any bearing? The video’s prove that comparing the U.S. to England is comparing apples to oranges… Your “assumption” that they took guns away was because of increasing violence, has no credibility….

            I believe the Politicians have a different reason for taking guns away from the public than the public has for taking away guns from the public. The Public has been misled to believe that taking the guns away from their fellow citizens will make them safer… (Proven False) And the Politicians want to remove guns from the law abiding citizens simply to have more control over the population they wish to rule…. In short the politicians are feeding good people like yourself with shit so that you will do the dirty work for them.

            Second and third, Why is it that the left can ignore unintended consequences when they NEVER miss a chance to hold the right responsible for unintended consequences? That is hypocritical.

            In a rather obvious way, you are making my point… All you care about is getting the guns. You do not care about the victims that your actions will create. Your myopic focus on gun “deaths” ignores unintended consequences, fixes nothing, and hands the politicians exactly what they want…. An unarmed population to control.

            We already have enough “laws” on the books that infringe on the Second Amendment.

            Your entire argument ignores the primary purpose of the Second Amendment, that is to keep a balance of power between the people and its Government… It also ignores history and what happens to societies that are unarmed and unable to protect themselves against a tyrannical government… To be fair, we consider those deaths as gun deaths as well.

          • It has bearing because you imply that reducing guns caused the increase (it didn’t–it was already there).
            The NRA has misled its members into believing that taking guns away is bad. It has been proven in those countries similar to us that it works.
            Your third paragraph makes no sense–just rambling.
            No it is us that care about the victims. The gun runners only care about their guns, not the thousands killed (victims)
            We just don’t need the second amendment. We need stronger laws.
            A few thousand guys with popguns aren’t going to be able to destroy America pretending that you are “protecting” it. Our military will not permit it, nor our local police, and all the Real Americans that will defend our constitutional government. You dictator types will never overcome America.

          • You do understand that we think YOU are the dictator type. . .right? It is you who would take away our weapons (and to deny that is to deny reality).

          • I understand that you think that. I am really an American who is concerned about American victims of gun violence. You are not.

          • I am equally concerned over the victims just as I am distressed over the mayhem on our highways but I’m not out to ban automobiles or trucks. It is life, get over it.

          • Actually, if we would treat guns and gun owners the way we treat cars and drivers, that would be great.

          • That would not satisfy you even if it were possible.

          • Of course it would satisfy me. I said so. Why do you say such stupid things? Don’t you have any pride? I’m not responding to you further if you are going to say inane things.

          • It is not the NRA that has led me to believe that taking guns away from law abiding citizens is bad…..

            It is HISTORY…. Please look at Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, CUBA, and tell me how their unarmed citizenry benefited from giving up their guns….

            No doubt you can not see your own hypocrisy, What you perceive as rambling is really common sense… Something that has apparently been driven out of you.

            The rest of your post shows desperation, which means that you might possibly be getting it… You are the victim of ideological subversion, as described in the following video… As Yuri Bezmenov states, regardless of the amount of information that is put in front of you, you are unable to see it or understand it…..

            The people that subjected you to ideological subversion did not ask your permission. They just did it, and it will be up to you to break their hold on you…. Keep an open mind, try to look back at history before they erase it from your mind…


          • You cite countries that are not remotely like the US. Look at more similar countries: Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada. You choose to ignore them to make a terrible case. You are clearly desperate.

          • I believe that all those countries are not as great as America. Why should be strive to be more like them?
            I believe you are not questioning what you are being told and the data that you do believe in is being cherry picked and not complete by those that control you. This is bias by omission… You are being told only the good things about socialism, and those Counties on your list, and NONE of the bad things…

            Unfortunately, the ideological subversion conditioning that you have gone through does not allow you to admit you are wrong, and will not allow you to admit that I am right.

            Your last two sentences were designed by Saul Alinsky as an arguing technique which is nothing more than a mirroring of my statements… A form of deflection designed to send me out to prove my points (which I have already done) and deflect you away from disproving my points or proving your points (neither of which you have facts to support your statements.)

            I am sorry, but you really need to watch the above video again…

            At :30 seconds Yuri describes what has happened to you.
            At 2:46 seconds he describes what will happen to you as soon as Communism is in place.

            If you truly are ExGOP, you are a testament to the effectiveness of ideological subversion, and a warning to all of us that we can no longer ignore the Lefts agenda..

          • I would turn it around. You believe only good things about capitalism and the ideological subversion conditioning you does not permit you to acknowledge the fundamental unfairness of capitalism.
            Why should communism be in place? That is a false assumption.

          • Sure you would think that…. But it is not true, I do not see only the good things about capitalism… I do believe that Capitalism is the best economic system on earth. It is the one that offers the most freedom, and rewards.. It is far better than the slavery of communism/socialism…

            HISTORY is on my side…. Our Constitution which supports Capitalism has produced the greatest country in the world. Even your exalted Denmark is a far cry from the United States…

            Ask yourself, why isn’t there a pure socialist Country? My answer is because pure socialism is not attainable on earth until evil (corruption) is removed from earth… Politicians entrusted by the people to distribute the wealth become corrupted by the wealth… Again, History shows this to be true… The promised utopia is unattainable without removing evil from society.

            Why do you insist on ignoring history? It has got to the the Ideological Subversion at work..

          • ” socialism is not attainable on earth until evil (corruption) is removed from earth”. . .which will never happen.

          • Which is my point exactly…

            I believe the socialist “Utopia” is a red herring that is not attainable on earth, UNTIL God returns…. That is why all attempts towards socialism will end in communism.

            I also believe there are some EVIL people feeding an unwary public lies with the ultimate goal of destroying Capitalism in the United States, and instilling some version of communism in Capitalism’s place….

          • That’s what I said, never happen.

          • Socialism wont, but Communism will…. Because…

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          • Capitalism would work great if government would stay out of it.

          • the opposite is true for the mass of people. We had that in place during the industrial revolution. It produced massive wealth for a few. It produce massive poverty for almost everyone else. It was the worst society in the history of our country. We have spent a century curbing it and making it prosperous for everyone, or at least a LOT more people.

          • NO, government/business collusion produced massive wealth for a few. Had the government butted out that never would have happened. It was not business that screwed us, it was government.

          • Government did nothing at the time. Yes, that is what screwed Americans. The Vanderbilts, et al, lived like kings while the people that made the money for them lived like animals. Horrible society. Government was controlled by those wealthy people and did nothing.

          • For a smart man you are unbelievably ignorant. The Vanderbilts, et. al. could not have done what they did without the government intervention and protection on their behalf. Yes, money traveled from the well heeled to government lackeys but that’s a failure of government not a failure of capitalism. government protected some of the people but not all of the people and it continues to this day. Free capitalism and the country returns to greatness again.

          • For a smart man you are unbelievably ignorant. The government did NOTHING. The government philosophy of the day was laissez faire (literally “hands off”). They allowed the “captains of industry” to do whatever they wanted. That is what Republicans of today want to go back to. Go read your history.

          • 2. You say, ” No laws will punish law abiding citizens”

            I say that gun laws punish law abiding citizens… I say that the extra $100 per gun that I purchase in CA is a punishment….

            It does not surprise me that you do not understand this. I don’t think you have ever purchased a gun nor do you want to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. But you are content with stopping me from exercising my rights…

          • I could not agree with you more! Why do you not get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against that infringement of your rights (and the right of poor people to keep and bear arms)?

          • LoL, We all know where that lawsuit would end up….

            Our system is so corrupt that we do not punish Lois Lerner, or Hillary Clinton for their crimes, yet we jail Christians for exercising their right to follow their religion….

            We are no longer a nation of laws….

          • I have no desire to prevent you from exercising your rights. Guns just shouldn’t be a right. Your claim that the $100 is punishment is silly (but maybe not). Punishment is a consequence of doing something wrong by definition. If you agree that buying a gun is wrong, then it could be considered a punishment.

          • The $100 is not a punishment, it is a blockade to the poor who need the self-protection more than most. It IS unconstitutional.

          • I’m glad you agree that MAHB001 was wrong about punishment. But your second argument is circular. If it was extremely difficult for violent people to get guns (like Europe) there would be almost no need for “protection”. You create your own problem.

          • There is no way to make it difficult for people to get guns without infringing on the rights of everybody else. The only answer to the problem of a bad (mentally ill) person with a gun is a good guy with a gun. People are still being killed by guns in ‘gun free’ Australia and the United Kingdom ( and we all know what can happen when guns are taken away by your government.

            Here’s a video that might put the numbers in perspective a bit:

          • That is a terrible statement. The bad guy with a gun will shoot the good guy 99 times out of a 100. First of all the bad guy is just going to be better with a gun. Second, he will catch the good guy by surprise. It just won’t work
            Yes, people in those countries are still being killed with a gun. BUT THE RATES ARE A FRACTION OF THE RATES IN GUN-HAPPY US. THOSE LAWS WORK!!!!! Not perfectly, but dramatically.

          • Actually, that is false. The good guy will not exposed his weapon until he has the advantage and if he doesn’t get the advantage another good guy with a gun will.

            As to your second point, while gun incidents are obviously down, crime invariably goes up. When the populave is disarmed, a knife or baseball bat works just fine for the perp who doesn’t have to fear a leveler.

          • Guns shouldn’t be a right????? Get over it, they are… The right to defend yourself should always be a right and it should not be infringed.

            In addition, the laws that you lobby for, do prevent me for exercising my rights. As well as punish me for being a gun owner.

            I live in California… Arguably one of the most unconstitutional states in the union when it comes to gun laws…

            I go through a background check for every gun I purchase… $30
            I go through a 10 day waiting period.
            I can only purchase one handgun per 30 day period.
            I have to pass a hand gun safety course $25/ 5 years
            I have to have a CA certified locking device for that gun… $10-(Thousands for a safe)

            You might say, that is not bad, Approximately $65 in penalties to purchase your first handgun… But these laws have stopped an estimated (very hard to get these statistics from the CA Government) 0.04% of the gun violence in CA. That means for every 1,000 guns purchased, CA officials caught .4 (less than 1/2) of a criminal… AND law abiding citizens were penalized $65,000 and 10 days of waiting time…

            $65,000 for .4% of a criminal stopped from owning a gun…. Now that is Government efficiency… I submit to you that the CA State is collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in fees for gun laws that have NO measurable effect on gun violence in this state.

            Now here is the kicker… You can not purchase a gun at a swap meet or out of State without going through a FFL with your purchase…

            So lets say I visit Arizona and win a hand gun give away at a NRA benefit… Whooo hooo, a free gun…

            The gun must be shipped to a CA based FFL. (I can not carry it to CA.)

            Shipping costs $50

            FFL Costs $75-$125
            Background check $30
            CA locking device $10
            Handgun safety course $25
            Thirty day waiting period —- (included in FFL costs)

            Grand Total: $190-$240 for a FREE GUN!

            Again, these laws have had zero measurable effect on gun violence or gun deaths…

            Yes, this is a penalty on law abiding citizens. No other way to look at it. In fact, Several liberals have said, “if they want their guns, let them pay for them….”

          • Guns are a right, that is wrong.

          • Not if you believe in the Declaration of Independence it isn’t. You do believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness I presume?

          • And we can do that MUCH better without guns.

          • No, we cannot.

          • Not in the United States…. Not while we are still protected by the Constitution.

            Protecting yourself is a right, is that wrong also?

          • But we can protect ourselves by taking the guns away from violent people.

          • No, you cannot.

          • That is currently being done with the laws on the books…

          • Who told you that? Some idiot? Of course it isn’t being done. There are violent people killing with guns daily. There are almost ten thousand homicide deaths and another 800 accidental deaths by guns. That is NOT currently being done with the laws on the books. In fact there are no background checks to see if a person is mentally disturbed, a felon, etc.

          • I am not an idiot…. If you are a felon, (proven violent person) you can not own a gun. There are many laws on the books that remove guns from violent people… There are other laws that create gun safe zones…

            Are they being enforced properly? Not by the liberal judges…

            Just how do you propose to label the violent people violent? Just when did any one of the mass shooters become mentally disturbed and violent? Just when are you going to remove their right to keep and bear arms? Who is going to be the judge? Who is going to make that decision?

            Are you proposing taking away all guns?

            You might be surprised to find out that the organization that has resisted and thus far succeeded in keeping mental records from background checks is the uber liberal ACLU…. They are the ones that insisted on keeping those files private….

          • Not all felons are violent and the rule is unconstitutional. It should be abolished.

          • 3. You are kidding right???? what nonsense… First off, they were not slaves, they worked and got paid.. Second, it is ludicrous to think their only other option was to pimp out their family…

            Currently we spend around 50% of what we make on to Government in the form of taxes and fees. (here in Taxifornia) I would call that 50% slavery…

            4. Have you been to Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Etc… I simply do not believe that their middle class and lower is any better off than ours… If you look at the socialist, I mean communist states…. They put up walls to keep their slaves, I mean people in….

            Look deeper into the data that you are receiving…

            5. You are wrong, pure Capitalism does not produce slaves… I view the two on opposite sides of a slide bar. On one side, Socialism (you own nothing) on the other Capitalism (you own what you make)

            Socialism——————–market socialism——————————-Capitalism

            Let me pull up the definitions again…

            “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit”

            “a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles”

            So the astute free thinking individual would see that unfettered Capitalism IS a free competitive market system motivated by profit.

            And that same astute individual would realize that “market socialism, or Crony Capitalism” is just a word ploy to cover up the collusion of Big Business and Socialist Politicians, who want control of the means of production and distribution.

