No Reason For Gun Suppressor Bill to Be Shelved Because of Vegas Tragedy

If there is to be a legislative sacrifice on the altar of the left’s anti-gun hysteria, we suppose the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act is better than some we could think of. There is no constitutional amendment protecting the right to inexpensive noise suppressors. If it’s between this bill being shelved and a rabid, unconstitutional gun grab, we’ll go along to get along, even if we won’t be happy about it. Suppressors (or silencers, as the media likes to call them) will still be legal, even if they will remain irritatingly regulated and expensive to get.

But really, there is no good reason why this bill should not move forward. The Republican capture of both houses of Congress and the White House set the stage for pro-gun Americans to actually make some progress in this unending battle over freedom and fairness. That includes bills like this one, which was already delayed once in the wake of Steve Scalise’s shooting earlier in the year. It also includes the development of national reciprocity laws, which would require one state to recognize concealed carry licenses from another. These are small but meaningful ways in which a conservative federal government can push back on the anti-gun movement of the last eight years. And we would like to see Republicans take a firmer hand.

There is no reason to capitulate to the (roundly and rightfully mocked) Hillary Clinton crowd. Clinton, before virtually anything was known about the shooter or the weapons we used, said, “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer.”

We highly doubt that any suppressor the shooter might have purchased would have actually silenced the gunshots. And guess what? At last count, authorities had discovered, what, 40+ guns in his home and the room. This guy wasn’t hurting for money. If he’d wanted to buy the best silencer on the market, he could have. There were no laws standing in his way. This was a dumb, insensitive way to politicize this mass murder, even for Hillary.

But even still, Republicans are likely to take the path of least resistance and hope that the fervor dies down before taking up the SHARE Act. A piece of legislation that is actually meant FOR public safety – namely, the hearing health of hunters and other gun enthusiasts. A law that would not, in any form or fashion, make killings like the one seen Sunday night more deadly or more frequent.

But don’t expect to see logic or sense from the Democrats.


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  1. No law against the second amendment is justified. None of the laws passed or proposed will solve the violence issue.

    Evil caused this, evil should be the target of the solution. Fight against Evil, don’t fight for gun control.

    • Amen. And you cannot legislate against evil.

        • I fully agree you can not cure stupidity, but as a former nurse…you can sedate the heck out of it…it isn’t in need of more laws just the forcing the current ones on the books is sufficient.

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    • There are no laws that I know of that are “against the Second Amendment.” The right to keep and bear arms is no more absolute and unqualified than are certain other rights under the Constitution. For example, the First Amendment’s right to freedom of expression does not validate crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater. The right to freedom of religion does not authorize plural marriage. The right to freedom of the press does not authorize libel. The Supreme Court, in District of Columbia v. Heller (128 S.Ct. 2783 (2008) 554 U.S. 570), the most significant Second Amendment case in the modern era, makes this decisively clear:

      “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

      • Is there any other amendment that states “shall not be infringed”? No, didn’t think so. Kind of shoots a big hole in your argument doesn’t it.

          • So your whole defense rests on a progressive written article that states: “the words of the Constitution must never be taken literally”. In other words, the Constitution(the Supreme Law of the Land) is subject to being interpreted by any means possible other than by its original intent in order to make it an ever-changing living document. The writer of this article and you have obviously ignored and not read the Federalist Papers or quotes from any of our Founding Fathers concerning the US Constitution.

          • Liberal Progressive Socialist Logic

          • Get your head out of the boilerplate drivel and argue the question. You are just an ideologue otherwise.

          • Sorry Skippy, but that’s just more leftist, liberal, progressive, horse crap forced on us by activist courts that want the constitution to mean what they want it to mean as opposed to what it says. “shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says. Suck it up and live with it.

          • “You must use the meanings of the words from the time of the drafting of the Constitution, not current definitions. “well regulated” refers to the firearm itself, as it being well made, and able to fire a projectile accurately. ”

            Where did you come up with that “idea.”

            See these links-





          • Well regulated at the time meant well equipped. Have no idea what point you are trying to make ?

          • Where did you get that “idea”. “Well regulated at the time meant well equipped?”

            Did you read the links I send regarding the meaning of “a well regulated malitia? I guess not.



          • Yes and many others, and I stand by my statement. And like the authors of those articles you have your opinions and I have mine.

          • remain lost…

          • Like you ? No, I’ll pass.

          • Like you ? No think you I’ll stay here LalaLand is all yours.

          • I assume you voted for trump-

            read this and try to prove these are notfacts….

            1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook. You bought it. Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit.

            2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will.

            3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted.

            4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration.

            5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State.”

            “6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one. You bought it. He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign.

            7. He said he would “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders. You bought it. He then admitted that was just a corny slogan he said to fire up the rubes during the rallies, and that he didn’t mean it.

            8. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the Generals did. You bought it. He promptly gave the green light to a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though all his Generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained.

            9. He said Hillary Clinton couldn’t be counted on in times of crisis. You bought it. He didn’t even bother overseeing that raid in Yemen; and instead spent the time hate-tweeting the New York Times, and sleeping.

            10. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy. You bought it. He now gets all his information from Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars.

            11. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. He took his first vacation after 11 days in office. On the taxpayer’s dime. And went golfing.”

          • 1.Apples and oranges, And she is a crook.
            2. Eventually is not here yet.
            3. Asinine statement. Prove it
            4. So he’s like a democrat on that issue.
            5. All really great people better than anything the halfrican ever came up with.
            6. He did us a favor. Betsy was a great choice.
            7. Never heard that, doubt it’s true. Just more lib horse crap spread by nitwits like you.
            8. Your worthless opinion with no basis in fact.
            9. Your worthless opinion with no basis in fact.
            10. he was correct on all points and gets his news from reliable sources.
            11. Good for him. hope he continues to piss off the nitwits like you.

            Do you want to talk about the halfrican now ? Never mind forget it, who wants to waste their time on that useless POS.

          • Like when Your Odummy stated that the Constitution was nothing but an outdated piece of paper???

        • Again, as long as you belong to a “WELL-REGULATED MILITIA” you are correct. Without the “militia” part you are incorrect.

          • Wrong again Sean. In the vernacular of the time and in context with the 2nd, “well regulated” meant well equipped. Got to remember that these guys were speaking English. First off we’re talking about the un-organized militia, as in “We The People”. No training was ever required. The Gov. could not afford to equip all the people so we were free to equip ourselves. You should really try read the Federalist Papers and the personal writings of the founding fathers. You might learn something. But as a progressive Liberal you will now want to tell me that the constitution as written no longer applies. That it’s some kind of living document that changes at the will of any crackpot activist judge. Right.

          • Sounds like the Constitution is a static document anchored in time and not liable to adapt to changing times. Best to repeal the 2nd. Amendment and start over. Or are we interpreting the Constitution by cherry-picking? In this country we don’t speak English – we speak a diminished version of it.

          • Hitlary and Billy were proven wrong on that a long time ago!! Good try though!!

          • Sean, Each person is a Melita when SHTF, Every Soldier is called a Troop that doesn’t mean a Platoon or squad that is Each and every one is a Troop. a Militia is a TROOP ie a PERSON that is armed to protect the country and it’s Citizens.

          • TrueAmerican? Which tribe are you from? Or are you just an American wannabe?

            Your definitions of militia, troop, squad, platoon, etc., are fascinating. Maybe a dog is a cat is a bird is a kangaroo is a militia How does this work in the OED?

      • Not that you could ever understand, I realize that — but the 2nd Amendment is quite clear, and states that the right to guns cannot be INFRINGED. That means NO limitations to gun ownership are Constitutional. So much for your brilliance in trying to defend these stupidinfringements. BTW, that INCLUDES concealed carry. Every gun law is aimed at preventing honest and law-abiding citizens from defending themselves against the criminals, who ALWAYS break the laws and possess anything they wish. Actually, with the mention of every citizen being a “militia” in fact, we should ALL be required to HAVE guns, and if we did there would be very few crimes. Criminals are cowards, and if all citizens were armed would not be very active. All these specipous illegal “laws” are there to aid and abet criminals, and are traitorous behavior on part of our false government. All of this gun-grabbing HAS been since 1871 when the European-owned corporation took over in their masquerade as government, with DC created to be their HQ, and under European Law to boot. Constitutional Law has been side-stepped ever since, we have had European statute law imposed on us, (bypassing the Law of our Land) for 146 years now.

        • For so long as your disordered mind harbors the utterly irrational notion that this nation has strings being pulled by Europe, there is nothing to be gained through any effort at rational dialog with you or similarly deranged political cultists! Save your money, Ladd, and then perhaps one day you can purchase your own fully armed battleship!

          • Your strings are being pulled by communists…


          • And your’s by fascists?

          • Don’t be silly, fascists have much more in common with Communists than Conservatives do.

            You too need to study that video… It might be able to help you.

          • Fascism is a conservative economic and political philosophy.

          • Actually, I would have a tank parked in the front yard, however, the little old lady nixed the idea as being too “confrontational,” and it would hide her flower garden!

          • “Tank parked in front yard”….. You sound like an erratical pyranoid with mental issues.

          • Question, Donna, you may want to ask your significant other, if any, before you are faced with some violent encounter, which could lead to your early trip to the cemetery: Darlin’, when the bad guys are trying to kill me, will you be at least acting like a “bullet sponge,” while I escape, or, will you be behind me? It really is ALL about “your responsibility” to SURVIVE, until that call for help has a “savior” show up! Unlike so many that depend on others, having abdicated “their responsibility,” to defend them, I do not, and will not – if it becomes necessary to disobey some “man-made law,” in order to save myself or mine, I’m in!