            In other words… your “Market Socialism is just another word for Crony Capitalism and is socialism edging its way into Capitalism…

            The only reason someone would want to live under market socialism is if they do not think they can produce as much as someone else…. They simply want to give their efforts to the collective, and live off the collective… That is not freedom, that is slavery…

          • 3. A slave is someone who has little or no choice. The workers of the industrial revolution had no choices. Mine workers were “paid” but so little that they were always in debt to the company store. Remember the song 16 tons? “Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to the company store.” It was true.
            Capitalism without conscience and government oversight produces incredible wealth to the few (Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Mellons, etc.) and massive poverty to the rest. That is history.
            I have been to Germany. Their lower class is better off than ours and their middle class is as well off and MUCH bigger. Germany, Great Britain, Norway have no walls. You are changing the subject to pure communism which no one advocates, just as no thinking person advocates pure capitalism.
            Note that capitalism has no concept of fairness. That is its great weakness and the reason it produces massive poverty on the slaves that earn the money for the rich. It needs a government with a concept of fairness to harness the energy of capitalism for the good of the entire nation, not just the capitalists.

          • If unions would simply stay out of politics, they would still be viable today. They won’t, they aren’t.

          • Politics has nothing to do with the demise of unions, except that their influence actually did damage them. The passage of OSHA, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, etc., has made them much less important and in fact has led to their demise. You are partly right.

            Do you believe businesses should stay out of politics?

          • I believe that business owners have a right to defend their companies. If a proposed law is going to adversely affect a business or business segment then they should have the same right as any other citizen to be heard and lawyers are how we do that. Bribery is and should be illegal.

          • Buy you seem to feel that working people should not do the same.

          • Of course they should do the same. WTF?

          • Are you talking about the current debtors prison being created by big governments spending and the mounting U.S. Debt? Because we sure didn’t have a choice there did we?

            Or the Government controlled student loans for an education? They didn’t have a choice there did they??? Who are those young adults slaves to, other than Big Government….

            The Vanderbilt’s, Carnegie’s, Mellon’s, etc, are responsible for creating countless millionaires.. That sounds compassionate to me… Ford paid his employees above average to keep them… It seems you view the dark and evil side of Capitalism, yet ignore the dark and eviler side of socialism……

            Not true, Capitalism is based on fairness, just like your socialism…. They are just based on two different views of fairness. So because “fairness” is relative to each system, it is not an accurate measurement.

            A far better measurement is how the people fare within each system… As I stated before, there is a slide bar with socialism on the left and capitalism on the right. If you graph the well being of people on the same graph you will see that the poor in communists countries like Russia, North Korea, China, are far worse off than those in America… In fact, the poor in America are far better off than the poor in any other Country….

            I believe you emphasize the metrics of measurement that make your point and ignore the metrics that don’t… When you look at the overall metrics, even the Mine workers were paid more in the United States than the mine workers were paid in China…..

            How can you make a comment that “Capitalism produces massive poverty” when you advocate for socialism that produces greater poverty, and has far less freedom and opportunity?

            Check out this article on Capitalism vs. Socialism….


          • Not countless millionaires. A few dozen. Out of hundreds of millions of Americans
            Not true that capitalism is built on fairness.
            I agree that the measure is how people fare under each system. Read Upton Sinclair’s
            THE JUNGLE to see how people fared under capitalism. Communist countries likewise. It is the combination of the energy of capitalism tempered with the conscience of socialism that produces really good societies.
            The reason that the poor in America are better off than the poor of the other countries is because we have socialized our capitalist system. It is not pure capitalism any more.

          • Dude, do a google search… 273 scraped their way to millionaire status in the LAST YEAR, out of 400, that is a pretty good statistic, and directly debunks your few dozen statement…..

            And you didn’t read the article did you… You are told not to believe anything a conservative says, and you blindly follow your handlers instructions without question… That is how they control you…..

            I have not read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”

            My point is, History shows us that Socialism always leads to Communism…. Your countries that have the energy of capitalism are being weighed down by the conscience of socialism. ALL are to the LEFT of Capitalism, ALL are to the LEFT of the United States. And all will end up under the slavery of Communism…. We are ALL heading the way of Greece, including America….

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            This statement is as true today as it was when Lenin said it… The Socialists like 0bama and Hillary know this. However, they do not want you to know it…

            It has also been said by Nikita Khrushchev that: “We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.” (this quote is STILL unverified)

            You know what, who cares if it is verified or not…. Regardless of who generated this quote, it is the truth…. Currently, the only true difference between us and the Russians of old is that we still have our guns……… Think about this, who is slowly but surely fighting to take our guns away? Kind of sounds like small doses of communism, and small chipping away of the second amendment are similar eh…

          • That was Lenin’s goal. You falsely attribute it to everyone.
            273 millionaires last year out of 300 million people. NOT a good statistic.

            No socialism doesn’t always lead to communism. History says just the opposite. THere have been many socialist countries that did not turn communist. Why did you say that? Do you just make things up.

          • LOL,,, OK baby socialist…. How many millionaires were created in socialists or Communist countries in the same time frame?

            You act as if it you were born with the right to become a millionaire… At this point there are no good statistics unless the come from your handlers.

            So…. You deny that Stalin and Lenin used socialists and socialism to instill communism in the Soviet Union????

            I just don’t understand your alternate history and form of reality….

            You said, “Not countless millionaires. Just a few dozen.” at the time I thought we were talking about throughout history, so I showed you an irrefutable number where Capitalism created 22.75 “DOZEN” in just one year… This completely debunked your statements and yet you say that is not good enough….

            WTFO???? Nothing will be good enough for you, as even with a preponderance of evidence, you will not be able to see the truth….

            Just like the video said…

            Alright, please provide the “MANY” socialist countries that have not fallen to communism… Provide your proof that history shows just the opposite….

          • There is no such thing as a socialist country.

    • Trump is a clown. The people are seeing it and his numbers are dropping. How soon will he drop out. He is in it only for his ego.

      • Hillary is a liar.
        Sanders is a Socialist.
        All Democrat offerings are old white privileged elite politicians….

        And you are worried about Republicans choices?

        • Actually, I’m not worried about Republican choices. There is none that can win. Even the Republican donors (Koch brothers et al) are closing their checkbooks to the current crop.

          • Which leads me to another point…

            Both parties are now controlled by liberal elites… Boehner and McConnell are just liberals spies in conservative clothing… They are proof that agenda item number 15. from the book “the Naked Communist” has been completed.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            Liberals have adopted and are following the entire list, but it is now obvious that Liberals control both political parties…… They also control the MEDIA, schools, courts, Unions and Presidency..

            Us common folk Americans assume that Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest….

            What happens when the Republicans and Democrats are one in the same???? Who is keeping whom honest?

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            Do you really think that the election will be left up to us? Do you really think your vote will be counted????

            I believe the choice has been made, and all of us are going to be disenfranchised.

          • I find it odd that Stalin is the source you rely on for accurate knowledge. The rest of us don’t.

          • It is not STALIN…. It is history…. I am not using them for facts as much as a warning of things to come if we do not unite, recognize and fight the corruption within our Government.

            I find it horrifying just how many of Stalin and Lenin’s quote, the Liberal Democrats (Politicians on both sides really) of today are following…. Just go to and look up the stalin and lenin quotes….

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

            The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.

            It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.

            Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.

            The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

            One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

            These quotes show the undeniable similarities between two EVIL Communist dictators, responsible for killing millions of humans, and our current elite Politicians, on both sides, but specifically those in control of the Left……

            That scares the hell out of me….

            You should realize that the socialist UTOPIA is not attainable on earth, but the Communist dictatorships are….

          • There is not similarity. You are imagining things. Truly the first is correct. Listen to the conservatives on this site. They spout lies, assuming that if they say them enough they will be accepted as truth.
            There is no such thing as a capitalist utopia, except for the very wealthy 1%.

          • There you go, proving my points again…

            You are incapable of accepting the truth even though a preponderance of evidence proves your wrong…

            You are incapable of seeing the similarities between Lenin and Stalins comments and our very own politicians ACTIONS, because those similarities say something extremely evil about your ideology…

            It says, perhaps those liberals in control of the Democrat party is lying to you. We know they are capable of lying, but to you???? How dare they, promise utopia and deliver communism…..

            Your handlers have told you that everything a conservative says is a lie, and you believe it without question….

            I have backed up every point I have made with facts, yet you accept none of them…

            Just like the video says… You are incapable of believing anything other than what your handlers tell you to believe. It is as if you can not think for yourself….

            You are correct, there is no such thing as a capitalist utopia… I never said there was one…

            What I said was that the Utopia promised by your handlers is not attainable because evil exists here on earth….

            I shall say a prayer for you today. As if your handlers are successful at getting a majority of the American people to reject Capitalism and seek socialism, the communism that ensues will not be kind to either one of us….

            I will die resisting the slavery of socialism…. Your handlers will put a bullet in your brain rather than listen to you whine about the fact that they delivered communism rather than the socialism (utopia) that they promised you….. They will simply kill all the opposition…… Just like history has show us….

          • Many Americans have died to shed us of the worst slavery of capitalism. It is now a decent mix of capitalism and socialism making us a very good country. You continue to believe socialism is all bad. Only the extreme form of socialism (communism). The combinations of the best parts of capitalism and socialism is the best. You refuse to accept the horror of uncontrolled capitalism. Our nation experienced that and it was a horror for everyone except the Vanderbilts, Carnegies, etc.

          • Oh my ExGOP lying friend.. (You are not Ex GOP)

            I am curious as to what you think you mean by your first comment. “Many Americans have died to shed us of the worst slavery of capitalism.” This seems like an aweful desperate statement that is not logical.

            Socialism is bad…. During 0bama’s reign, he has moved the Country towards socialism/slavery. More people are unemployed than any other time in our History, More people are on food stamps, the average wage has dropped $2,500/ per year for the middle class, all irrefutable stats obtained by 0bama….

            While 0bama and his administration have been lying to the American people to move the Country towards socialism, a RECORD, 70% of the American People believe the Country is going in the WRONG direction…

            That WRONG direction is towards Socialism… The direction that the American People want to move is towards individual freedom and Capitalism…

          • I don’t know who “the rest of us” are but it would be instructive to learn who you “rely on for accurate knowledge”. Given the inaccuracies in your posts, I’m not expecting a reliable source.

          • If you think the Democrats and Republicans in the Congress are working together, you are clearly in a different universe of wild imagination. Get real.

          • If Congress is controlled by Republicans, why has Boehner refused to impeach 0bama for his lies?
            Why did conservatives in congress cough up the budget without a fight?
            Why did key Republicans undermine and betray the Tea Party, at crucial and critical times?

            These are NOT actions of true conservatives… These spies have folded and given the liberals in charge exactly what they wanted at KEY times in 0bama’s reign of power.

            Some are NOT so obvious, others are clear as daylight… Like the closed door Boehner negotiations that happened this week with the debt limits, defunding planned parenthood, and budget…

            Congress has refused to use the power of the purse, and folded to 0bama on every front.

            Those are the actions of liberals controlling the Republican party…. Again, reality smacks us in the face, yet you can not see it….

          • First question: Not only Boehner, but NO Republican has offered a bill of impeachment. The reason: There is no impeachable offense. It is in your imagination.
            They coughed up a budget because that is what they are there for.
            The Tea party SHOULD be betrayed, since the continually try to betray the country.
            What you describe is a well functioning government as the founders designed it–compromise. the Tea Party has no idea of Americanism.

          • Just google the impeachable offenses..

            0bama lying to the American people about 0bamacare is enough for me.
            His lies to cover up Benghazi is also enough to start the impeachment process.

            You know nothing about the Tea Party, all that you have been told is a lie.

            Try to understand, that I am trying to help you.

          • I did google the impeachable offenses. None apply to Obama. If there is one, find a congressman to introduce a bill of impeachment or shut up. The smart people aren’t filing suit because there is no basis and even the dumbest Tea Party congressman is smart enough to know that.
            I was told the Tea Party is obsessed with taxes. They told me that. Tell me that is wrong.

          • Articles on 0bama’s impeachable offenses…. How many do you want???? The only reason he has not been impeached is because liberals control both political parties….

            Are you telling me that you read through all these articles and determined that there is nothing in your “Expert Troll” opinion that is impeachable…




          • These are irrelevant. The question is why NO REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN has introduced a bill of impeachment. It is because they know that the sites you mentioned are silly.

          • They are not irrelevant… They are reasons for impeachment…

            The reason why no republican congressman has introduced a bill of impeachment is because 0bama and the left control both political parties….

            Boehner was under 0bama’s control. Boehner is a liberal in conservative clothing…

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            Boehner was proof that the liberals controlled the Republican party as well.

    • Actually, that is not true. I have heard this claim quite often, but do some real historical research on your own, and that doesn’t include right wing propaganda websites and books.

  2. To the author,
    The socialists in control of the Democrats and Republicans use evil to break down America’s institutions, with the intent to instill socialism/communism.

    They know full and well that socialism will fall to communism when evil is present in this world. That has been their plan all along…

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And george soros got it all started. HE calls EVERY shot!

      • Soros is the one pulling the strings….

        • and WHAT is his end game?

          who is he putting in for Obama?

          I don’t even know why you guys even bother to vote if your so convinced a guy who is barely rich, can control the US government.

          we are in big trouble if the REALLY rich ones get involved.
          OH WAIT they already are.

          • Reality,
            I notice you are not weighing in on the gun issue itself.

          • sensible gun control is necessary.
            close all the loopholes, register and training.

            simple, but still too much for the gun nut right to accept.

            for some reason they like to pretend there are no loopholes
            and that any regulation is too much regulation.


          • What do you not understand about the 2nd Amendment? “. . .the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. It’s pretty clear, your laws and rules and regulations and limitations and exception are unconstitutional. PERIOD! Large weapons should be kept in States’/communities’ armories where they are available to the people when needed to suppress an out of control government.

          • Reality,
            Ever see a gun kill anyone unless a human is using it for that purpose? Get real and get on the band wagon to fix the people. That will take a lot of effort but and it will never eradicate all shootings. People are people. But it can reduce many of them.
            Besides that, the Second Amendment is a Constitutional right. It is quite simple and complete in what it says.
            Since what you suggest is already in use what else along that line of thinking can be doe. This last shooter was not judged to be insane and legally bought the gun by passing the background cheek. He also used a handgun as many people like him have done. No fully automatic rifle has been used in any of these killings. Only two involved semi-automatic rifles but they also had other weapons they could have used. The rest used some other weapon, such as a shotgun. So just what weapons can we justify in banning?

          • You can’t kill 20 kindergartners in 30 seconds with a handgun.

            There are so many loopholes in the system, why do conservatives keep ignoring that?

            ANS until 2008 Supreme Court ruling, the Second Amendment has never been interpreted as, “let’s everyone get a gun and defend our Castle”

            The fact that we can’t even get ourselves to limit hundred round magazines is pretty pathetic.

            The only reason any one needs a 100 round magazine is to slaughter as many people, in as short a time as possible

          • Reality,
            Lanza used a semi-automatic rifle. As I recall, he had more than one clip for the weapon. So where did he get the weapon? Did he pass a background check? Where was the failure? Was it any specific law? Would any law have prevented the shooting? The answers to all of these questions are negative. Can we blame Lanza? Hardly. He had mental issues big time. He could not have passed a background check for a water gun.
            You see, we focus on the one thing that is not at fault. Yet we ignore what is at fault. and that is my point. It is a people issue and not a weapons issue. Any kind of weapon can be used in a killing. Of course, not as many are killed. But I personally do not distinguish one from 20. Killings are tragic no matter how many died. This latest one was two. That is two too many. We can make reductions by helping the people to not commit such crimes or remove them from society so that they cannot kill people. That is what happened in Colorado and Arizona.

          • Which a perp can’t do if people around him are armed. That’s the beauty of concealed carry.

          • the left would be MORE THAN HAPPY if every gun owner was trained and registered.

            that is hardly what the right is going to let happen

          • The left are nothing more than idiots that cannot think for themselves.

          • Un, no, Unreal, the Left would NOT be happy “if every gun owner was trained and registered.” The ultimate goal is total confiscation. Apparently you are blissfully ignorant that Senator Frankenstein let the cat out of the bag when she said, “If I had the power I’d say ‘Turn ’em all in, Mr. & Mrs. America.'”

            You are so right that the Right is not going to let that happen. Many of us would simply defy any such law, as the gun owners in Connecticut and New York have done en masse.

          • so now the moron righty fool is now speaking for the left?

            I will doubt the moron can offer proof of this.
            you will tap dance, bob and weave or BAIL.

          • No, Unreal, I do not speak for either the left or the right, considering that I am a libertarian. You, however, seem to consistently speak for the Stalinist left.

            Really, it is not my fault that you are so blissfully ignorant on a subject about which you so endlessly spout in your mindless posts.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            the left would be MORE THAN HAPPY if every conservative was trained like a little puppy and didn’t shit on the constitution.

          • Or protect him or her self from those who would do us harm.

            But the truth doesn’t fit the talking points, does it?

          • how does the silly right wing nut job go from banning 100 round mags to your ability to protect yourself is now limited.

          • “the silly right wing nut job” Wow! you surely put me in my place. I could never compete with that kind of intellectual prowess, so I won’t bother explaining.

          • You finally said something intelligent.

          • Thank you, Paul. Coming from you, that’s quite a complement. I’m sure I’ll sleep better tonight!

          • How many rifles with 100 mags are used in crimes? Rifles for the most part aren’t used in crimes, handguns are, illegal ones.

          • A mag which can accommodate 100 rounds would seem to be rather large and unwieldy. You seem, Unreal, to be exaggerating just a bit. However, if your home is being invaded by a number of criminals you might well need that many bullets to fend them all off. Each shot is not going to bring down a perp. Well, at least not for most of us. However, maybe you expert crack shots can make each bullet count.

          • Bud thinks life is an “action movie”

            unfortunately for Bud, FACTS tell a different story.

            “Having a gun in your home significantly increases your risk of death — and that of your spouse and children.

            And it doesn’t matter how the guns are stored or what type or how many guns you own.

            If you have a gun, everybody in your home is more likely than your non-gun-owning neighbors and their families to die in a gun-related accident, suicide or homicide.

            Furthermore, there is no credible evidence that having a gun in your house reduces your risk of being a
            victim of a crime. Nor does it reduce your risk of being injured during a home break-in.”



            I await your LINKS of rebuttal.
            keep your flapping gums to yourself.
            they are ignorant.

          • Sorry, Unreal, but those of us who are informed do not swallow your lib big lie anti-gun talking points. We’ve seen those claims over and over, and they are a hoot.

            Every month I read of some of those instances in which having a gun in the home “reduces….risk of being a victim of a crime……[and] reduce your risk of being injured during a home invasion.” One of my favorite magazines, America’s 1st Freedom, has a page called “Armed Citizen” which covers a few such instances. Each incident covered is sourced. However, you would discount all the reports because they are covered by an NRA magazine. Your loss, not mine.

          • The liberal posts links, the silly con continues to flap his gums.

          • Unreal. Yes, the liberal posts links to other liberals who agree. It’s like the awards shows where liberals tell each other how awesome they are.

          • I don’t see you posting links to ANYTHING

          • I’ve told you and several other liberals that I am not going to be your personal researcher. I do a lot of reading, and I will not waste my time going back to see where I read something. Do your own damn reading.

          • ya, that is what people WHO LIE on the internet say all the time.

            I fully understand that your reality is a house of cards and you can’t prove squat.

          • Ya, that is what people who are too lazy to do their own research say. It is much easier to accuse someone else of LYING.
            C’est la vie. I still will not do your research for you. I have better things to do with my limited and valuable time.

          • That’s fine. Then the homeowner needs to evaluate the risk/reward of having weapons in the home and make an informed decision. For me, I teach my kids/grandkids firearm handling/safety, take them to the range and hunting and ensure that all weapons in the home are locked up or are on my person.

          • I guess the con missed the part about your gran kids being more likely to be killed by them.

            cons very were too good at things like math, statistics, logic.

            they go with Rush Limbaugh for advice.

          • That’s up to the gun owner. People die and that’s sad but it does not mean that we should amend the Constitution or take away people’s ability to defend their lives. It sucks for sure but it is the price we pay for liberty.

          • “People die and that’s sad but it does not mean that we should amend the
            Constitution or take away people’s ability to defend their lives.”

            well Paul, if you were not obsessed with HATE Media, you might be aware of the facts.

            no one IS AMENDING the Constitution, not too well informed conservative.
            try getting better informed.
            being a lying con terrorist, is bad for America,

          • What do you not understand about ‘shall not be infringed’? You assholes infringe it every day in places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc.

          • what part of
            “no one IS AMENDING the Constitution, not too well informed conservative.”

            the Constitution allows for states to set their own laws.

            a Constitution hugging con like YOU should know that.

            I see Paul is not as well informed about the Constitution as he would like to PRETEND.

          • Please show me in the Constitution where ‘shall not be infringed’ is amended.

          • what part of
            “IT’S NOT BEING AMENDED”
            is hard for you to understand?

            not to mention,
            that IF it was amended, the Constitution would already reflect THAT, so…….

          • What part of ANY law, rule, regulation or registration DOES amend the 2nd by its very nature don’t YOU understand?

          • why is the con unaware that until 2008, gun rights were VERY DIFFERENT.

            you cons have short memories (conveniently)

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Paul’s asleep at night when his house gets broken into. He tells the perps to hold on so he can go to his locked gun safe and get his firearms. Of course, the perps comply. Paul’s asleep and all of a sudden, he feels the end of gun at his face…so he reaches for the gun on his person and he his cantaloupe head is sprayed all over his pillow.

          • Sandy Hook was Adam Lanza’s mother’s fault because she let her son have access to her weapons. Again, what loopholes? High cap mags are a convenience because you don’t have to reload so often at the range, and limiting capacities will do nothing.

          • ISIS can enslave two hundred school girls and slater a whole town without guns! Imagine what the Cartel can do without Guns!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey dumb fucking shit, ever see any inanimate object kill someone unless a human is using it for that purpose? You have no common sense and your “argument” is wholly invalid.

          • Stupid,
            I am glad you understand what I wrote. I am also glad to see you are such a nice guy.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Good, you can finally see clearly, there may be hope for after all. Pray you have the right God, because mine says you don’t and you’ll likely go to hell. St. Peter can be one “hell” of a bouncer in not letting sinners in.

          • Stupid,
            Your foul language does not convince me that you even have a God. Mine is found in the Bible.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            See, there you go again…making ASSumptions. You believe in the wrong Bible and will be going to hell. Have fun burning for eternity!

          • Stupid,
            Since I am a Protestant I use the many Protestant Bibles on the market. I have also had Hebrew and Greek. So I know what the Bible says. I am also a historian who knows the background of the Bible quite well.
            I specifically said that based on your foul language I am not convinced of your claim. Now you are assuming that I am going to hell and for eternity. Speaking of assumptions…….

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Assuming you have the right god, naughty, naughty, you also lie, God just told me! So…you’re going to hell!

          • Stupid,
            If assumptions are going to send me to hell, you are now well on your way also. However, I have in writing that I am not going to hell. You see, I did what Jesus told me I had to do so I did it.
            Now tell me what I lied about? I am a historian by education and practice. I do know the Bible. I do know Hebrew. I do know Greek. I do use the original language documents in order to fully understand what God’s word had to say to the people for which it was written. I took Jesus at His word when He spoke to Nicodemus in the gospel of John, chapter 3.. I did what He told Nicodemus to do. John clarified that in I John chapter 5 so that I understood it completely.
            So, what else do I need to do, according to you?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Convert from your fake Christian God and accept Allah as your true savior. See, you got it all wrong…you’ve been looking in the wrong book all along; the Bible and need to turn to the Koran for eternal salvation. Besides that, your interpretation of the Christian Bible is incorrect and for that alone you will burn for eternity in the bowels of HELL!

          • Stupid,
            Now I understand you. Since Jesus did exist and Allah does not, I’ll take my chances with Jesus. Besides, I do not interpret the Bible. I read it and believe what it says. That comes from many long years of research.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Jesus never existed, but Allah lives in everyone’s hearts and always has, therefore, you are mistaken and will not go to heaven, but instead be relegated to wherever you fools go to sit and ponder all your mistaken assumptions. Have a great time!

          • Stupid,
            Jesus most certainly did exist. Remember, I said I was a historian. I go on facts. The Jewish historian, Josephus. specifically mentions Jesus in his history. Two Roman historical writers, Tacitus and Suetonius, wrote about Jesus and Christians.
            Furthermore, I have read the Koran thoroughly as a result of many years of digesting it after I took a course in college on Middle East history from a Muslim professor. I am sure you are not interested in my assessment of the Koran.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            No, not interested, because you are the definition of a liar. Allah Bless Amerika and fuck Christians in hell.

          • Stupid,
            I gave you specifics of the fact that Jesus did exist. Your crude response tells me that you cannot reciprocate. Nuff said.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            F A I T H

          • Stupid,
            I have that also. Notice that I do not condemn you to anywhere. You go there of your own free choice. I cannot condemn you nor send you anywhere. Aren’t you glad? Besides, I would not do that anyway.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I am so glad Jerry!

          • Stupid,
            When I compare the negative concept of our choice and I compare the the positive concept of my choice, I will take mine any day over yours. Lots of luck, sir.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re the one who will need “lots of luck.” Reread this passage of your ignorant statement:
            When I compare the negative concept of “our choice” and I compare the the positive concept of my choice, I will take mine any day over yours. Lots of luck, sir.

          • Stupid,
            The “our” is a typo. It should be “your”. Sorry.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You should be…the whole bible is a typo! However, the Koran is the true word of your Christian god.

          • Stupid,
            Now aren’t you a nice guy? Ever make typo? I do it at times like anyone else. Without getting into a comparison, let me say that I found the Koran to be very negative and very violent in part. I do not find that in the New Testament, on which Christianity is based. as such, I find the Koran, quite frankly, very dissatisfying. My idea of life simply does not conform to an ideal that is as violent as the Koran portrays itself.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            A typo, yea right…nice try to cover up your stupidity.

          • Stupid,
            I am not the one with stupid as a part of my identity. and, of course, you have never made a typo. IF BS was music, you would be a brass band.

          • What loopholes? Name one. The gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t obey the laws, and 99.9% of all gun crime is with illegal weapons.

          • Guns aren’t illegal. Only the user is evil and the only defense against an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun.

          • amen amen paul sad when people cant see what the gov is trying to do to us in this evil world. .

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Paul, you are one dim witted motherfucker!

          • We are talking about gun deaths, ignorant human

          • Gun deaths that are mostly in places that have the toughest gun laws? Those deaths? You also didn’t answer my question, what loopholes?

          • What Unreal is referring to as “loopholes” is undoubtedly the fact that private sales between individuals do not require a background check. THAT is the so-called “gun show loophole.” If my neighbor has a weapon he wishes to sell, and I wish to buy it, we can simply make a private transaction. He wants to require that those be government-approved, and he wants a register of all gun owners and what guns they own. Makes later confiscation SO much easier for the nascent nazi state.

          • I’ve made two private sales to my friends who passed state and FBI background checks in the past. If I sell a gun to a felon who uses it in a crime, they can trace the serial number back to me and I will be charged along with the perp, not exactly a loophole.
            There is no “gun show loophole.” When you buy a gun at a gun show, you still have to get an FBI and state background check, and if you’re a former felon trying to purchase a weapon, there are several state policemen on the premises that will escort you to jail. But!! The myths go on!!