          • I don’t argue your “right to bear arms”. For me, if anyone thinks they need an arsenal to protect themselves against some unforeseen occurrence, then there is a problem. I don’t live my life in fear of the next person I run across might try to take mine. Not naive by any means and always cautious but can’t imagen living with that much fear.

          • LOL – a “tank” is hardly an “arsenal.” 😉 As far as “fear?” Some dweeb reporter once asked a woman why she carried a gun, was she “that afraid?” Her reply was just slightly priceless: “Why should I be afraid, I’m the one with the gun!” There is a reason for a “sheep dog,” a lot of “sheep” unable to protect themselves. I simply refuse to be a sheep, and force myself into some defenseless heap waiting for that “sheep dog!” BTW, that tank little dittie was, just slightly, “tongue-in-cheek,” as it is no leap of faith to understand our esteemed gubment will be riding those in coming for us – just look up that little incident in Waco! Almost forgot, “in fear of the next person I run across might try….” The world today is NOT the world I grew up in, and I’m obviously much older than you, and I caution my grandchildren, often, to “keep their heads on a swivel, because EVIL walks amongst us, seeking easy prey.” Doesn’t mean any need to “live in fear,” just that much more awareness of your surroundings and OTHERS is a necessity with the levels of violence we now see. For you and yours, God’s blessings, and BE SAFE!

          • Yeah, I would say a tank would be part of an arsenal. You could actually kill hundreds with one, maybe more. 🙁 And yeah again, feeling the need to always be armed stems from fear of something.

          • As for the “reason” those Far Sighted founders made that dastardly 2nd Amendment, 2nd only to secure and insure the 1st, was a “fear of something!” The fear of a then, and or, future Tyrannical government. It is little to do with “sport shooting,” “hunting,” or even self-defense – except for the self-defense of “We The People” from our own government! My hero Dr. Susanna Gratia Hupp, perhaps explains it better in her testimony before congress, pay close attention, toward the end, for whom she blames for her parent’s deaths:

            As I stated, the tank comment was just slightly tongue-in-cheek. If you googled up Waco, you further understand that there actually will be “hundreds” coming – your single shot muzzle loader aint-a-gunna-be-much-help!

        • Where is your “well-regulated militia?” It is nowhere and as such there is no real right to own a gun outright. I know you hate reality, but there it is.

          • You must use the meanings of the words from the time of the drafting of the Constitution, not current definitions. “well regulated” refers to the firearm itself, as it being well made, and able to fire a projectile accurately. “Militia” there are three recognized militias, the “Organized Militia” (those in the military), the “Unorganized Militia” (those no longer serving in the military), and “All Others”. Look it up for yourself.

          • “You must use the meanings of the words from the time of the drafting of the Constitution, not current definitions. “well regulated” refers to the firearm itself, as it being well made, and able to fire a projectile accurately. ”

            Where did you come up with that “idea.”

            See these links-





          • The gun nuts have no reservations about moving the words of the Second Amendment around to get it to say what they want it to say. The words “well-regulated” precede the noun “militia,” and in the English language an adjective modifying a noun is placed before the noun. But the pro-gun grammarians have taken the compound adjective, “well-regulated” and moved it forward in the Amendment’s language. The absurd result would be the following: “A Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear well-regulated Arms, shall not be infringed.” This is far from the strict constructionist ideal championed by conservatives. If the founders and framers meant for “well-regulated” to modify “arms,” they could have placed the term before “arms.” They did not.

            As to “well-regulated” the U.S. Supreme Court, in the most significant opinion on the Second Amendment in the modern era, has said this:

            “Finally, the adjective “well-regulated” implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training. See Johnson 1619 (“Regulate”: “To adjust by rule or method”); Rawle 121-122; cf. Va. Declaration of Rights § 13 (1776), in 7 Thorpe 3812, 3814 (referring to “a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms”).”

            DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al., Petitioners,v Dick Anthony HELLER.No. 07-290.
            Supreme Court of United States.
            Argued March 18, 2008.
            Decided June 26, 2008.

            By this standard, the right to keep and bear arms applies only to those upon whom ‘proper discipline and training’ have been imposed, those ‘trained to bear arms'”. In today’s world, that would exclude those who wish to own and use a firearm, but who have not received the benefit of the “proper discipline and training.” This criterion would likely exclude millions of gun owners from the ambit of the Second Amendment, including, of course, the “shall not be infringed” clause, irrespective of how it might be interpreted..

          • Unfortunately “well regulated” means well equipped and has nothing to do with discipline and training. there was never any provision for training the un-organized militia.

          • Next time you put on your guardhouse lawyer suit, you can try to sell that theory to the Supreme Court. They did not buy into it in District of Columbia v. Heller and they are not likely to buy into it in the case of Blithering Nonsense of Robert v. headonstraight.

          • Show me anywhere that provisions were made to train the un-orginized militia. As usual you’re full of crap and have zero idea what you’re talking about. Just another flappy mouthed leftist lib.

          • If you want to read blithering nonsense start reading your own convoluted posts. You poor clueless delusional moron.

          • You and your brain-atrophied ilk in the ignorant ultra-conservative are s-o-o-o predictable. When you can not squarely respond to a question with any kind of substantive rebuttal, you sink into insult mode. Here is a reminder of what you should be trying to respond intelligently to but have thus far failed to do:From above:
            As to “well-regulated” the U.S. Supreme Court, in the most significant opinion on the Second Amendment in the modern era, has said this:

            “Finally, the adjective “well-regulated” implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training. See Johnson 1619 (“Regulate”: “To adjust by rule or method”); Rawle 121-122; cf. Va. Declaration of Rights § 13 (1776), in 7 Thorpe 3812, 3814 (referring to “a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms”).”

            DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al., Petitioners,v Dick Anthony HELLER.No. 07-290.

            Supreme Court of United States.

            Argued March 18, 2008.

            Decided June 26, 2008.

            By this standard, the right to keep and bear arms applies only to those upon whom ‘proper discipline and training’ have been imposed, those ‘trained to bear arms'”. In today’s world, that would exclude those who wish to own and use a firearm, but who have not received the benefit of the “proper discipline and training.” This criterion would likely exclude millions of gun owners from the ambit of the Second Amendment, including, of course, the “shall not be infringed” clause, irrespective of how it might be interpreted.

            Check out the list of mass-murderers in this article;.How many of these killers were the recipients of “proper training and discipline”?


            Yet some of these evil and depraved individuals obtained their guns legally. Tightening of restrictions on gun purchases could have prevented at least some–and possible all–of these from passing a background check.

            Conclusion: We need a law defining the nature of “proper discipline and training” required as a prerequisite to the purchase of firearms!
            Now can we expect an adult attempt to answer this or will you once again resort to impotent puerile insult?

          • If you really wanted to understand you would by now. Just know that we know you are a fool now.

          • who is “we”?

          • Everybody except you.

          • you mean “you”. and that guy in your commie brainwash video.

          • I am aware of the members of the cult you belong to-



          • Falling back on insults I see. Once again you have proven my point.

          • Tell me which of these people you don’t agree with?

          • I didn’t watch the video… Kind of insulting.

          • If you didn’t watch it, how do you know it was insulting?

          • It is titled Dumb republicans.

          • well, yay….that’s why you can relate….

          • It does not say the militia or government giving a right to keep and bear arms . I so sick at how liberals like you act like the comma after the word militia doesn’t exist. Do you for some reason think that all the brilliant minds before you just some how over looked it’s being there and somehow in your arrogance think you discovered this mistake ? Oh and also rite after militia and the comma it says “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” so we don’t need the government’s approval to own any shoulder fired small arms currently in military use today . And no I’m not talking about grenade launchers or tanks or other stupid things which may pop into your head .

          • I’m no fan of those 12 magpies in robes; however, your protagonist should refer to the SCOTUS. They ‘partly’ got it right. By adding or “decreeing” that the “right to keep arms (in the home)” is ridiculous. “The right to keep and bear arms, in the home.” Must be some invisible ink in that Amendment that is unreadable by ‘we the serfs.’

          • You, and others of your ilk, should do a little research. One interesting thing you might find, if your search knowledge surpasses your observed acumen, is the reason Admiral Yamamoto did not follow up his decimation of Pearl Harbor with an invasion of the U.S. mainland. Hint, it wasn’t our “military” he was considering!

          • If I own a gun and it is in good working order and I know how to use it then as my great great grandmother did I can fire it in defense of myself and others and that sir is militia enough against a threat !!!

          • You, like so many others here, are delusional and lying to yourself to justify a juvenile desire. I suppose lynching Blacks is just eugenics? Loving Russia is just patriotic? Up is down and down is up? Day is night and night is day?

            How many times have each one of us needed to protect our families with firearms? If life is so threatening, something is wrong with this country that 42 guns in the house will not solve.