          • A private sale does not require a background check. A private sale is not illegal, and you cannot be charged for a crime someone else committed with that weapon.

            If you want to go through the red tape and expense of the background check in making a private sale, more power to you. It is not required, however.

            Yes, I am aware that there is no “gun show loophole.” Reading my post would have confirmed that.

          • You would be well advised to keep a record of the signed sales/transfer transaction along with a copy of the driver’s license. That way you have proof that the weapon was sold (and that you aren’t the perp) should it be used to commit a crime. . .and you want to keep that documentation under lock and key until presented with a warrant from a judge.

          • Probably very good advice. Especially considering how circumstantial evidence can be used to convict you.

          • ” Makes later confiscation SO much easier for the nascent nazi state.”

            Does the moron really think that the government doesn’t know who they are?

            And that your little handgun is gonna not save your ass from a squad of Marines?

            Are you really that stupid.?
            I take that back.
            I know the answer

          • Do you, unreal, really think the government DOES “know who they are”? If the nascent nazi state knew, they would not be so hellbent on establishing gun registration.

            Are you really that stupid?
            I take that back.
            I know the answer.

          • check. y the name calling . just because u two dont agree

          • No because your freaking idiot.
            What you said is bizarre.
            What you said is so far out of reality, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

          • reality thank God only thing i care to call u is bless . have a blessed nite

          • Correct you ignorant ass.You have to have the mental capacity to understand that the murders are being commited by leftists criminals. Not law abiding people. You make the most IGNORANT statements.

          • Gee Keith,
            I think the con is ASSuming too much again..
            Mac above said 99% of gun crime is illegal weapons.
            of course THAT is a LIE.

            but we are talking about gun DEATHS which is vastly different.

            even a conservative would be aware of that difference.La abiding people take a gun and kill their family.
            law abiding people “go postal”
            law abiding people commit suicide.

            try thinking out of your little box

          • You have no idea, Unreal, what percentage of guns used in crimes are illegal weapons. It could very well be 99%, or it could be somewhat lower. At this point, what difference does it make? Gun laws do not work, as witnessed by Chicago, New York, D.C., etc. Crimes of all types decline when the population is permitted to exercise its constitutional right of self-protection.

          • If Bud was not the disingenuous conservative, he would note that the surrounding area of cities like Chicago New York and DC have lax gun laws as soon as you leave the city.

            THAT is why they are not working.

            But of course, don’t let the facts get in the way of your “agenda”

          • If Unreal was not the disingenuous liberal, he would note that the surrounding areas of cities like Chicago, New York, and DC have more lax gun laws as soon as you leave the city.

            He would also note that those surrounding area also have LOWER CRIME RATES.

            But of course, don’t let the facts get in the way of your “agenda.”

          • Bud, I would give it up when it comes to reality. Strange name for someone who knows nothing about reality. Reality cares not for truth or facts. Just here to raise feathers and name call. best bet, ignore and maybe reality will go away. Reality needs a reality check, but thats just my opinion.

          • Well, it would appear that your opinion is correct, in reality.

          • LOL now that was a good one.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Thank you for agreeing with me Jeanna Green.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It would appear so, but on closer inspection…nope.

          • Stupid Liberal, on even closer inspection…yep. Jeanna’s post was spot-on. You apparently have not inspected closely enough.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Spot on to an ignorant “person” who sees only what they want to see and ignore REALITY!

          • He really is not worth your time Keith. Some people just choose to come into blogging rooms to cause stress and to name call. Don’t think Reality is dumb so thinking just here to cause trouble and no real input of his or her own. Without any real input or helpful ideas to share. We need to work together and not as divided as Obama wants us to be, and with the help of people like Reality, he is succeeding. So my input is just ignore and with any luck, Reality will either choose to help find answers and work together or sadly just go away.

          • So criminals are leftist now?

            No bias there, right Keith.

            Bunch of ignorant fools

          • Tally it up. I guarantee you that there have been more car deaths than gun deaths. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people. If guns kill people, then mine are defective because they haven’t killed anybody.

          • Can conservatives get anymore juvenile?

          • guns do not kill. people do.

          • amen step. some are saying that being thats all they know most men will tell us anything when it comes to controlling ones. satan for ever lies and to many listen . even some of the body of christ.

          • REALITY: PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE! Mostly criminals and/or mental cases. Guns are but a tool like knives, machetes (used widely in Africa for crime), poisoned darts, spears, bludgeons, etc. etc. The Wild West was worse regarding gun crime, statistically.

          • I presume you can provide those statistics?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Paul, you comments kill me.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            People with guns kill people. Guns are an easy way to kill another human, far easier than any other method…well, except for Zyklon B. Heil God!

          • I’ve never observed a gun death. None of my guns have died.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Har har har har!!

          • I’m glad you find the truth to be such a funny matter.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “None of my guns have died.” And that’s what you consider to be the truth to you?…har, har, har.

          • It’s factual, and it’s amusing to see how Stupid Liberal Voters seem to find facts to be so hilarious. Har, har har.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You, bud are an ingrate.

          • You, Stupid, seem to have a knack for projecting your own shortcomings onto others.

          • reality . just think if man takes ones guns. it will be more killing that before what about the nuts who will be breaking in ones homes to steal, money , food and other things they may need, called home invasion . do u think about that many not able to protect themselves from the nuts out there today

          • We are talking about gun deaths and? Anti-gunners are ignorant.

          • amen amen mac. with out gov its not about the guns. or that they care about. us. just they dont want us to protect ourselves when they tried to take control of this country. so many are blinded as it is to whats really going on with our gov people need to wake up from sleep before some see its to late.

          • I will register guns when they register (ID Check Voting) to vote or at least have some type of correct ID to prove they have the right to vote. You want to know if I have the right to have a gun and I want to know if illegals are voting.

          • All states have some form of voter ID.
            37 of them are GOP controlled and you still lose elections.

            How do you explain that?

            How do you explain why no one goes to jail?
            Why no charges were ever filed/

            Is the conservative going to pretend there are no conservative representatives in the election process?
            No conservatives working at the polls?

            Your argument is so full of holes, you should be embarrassed.

            Cons are too stupid to be embarrassed

          • If I remember right, one woman was up on charges for voting 6 times for Obama in the last election, but I never heard what the out come was and did not think I would. There was also so many States including Florida and Virgina who complained that their voter booths were changing votes from Republican to Democrat at several locations. All the fake investigations is just a waist of Tax payer money.
            I have seen a pattern though. Just like the Bengazi investigation, turned out to be another botched gun running program. This is why they choose to blame a film instead of the truth, and to this day will do the same. I do not know where you live, but I know all we have to do is send in a vote without having to show anything. Even to get signed up for absent ballot, I did not have to show ID, so I don’t know why you would think ALL states have them. And Embarrassed is saved for those who attack others because they don’t like what someone has to say. I know what I read and will try to find the article about the woman who was so proud and saw nothing wrong with her voter fraud.
            And to mac12, you are right on. If criminals obeyed laws, then there would be no murders. I don’t know one criminal that wants to jump into a line to tell the Government what and how many guns they have under their beds. I don’t see why the left thinks criminals will change their ways just because the Democrats want them to follow another law. Could not follow the laws already on the books, so why do the left think another law would be any different? They don’t, they just use it as an excuse to attack and try to take away our guns, laws, and freedoms that the Constitution allows us and that they swore to protect. Failed on that graded issue. Another F for Socialism, Communism, and Obama

          • Remember the people who reported that ACORN threatened them if they didn’t vote for Odumbo? And the DEAD voters? Yep, I agree with you, and I remember this woman but I can’t recall what happened to her. You are so Right on this.

          • Yes, she was a Democrat poll worker in Cincinnati I believe. She outright said she didn’t feel she had done anything wrong. And yet when that is brought up in a discussion most liberals will outright deny that it even occurred.

          • “Remember the people who reported that ACORN threatened them if they didn’t vote for Odumbo?”


            Acorn did for the registration.
            What do they threaten them with you silly freaking human?

            I cannot believe you people believe this crap.

            You’re all bad Americans

          • Uh-oh!
            You did it again!
            Stop referring to God. He doesn’t exist to you!!!
            (Or have you had an Epiphany?)

          • I just saw an article today which mentioned a number of problems in Ohio. After their close losses in 2000 the Democrats apparently determined that it would never happen again and have doubled and tripled down on their voting fraud.

          • Yes yes that is correct.
            That is the ONE case in the last five elections, that everyone points to.

            300 million votes cast, ONE CASE OF VOTER FRAUD.

            Not really a smoking gun.

          • Problem is when there is proof even if only one case, WHICH IT IS NOT, it is still considered voter fraud. Please tell me reality that you are not one of those that say well all Politicians lie so whats the big deal. Voter fraud is a crime but it seems to me that that does not matter to you since like you said, its only one case. I say if your a liar, thief, law breaker and yes that includes Illegals, than you are not someone to look up to and should never represent any American. I try to raise my children, now grown, and now helping with grandchildren with the words “You treat people the way you want to be treated. Well I do not steal, lie, but I have j-walk sometimes. But when it comes to the most important thing such as our Vote, then I take that very serious. I know that it was WAY more than just the one you want to acknowledge, but to me that is one to many. How many before you think its a problem. I don’t take my vote lightly and its sad that others feel its exceptable to steal, lie, cheat, and yes even voter fraud.

          • It isn’t the GOP that have control. It the stupid electoral college. No matter how the votes are going, the electoral college has the last say even if the person is leading. If the electoral college likes the other person running then that is the person that will win.

          • I’m sure there was a point there somewhere Karen,
            maybe you would like to make it.

            Maybe you should read up on the electoral college a little more.
            I get this feeling you’re about to go off into Lala land.

          • Wow, it’s UNREAL. You finally made a post here which has some common sense in it.

          • Well then I’ll be joining YOU! lol

          • Oh, good grief. The Electoral College votes for the candidate in each state which carried that state. There have been extremely few instances where that has not occurred, and it’s never been enough to change an election.
            Apparently you are unaware that when you cast a vote for president you are actually voting the THAT CANDIDATE’S slate of electors. The Electoral College is not just a bunch of people who decide on a whim for whom to vote.

          • Then why was it when Romney was in the lead after the electoral college got through Odumbo won? The electoral college has the final say on who wins or not.

          • Because vote fraud was carried out in enough states to switch the electoral votes for those states to the Obama column. Ohio is just one example.

          • Conservatives like to pretend there’s voter fraud to compensate for their putting forward useless candidates.

            Of course no one ever goes to jail, no voter fraud is ever proved, it’s been going on for decades, but no conservative is able to stop it, even though conservatives pretend they are the only ones with jobs.

            Funny how that is, right bud?

          • Liberals like to pretend there’s no voter fraud to cover up the fact that they engage deliberately in massive voter fraud.

            Of course few ever go to jail as the voter fraud generally comes to light only well after the fact, and frequently it is impossible to determine exactly who did it. For example, in the Democrat areas in Ohio which have 100+% registered voters for the number of eligible voters in the area, and the Democrat areas where the Democrats received Soviet-style 99% of the votes.

            Which is why, of course, that liberals are so gung-ho about fighting any laws which are aimed at ensuring that only qualified citizens are able to vote, and able to vote only one time each.

            Funny how that is, right, Unreal?

          • Romney had nowhere near the electoral college votes.
            I don’t know what you are reading but it was a landslide for Obama.

          • Are not stupid conservatives frustrating?

          • It is not even a question that stupid liberals are frustrating.
            P.S. And yet I note that you don’t dispute a word which was in my previous post. Funny how that is.

          • well your post about the Electoral college was correct.

            I was commenting on Karen the stupid con.

            apparently MORE stupid than you.
            an achievement.

          • Yes, my post on the Electoral College was correct, as have been my posts on other subjects.

            Whether or not your snarky response was meant for Karen, it was aimed at me, along with your misplaced, misguided, and ignorant vitriol.

            Karen can be forgiven for not fully understanding how the Electoral College works, given the sad state of government “education.” However, at least she does not stalk people (in my experience, so far) and accuse them of lying, etc., as you seem wont to do.

          • And, Unreal, your type is filing lawsuits and doing everything under the sun you can think of to excise any and all types of Voter ID requirements prior to the 2016 elections.
            The fact is that the Republicans WIN at the local and state levels when ID is required. The Democrats primarily win in those states with lax requirements.
            Apparently you are blissfully ignorant also of the amount of political control the Republicans now exercise across the country at the state and local levels. The relative positions of the two parties have made a dramatic switch in the past six years since your Naked Emperor was first immaculated.

          • “And, Unreal, your type is filing lawsuits and doing everything under the
            sun you can think of to excise any and all types of Voter ID
            requirements prior to the 2016 elections.”

            Oh, nice link proving that.

            I think by now you should be aware of how much you fools LIE.

          • I don’t waste my time on fools such as yourself in order to keep you abreast of all the news I’ve read. Keep up with your own news, then you won’t have to expect someone else to do your research for you.

          • I expect people to Prove outlandish claims, which is pretty much all you post.

          • I expect people to follow actual news and inform themselves. Funny how liberals refuse to do that and then expect informed people to act as their personal researchers. Sorry, my time is too valuable for that.

          • “The relative positions of the two parties have made a dramatic switch in
            the past six years since your Naked Emperor was first immaculated.”

            the right have gotten even more stupid.

            conservative states like Indiana and Louisiana are about to implode due to conservative policies, silly human.

          • Unreal, you could not be more wrong. Did you have to take a course in being wrong, or does it just come naturally to you?

          • “Louisiana is facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall.
            The funding gap is so large that state officials have warned they won’t
            be able to conduct their usual Advanced Placement tests and other types
            of assessments in schools next year. Some public colleges and
            universities might have to close and, until recently, the secretary of
            state’s office was saying it wouldn’t have enough money to run the
            presidential primary next spring. ”


            I think you are a natural idiot.

          • For the third time, Unreal, in the meantime the people who actually earned the money will get to keep a bit more of it. Adjustments can be made in many governmental departments. It’s always better to run a shortfall which must be closed by eliminating spending than to have a surplus which politicians will fritter away.

            Unreal, I don’t even have to think about it I know you are a natural idiot.

          • “A looming $2.2 billion budget deficit over the next two years could hamper Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s chances at pursuing the Republican nomination for President. Walker campaigned on further cutting income and property taxes, but even with a Republican-controlled legislature, it may be difficult to push those cuts in the wake of such a deficit.”

          • Again, Unreal, the people who actually earned the money get to keep a bit more of it. The state budget can certainly be trimmed. Probably that much could be saved by eliminating the superfluous “studies” programs from the various universities in the state system.

          • Kansas faces a $710 million budget deficit for the current fiscal year, giving ammunition to critics of Governor Sam Brownback’s controversial tax-cut plan.
            The Republican Governor has proposed raising taxes on alcohol and
            cigarettes, changing the school funding formula and delaying
            transportation projects to plug the budget hole.

          • In the meantime, the people who actually earned the money are getting to keep more of it. There is not a thing wrong with that. It’a amazing, Unreal, how you people seem to feel that everything people earn belongs to government.

          • Not every state is facing difficult budget situations. California is enjoying a $1.9 billion budget surplus under Governor Jerry Brown (D)

          • Ureal, how many billions more did California have to go into the hole since Governor Moonbeam re-entered office? It’s several. Furthermore, I certainly wouldn’t take your word for it that California has a $2 billion surplus. If that were the case the liberal fascists out there would be planning $10 billion in extra spending.

          • Oh, bullshit. What rock did you crawl out from under?

          • They’ll manage, Unreal.

          • I won’t register any guns even then. The 2nd Amendment is very clear, and government has no need to know what weapons the otherwise law-abiding have.
            (The word “otherwise” was used because many otherwise law-abiding citizens in Connecticut and New York have become “criminals” due to their refusal to obey the new gun control laws in those police states.)

          • Unreal, you people are a hoot. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? And yet you are undoubtedly in favor of free and easy voting with no ID at all required!

          • The liberals have every means at their disposal already to prevent whack-jobs and nut jobs and criminals from getting guns but they don’t prevent them from getting guns because the more gun violence there is, the more the liberals can scream for tighter gun control laws, with the ultimate aim of totally disarming the American people just as Hitler did in Germany prior to World War II! If the Liberals truly want to get illegal guns out of the hands of the criminals, especially in our inner cities, they wouldn’t have cancelled the “Stop and Frisk” policy which was extremely effective in cutting down gun violence! The Liberals, led by Barack Obama, are liars, their ultimate agenda is EVIL, and they must be voted out!

          • stop being an ignorant American.
            right wing media is making you stupid.

            “Study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks”


            “New gun report: Criminals are bypassing background checks”

            “Background checks aren’t required for gun show purchases in most states:
            The District of Columbia and 17 states require background checks for
            some or all private firearm sales but the remaining 33 states do not
            restrict private, intrastate sales of used firearms between private
            individuals, whether at gun shows or elsewhere..



          • As it should be.

          • He’s rich enough to avoid Israel’s war crimes tribulation! It’s a good thing he’ll be dead soon, God won’t let him off so lightly!

          • hang is that the reason i keep reading some place he want fihish out his second term. read several times. . ,heard several say obie got in office cause of several billionaires from those foreign countires is backing him. . thats y hes getting way with so much. . they hate the usa. sure cause of blessings from God .

          • I’m sure he’ll finish out his term, but it could be why Obummer needs that third term so desperately. Whether Sanders or Uncle Joe, I’m guessing, so they can give Hilary, and Obummer Amnesty!

          • ok thanx for sharing. . have a blessed evening.

            In a message dated 9/1/2015 10:00:28 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

            “I’m sure he’ll finish out his term, but it could be why Obummer needs that third term so desperately. Whether Sanders or Uncle Joe, I’m guessing, so they can give Hilary, and Obummer Amnesty!” (
            _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _PatriotNewsDaily_ ( mment-2229857556:Fro6OL-GZNZSN9mclLgW8GdJDNQ&variant=active&experiment=diges ts&behavior=click&post=2229857556& ail)

          • Unreal, it is not clear whom you are referring to as “barely rich.” Obama? Surely not Soros?

        • StupidConservativeValues

          You’re a dumb fuck.

          • Which string did Soros pull to get you to say that?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Which strings does he have exactly, because I’m not aware of any. You see, MAHB001, liberals think for themselves, while conservatives don’t have that cognitive ability, so you see, yours is a classic case of projection. Perhaps you could get a job in a movie theater? Just get job and stop sucking off the Blue States for your livelihood (even though sucking off is all you know).

      • Sure sign that you are a moron, when you think a moderately rich Jewish guy, is controlling the world via a Muslim that he installed in the White House.

        What’s not clear silly conservative, is how Soros orchestrated the advertisements in the newspaper in 1960, when he was neither rich nor powerful?
        Can you spin that for me so I have a complete story?

        I guess logic is not something conservatives specialize in.

        Did you know there’s a liberal in California three times richer than Soros?

        And then there’s this guy in Washington state, whose a liberal and reportedly the richest man on the planet.

        But no, it’s the Hungarian Jewish guy that Glen Beck claims is building a Jewish World Order
        (using a secret Muslim)

        God you people are stupid humans

        • You are alone in your thoughts Reality Check. No one ever gives you a thumbs up.

          • And so is the Realty Chick’s head all alone – – – in his colon.

          • You’re correct on that one friend.

          • Do you see the last line of my above post?

            I guess you just proved that.

            You really think I care about thumbs-up from a bunch of insane conservatives?

            You really are dim

          • Sadly, you continue to make my point. But it’s not too late to wake up and join the conversation instead of sniping.

            Prove us wrong. Say something that will provoke a thoughtful debate.

          • If you want to have a thoughtful debate pick a topic.

            The fact that conservatives think Soros is running America is a pretty good topic.

            Why don’t you prove George Soros is running America?

          • After all the great sources of information I listed I see you didn’t bother to research any of it, had you done what I suggested you would be expressing your gratitude to me but instead you’re still in need of a reality check. I wont give up on you though{):-)

          • I’m looking for your thoughtful input on almost every topic I’ve seen your rambling talking points on.
            Pick a topic and say something coherent.

          • I already accepted your debate challenge and you bailed

          • Me having to ‘prove’ your ridiculous claim is not a debate.

            I reject the premise that Soros is running America. He does, however, have undue influence on the barely informed U.S. population; You know, the ones who blindly vote Democrat.

            Spending money is construed as speech. As such, I support his right to disseminate his form of propaganda, while at the same time, disagree with the Progressive/Democrat agenda he espouses.

          • Soros is no more running the USA, not America, than the Coke’s. They do have undue influence. Moreso Soros.

          • He’s in control with the help of the other twelve richest around the globe! The big joke is the US citizens believe they have control of their government!

          • and the 12 richest include US conservatives moron.

          • There might be a couple disguised as conservative, but most are
            Progressive jackazzez,and not from the USA!

          • In the Koch brothers in the Waltons are screaming liberals.
            There is eight of the richest people in America right there

          • And Mexico has or had four of the richest and I mean number one, and two at the same time! Thanks to hard working social security holders and the Clintons generosity of other people’s money!

          • Look what he helped do to the Jews in Germany, with the help of his brother Hitler!

          • Soros IS A JEW you idiot.

          • So was Hitler, so what’s your point?

          • Another stupid conservative fairy tale.

            Got a link?
            Of course not.

            Your conservative

          • Common knowledge in the life of Hitler after his demise! Watch the History channel sometime, or read a book there’s other information then your progressive web site. but then progressives don’t believe history put out by those evil white men, according the new ruling elite! All of world history up to and expanding past of the American expansion is a fairy tale could be why we don’t teach American history in the class room
            ‘One nation under God” and all!

          • And?
            So what if George Soros is a Jew? A number of Jews worked even in the death camps for the Nazis in order to save their own hides.

          • There have been books written which have done just that. They followed the money trail. If you weren’t so busy running your keyboard with your regressive liberal claptrap you might have the time to check out some of them.

          • But giving me the title of one of those books was too difficult?

            That’s pretty sad

          • Sorry, Unreal, I don’t keep lists of books just to satisfy you. The titles to those books are online. It’s pretty sad that you are not familiar with them.

          • Why did the conservative chicken out on the debate?

          • There is no debate, just half truths and prattle. I don’t have time for your nonsense.

          • Yup. We’re ALL dumb except you. Blow away.

          • And you, Unreal, are really dim if most of us here are in the least interested in your retrograde liberal views. How much are you paid for each of those inane/insane posts by George Soros’ Media Matters?

          • Well Bud, this is a public service provided by ME.

            I have proved to the reading audience that you are sadly misinformed and LYING ,several times in just the past few minutes.

          • Well, Unreal, this is a public service provided by ME.

            You have proven nothing. Citing other liberals who are just as ignorant, uninformed, and misinformed as yourself does not prove anything at all.

        • “Reality” Please see my recent post, about an hour ago, addressed to you concerning exactly who controls the mass “news media”.

          • Your post had nothing to do with who CURRENTLY CONTROLS THE MEDIA.


          • The media is currently controlled by the stockholders of the media companies. Unfortunately, they have permitted committed leftists to be placed in managerial and official positions in those companies.

          • “Unfortunately, they have permitted committed leftists to be placed in managerial and official positions in those companies.”

            so that they can do there “leftist thing” contrary to their owners wishes.

            God you people are silly.
            you just make up shit and hope it sticks?

            you are a complete fool.
            stop listening to HATE media, it’s making you DIM.

            that’s why all your “talking points” are colliding.

            it’s a house of cards.

            Look at you making up shit, trying to patch up your weak argument, that somehow doesn’t even fit the evidence YOU produced.

            You’re being lied to constantly.
            Right-wing facts are wishy-washy because they’re twisting the words to fit their agenda.

            Your twisted knowledge base is the result.

          • Your lack of an actual knowledge base is the result of your being a low-info/no-info liberal.

            Your ignorance does not even have a house, not even one made of your alleged cards.

            Go out and educate yourself. The names of the leftists who have been placed in control of our media are available to you online. You can find those names, then research the political positions of each individual. I’m not going to do it for you.

        • The fly is back? Go find your cow paty and leave us alone.

        • It’s funny when Progressive/Liberals have no substantive argument, they resort to name calling and impertinent claims.

          That’s why no one takes you seriously. That’s a shame because, at some point, you just might have a valid premise we could learn from. I just don’t see it coming any time soon.

          • Well if you think Soros is controlling our government, you already have mental issues beyond anyone’s help

          • No,I don’t. However he does have undue influence.

          • And you continue to slight those with whom you disagree.

          • Of course you know I’m playing with you. You’re fun because you always fall deeper into your ignorance every time you post. I should probably stop. It’s not really fair to you.

          • Soros merely controls the people who DO control our government. Anyone who is unaware of that has mental issues beyond anyone’s help.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Go away troll bitch!!

        • No one died at Sandy Hook.

        • He started a bunch of global charities kind of like the one the Clintons molded after his.

        • A great deal of what occurred in 1960 can be summed up simply by saying Mayor Richard J. Daley. He had a regular racket going in Chicago, whereby he would withhold the Cook County vote until the Downstate Republican vote came in. He would then know by how much he needed to pad the Cook County vote in order to carry Illinois for the Democrats. That, along with some vote fraud in St. Louis, pretty much carried the presidential election that year.
          It had nothing to do with George Soros. That time.
          It is irrelevant that there are a few billionaires who are more wealthy than George Soros. He is a left-wing ideologue who is spending his vast fortune to advance his retrograde views. The others are not doing that. It really is not rocket surgery.

      • He is Obama’s puppet master, he’s a fascist, and he’s trying to destroy the United States. His most recent activities include backing the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, and paying the demonstrators in Ferguson to riot and burn down businesses! Soros should be labeled a terrorist, thrown into prison, every dollar of his wealth should be confiscated, and Obama should be impeached!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        I thought your God called every shot! Even John Wilkes Booth’s.

    • I gain a glimmer of hope each time I read a post from someone who seems the light. The truth is depressing, ignorance truly is bliss, but it won’t save us from traitors like Obama! Thanks for speaking out!


  3. God is the only one strong enough to remove evil from society and this world…..

    I suggest we all pray and return to God for answers.

    • If God would remove evil 90% of our politicians would be gone.

    • Get rid of the SANTANISTIC practice of LIBERALISM-COMMUNISM and the evil in this world will be 75% gone. In HIS own time GOD will remove it all MAHB001.

      • In the meantime, God has put us here to be light and stand for what’s right based on HIS laws and we havent done such a good job – let’s repent (change and wake up) and exercise the freedoms we still have. Vote for rigt and TRUST GOD for the outcome, not throw our hands up in despair. God bless us one and all.

        • GOD had made it MY mission to tell you fools to CHILL.

          He doesn’t give a cap and will NEVER COME.

          • Oh ye of little faith. You blaspheme God to which there is no forgiveness. You have just reserved yourself a spot in hell with the devil and his angels for what you just said. So when winter comes along you enjoy the cold while you can.

      • the ranting of the clinically insane bible hugger

    • Yeah. 2 Chronicles 7:14 — “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  4. Instead
    of focusing on background checks, we should focus on the sick society
    that gave rise to a killer like Flanagan. He was directly influenced by
    the black church murders in Charleston – See more at:

    • What loopholes are you talking about, numb nuts?

      • God you’re an ignorant human.

        If you weren’t obsessed with right wing media that like to constantly, you would probably know that you can buy gun online without background checks. That would be a hole, fool

        In many states private dealers can sell at gun shows without background checks

        That would also be a loophole, low info conservative.