          • don’t confuse me with someone of your caliber I do not need 40+ weapons, I simply need one and a threat to a loved one, after that anything can become a weapon.. even a spoon…No one here NEEDS a fully automatic weapon yet.. but Ali O Bama made it so that having access to one in mine or descendants lifetime may become a much needed item, you sir are a puffed up fool to think otherwise and I don’t have time right now to get on the floor to play at your level, I can however come back.. if need be because I do not see skin color as a positive or negative, I do not see ethnic lines as a reason to hate so don’t project your tiny mine is bigger because Mine will always trump your kind. Russia isn’t the evil here it’s the idiots born in this country who never bothered to learn what they had was special. I have spent 40+ rs studying why I love my country and based on family history you pathetic know nothing are something to scrape off my shoe. As for lynching I prefer traitors and seditionist myself.. and anyone that claims my christian beliefs are a reason for my death.. so what category do you fall in.. you span so many… especially that smug know it all looking down on people that are worth ten times your worth to society, bet you teach at a liberal college with your attitude… and I would love to be an innocent juvenile again, but prefer the past 50 knowledge base I have more.. juveniles fall prey to predators like you and that is why I stay vigilant.

          • No! We will just add back the “militia” by grouping ourselves into units.

            And, this may happen sooner than you think if the Libs keep up their nonsense!

            In fact, that is already happening!

          • Thanks for accepting “militia.” Now about that “well-regulated” part? Most of the bubbas I’ve seen in the :”militia” pix look more like the Sunday morning drunk tank in Coon Hollow County.

        • I guess you think technology and society have remained static since the writing of the constitution. Wake up! it’s a document written by humans…not God.

          • Thanks for clarifying that for him.

          • Yesser, yesser, “humans” that having experienced “tyranny,” were highly educated, not just “thinking” themselves to be, positively dedicated to live FREE or die, knew equally well that “technology and society” would also progress or die! They absolutely understood that weapons of the day, having already “progressed” beyond anything available in previous history, would certainly become much better – or, as the whacky left might say “deadlier.” Hence, to the “save us from ourselves” whacks, humans should only be allowed to eat with their fingers and go naked!

          • So … u think the founding fathers could have envisioned the internet? Please…

          • As noted from any/all of your comments, you are dedicated to remaining delusional. Cain slew Able with a rock – killing people, even during our Civil War, became an “art” form. You may as well have said did those founders envision the SR-71, the atomic bomb? PLEASE! Those founder’s acumen, not fortune/future telling, was so far superior to what passes for “intelligence” today, and your comments reflect that fact!

          • What the hell does this have to do with my comment?

          • Exactly! Delusional with a reading impairment.

          • Meaningless response.

          • I expect that YOU would need to read it several times, plus look up some words to understand his response.

          • I think our Founding Fathers understood LIFE more then you ever could.. Their education is not the question yours however well lets just say SADLY Lacking….

          • but it is a living breathing document meant to allow us not to bow to another false Emperor who makes apology tours and has phony documents erases the lines of division of three branches.. slips billions to terrorists and then frees killers and drag queen traitors..that is someone that needs prison .. why do you think he’s jumping around so much..

          • I think you are a argumentative little turd that is puffed up on his own wild wood weed.. because you sure do not sound like any patriot I’d want to have at my back..

          • You have a right to your own opinion albeit ignorant and lacking in objectivity.

          • Why thank you, coming from a bottom feeder such as yourself I will actually accept that as a shout out because you can’t refute the statements I make..
            Sorta like calling me a BITCH..translation Babe in total control here..
            my objectivity is probably much wider then yours could ever hope to be.

          • Babe?…what are you… 12?

          • hahahahahah Oh Man I haven’t had a laugh like that in years hahah my baby is past 35 and I say thank you when carded buying a rare drink at a store but you actually made my day

            Thanks but I earned every grey hair with honors and wouldn’t change em

          • no prob….girl friend.

          • you comment makes zero sense relative to mine-you must have directed it to the wrong person.

          • For your amusement- an equal opportunity abuser- enjoy-

          • For Your enjoyment and Education

            Why does anyone even pretend to be shocked or even taken aback… The
            Obama Administration was the single most corrupt in our nations
            history.. I mean we have had mistresses, a President finding out that
            of his team broke into the Dem Headquarters and had the decency to
            resign, while still opening China and Russia to at least conversations,
            maybe he should have been sec of state instead of President but he was a
            freaking saint compared to the last 8 years of Golfing at the Vin-yard
            and flying the pets in on a second plane..Hawaii and checking off a
            bucket list a trillion worth..president in name only cause Reid kept his
            desk clear… we have had older men having sex with interns who keep
            the dress and first ladies that did their husbands jobs for them what
            you thought Billy actually wanted to work?? so that the nation didn’t
            know they were incapacitated, or screwing anything they could catch
            willing or not. Obama takes the cake hands down as the most checked out
            absentee and high on drugs, Islam and hearing his own voice, His right
            to even be qualified as a citizen questionable, his attorney General
            guilty and refusing to follow any law, He gave seat to the Highest court
            to the attorney who had for a decade buried any hint of his and his
            WIFE’s?? history, I mean come on who did she marry Barry, Barack, the
            Kenya Prince?? Obama, Sorento or just nameless nobody, we find out the
            kids aren’t his are they even hers??? they allow 4 American to be killed
            and can’t answer the phone at 6 pm let alone 3 am..throw dirt on it and
            pretend it was a peaceful protest that just happened to cause
            injuries..cover up with a convenient sob story Killary had a boo boo to
            get your second term, never mind she is nuttier then a granola bar made
            by squirrels so yea we’ll let Killary do it she’ll do anything !!! So
            yep they allowa former first cover up queen of her crimes to jet set
            steal money, take money for a hubby being allowed to speak and sell and
            kiss arab ass for cash and totally freaking upend the entire middle
            east and half of Africa, sell out nuclear material like sand on a
            beach.. they re-start the 50’s and 60’s race wars again and have Sharpie
            Sharpton a millionaire owing tax fraud and can’t get his story straight
            fool to be their race relations head which is just plain stupid unless
            you want death between blacks and whites..OH WAIT, YOU DID.. MY BAD…
            Incompetent attorneys swear they will get white cops in prison before
            you even know the crime.. officers who committed no crime and allow
            cities to be burned and looted [note the 200 and up tennis shoes wizzed
            out the broken door, the work boots untouched ]..and blame the single
            source of stopping it Police Officers as the reason it happened.. I
            could go on for a full day and not touch all his crimes.. the fact that
            High Treason, Sedition and just plain Ethics? {What are they??} isn’t
            being called for is the Whoopsies, Oprahs and
            Calfornication star-wannabes and star-ettes who twerk and marry every other month would scream blue murder and make it worse.

            finally have a President that actually does what he said, cares about
            WE THE PEOPLE and the dug in so deep dynamite can’t remove millionaires
            on our money don’t even want to give him the staff he wanted confirmed
            and he still runs rings around them, pays out of his pocket more the Ali
            O Bama can count without every one taking off their shoes and a news
            media that is flat out as North Korean as can be.. You let a IRS hit
            squad madam make a speech then say she
            wont respond and almost a year later leave with all the money she can,
            and put a smirky little snob in as head and he says every thing is
            till someone says UHH well that’s not really true.. he didn’t ask me
            here this is what he says doesn’t exist and they still let him stay..
            Should have pulled a Killary and had it on dozens of unsecured devices
            that every country that wants to know a secret can read until Americans
            want to read it and out come the hammeers and bleach bit… buy that and
            I got prime property in Florida for ya just cost half a mill… Oh and
            the guy that sends photos of his junk to every underage kid calling
            himself Danger boy did he actually nail that one..he can read it we just

            Good God Almighty you are having kittens because one of
            your criminal democrats which is just about all of them higher then a
            second term say he won’t come and admit he did a NO NO… They are all
            as criminal as can be and it all begins and ends in the oval office
            where I knew NOTHING until I saw it on TV …I man that Sgt Schultz
            combo deal with buy one and we’ll give you a second free!!! act is
            really really the last straw for the Kenyan village idiot that pardoned a
            traitor after turning him into a shemale model on our dime of course,
            you do know most NORMAL states when they get a transitioning, they don’t
            finish it for free they just maintain the hormones at the level you
            came in on or if life and no parole stopped it. FOR THE GRAND PRIZE IN
            SCREW THE COUNTRY..BHO On his way out the door with more billions for
            GET REAL WE ARE NOT THAT DUMB…has nothing about his skin
            color more about every speech contradicted what he’d said in the last
            town… THEY CALL IT BEING A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.. remember if you like
            your Doc??

          • you love to degrade the President, well sorry your toilet is backing up from so much BS you are putting out.. but We don’t roll over just because some dumb killary freak says so.. I will happily vote him for a second term, he’s done more then Obama in 8 yrs..

          • Just speaking the truth backed up with facts -Not belief.Like you.

          • I give , Trump is the President I back happily, I have better things to do then entertain children.. nighty night..

          • Speaking of toilets backing up….here is just one of many that will back up and take trump down-


        • it was written so we could defend ourselves against a government gone bonkers and I have waited for a long damn time to start say enough !!! So either they start helping the man we put in the White House or maybe we start helping them go quietly into retirement..Vote em out smoke em out or by god before they sell us out totally shoot em out.. I’d rather use rock salt and pea gravel I think that would stick in their memories a bit longer..

      • Anything that infringes our rights to keep and bear Arms is a law that is against the Second Amendment.

        Yelling Fire in a theater is a moral issue, just like using a gun to murder people is a moral issue. Laws exist to limit the use.

        Bottom line, the laws you are pushing were and are still in effect in CA, on and before the San Bernardino killings. Your laws only hurt honest law abiding citizens, and infringe on their rights to keep and bear Arms.

        The alternative motive that all on the Left seem to skip over is the fact that Gun Control Laws do one other thing, they disarm the public… Now lets think about who benefits from a disarmed public…. Dictators.