    • If you’d expand your world view just a tiny bit, you’d see the issue is mental health in general. In this country, and most countries, mental health issues are stigmatized. Better left untreated than to admit there’s a problem.

      Until mental health is on a par with other illnesses, people will fall through the cracks. Some of them will be violent, and some will use guns in commission of violence.

      I hope that explains why guns are not the issue as much as untreated mental illness.

  5. Last week you conservatives were up in arms about the the veteran that was having his guns taken away BECAUSE HE WAS MENTAL.

    And you people were against the taking of guns from that mentally unstable person.

    That is contradictory to what Donald Trump is proposing.

    So can you people spell HYPOCRITE?

    • If you could read, you would know that the guns in question that were stolen were not his.

    • I don’t know that he was mentally unstable; How is it that you know this? Certainly, the V.A. is in no position to pass judgement.

      • If not the VA, then who should be making the evaluation?

        The VA would be the psychiatrists, and other health professionals that have observed the patient.

        You conservatives of course always assume everything is a conspiracy.

        I think you would be up to you to prove that part.

        The point that Donald Trump is suggesting exactly the same thing, as in,
        take the guns from mentally unstable people, and you people embrace that as a good idea because Trump said it,
        definitely makes you all hypocrites

        • Non governmental professionals.

          • AND how do you know that is not the current procedure?

          • I had someone close to me in a V.A. nursing home, they don’t use the private sector for health related services.

          • You really think what goes on in the VA nursing home, gives you a perfect glimpse of how the rest of the VA system works?

            Why do you think the people working at the VA have a vested interest in taking your guns?

        • And, no. We’ve always espoused the mental health issue, Trump is simply gaining traction with it.

          Why can’t you see that? It’s always been right in front of you!

        • Yes, we do, especially when the government has made it clear that they want to take away our weapons. What better way than to have your own people doing the evaluations?

  6. I like trump because he tells it like it is.

  7. Unless someone is hiding a time machine to take us all back several hundred years, guns are here to stay folks! And the only way they will get them is by taking them illegally and dodging some lead in the process, because they won’t be given up like Australia and Mexico and several other countries have, we have a LAW that keeps these incremental gun grabbers from stealing our right to protect our families, they have events they try to exploit, that is all they have…Think about this, if guns are so bad, why are all the politicians like Clinton, Bloomberg, the kenyan using them to protect themselves? Are they all hypocrites? Of course they are! They are power hungry criminals trying to take away our only means of defending ourselves when times get really bad as they are planning right now! Hillary doesn’t want to be potus, she wants to be queen, or king or whatever she is!

    • Lesbian in charge? Nothing against lesbians except Hillary and Rosie O’Donnell.

    • Funny that the conservative doesn’t realize that up till 2008 when the right wing court made its pro-gun ruling, America and its gun rights were a lot more restricted, and had been for the previous 180 years.

      DETAILS always get in the way of conservative fantasies

    • They can have my guns when they pry my cold dead fingers from them.

      • We should kick the gun grabbers to the curb, including the UN, which is responsible for more deaths than Hitler and Stalin combined, that is a fact! In fact it is the UN that has gotten more people killed in Africa than all the AIDs that people have died from there…

  8. In response to “Reality’s” comments below. Soros is only the CURRENT ‘leader’ of the pac:

    The following is copied from an article on the Oath Keepers home page,

    It is an “interesting” read, about the media – past and present. An interesting bit of history from 1915:

    The CHAIRMAN: The Chair will recognize the gentleman from Texas, a member of the [defense appropriations] committee.

    Mr. CALLAWAY: Mr. Chairman, I ask unanimous consent to insert in the Record a statement that I have of how the newspapers of this country have been handled by the munitions manufacturers.

    The CHAIRMAN: The gentleman from Texas asks unanimous consent to extend his remarks in the Record by inserting a certain statement. Is there any objection?

    Mr. MANN: Mr. Chairman, reserving the right to object, may I ask whether it is the gentleman’s purpose to insert a long list of extracts from newspapers?

    Mr. CALLAWAY: No; it will be a little, short statement not over 2 ½ inches in length in the Record.

    The CHAIRMAN: Is there any objection?

    There was no objection.

    Mr. CALLAWAY: Mr. Chairman, under unanimous consent, I insert into the Record at this point a statement showing the newspaper combination, which explains their activity in the war matter, just discussed by
    the gentleman from Pennsylvania [Mr. MOORE]:

    “In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, ship building and powder interests and their subsidiary
    organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press in the United States.

    “These 12 men worked the problems out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of
    these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.

    “This contract is in existence at the present time, and it accounts for the news columns of the daily press of the country being filled with all sorts of preparedness arguments and misrepresentations as to the present condition of the United States Army and Navy, and the possibility and probability of the United States being attacked by foreign foes.

    “This policy also included the suppression of everything in opposition to the wishes of the interests served. The effectiveness of this scheme has been conclusively demonstrated by the character of the stuff carried in the daily press throughout the country since March, 1915. They have resorted to anything necessary to commercialize public sentiment and sandbag the National Congress into making extravagant and wasteful appropriations for the Army and Navy under false pretense that it was necessary. Their stock argument is that it is ‘patriotism.’ They are playing on every prejudice and passion of the American people.”

    So we see that in 1915, one hundred years ago exactly, Mr. J.P. Morgan was inspired to dominate
    the American press. He wanted to “control generally the policy of the daily press in the United States.”

  9. wrong!!!! 95% of the mentally ill, including me, are not violent!! most of us know good from evil btw! evil is the problem. it’s called sin! stop scape-goating us!! i really wish those who knowing nothing about mental illness to shut up!

    • The point is that nothing is being done to assist those that need help. Chill! The article did not point to you specifically. There are others that need to be in an institution but the institutions are underfunded which allow those in need to roam the streets, untreated and in need. I too have problems but did not take umbrage at this article. It is unfortunate that when articles are written, they speak generically without regard to degree of assistance needed.

    • The intention of Mr. Trump’s comments is being obscured by the political jargon of others. It is true that guns themselves don’t kill people. Referring to “mental illness” moves the narrative somewhat closer to the truth.

      You had mentioned in an earlier comment some time ago, if I’m not mistaken, what form of “mental illness” you were diagnosed with. Unless you had mentioned such, I would never have suspected that anything was supposed to be mentally wrong with you.

      The fact that this is an attempt to shift the blame away from inanimate objects to the attitudes of human beings is definitely a positive step. The big job will be to remove the thick fog of propaganda and political jargon from the minds that have been infected by such. Yes, it does come down to sin. However, religion in general has a long way to go to actually understand and acknowledge what sin really is: “Sin is the transgression of the law.” Repentance towards God precedes God’s forgiveness of past sins. Repentance simply means to stop breaking God’s Commandments (all Ten of them) and to start literally keeping them to the point where their spiritual intent can be learned as well, as Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount and elsewhere.

      I hope that I have helped you not to take stuff like that article personally. You know where your own mind stands. Enjoy that, without letting the accusers drag you down.

    • You are right. Sin is the worst thing of all. I don’t understand why people have to be labeled wrongfully on certain things, ya know?

      • thank you. i don’t know either. i hope to change the stereotype of mental illness. i find it sad the way the media/movies depict us. if this guy was sick, it was probably untreated. i wish that the reporters would say that. i’m not surprised why many don’t seek treatment. they don’t want the ”label” i think this stygma is preventing people from getting help!

  10. I have to disagree unless you want to call socialism and what is being taught and no longer taught ie removed from the curriculum ,taught in the schools a mental illness.

  11. I liked this article but wish it had gone a little deeper…

  12. Probably true…but can’t wait until a crime is committed to determine mental illness. How about screening in our schools?

    • As far as I’m concerned, the schools already have way too much medical information about our children.
      However, I think it would be easy enough for a teacher or aid to be trained to see patterns of violent behavior and interdict at an early stage.

      Similar to your idea, but less intrusive than wholesale screening.

      • Not wholesale rotten apples you can spot one in the bunch and then remove it.

        • There’s already a process for that. It hasn’t worked in the past. It didn’t work this time. It will fail in the future as will any other control system you might put in place.

          There are two choices. Take away all guns (if you think you can) or arm the people so that they can confront the evil.

  13. The left and the regime want gun confiscation and disarmament of the population because they know that only a massive tyrannical state apparatus can impose and maintain this, and they have plans after that for the massive tyrannical state apparatus. The long-term plan of the elite, however, also include well-appointed and highly-protected enclaves for them, and fewer guns in private hands mean more weapons and ordnance for the armies that will protect them in Malibu and Southampton, just as they do today in Mexico and North Korea. Since the only way that gun confiscation can be achieved is extraconstitutionally and with violence, we must be ready to resist any sudden move by a flailing regime and its collapsing would-be successor.

  14. The NICS background check system is not working properly , they are approving people that are mentally unstable and have committed acts and threats against the public to purchase guns, because there is no information about them on the computer, we must find a way to report these acts to the police and enter this information on the national data base, I don”t advocate taking away peoples rights, but this information entered into the FBI system could “delay the purchase” , allowing the local police time to check on the individual and possibly saving lives in the future !!!

  15. Seems to me that these doctors prescribing medications for depression and other mental problems are also part of the equation. How many mass murderers and other killers are on medications that warn about thoughts of suicide and alter the ability to think rationally? Our biggest problem is not guns, it’s drugs and politicians. Maybe we should also include lawyers.

  16. It’s amazing how Liberals, Democrat’s and politicians always want to control the tail end of a problem. If they would work to fix the reason for the problem it would reduce the effect. This requires an understanding of Cause and Effect. If there was a concerted effort in this country to reduce and eliminate poverty and ignorance a large % of our laws would be unnecessary. Taxes could then be used to grow our country instead of feeding and band-aiding the masses. But heck lets just keep throwing money and laws and getting the same outcome.

    • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change is the height of stupidity. Change has to start with the problem, not the end result. I believe this is what you are trying to say. Too bad the politicians and liberals of both parties stick to tightly to doing the same thing over and over.

  17. Trump is right. We have a huge problem with mental illness in this country. And a problem with drugs as well.

  18. Then the liberals will declare being a conservative is a mental illness and thus they can’t have guns.
    When will our society return to sanity

  19. Pretty good article until I got to that last sentence of the last paragraph. In one sentence s/he completely countered the thrust of the article – that murder is and always will be with us with or without guns.

    • Paul, Why did that last sentence turn you off? “…that murder is and always will be with us with or without guns.” Murder has been with us since Cain and Able . . . and WILL be with us until Christ returns and ALL sin is overcome and removed.

  20. A natural born American

    I think we have a very sick society. And the people who are making money off this illness are also responsible for not only perpetrating but also perpetuating the “you made me a victim so I’ll make you die” mindset of sooo many people. People who might otherwise have had a relatively normal, maybe even happy life. There was a time when even the poorest of us, and the most victimized of us could find a modicum of happiness in our circle of family and/or friends. That’s kind of hard to do when someone isn’t allowing you to escape your ‘victimization’ for even the slightest moment. They keep poking and prodding you while incessantly reminding you that Joe Blow, whom you’ve never met, really hates your guts and wants nothing more than to see you dead. The hatemongers are everywhere. They’re on TV. On facebook. On twitter. They even troll forums identifying themselves as the intelligent progressive peace loving members of our society while looking to agitate others on the forums, possibly with the intention of inciting some kind of verbal ‘riot’ or war among the readers.

  21. The NICS background check system is approving people to purchase guns that are mentally ill and have committed acts and made threats against the public, because there is not information about them on the national computer base, we must report this to the local police and find a way to get this information entered on the national computer base, this would allow NICS to “delay” the transaction without violating their rights, giving local police time to check on this individual , possibly saving lives and stopping these massacres in the future !!!

    • Ummm, no. If you do that, nobody will have guns because there is somebody out there that thinks you are crazy simply because you own/carry guns. A person is prohibited from owning firearms who has been deemed mentally incompetent by professionals (psychiatrists) and a judge’s order. Until that happens, you infringe on 2nd Amendment rights and give the government free reign to refuse any NICS check they wish. We do not want to have to get psychiatric clearance to own weapons.

      The answer is to arm yourselves, train diligently, maintain situational awareness and respond appropriately when evil rears its ugly head.

  22. Mr. Trump has a good handle on the problems and the reasons behind these horrific killings. Mental illness is the disease, and guns are nothing more than one of the symptoms that are shown when these sick people show how sick they are. We, as a nation must find a way to deal with our mental illness more effectively. Guns are tools that they use , not the reasons.

  23. If what he said is true ??? Then how is it that he owns a firearm ??? If mental illness is the problem then cops should take his away A.S.A.P. !!!

  24. Donald Trump is right about this one. The big question is how to make sure that mentally ill people who are prone to violence don’t get their hands on guns, while maintaining 2nd Amendment rights for responsible gun owners. The problem with this big question is that so many people and groups like the NRA refuse to be part of the solution. It is very easy to increase gun sales by raising fears and paranoia among gullible people.

    • You don’t. Evil always has been and always will be. Prepare to meet it head on to minimize the damage it does.

      • Paul Smith- Thank you for your reply. You left me puzzled. “You don’t”, what?
        Your comment about evil, I agree with. Your solution is certainly one common viewpoint on this issue.

        • You don’t fix the problem; it can’t be fixed. All you can do is prepare yourself to deal with it.

          • Well, that’s a pessimistic view. Of course I forgot to ask the obvious question previously. Are saying that mentally ill people are evil?

          • Not pessimistic, realistic. You’re trying to fix evil/crazy and that doesn’t happen. Are mentally ill people evil? I guess that depends on whether you believe in mental illness (science) or possession (supernatural).

          • Science or supernatural? Now, that’s an interesting choice. Which do you believe?

          • I don’t believe in spooks.

  25. liberals are the mental illness

  26. The problem is not just mental illness. Most mentally ill people are not violent nor killers. There is the fact that the FDA allows drugs they KNOW FOR A FACT can take a non-violent mentally ill person and turn them violent. We also face the fact that there is no real fail safe system set up to insure the truly violent offenders in our society are kept isolated from those of us who are not, nor do the police vigorously remove guns from gang members. It should be a standard practice to raid and remove all guns from known gang members as well as a detention center set up to lock them away permanently. More blacks are killed by gang members than any other cause. Then we have our government is turning lose killers, rapist, muggers onto our streets who were arrest and in this country illegally yet we can do nothing to stop them as long as we allow the same people to be re-elected over and over. Gang members need to be rounded up, relocated into secure holding pens and let them kill each other off not our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones. Leaders who promote violence and hatred need to be sent to the same pens. Illegals deported and our borders secured. Promoting hatred for our citizens due to race, sex preference, wealth we worked for and political choices should never be excepted by any of us. FREEDOM MEANS THE RIGHT TO MAKE THESE CHOICES without our leaders doing their best to promote hatred because we did. Look at our nation today. Can it sink any lower? Yes, and the people who will see that it does are the ones calling us terrorist, racist, and etc. in order to get elected. Wise up. Just say no to those who promote hate. Stop voting them into office. The next life lost could be yours.

    • Kay, you and I, and a host of others are all on the same page. Chain-mail your excellent thoughts on this to all on your email lists and ask them to forward to their contacts.

  27. Libs only recognize mental problems to expand their voter base.

  28. I believe that government funding for mental institutions was severely curtailed 15 to 20 years ago with no thought of the repercussions or who would fill the gap. Instead, patients that should be in institutions were allowed to roam the streets with and without prescribed medications or access to them. This country has lost our moral direction in favor of the philosophy that the government has the answer to any and all ills of the country. What BS! Religious and conservative organizations that have and want to assist those in need are attacked and/or forced to close or accept indigestible direction for the government. When will the legal citizens of this country wake up?

  29. The constant ranting from the anti-white race pimps (i.e., Obama, Sharpton, Holder, etc., etc., etc.) might have played a part also?

  30. We first must understand the liberals deep seated fears. They are extremely fearful that we will remember or learn again the true reason for the 2nd Amendment. It is not for the protection of hunting rights or that we can protect ourselves from each other. The reason behind the Second Amendment is for us as a people to be able to protect ourselves from a tyrannical, over reaching, and corrupt government. They do not care about the individual shootings that they are playing up in the biased media. They are scared as hell that the silent majority, that is mostly armed, will ban together and physically put the nation RIGHT. This is why they will use everything they can to try to take our weapons from us. They will just keep chipping away till they think that they have the manpower to force-ably take the rest. God knows they can not do it now. This is also the main reason the liberals are doing everything in their power to keep us divided as a nation, it makes us much more easily controlled. It is much easier to take apart smaller groups than a whole country that is standing together.

  31. It is hard to disagree with his point here. However, I do think it goes just a little bit farther then just mental illness. It could be mental attitude, some describe as intelligence. Personally I do not think all the mass murderers were suffering from mental illness. Even if they did look crazy. They seemed to be thinking quite clearly prior to (picking a gun free zone over a non-gun free zone) and during the attacks. I do think when caught mental illness is their best defense. I also think it should be outlawed as a defense. Having mental illness as a defense is because we are geared to consider murder cases on the side of the perpetrators not the victims. Remember the victims are already dead. It is a murder case. Murderers are not and should not ever be considered open to rehabilitative treatment. Rehabilitating a murderer does not bring back the victim. Bank robbers are different. Catch the robber get the money back and sentence the crook to prison with rehabilitation in mind. No harm done. Murder is different. The harm is permanent.

    In the final analysis however, all the laws passed to punish the gun or law abiding citizens who own guns for self protection should be overturned. They do not curtail crime and if we were to get smart we would all see no law will ever stop all murders. No matter what we do. The progressives need to wake up and realize there is no utopia regardless of what they think. Furthermore, perhaps someday those same progressives will see the world as it is and every individual is responsible for their own welfare and life. Law enforcement does not actually protect and according to the supreme has no responsibility to protect anyone. Therefore, each and every individual is responsible for their own protection. What better way to do that then with a gun?

  32. Wow its so nice see man speak that has brains .. Trump has got to become President .. Soon as America gets lier of Homo Obama out of white house maybe we can save America

  33. Trump is 100% correct. It’ s not the gun it’s the diminished mental capacity of the person who uses it.

  34. It was a mentally ill, black. gay, LIBERAL who killed the news people. NOT THE GUN. People MURDERED people long before GUNS were invented or does that not count ? Just another EXCUSE for the COMMUNISTS to get our guns so that only THEY have them. PERIOD THE END. Again, TRUMP is the only one with the common sense to come out and TELL THE TRUTH. GO DONALD !!

  35. Specifically, the problem lies with the psychiatric drugs used to “treat” people. The drugs make some people violent, both homicidal and suicidal. This is a well-documented side effect. It seems that all of these senseless killings for the last 20 years or more are done by psychiatric drug users. Remember when Prozac first came on the market? It was yanked, because of all the violence it caused. It was quietly put back on the market after people forgot. Somehow the drug companies keep finding ways to hide this from the general public.

  36. Trump, I agree that it is the person, not the gun, that kills. But when you are able to define and then predict which mental illnesses result in violent behavior and which ones are not likely to kill any more than the neighborhood concealed weapon permit holder, then I will agree with your casual observation that it is the mentally ill (as defined by what and whom) who commit the crimes.

  37. If we all packed heat, we could kill crazies before they do too much damage. Obviously, Donald Trump is correct. Trump-Cruz 2016!

  38. Trump should know about mental illness; he suffers from an extreme form of narcissism!

  39. Just think! The Donald smacks it outta the park again! The Donald echoes the words of NRA CEO/Vice President Wayne LaPierre who has repeatedly said as much over the years. Of course, since this did not come from one of the “Elites”, LaPierre’s well-thought comments was dismissed.

    The Donald’s comments on past practices of institutionalizing the dangerously mentally ill is another liberal-progressive initiative gone awry. In the late 60s – early 70s, psychologists, psychiatrists, other mental-health professionals, attorneys, courts packed with political hacks in black robes, and other fools with letters behind their names, determined institutionalizing the mentally ill violated their civil rights, due process, nor was “Cost Effective”, according to their “studies”.

    As a result many mental institutions were shuttered, unleashing mentally ill, on the public. Tragically, we see the results of such short-sightedness daily.

    Liberal-progressives are not stopping there. NYC Mayor DisGracia in cooperation of the ACLU and other lawyers proposes allowing the homeless to sleep, camp, occupy public space anywhere in the city. Undoubtedly New York City will become New Sewer City. Imagine going for a jog in Central Park or the streets, having to avoid dog AND human feces.

    • Hey fool, it was Ronald Reagan that let all the nut jobs out of the mental institutions not the liberals.

      “Over 30 years ago, when Reagan was elected President in 1980, he discarded a law
      proposed by his predecessor that would have continued funding federal
      community mental health centers. This basically eliminated services for
      people struggling with mental illness.

      He made similar decisions while he was the governor of California,
      releasing more than half of the state’s mental hospital patients and
      passing a law that abolished involuntary hospitalization of people struggling with mental illness. This started a national trend of de-institutionalization.

      In other words, if you are struggling with mental illness, we can only help you if you ask for it.”

    • “Under President Ronald Reagan, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
      repeals Carter’s community health legislation and establishes block
      grants for the states, ending the federal government’s role in providing
      services to the mentally ill. Federal mental-health spending decreases
      by 30 percent.”


  40. LieutenantCharlie

    Trump appears to be getting everything correct – I will stand with Donald Trump.

  41. Other people had seen the problem. My guess is they didn’t say anything because they were afraid of being called a racist or a bigot (he was also a homosexual). This was a prime example of PC gone amuck. Someone that knew him said that if a gun had not been available, he would have used something else. (I’m just wondering how much Black Lives Matter and militant homosexual agendas influenced him.)

    • Right on. The Black Liberation Theology, and Farrakhan Nation teach this kind of perverted hatred. If the adherents don’t act out violently, then they incite violence and division through their rhetoric.

      Just look at how out of control things are now with the President, Holder, and others in powerful positions spewing their hateful, racist ideology.

      No one dare speak out because he/she will be labeled hater or racist by the corrupt media and those in political power.

    • This is how I feel: Black lives, no, white lives, no, ALL lives matter. Whether you are black, white, or purple with pink polka dots; ALL LIVES MATTER. Not just one certain color. When those of us who are on our way to heaven get there do you think color will matter? No, because God is colorblind to our skin color. I get so tired of the race getting played. That that stupid thing and just shred it up and get rid of it!

      • Then according to Black Lives Matter, you are a few racist, because only black lives matter. But I agree with you, and I would say 95%+ of all conservatives feel the same.

        • Well I guess they will just have to call me a racist but in actuality I’m not. I try to live my life as God would have me to live. I don’t believe one race is any better than another. We are all the same in God’s eyes.

  42. Sixty years ago adult family members could commit brothers, sisters, even their parents to a state “mental” hospital. The abuses were terrible, creating the term “snake pit.” Sexual abuse, rape, and no right of appeal or review, no lawyer.
    Instead of fixing the system it was destroyed on the alter of civil rights.
    We don’t want a Soviet system where political opposition would be locked up in a mental ward aka concentration re-education camp. But parents, teachers, should be able to enforce evaluation and treatment with review, lawyers and civil rights safeguards.
    I hope Trump really believes. So far I’m not sure if he is for real and trustworthy. But there several Republicans I would be happy to vote for. I swore an oath once to uphold and defend teh Constitution against all enemies. I don’t recall there being an expiration date on that oath. I believe that anyone who attacks any part of the Bill of Rights is an enemy who seeks to destroy the entire Constitution.
    We can amend any part of the Constitution EXCEPT the Bill of Rights.

    • The only way the Trump plan is gonna work is if your neighbors are spying on each other, and turning them in being unstable.

      Otherwise it’s pointless and stupid.

      That would be a Trump specialty with.

      I thought the point was LESS government NOT MORE

      • Thank you for wanting to apply conservative libertarian principle to our government. On that I agree.

        • Conservatives are all about the BIG government doing THEIR bidding.

          The funny part is the fact that they don’t recognize their own hypocrisy.
          Not a good indicator of conservative mental aptitude.

          Libertarians are a bit more consistent, in their pure form.
          Are you a pure libertarian?

          Take Rand Paul. He pretends a lot

  43. It’s been said many many times! Mental illness!! No one wants to hear that. No one that can do anything about it anyway. The old saying guns don’t kill ppl, ppl kill ppl is not just a saying!! Trump is right in saying that there were mental institutions at one time for ppl with problems but no more. I have a hard time believing that with all thes deranged minds out there that NO ONE around thes ppl ever ever notices? Not buying that one. If you see it report it! That’s the only way you can save lives, their lives and others.

  44. Motorcycles “kill” a multitude times as many persons as do firearms, yet no one is militating to ban motorcycles (nor should they). Moreover, possession of motorcycles are not explicitly protected in our Constitution. Everything the liberals do is to deflect responsibility away from the individual and blame bad things on their bogeyman of the day. Living in Delaware, I am surrounded by such numbskulls. A local libtard church has gone so far as to hang T-shirts on its front lawn to represent “handgun deaths” as if the handguns were responsible not the drug dealing savages carrying them!

    • Gosh Bo,
      I think that the conservative is forgetting that motorcycles are.
      a. Registered

      b. Required training

      c. License required.

      d. Insurance required.

      For a gun, none of the above.

      got news for you.
      seems the numbskull is the guy in the mirror.

      • RC: I missed your response to “Constitutionally protected Right” AND many states require helmets, when ‘head trauma’ is responsible for 47% of M/C deaths, and NHTSA says over 80% of auto deaths. If politicos were really concerned with helmets saving lives, don’t you believe requiring helmets in cars would do more? It’s about control, using our safety as an excuse. Not enough? Registration (license plates), required training (which after completion, prevents accidents?), licensing, insurance (for others, not the motorcyclist’s protection) are for control, not safety. Seems reality isn’t very often checked.

        • So much silliness, are you really worth the time?

          Let’s examine your stupidity point by point shall we?

          1. If politicos were really concerned with helmets saving lives, don’t you believe requiring helmets in cars would do more?

          No low IQ conservative, helmets would not add to any safety to a Human Being strapped in a steel framed vehicle. The vehicle itself acts like a crash helmet, silly conservative.

          2. Registration. Wow, the evil registration. Government couldn’t get more tyrannical could it?

          Without registration conservative moron, how do you prove the vehicle belongs to you?

          Some big ass black dude can just take your nice car because you have no proof of ownership, often called “registration”.

          This is so stupid it’s actually very scary. How do conservatives get this low functioning?

          A drivers license is required to prove you know how to operate the multi-thousand pound weapon before you take it out of the streets and run over children and stupid conservatives who don’t know how to get out of the way.

          Are stop signs for control or safety?

          Are you a low functioning human?
          The answer is yes to both

  45. ISN’T mental illness LIEBERALISM???

    We should ban LIEBERALISM as it makes everyone CRAZY that learns it and takes it up as its mantle.

    I have been calling for a BAN on the Demoncrap party and that every lieberal must be licensed and banned from civic authority.

    But maybe they should also be FORBIDDEN from owning guns? That is something I will add to my platform.

  46. SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  47. The headline read: Trump: Mental Illness is the Problem, Not Guns.

    Amazing. Almost amazing as announcing that 2 + 2 = 4. They still do, don’t they?