        Why good people should be armed

        • Just HOW would the public be disarmed by a law that would require background checks at gun shows? Or by a law imposing limitations on the capacity of magazines? Or by banning gun possession by those who have consistently shown a proclivity for violence against innocent people, such as persons under a court order forbidding them to have contact with those upon whom they have previously perpetrated violent acts?

          • I live in CA, and my right to carry and own firearms has already been taken away.

            I can not obtain a CCW. Sheriff refuses to issue them without an excuse, and will not accept self defense as an excuse.
            It is against the law to open carry.
            In order to transport my weapons, they must have trigger locks on them, and or stored in a locked case.
            The magazines can not be loaded while transporting.
            The bullets must be stored in a different compartment of my car than the box that used to be a gun.
            I can not own a magazine with more than 10 rounds.
            I must pass a background check, for every weapon purchased.
            Each purchase has a 30 day waiting period.
            Each purchase MUST go through a FFL. (Cost about +$75)
            I must provide proof that I own a gun safe.
            I must store all guns in said gun safe in my house.

            If I were to use a gun in my home for self defense, I expect to be arrested, handcuffed, put in jail, sued, vilified by the MEDIA, and lose everything I own in law suits.

            I could go on, all of these laws hurt the law abiding citizens and have done NOTHING to influence your “gun violence.” None prevented San Bernardino.

            While I am not quite 220 years old, our constitution and the second amendment have lived through regimes like the USSR (62M killed), Germany (21M killed), Japan (6M killed), China (76M killed), all took advantage of a disarmed public.

            Those 27 words have served Americans well and hold true today. I fear the generation that gives up these rights so easily and foolishly.

            But your foolishness is no surprise.

          • Then your sherries and politicians HAVE MADE YOU A CRIMINAL BY THIER STANDARDS…..

          • The question is this: why are you still in CA? There are plenty of freedom loving states where you can live without these illegal and stupid restrictions.

          • Family. Friends. People I just can’t leave behind.

          • Problem being, too many “escapees” from ‘liberal’ run states bring that same mind set with them, and elect those same whacks that run states to ruin. Witness, sanctuary city here, Muslim enclave there! Before long, like some cancer that rapidly metastasizes, those ‘new’ states rot from within – hmm, America seems to have been traveling that road for the past fifty-odd years….

          • You are unfortunately correct. Friends in CO have mentioned this exact scenario. The entitlement mentality will continue to destroy until we smash it into the ground. I don’t OWE you anything!! I am responsible for me and my wife, not for you and your family. That is YOUR duty.

          • California is a lost cause. there is nothing short of complete social/economic collapse that will ever change that. If you can, leave. Go to one of the free states and work to keep it that way. This California native son packed it in, cashed out and left four years ago. Best decision I have ever made.

          • God Bless you, I will run the CA underground to get people out, that is until they hang me for being a capitalist.

          • Atta baby! As you note, however, DO NOT bring anything that contributed to the CA collapse anywhere near my state – i.e., “liberal think,” “liberal voting,” well, just NOTHING brain dead liberal.

          • looks like you need to sell your place in CA and move to Montana

            Live the Dream in Montana.

            Off Grid totally set up with Solar power, Awesome Water from year round Spring, good Cell phone & Internet service. 7 miles to US15, 45 miles to Great Falls or 50 Miles to Helena. 20 miles to Cascade for Food, Fuel etc. Avg Temps November – March +21* – +36*, Year round access with a 4×4, we very seldom get a heavy snow.

            This Property is So quiet and secluded, Year round Access. The cabin cannot be seen from the road and you do not usually hear any road noise. it’s in it’s own little world. 18.4 very Private treed acres to roam and do what you want to do. This property is available with Possible owner finance with proper down payment. total price $149,900

            Ready to move into. 1 bdrm with Loft 9 x 19 x 6’ 6” Loft, Full Bath, New Construction, Real Log cabin 20’ x 20’ with 6″ “D” Log Cabin, Never lived in. 40+ year metal & Insulated Roof, New Dual Pane windows, New Blue Pine T& G Interior walls and Ceiling, New Natures Head Composting Toilet , “Never Used”. Large Outhouse, 1 Yr old On Demand Propane Water Heater, New Shower, smaller Propane 4 burner stove & Oven, smaller Propane Refrigerator, Wood Stove & 30,000 BTU Propane backup heat. 2 + years supply of Firewood. Additional 8×12 guest cabin “Bring a cot or sleeping bag” 12×16 Heated Work Shop, 13×16 heated storage/work shop, 8×8 storage shed, 2 – 1500 Gal Fresh water above ground storage tanks, Gas Powered water pump to fill the tanks, 3500W 110 & 220 Volt gas powered Generator. 2 – 100# & 1 – 25# propane tanks, small Garden area with room to expand.

            5 star Trout fishing on the Missouri & Dearborn Rivers only minutes away.
            Plenty of Wildlife in the area, Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Grouse, Turkey

            All Reasonable offers will be considered

            Mark 406-437-4341
            [email protected]

          • Hi Rich, the fires didn’t come close to me, they much further west my mountain range is surrounded by a lot of grass land that separates the different Mountain ranges luckily there were no fires near me this year.

          • “Live the dream?” LOL, why you selling out then?

          • my saw mill business moved south to the Butte area, I’m so damn busy now I don’t have time to go back.

          • Good luck with your property offering. Fishing indeed is good on the Dearborn River, but the fisherman will find that access to this stream is limited. Be prepared to walk quite a way to get to many of the best fishing areas. Here is some info.

          • I drove several hundred miles in Montana this Summer. The state is gloriously beautiful.
            Anyone with a bucket list needs to put a trip to Glacier National Park on it if they have not yet been there. A fly-fishing float trip on the Madison River is another first-rate experience. Take the full-day trip!

          • well we have 5 STAR Trout fishing on the Missouri river not 3 miles from my place, people come from all over the country to fish this spot on the Missouri and the Dearborn Rivers. I can pretty much fish the entire area with NO problems because I live there 🙂

          • my place is 220 miles S. of West Glacier and fishing streams everywhere you look between me and there

          • Move to Texas Sir, you would be welcomed from like minded people. Get the hell out of California, the land of the fruits & nuts. What I cannot understand, is, why has California become that way?

          • Thank you for the kind words and the invite.

            I don’t understand CA either, but it happened on my watch… And I don’t like it.

            I think the biggest thing that is happening here in CA is that the election system can no longer be trusted. Us Californians have no clue who is counting the votes, or better said, we can no longer trust the people counting the votes.

            In CA, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA and the Elites are counting the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • I’d start by looking at CA’s ethnic breakdown. Sanctuary city land, how many of those obtaining “sanctuary” are voting?

          • All you stated above is not just California, it has now become the American way: reference: the 2016 election.

          • count the registered voters and the legals and there is your answer..

          • MAHBOO1, many of the nation’s problems came to fruition on “our watch.”

            I sometimes think I should apologize to our nation’s youth now for leaving them such a mess!

          • I agree, that is why I fight back as hard as I can. I fear the nations youth have been brainwashed and are not equipped to fight their way out.
            I pray that I am wrong about the youth. America is also very resilient.

          • Once more California leads the nation! Let us hope that other states will soon follow!

          • “leads the nation?” In what, BANKRUPTCY? Losing population by the hordes?

          • Leads in what ? debt, illegals, fruits, nuts, ding dongs, misfits, and some of the stupidest people on planet earth.

          • corrupt politicians….

          • In secession from the Constitution? Why would you want any state to destroy the Constitution the way CA is?

            Can’t you see that the Constitution was written for the People… Not the Elites.

          • Kalifornikation? Run by democrats for ages. Bankrupt beyond belief. Good Californians have the “boot on their necks” because of two major metropolitan areas, LA and San Fran! If my state ‘attempted’ to RULE the roost, like some cock of the walk, and deny me my “God Given Right” to self-defense, by any appropriate means, ANYWHERE, I would either move or indulge in “Civil Disobedience.” My personal credo is, as noted, I will obey no “man made law” that would deny me that “God Given Right!” That dastardly 2nd Amendment is appreciated, but NOT required….

          • Move to Montana, where the skinheads and militia freaks are prevalent. You should fit right in.

          • NOT required, my state is NOT run by those you advocate for. Condolences in advance!

          • When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

          • Sadly, in too many states, as well as the hallowed halls of congress, there is a lot of ABDICATION of “duty!”

          • Just curious… “God Given Right”? Ever read the “Ten Commandments”?
            Just saying.

          • Actually, several times; however, your comment “might” refer to that ‘sixth’ Commandment? It is a strict Commandment, but does NOT mean you are ‘commanded’ to allow ANYONE to kill you, sans defending yourself!

            Psalms 144:1 – ([A Psalm] of David.) Blessed [be] the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, [and] my fingers to fight:

            Luke 22:36 – Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take [it], and likewise [his] scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

            Just saying….

          • Are you one of those Christians who think they must allow themselves to be killed and not defend themselves?

            Nonsense! You are totally mis-reading the Word!

          • First of all, forget about the “gun show loophole”. It doesn’t exist. It is just propaganda. Go to any gun show and tell any gun dealer that you want to buy a gun and he will hand you paperwork to fill out for your background check. A limitation on magazine capacity? So when a mob of thugs is descending on me I can shoot the first few and then ask the rest of the mob to wait while I reload. Yeah, that will work great. As for your last point, let’s be honest. If you’re talking about the criminal element, they are already banned from owning guns. I don’t know how we can make you understand that criminals don’t obey the laws. (That’s what makes them criminals.) If you pass a million more gun laws, the criminals still will not obey them. The only thing gun laws do is restrict the law-abiding citizens.

          • Australia is a perect example!! The law abiding Citizens gave up their guns and now Crime is higher than ever AGAINST these law abiding citizens BY the ARMED criminals!!

          • You’re exactly right Jackson. The leftists simply cannot understand that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. FBI statistics have clearly shown that when the number of concealed carry holders goes up and the number of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens goes up that violent crime rates drop. Conversely, the cities that have the most restrictive gun laws have the highest crime rates because criminals can always get guns through illegal channels. When the criminals know that nobody will be shooting back at them they run amuck. They think twice about their actions when they know there’s a good chance that someone will shoot back.

          • any documented proof of that? If not you are just blowin’ smoke-

          • As I stated, FBI statistics clearly show the relationship.

          • show me the proof-just send a link or you are blowin’ smoke..

          • An early advocate for ‘gun control’ as some way to less violence or crime, John Lott, rescinded his stance once he did his own “research!” All these “save us from ourselves” dweebs should pick up a book or two, of his or others, and “educate themselves.” Their ‘mindless’ twaddle continues to define their limited acumen, and/or limited education. Too tiring to attempt any logical discussion with them.

          • Rich is an IDIOT!!! MY sister in law lives outside of Perth! Her husband had to turn in their handgun, a 45 and even his 22 Marlin semi auto. THEY have been robbed at Gun point 4 F N TIMES by armed thugs as well as 17 people in their apartment complex!! The thugs know they are unarmed and an easy mark!!They even know WHEN to hit!!!

          • “….had to turn in their handgun, a 45 and even his 22 Marlin semi auto.” As Charlton Heston once stated, “From My Cold Dead Hands!” In my case, I have no doubt they(our vaunted gubment) have the capability to get my stuff; however, a lot of it will be very hot and empty, when they do that prying from my cold dead hands!!

          • I am with you on that!

          • Actually he’s right. Armed with knives and clubs.
            Bu, bu, bu, but that doesn’t count.

          • “So when a mob of thugs is descending on me I can shoot the first few and then ask the rest of the mob to wait while I reload. ”

            And when was the last time that happened to you? Got paranoia…much?

            How long have these thugs been threatening you ?

          • WHY would you need to reload???? Even a shotgun with Buck shot will take out a Mob!! That was proven during the LA riots!!! The store owners who stood by their shops and opened fire sent the Mobs running!!! THEY were the only shops left standing!!!

          • can’t you wait for rhubarb to respond to my reply?

          • Why should we have to wait for Retard Rich G strap Girod??? Facts are facts lil boY!!

          • I am disabled and cannot use a shotgun due to shoulder problems, therefore I am limited to a handgun.

          • Poor baby you can still rig a hand to fire automatically!

          • Your responses are becoming increasingly ridiculous so I will simply assume you are a troll and stop wasting my time on you.

          • That really is a moronic question. It has never happened to me and no, I am not paranoid. Let me try to explain the concept of self-defense to you. The idea is to be prepared as best you can for any possible scenario. If you wait until AFTER you are attacked it is too late to prepare.

          • Sounds you are paranoid…

          • Sounds to me like you don’t think at all. You let the media do your thinking for you.

          • Not at all. “You” are the one whom is uninformed. And, a bit silly, I think. Yours could be the house that thieves choose to rob. I hope you are not putting your very children in jeopardy by not being properly armed.

          • Look up Waco!

          • The background checks they are after is for private party sales.

          • The number of private party sales is minuscule but the Obama administration put out the ridiculous propaganda about a “gun show loophole” and pushed the narrative that anyone who buys at a gun show or online isn’t subject to a background check. Ever since then the leftist sheeple have been convinced that this is fact. It’s just an excuse for them to outlaw gun shows or some other stupid law that will not make anyone safer.

          • There is a law prohibiting someone from having a firearm if they are involved in an order of protection. It is one of the questions asked on the form filled out when you attempt to purchase a firearm. If there is an order filled and you answer on the form that there is not it is a federal crime and comes up when your background check is done. Background checks are done at gun shows. I have been to at least 20 of them in Pa. where I live and each and every sale I observed involved a check. By the way during Holders term over 240,000 folks lied on the 4473 form that involves a background check and they were refused purchases. They all committed a felony by lying and only 5 were ever charged and he only won 3 cases. If you want to know how I know some of this it is because I am a retired LEO chief and I still have the connections to get the latest stats.
            Most people don’t know how strict gun purchases really are especially politicians that have body guards. Sure there are folks that brake the law and don’t get caught but that is the same with a lot of criminal activity. I heard the other day from a politician that you could buy guns online. When an online purchase is made the gun goes to a FFL dealer and there is where the background check is made before the purchaser can pick the gun up. The largest gun dealer on line is Gunbroker .com. Why don’t you go on line and see the hurdles you jump through to purchase a firearm. Educate yourself.

          • You have the Left and their ratcheting techniques to blame for this. They always ask for an inch, take it, then use that inch to ask for another inch…

            Here in CA, background checks are required at gun shows, the law has had ZERO impact on gun violence… Yet it punishes the law abiding citizens, and burdens them with additional costs.

            If we allow the gun grabbers to ban possession to those who are mentally ill, they will expand it to someone who takes a Valium.

            Guns are already banned for Felons, or someone who has shown a proclivity for violence. Now I see you are ratcheting it to the next step… proving my point.

            You seem comfortable being a puppet for communists….

          • “You have the Left and their ratcheting techniques to blame for this. They always ask for an inch, take it, then use that inch to ask for another inch…”

            Do you have any factual information to back up this massive generalization? Please do not show the “commie brainwashing” video again -everyone has seen it multiple times-..thank you

          • Common sense is my proof, I am not going to waste my time trying to show you that.

            But gnaw on this a while.

            The second Amendment says “shall not be infringed.” Outlawing automatic rifles was a first step infringement on that right.

            Diane Feinstein now uses the outlawing of automatic as precedent for making the statement that one 2nd amendment rights are not absolute and without limits. She actually said, that Americans do not have the right to keep and bear all arms….

            I only show you that commie brainwashing video for your benefit and to those that are trying to understand you.

          • “Common sense is my proof, I am not going to waste my time trying to show you that.”

            That is because-

            1-You are too lazy to simply use the google machine to site proof-

            2-There is no proof to support your “point of view”

            …so which is it?

          • 3- I am not playing this game with you, hypocrite.

          • 4- Check mate….game over.

          • the joke is on you-

            BTW- that commie video guy-
            I did some research on him and found that he died/disappeared at age 53 -It can’t be confirmed. Are you him?

          • Why yes, no, maybe…… what do you think? Are you following a conspiracy?

            And his demise has what to do about the content of the video???

            I am glad you are looking into that video… Have I shared the backwards bicycle video with you? It was that video that helped me make sense of the Yuri video…

          • please don’t share

          • Just trying to help….

          • You’re arguing with a clueless moron.

          • But then he’s the President of the United States and you’re still just a big zero. Go trump.

          • Quote tRUMP_”I love the poorly educated”

            Of course he does. It’s his base….you.

          • My degree is in mechanical engineering, a PE License, 50 years of experience and a nice tidy seven figure net worth. Whats yours art history, psychology, or some other worthless piece of crap that qualifies you for head fry cook at McDonalds. You poor clueless delusional moron you’re the poster boy for everything thats gone wrong in this country.

          • so big deal…you’re an electrician…why do you look down on others who have a degree in something other?

            You are uneducated in many other areas…like the understanding of differences of interests that contribute to the common good…get off your high horse and …think.

          • Geez, either you can’t read or can’t figure out the difference between mechanical and electrical engineering.

          • so big deal…you’re an HVAC guy…

          • Geez, you are truly clueless.

          • you are truly cryptic….why don’t you just tell me how you applied your education to make a living?

          • so stop playing this game and reveal how you used your degree to make a living…seems like you are cut and running.

          • What game would that be ? How I made a living is none of your business. Cut and running from what ?

          • “All arms”??? When you win the lottery, will you acquire your own Stealth Bomber and battleship?

          • Now you are just being silly.

          • I think he is using common sense….

          • Yes you would view his logic as common sense…. As I have explained before, you have been demoralized by ideological subversion.

            And you would also use your liberal logic senselessness to come to the conclusion that because I do not have the means to own a battleship, I do not have the right to own a battleship….

            And that is patently false.

            I gave you an example per your request, yet you ignore it…. Why?

          • you have no sense of irony or satire- I was using your phrase”common sense” to mock your refusal to present factual /documented proof for justifying your “opinions”…
            Good grief you are lost-

            “I gave you an example per your request, yet you ignore it…. Why?’

            That was directed to headonstraight… Not me-please stay on track….

          • So now proof to one troll has to be explained to the second troll because?????

            So headsonRichGirod….. try to stay on track….

          • How does anyone know that you are not Yuri and are really just trying to demoralize by ideological subversion ??…. remember he disappeared

            From wikipedia-“Bezmenov’s death was reported in 1993, but his death certificate has been described as “vague and suspect”, with details unclear. This has led to suggestions that there was more to his death than met the eye, a faked death.[8]”

          • Justice Scalia’s death is vague and suspect, is he any less dead?

            I am not Yuri, but what Yuri was talking about is happening right now and that is what is important…. It has happened to you…

            There is a longer version where Yuri gives a talk at an university on YT. It explains more about the ideological subversion process. That is if you are interested..