  48. I thought that Trump said that he would not defund Planed Parenthood. That is a deal breaker to me. Since we are over eighteen trillion in debt we need to get this government out of the funding business period. If you think that Planned Parenthood is a great organization you should feel free to donate your money. You don’t have the right to donate mine. If you want to buy Dr. Josephine Mengele a new Lamborghini then do it with YOUR money.

  49. Trump is right. Mental health is the problem. How else could Obama be elected not only once but twice.

  50. Background checks, the ATF confirmed that shooter Vester Flanagan actually passed one in order to buy the Glock that was used in the murders. So much for
    background checks!

  51. Now that’s a refreshing answer crazy people don’t need guns but sane law abiding citizens should never be denied gun ownership

    • And since there is no way to know who is crazy and who isn’t or when a person will go off, there’s no way to stop them from getting guns. All you can do is prepare to defend yourself from them.

  52. Gun limitations, gun restrictions, gun control, gun free zones do not affect criminals, the mentally unsound, or jihadists, they only affect law abiding citizens.

    • That is such a tired reason

      There needs to be some kind of hoops to jump through to make it tougher on all markets, black included, in order to get a weapon.

      you say the laws don’t work.

      laws about murder and rape don’t seem to work either.

      • What black market? And I agree that the laws don’t work so what’s the point in making more? They only affect honest, law abiding people anyway.

        • The conservative doesn’t think there’s a black market in guns?

          That’s pretty sad. Are you 12 or do you live in a cave?

          You think laws on murder only affect law-abiding citizens?


          Grand theft?

          What are your limits for stupidity?

      • RACIST! Why didn’t you spcify the White Market? Laws only work AFTER the fact when “enforced” (Including background checks, which obviously aren’t effective). RKBA!

  53. “…every Southerner is responsible for these murders.” Last I heard, the guy who pulled the trigger is the only one who can be tried for murder. The rest of the Southerners are innocent. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

  54. Over 90% of these mass killers were either on or withdrawing from mood elevating drugs which studies show those taking these poisons are nearly 20% more likely to commit suicide or a crime of violence,unfortunately big Pharma contributes way too much for any politician to blame.

  55. By outlawing smaller things eventually it’ll get to the major thing they want to outlaw in the first place, and that’s guns!
    Why take a hard stand on something like mental illness when it helps you get closer to the main goal and that’s the individual’s right to own self-protection!
    The only thing standing between big governments’ or corporations ability for total control is that right, The second amendment.

    • But Donald Trump is the new Messiah.
      You have to believe everything he says or be cast aside.

      You know how quickly conservatives throw each other under the bus

      • The Donald an’t no Obummer, unless he takes an about face after taking Office, as it goes I’m still waiting Obummer’s miracle, let’s see how the Kenyan Muslim gets off the Cross?

        Hopefully A lot slower than how the liberal progressives threw America under regressive regimes of ISIS, Iran, and Cuba!

        • ” than how the liberal progressives threw America under regressive regimes of ISIS, Iran, and Cuba!”

          It seems obvious that low functioning conservatives post whatever garbage comes into their tiny minds, regardless of any reality.

          Cuba doesn’t even have a pot to piss in, but somehow we’ve thrown under the bus.

          Must be a very small bus, to go with this conservatives small brain.

          ISIL is 6000 miles away, but terrifies the chicken shit conservatives in America.

          Turkey and Saudi Arabia have only just started to take notice, and they share common border.

          I guess people in Turkey and Saudi Arabia(Muslims) are much braver than America’s conservatives.
          Only America’s conservatives are the ones hiding under their beds.

          As for Iran,
          this silly conservative probably doesn’t know the deal provides for 24 seven monitoring.
          The deal provides for IAEA inspectors constant monitoring.
          The silly conservative doesn’t seem to know that 95% of their stockpiles are being removed.

          I wonder what the conservative is afraid of?

          Doesn’t take much apparently.
          Are you on a first name basis with those dust bunnies under your bed?

          • I can even name those dust bunnies, Reality check, Akalady, and Headonstaight, talk about living in the TwilightZone? 150 billion Iran, 100 to Cuba everything Obummer pumped into Sierra, Lebanon, Yemen and Egypt, when Hezbollah had control not to leave out Iran when Obummer abandoned ship! Yet with All that money give away they can’t find a dime to help vets or save social security, amazing an’t it!

          • It’s Irans money FOOL. AND it’s only 100 billion.
            a pittance. Ted cruze can waste that in just a few days of shutting down the government.

            It’s not EVEN IN America either.
            China is sitting on a big pile.
            THEY are doing the deal, so THEY will release it anyway.


            I think the point is getting a handle on Iran.
            Germany, Britain and France seem to think that has been achieved.
            In case you are not aware, they are our allies.

          • To HELL you say; well, make a deal with the devil, the devil needs paid! The only thing the Americans don’t seem too realize you can never pay off the devil, because he’ll demand more and more until he has your soul!
            If Cruze would have been successful in shutting down the government as you say? it would have saved us trillions’ as it was Obummer only shut down national monuments that didn’t cost us a dime to operate and took money away from firefighters, police and military while congress and his minions still got paid, meanwhile the money still diapered! You could tell that the Republicans never experienced a strike before caving like the company men they are!
            Beside you can’t really call it a shut down when the government is still operating at a loss to this day!
            I agree with you on getting a handle on Iran because those Bass turds are playing both sides of the Fence, and should be considered as a bigger enemy then ISIS, ISIS is just the Devils Hell hounds! If France, Germany and Briton had any sense they wouldn’t have anything to do with this Administration unless they want us to hand them over to the enemy that’s my two cents worth!

          • You listen to too much HATE media.

            This is the most sensible administration for these times.

            If John McCain was president we would be in several full on wars.

            The same thing with Romney.
            We’re lucky to have Obama. He is very levelheaded.

            He puts up with the shit from the conservatives starting on his first day in office.

            The crap you people believe is mind numbing. like this for example

            “as it was Obummer only shut down national monuments that didn’t cost us a dime to operate and took money away from firefighters, police and military while congress and his minions still got paid, meanwhile the money still diapered! ”

            You HAVE ANY PROOF?

            I am doubting it silly con.

          • And what have your lips been spewing the last few years, don’t tell me? You’re saint and have risen above the progressive political agenda! Does it go something like this “Pigs in a Blanket….
            I’m living it!

          • Sierra is NOT A COUNTRY.
            try again.

          • Neither is ISIS, Iraq, Yemen or Lebanon! All I can hear is a big sucking sound from the federal bank to the Middle East!

          • 100 billion to cuba?

            What LOONY are you talking about now?

            that does not even show up in right wing wacky world.

            you can’t even keep your conspiracies straight.
            pretty sad.
            perhaps joining the real world would be easier to remember

  56. no such thing as mental illness. either we are controlled by satan, who comes to steal, kill & destroy. evil people are controlled by satan. being we are nothing but spirit beings. if not bornagain spiritual we are controlled by satan of controlled by the Holy Spirit. from God .we never sees a spirit when it leaves ones body. .yet we do know that person was once alive, yet now dead. .

  57. Has everybody forgotten the ACLU lawsuits from the 1970’s that gave the “human right” to the insane to refuse treatment and confinement in institutes for such? But then – ACLU started its life as the legal arm of the Communist Party USA. Since then ALL mass murders have been committed by the clinically insane.

    • 1980

      “President Jimmy Carter signs the Mental Health Systems Act,
      which aims to restructure the community mental-health-center program
      and improve services for people with chronic mental illness.”

      Under President Ronald Reagan, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
      repeals Carter’s community health legislation and establishes block
      grants for the states, ending the federal government’s role in providing
      services to the mentally ill. Federal mental-health spending decreases
      by 30 percent.

      I can refute your information over and over as well

  58. Re: Reality Check. This “commentator” should be ignored by all. His/Her comments have little or no validity. S/he is only attempting to get a rise from those with opinions s/he disagrees with.

    Case in point: his/her un-supported reply to my comment below. His/her goggle reference is that of Northeast University sociology professor, Dr. Alexander R. Thomas, a noted ultra-liberal.

    Dr. Thomas’ paper, “Ronald Reagan and the Commitment of the Mentally Ill: Capital, Interest Groups, and the Eclipse of Social Policy”, highlights among other things, that revamping of mental health laws began well before the President Reagan administration. It began under President Carter’s administration in the late 60s – early 70s.

    Dr. Thomas’ skewed, flaming liberal, arm-chair attempt to solely blame conservatives, republicans, etc., for our country’s present-day mental health debacle is indigenous or untruthful at best; at worst, boarding on an out-right lie.

    Moreover, Reality Check has no class whatsoever. S/he insensitively classifies those suffering mental illness as “nut jobs”.

    Name-calling seems to be his/her forte. Perhaps Reality Check is as Thomas Jefferson once described a political opponent as: “A horrific hermaphroditic.”

    Reality Check should be ignored. Why waste your time?

  59. Mental illness is the problem in this country!

  60. I couldn’t agree more with this article. “Progressiveness” got us all this that we experience today. A paradigm shift has occurred from being conservative, respecting others, being of good moral character, having integrity, working hard to make a living, being modest, believing in God and looking to Him to achieve His standards of living, to what we all know we have today.

    The progressives pushed for their form of progress (anything goes), now they got it, and now they complain about it, and blame everyone but themselves.

    Why do they say this person was “mentally ill”? How was he anymore “mentally ill” than the people carving-up babies for sale and those defending it as “normal”, or the people running through the streets in their underwear waving a rainbow flag, or the people actually believing that you can make trustworthy deals with a country of Muslim maniacs who have vowed to kill every one of us?

    Do progressives actually have boundaries?
    If they do, where do they get them from?
    Their A$$????

    No it couldn’t be from there, they’re giving that away to each other freely already as being “normal”.
    THAT they all seem to ENJOY.

    • “Progressiveness” got you vacation pay
      “Progressiveness” got you benefits.
      “Progressiveness” got you a country

      if you had any integrity, you wouldn’t post these lies about liberals.

      • Once again you are wrong.

        There are no laws in the U.S. requiring employers to pay for vacations. It came from a simple supply and demand type of occurrence. Employers who extended this to theor employees retained more of them. Simple as that.

        Benefits? Take this quote from the Wall Street Journal and understand it is not our ‘progressives” providing this but more so overseas employment (losing jobs in the U.S.), ” . . firms that now account for less than 15 percent of all employment set
        the tone for all other employers that offer benefits. These are firms
        whose new workforce growth comes from outside the United States, not
        within. Thus, total compensation costs and tax/social benefit structures
        outside the United States play an increasingly dominant role in the
        benefits that American workers receive.

        And as far as what got me my country, was patriots, not the “progressives” of the last century who want nothing with capitalism, only socialism.

        You need to wake up. Or don’t. Your wake-up call is on the horizon and when it comes you’ll be singing a different tune.

        • who do you think set those precedents old man?
          the corporations?
          NO the UNIONS.

          due to unions EVEN non union companies the had to offer benefits to compete for workers.

          • This old man remembers all too well. The unions that were formed were not formed by a partisan group of progressives. That was back when progressiveness did not intrude on the free will of people, but served it. They were formed through a diverse group of people who saw the need to organize against injustice, not through the government. However, once the government could be lobbied and became part of legislating worker’s rights, what happened? It became another corrupt “business” that ALL workers were supposed to comply with whether the organization of labor was beneficial to them or not. Progressives got greedy and intolerant. Became narcissistic and narrow-minded about everything. THAT is the difference between what “radical progressives” are today and what they may have originated from (there are some progressives that are not radical, but they are not looked at by their group with much approval). Back when the unions were created government was still relatively small and not trying to run everyone’s lives. Elected representatives were still representing the will of the people (for the most part). Progressiveness has now gotten us to requiring children to get permits to set-up lemonade stands and has now started to regulate yard sales. Progressiveness has now gotten us to force feed school children food that is unfit to nourish them and certainly not consumed by those force-feeding it. Progressiveness has gotten most of our freedoms of choice taken away in most areas of our lives to the degree we are criminalized because we don’t wish to participate in the progressive flavor of the year. Progressiveness is destroying this country that YOU live in, too, and before too much more time passes you will learn what is like to have something forced upon you. It will start with poverty and escalate to living under the demands of those stronger or more vicious than you. The “bad guys” will be taking no prisoners. I hope you are somewhat mentally prepared for what is coming, all thanks to out-of-control, intolerant, narcissistic, progressiveness. 90 Million people now not working in this country and more than 125 million on government’s benefits. Do the math on that with our population. You need to go back into time quite a distance to give any kudos to progressiveness.

          • ” 90 Million people now not working in this country and more than 125 million on government’s benefits.”

            WELL THAT IS A LIE
            the 90 million not working is BECAUSE they are YOUNG or retired fool..
            as for the ones on benefits, lets see the old fart prove that.

            unless of course the disingenuous old man wants to count himself on SS and Medicare.

          • Better update your research bud.
            These statistics were just publicized.

        • The FF were progressives silly conservative.

  61. Everybody seems to have forgotten the 19070’s lawsuits by the ACLU (formerly the legal arm of the Communist Party USA) that discovered the new human right of the clinically insane to refuse treatment or incarceration in the institutes for such. Since then all mass murders have been committed by the clinically insane. Bravo ACLU!

    • 1980

      “President Jimmy Carter signs the Mental Health Systems Act,
      which aims to restructure the community mental-health-center program
      and improve services for people with chronic mental illness.”

      Under President Ronald Reagan, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
      repeals Carter’s community health legislation and establishes block
      grants for the states, ending the federal government’s role in providing
      services to the mentally ill. Federal mental-health spending decreases
      by 30 percent.

  62. The problem with the mind but every killer has a drug habit and also our society has lost family falues. It is not a Dem or Reb problem. It is our problem we have lost our faith, The constitution gives rights and people take advatage of it .