          • The U..S Government is aware the USSR and now Russia have tried / are trying to subvert the US government( aka “we the people”) .There is no proof that the tactics have worked to subvert the U.S. government- Perhaps, the current investigations in Congress and the special prosecutors office will reveal to what extent they have succeeded–

          • Funny, That information comes for a politically idolized FBI and CIA. They can no longer be trusted.

            The Russian hacking conspiracy is just a ruse to lead the people away from the real source of voter rigging. Elites…

            Mueller is on a witch hunt and needs to be shut down….

          • Well , then. It’s game over you loose. So I quess you should just give up…

          • the USSR has been trying to rig elections and spy since the 40’s good grief you think they magically stopped for just one cycle???? dunce

          • common means we have to have something in common… these knuckle draggers haven’t got that far up the ladder…

          • and speaking of Knuckle draggers-

            Look at this dip shit….what an idiot-


          • Read the entire 2nd Amendment instead of picking and choosing segments of it.

          • Lady it’s 1sentence it’s not that hard or can’t you read…
            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
            State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

          • reminder she is a scared old lady that got into power after a workplace shooting she’s never had a gun good thought since and has guards 24/7 because of her PTSD.. and look at any video she knows NOTHING about proper handling of a gun she has finger on trigger pointing at audience…

          • Every time Libs such as you come on these sites, we get more info concerning your inability to think logically and coherently. Yet, you never even try to listen to other’s points of view. You just ratchet up to get another foot in the door to spew your nonsense.

          • Can you be less specific?(sarcasm)

          • How are those gun laws helping in Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, LA ALL Demonrat controlled and all High Crime!!! Notice the similarity between them all??? Demonrats and Minorities!!!HOW did ANY of these laws prevent the Las Vegas, San Bernadino, and Miami Mass Murders??? Want to really make Mass Murders have high fatalities??? Take away the guns and watch them turn vehicles into weapons like they are doing in UK and France!!!

          • your ignorance of Guns and the Law is amazing. there are background checks at gun shows. Felons are not allowed by law to own guns, Limiting the Magazine size is INFRINGEMENT on the 2nd Amendment Rights we have as a US citizens the right to bear arms. if you don’t like it, you are FREE leave the USA.

          • Now tell us whether you consider that outlawing the bump stock would also be an infringement on your Second Amendment rights. Help us to understand just when “infringement” occurs.

          • You are as delusional as any of your compatriots dreaming Nirvana dreams of some “gun control” fix to end killing. Banning, outlawing, making illegal, 1934 machine gun law, have accomplished what? NADA, ZILCH, NIX, as in nothing. Why, because any criminal, by definition, let alone some “suicidal whacko,” cares NOT for your “feel good” laws – and, completely ENJOYS your “gun free zones” as their personal shooting galleries! Bump stock ban, is so laughable that I have trouble wiping the grin from my face. This latest whack was some purported millionaire, so pumping out $200 ea for that “gimmick” was “his” way to go. Want to be “informed” as to how difficult or non expensive it is for someone of “criminal intent” to modify a semi-auto rifle into one that empties itself with a single pull of the trigger? They would buy a metal file, about $5, a punch $3, work about 30 min on the trigger group and, walla, a “machine gun.” Just don’t blab your newly acquired education, as a lot of folk still need that file!

          • Why have any laws at all? People still break them. No law is an absolute preventative mechanism. They are tools to regulate anti social human behavior. Freedom is not anti social.

          • Noted. Not sure what you mean by “Freedom is not anti-social?” God, Himself, only proscribed 10, knowing that only those “electing” to follow them would obey those “Commandments,” think it’s called “Free Will.” Were they a “preventative,” absolutely(!), for those not desiring to “live miserably.” His “Laws” are a comprehensive, unequivocal, unambiguous design for living “close” to a Godly life. Disobey His laws, and there are consequences, like the candy Now’nLater, although less severe now than “later.” Man’s laws, on the other hand are more about control, or as you say, “regulate human behavior.” We are so over regulated, American’s liberties are more limited every day. Can anyone tell me what gun law #15,325 says? There are only 4,000 more after that one! How many did this latest whack break? I am far from saying “why have any laws at all,” but there is a point where just pumping out some additional ‘law’ has little to do with preventing another such “crime,” and does absolutely NOTHING about addressing the “underlying issues!”

          • “Freedom is not anti-social” What I mean is that those who claim the government is taking away are “freedom” appear to think that “freedom” includes anti social behavior-

          • Oh, got it, you mean like BLM, The Black Panthers, Antifa, the KKK, etc., ad infinitum.

          • No . You are saying that.

          • Underlying issues of which/what law?

          • Any? ANY? Please inform the masses what gun law #15,235 says. There are only 4,000 plus after than one! Not advocating for a “law free” nation. However, pumping out just one more law “hoping” to address some latest catastrophe is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result! Nobody is addressing the “causative issues” that have these mindless, EVIL, shootings going on – NOBODY! Idiots believing one more law, one more ban, one more of anything is some panacea for reducing EVIL! What evil lurks in the minds of men, only the Shadow knows….

          • His kind never leave; They function as leeches on our society.

          • Background checks? Hmm, the current call is for “enhanced background checks.” What they fail to tell you is that the only way such a system would work is that there is an owner registry! With a registry, now our “beneficent government” KNOWS who has the guns…. I don’t want ANY government to know that I have as much as a “butter knife!”

          • Sure. I know the old tired meme that you and other gun nuts embrace, namely that “Registration is the first step toward confiscation.” Now you can leave that stale old saying out of your anguished reply and groan over something else..

          • As noted, below, delusion is common in those having some ‘fact assimilation’ disability.

          • I have purchased guns at gun shows and always had to go through a background check. The only guns that is not true about is buying from someone not in show but perhaps walking around the parking lot trying to sell something not worth a nickel. No law passed making all personal gun sales require a background is/are impractical at least and unenforceable at best.

        • Great Video Thank You

        • criminals don’t follow laws hence the name criminal.. who do you think is more apt to give up a gun a law abiding citizen if laws are subverted?? I promise the rioters, thugs, robbers and home invaders.. as she states..California is a state I will never visit or buy things from….

          • The Left rewrites history before it happens.. We must stop this practice.


          • yea and my family that helped found KY wasn’t the rice folks we didn’t own anyone, and every time I hear a screech about reparations
            I remember a gun, a mule and a acre… paid in full over a 100 yrs ago…
            I am proud to trace my family to Logan’s Fort, Standing Fort, Standford Ky.. we were the only settlement that didn’t fall to Indian attacks.. and I stand just as firm as they did…
            The idiots trying to make Communism our history will be doomed to repeat it.. and I will stand my ground till they take my gun from my cold dead hands, unless the cowards want to aim for the back as they seem to do then pull off their face cover and play innocent I didn’t see nuthin…No wonder Chicago is dying again and again..

          • pass this on to all your Soros haters-


    • Many in the crowd were packing. How did that help in LV?

      • You really are thick arn’t you? Or are you lying on purpose?

        The venue did not allow any kind of weapons on the grounds.

      • They ABSOLUTELY were NOT packing in a place that allowed open Containers!!! LIAR!!!

      • None Dumb ASS because it was another gun free zone and a side arm would have very little to ZERO use trying to shoot up to the32nd floor, your IGNORANCE is really starting to show just how STUPID you really are.

        • In a recorded conversation one of the performers said that they were all armed and could do nothing to protect anyone. And you are correct in saying that hand-guns were useless. My mistake on “the crowd.”

          Ignorance and stupidity are two different things. Learn the difference or are you stupid and/or ignorant?

    • These suppressors are referred to wrongly as silencers. This I suspect is because of how they are portrayed in movies. Which is also wrong. hillary clinton suggested these guns could not he heard if equipped with “silencers.” Suppressors do not silence. They suppress.

      You my friend are correct when you say this is evil. Mix in the stupidly now (especially active in our congress at this point) and I cannot agree they cannot legislate against it. Although you are correct in your statement for I assume you mean effectively. In that case I agree 100%. Keep in mind they have done a hell of a lot of stupid things in the past. Look at all the absolutely useless gun laws on the books that have never worked and never will. And will never be rescinded.

      Nothing would have stopped this murderer short of searching everyone and everything “unless” vigilance was increased and those watching were trained better on what to look for. He carried ten or more suitcases to that room for one person over the period he stayed there. That in itself should have raised red flags. Furthermore, this shooter planned on escaping. If planned better he may have succeeded!

      The push in the aftermath is, like always, going to be on guns. Nothing can be legislated to stop this. Therefore, no legislation can be justified. But then when has that ever made a difference?

      All Casino’s are vigilant those doing the watching however, have to be trained on what to look for. They are currently trained to watch for cheaters and thieves. Evil is going to have to be included including terrorists. Casino’s have in the past only looked out for their welfare they will now need to look for this type of evil against anyone. Make no mistake there will be more. You can be certain the large Casino’s in Nevada will take note. However will the ones on the reservations and in other states also join in? Remains to be seen.

      • I am of the opinion that Vegas was not a one man crime. I believe their were multiple gunman, at more than one location. It is entirely plausible that the guy they found dead in the room was executed and made the fall guy for the entire operation.

        I struggle to find a motive, but your comments may have brought one up. The people that want to stop the suppressor law will undoubtedly benefit from this act. That is motive.

        So many questions… Why haven’t the casino produced videos of the guy dragging the cases up to the room? If this was a bombing at an airport in Europe, they would have produced the videos of the guilty already…….

        • You could be correct however, to this point no evidence has been found to prove or disprove one way or the other. The closest thing to evidence to prove that was a cell phone charger found in the room that did not fit the shooters phone. However that is not really proof of another shooter. As a matter of fact this is a very strange happening. It is hard at this point to even figure out what the goal or motive of this mass murderer was.

          What exactly did he plan on accomplishing? It has been reported he expected to escape. But how was he going to take all those guns with him? If he leaves them behind he is caught. Therefore I contend this was a suicide mission. Perhaps that was the reason for choosing the 32 floor. However, I do not see it as a well thought out plan myself. Many are saying it was well planned. Not so at all if he did plan to escape. I will not elaborate on that point because I do not want to add to any future murderers plan. And trust me there will be copycats on this.

          The fact remains every senseless shooting like this since Aurora has been influenced by some kind of mind altering drug. Yet the left continues to insist on restricting guns. Have you ever asked yourself why?

          In any case there are many theories and little proof to date. When these kinds of things are investigated all avenues are explored or should be. We shall see what comes of it.

          If this were some kind of a conspiracy it did not accomplish the desired result. Usually motive is the first thing sought out. Motive explains the desire. In this case it seems to remain a mystery. No motive is known.

          • You are so correct about the elusive goal or motive.. There has got to be one, if nothing else other than the guy was completely insane. But the friends and family kind of suggest otherwise.

            The entities that did this have zero regard for life. I have lost all confidence in the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DOJ, which opens up to large scale hollywood type conspiracies. And forces the public to do their own investigations as these agencies no longer have their backs.

            So this senseless shooting could have been for nothing more than to advance the anti gun narrative. Fast and Furious was, and it has caused countless lives lost in Mexico.

            I can tell you right now, bumpstocks will be outlawed, and the suppressor legislation that would have been passed by now has been shelved. These are achieved motives.

            Who where the guns traced back to? Did Paddock own them all? Did he purchase them legally? It is kind of obvious to me that they wanted “law enforcement” to focus on the Mandalay Bay, and expected that shooting site to be found. The other sites were covert and have gone undetected so far.

            Still a mystery…

    • These suppressors are referred to wrongly as silencers. This I suspect is because of how they are portrayed in movies. Which is also wrong. hillary clinton suggested these guns could not he heard if equipped with “silencers.” Suppressors do not silence. They suppress.

      You my friend are correct when you say this is evil. Mix in the stupidly now (especially active in our congress at this point) and I cannot agree they cannot legislate against it. Although you are correct in your statement for I assume you mean effectively. In that case I agree 100%. Keep in mind they have done a hell of a lot of stupid things in the past. Look at all the absolutely useless gun laws on the books that have never worked and never will. And will never be rescinded.

      Nothing would have stopped this murderer short of searching everyone and everything “unless” vigilance was increased and those watching were trained better on what to look for. He carried ten or more suitcases to that room for one person over the period he stayed there. That in itself should have raised red flags. Furthermore, this shooter planned on escaping. If planned better he may have succeeded!

      The push in the aftermath is, like always, going to be on guns. Nothing can be legislated to stop this. Therefore, no legislation can be justified. But then when has that ever made a difference?

      All Casino’s are vigilant those doing the watching however, have to be trained on what to look for. They are currently trained to watch for cheaters and thieves. Evil is going to have to be included including terrorists. Casino’s have in the past only looked out for their welfare they will now need to look for this type of evil against anyone. Make no mistake there will be more. You can be certain the large Casino’s in Nevada will take note. However will the ones on the reservations and in other states also join in? Remains to be seen.

    • no control on guns is evil-

      • That is a misguided belief. You guys on the Left go after things in the wrong way. You need to control the person that uses the gun wrongly, in other words, the EVIL that controls the person, not the guns.

        And then you trust the Politicians with alternate motives to control the EVIL. You display the very definition of insanity.

  2. William L. Ramsburg


  3. RINO Ryan joined the Democrat Idiots and shelved a bill meant for HEARING conservation and noise abatement (not elimination). Obviously watching Bond.

  4. The Las Vegas shooter (as we know it now) was worth between $2M and $5M. No laws would have kept a person with that much wealth from getting even more deadly weapons like missles or rpg’s!

    • He wanted the personal thrill of killing large numbers of people by pulling the triggers of his weapons. More “power” than a mass-kill that he could not see individuals being damaged and killed. Just an insane sociopath that had been radicalized

  5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    The DEMOCRATS are doing their best to take our rights away from us. They have been trying to take our GUNS AND OUR BIBLES for a while now. We must not let this happen. We must fight these EVIL PEOPLE AND NOT LET THEM DESTROY US AND OUR COUNTRY.

    • And just WHEN and WHERE have the Democrats tried to take our Bibles away? Come on, Irene, GET REAL! No one is confiscating your Bible, my Bibles (I have about 30 of them), or anyone else’s Bibles!

      • Inform Yourself :

        Religious Liberty

        Stop Senate Bigotry Against Christian Judges

        Stop Senate Bigotry Against Christian Judges131,877 Signatures

        The Left has unleashed a religious inquisition on Christian judges. It’s unconstitutional anti-Christian bigotry in the U.S. Senate. Senator Durbin harassed one of President Trump’s judicial nominees for living out her Christian faith. Senator Feinstein astoundingly attacked, “The dogma lives loudly within you.” They questioned her fitness to serve as a judge because of her “religious beliefs” as a Christian. Professor Amy Barrett, President Trump’s nominee to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, read more

        • Now that you have gone to the trouble of citing those isolated instances of personal opinion, it is time for you to answer the actual question I posed, which I will repeat here, since you seem to have ignored it:

          Just WHEN and WHERE have Democrats tried to take our Bibles away? Come on, Irene, GET REAL! No Democrat is proposing to confiscate your Bible, my Bibles (I have about 30 of them), or anyone else’s Bibles!”

          • Non sequitur, IDIOT! The bible is less significant than trying to suppress any and all who would READ IT.

          • And no one is attempting to do that either, except in the disordered minds of paranoid rubes such as you. I responded to a specific assertion by Irene, namely that Democrats are trying to take our Bibles away. Neither she nor anyone else has been able to refute that. The isolated expressions of individual members of Congress or others do not constitute any kind of raid on personal liberties, again except among the paranoid sector. The greatest danger to religious liberty is from the proponents of Christian nationalism, such as the New Apostolic Reformation nutjobs, including the “Seven Mountains” dominionist cult. These organizations promote a theocratic system that would supplant the Constitution. They are mostly flying under the radar, and that is fine with them, since it gives them opportunity to craftily recruit others to their nefarious purposes. These people are far more dangerous to this Nation than those whom you have cited!.



      • Not exactly trying to take our BIBLES, just tryiong to take away the legitimacy of any Christians or Catholics who would value them. The Democrats push the very unGodly LGBTQ idiots who want to bring it all down, as well as the Marxists — and they are trying to flood us with the satanic hordes of the new version of the Moslem jihadi invasion. The Moslems are too stupid to ever learn, have inbred themselves to near-destruction in all of these years, are little more than cattle. Google the IQ of the Moslem countries, they are down to double digit NOW, which is sub-human. Get a Life, bozo.

    • it’s just about to come to a head when the Americans are going to destroy the Socialist DemonRats by force and take our country back

  6. Yes, we must ban hot dogs after this shooting. Same “logic”.

  7. Well, since the readers here really believe that “The Devil made him do it,” it seems to be a good idea to force through this legislation to the glee of the gun manufacturers, the body politic will react in a different way. Enough voters, tired of the prostitution Republican congressmen have with the NRA may remember to show it at the polls next year.

    • Our nation became what it is with firepower. Our fighters were good marksmen developed by hunting for food. Our freedom is maintained by our firepower. Millions of citizens have died all over theworld when guns were confiscated. don’t thinkhis government wouldn’t do the same thing. LOOK AT ANTIFA,FUNDED BY HILLARY, SOROS ,HOLLY WOOD AND OTHE DEMS.AMERICANS KEPT OUR FREEDOM AND THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS WITH GUNS. IT’S BAD PEOPLE, NOT BAD GUNS THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

      • We went to war with Britain when they tried to take away our weapons so that they could control us, which incidentally were NEEDED in order to feed ourselves, let alone for our defense. That was the REASON we revolted and created our own great nation. The Democrats and our European owned faux government want us to revolt again, don’t they? They sure behave as if they do.

    • Another clueless delusional fool here flappin his lips.

    • See, he is wearing a headset so he can spout his garbage and not hear any thing that is reasonable and in opposition to his thoughts.

  8. Statesman Patriot

    More than 20,000 restrictive gun laws in the US has not stopped one murder.

    With liberty and freedom come risks and one is that there may be a few crazed maniacs who acquire these instruments and carry out bad things.

    The biggest risk of all is to not have Second Amendment rights, the result of which would prevent us from being able to stop a tyrannical government. (Getting close!)

    Democrats don’t have the mental acumen to understand that the primary responsibility for defense is within ourselves. By their restricting law abiding citizens, they are only empowering criminals and terrorists.

    But then more than 90% of all criminals in our jails and prisons are liberals.

  9. There is no reason–excuses, yes but not reason–for gun control. Look at all the hunters there are and very few accidents. It’s not the legal guns that are being used. It’s the illegal ones being used to kill. Getting rid of guns would be taking food out of the mouths of innocent people. Leave well enough alone.

    • And disarming the public….

      “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

      “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”
      —Joeseph Stalin

  10. When I hear the firearms expert Hillary call them silencers my first inclination is to call them abortion and then she’d support them.

  11. Exactly my “conspiracy theory.” Just at the time “common sense” gun legislation is in the congressional mill to get enacted, some whack shows up, sans suppressor, utilizing several items that the “foaming at the mouth” gun control crowd can focus their “bans” on!

  12. NO LAW WILL PREVENT ANY TYPE OF VIOLENCE…….It’s just a threat to elitists and their control…..

  13. Billdorich Gmbooks

    Wonder why Democrats and the talking heads at CNN, MSNBC, NBC and CBS are all silent that the Bumper Stock Devices were approved for sale in 2010 by Barack Obama’s ATF.

  14. Entirely correct, though some will try.

  15. Shillary Felonia Von Pantsuit simply wants to be seen and heard; can’t get elected otherwise. Oh, how does she qualify to weigh in on anything referencing the law ? She is not an elected official in any capacity and the record is still fuzzy if not translucent on the status of her law degree (it went the way of Billy’s in Arkansas).

  16. A suppressor is not what people think, IT DOESN’T silence a gun, people believe and watch too much TV, there is no such thing as an assault rifle, one so called is an AR15, it is a rifle assault is and action it performs, it also doesn’t have a CLIP M1’s had a clip these and all that feed from the bottom have a MAGAZINE this goes to show how much these dumb bastards know about a rifle or gun, take away guns and you end up socialistic, no guns in Europe more deaths then the USA Chicago NO GUNS, killing capital of the USA, get the picture idiots !

  17. ” It is a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws. ” – Ronald Reagan

  18. They all blame the gun but I have some questions for them. Where does a gun keep its credit card to buy its
    own ammo, or book a hotel? Did no one see a group of guns marching into the hotel, single file, follow the leader, carrying their own ammo? How does a gun repair itself so it goes from semi-auto to
    automatic firing? If they can answer those questions I Might talk more gun control.

    I found this on a blog this morning: Gun violence: only 22% of democrats own guns, according to Pew Research; however, 70% of felons in prison are registered democrats (Washington Examiner). On the other hand,
    over 50% of republicans own guns, but only 9% are in jail for felonies.

    If someone is out to kill someone, taking away guns won’t stop them unless you take away every sharp
    object in the nation, every hammer or other item that can be pounded with, including all wrenches, all cars. Dont forget the bomb making supplys including pressure cookers and fertilizer. If someone is bent on killing people, they will find a way.

  19. Number one, they don’t make a firearm silent (by any means) and number two, no so called silencers were used in this latest tragedy.

  20. What always seem to be an underlying simplicity is that most preachers from a high horse never seem to have true knowledge of the subject they raising cane about. Ignorance is bliss only to an emotional easily misdirect simpletone. When will we get to the point when a voter has to prove they have knowledge of what they are voting on? How can someone vote on something if they can not read, because they were special in school and HAD to be passed, not because they understood. Outright rebellion has no reasoning only emotional instability. Simply put it means stop, listen to what your saying before you really prove how stupid you really are….demons..

  21. Given all the bizarre crap espoused by the NRA and gun radicals (not the sane majority of gun owners), what is needed is to REPEAL the Second Amendment and start all over again.

    • William The WarLord

      Keep dreaming your impossible dream of repealing the Second Amendment!

      Even if possible,do you really think 160 million Americans will surrender their 600 million firearms and then all bad actors and crime will go away?

      • You may be right. Historically we have been a nation of thieves and murderers and guns have been important tools in the enterprises. BUT – there are many sane gun owners who use guns wisely and need them for farming, hunting,, etc – but the need for guns with huge magazines or those that can essentially be converted to automatic weapon playthings – that’s just bloody ridiculous. Literally. And the paranoia about a marxist takeover of the country is hilarious!

        • William The WarLord

          You are full of crap Sean,America has never been a Nation of thieves and murderers,that is Great Britain you are thinking off!We through them out in 1782 and America has been the bastion of freedom ever since and has rescued the rest of the world multiple times.

          It is the Birthright of all Americans to own all the weapons of war and self defense in common use and the government is specifically prohibited from even so much as infringing upon our inalienable right to be armed by the Second Amendment and the similar Amendment in 45 State Constitutions.Simply put,the government does not have the Legal,Moral or Constitutional Power ,nor the means of force, to ever disarm the American people of our 400 million plus firearms.Guns are here to stay and the government has no power to ever take them away!

          With 30 million loyal Veterans and 120 million more gun owners,we are not worried about your “Marxist takeover” since no Marxists would stand a chance against the Armed American People!The first and primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the American people have enough military equipment to form a Militia if and when needed.Hunting is a sport and is not protected by the Second Amendment!Anyone who has been in Combat understands there is no such thing as too big an ammo magazine.

          • Liars, thieves and murderers. I correct myself. Look at US history and treatment of REAL Americans, not just Europeans. And that little slavery thing?

            When do you expect to spend time in combat, thus requiring your large ammo mags? Or are you going to be traitors and attempt to overthrow the government?

          • William The WarLord

            Keep correcting yourself Sean,you are still way out to lunch!

            Slavery was a little thing America got from the British who liked to keep the slave nature of their Empire hidden from common view in jolly old England!

            The standard military magazine size is 30 rounds,with some magazines going up to 100 rounds!Americans have the right to be armed with the most modern weapons of warand self defense they can afford.When leaving a preganat wife home alone in the country while on deployment,I always put a 90 round magazine in her rifle so she never needs to reload.That is my right and the government has no power to force me to use smaller magazines!Molon Labe!

            The only war on Traitors would have been if Crooked Hillary was elected President and used the Las Vegas mass murder as an excuse to declare Martial law and start unlawfully confiscating guns.Then the government would be overthrown by force and all members put on trial in a “People’s Court” while we hold new elections!So go cry yourself to sleep because in America we are free to own all the modern weapons of war and self defense in common use and the government has no power to stop us!

          • We got slavery from England and kept it longer than England, too.

            I hope your wife never had to use hr 90 rounds in self-defense. Did she need to use the rounds? What is the probability she had to use them? A ‘little paranoid?

            “The only war on Traitors would have been if Crooked Hillary was elected President….. blah, blah, blah.” REALLY paranoid! I thought Obama was supposed to do this while president. He had 8 years to do it. Didn’t happen. Keep listening to the Chicken Littles so you will stay busy.

          • This Country started a Revolution to break away from people like you… You have shown that a person can be ignorant and stupid by your words. You have the Freedom to be that way because of weapons. Only approximately 5% of the population of the newly declared country actually fought to win freedom from and for people like you. You have the freedom to leave also, because of guns, comrade.

          • One of my ancestors joined the Revolutionary Army and helped bottle the Brits up in Boston in 1775, but left when his enlistment was up. The Revolution was all about Boston businessmen and their money needs, not about “freedom.” At the end of the Revolution 20,000 conservative lovers of the crown fled to Britain and elsewhere – good riddance to them – we need another cleaning out of right-wing regressives so we can join the rest of the world and enjoy 21st century life instead of being stuck dead in the 1700’s with Steve Bannon and the KKK.

          • I am sure you have some evidence of your claim of having relatives in the Revolutionary Army… I am sure you carried on with their Patriotic Love of The Republic by serving your time in the Military. You swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America. We have a President who was elected by the Electoral College. According to the Constitution and the oath you swore to protect and serve that Constitution, Donald J. Trump is your Commander and Chief so, suck it up and quit your whining. Your Ancestors would be ashamed of you.

          • Yep! My ancestor in the Continental Army was David Fuller from Willington, CT. He and his unit spent 2 months in the Army guarding the western escape route at Roxbury during the Siege of Boston in 1775, including mounting the cannony which bottled the Brits and Conservatives up in Boston. I also had an ancestor in the Royal New Jersey Infantry Regiment (stormed Fort Griswold) and Cherokee Americans (got rid of a few European settlers0 who supported the Crown. I carry on with my ancestor’s skepticism of over-zealous supporters of false and delusional patriotism.

  22. Paul Ryan the original RINO Demonrat has stated that it has been shelved indefinitely!! We NEED him OUT!!!

  23. I think that 2nd Amendment supporters MUST insist that the SHARE Act be approved if the bump stock is to be made illegal (the left needs to understand that there are no free lunches – give a little to take a little).

  24. The Second Amendment is a portion of the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights. The Founders declared the Bill of Rights an article of God Given Rights no person should tamper with. Therefore if you take the Founders intentions for drawing up the Bill of Right into consideration Congress cannot amend any of those Amendments Constitutionally. Any laws passed affecting the free exercise of those rights is unconstitutional.

  25. There are plenty of Gun laws on the books. simply allowing those to be fully followed and the gun rights and anti gun lobby would be a no brainier.

  26. When I our ancestor’s wrote the second amendment, there was no such thing as assault rifles and other such weapons. Those types of weapons should only be allowed into the hands of our military and law enforcement. It makes no sense for the average person to need an assault rifle or any other type of weapon like that. And as far as mental health goes—-if the mentally sick couldn”t get their hands on such things in the first place—many lives could have been saved.

  27. Ryan and his Dem financial supporters are the reason he put it on shelf. Someone should grow some and go get it back off the shelf,even if its never been done before.

  28. Why is it just guns are the ones to take a boot when cars, trucks, air planes etc are exempt?

  29. The repubs did not shelve it. Ryan just did that on his own. Wow,las vegus shooting. I’m shelving this.

  30. Suppressors are generally designed to suppress flames and prevent starting fires in the brush. They are not “silencers.” They may attentuate the blast sound or modify it, but they do not kill it.

  31. Suppressors are used by a lot of people at shooting ranges. They cut down the noise so your ears won’t be damaged by round after round going off from your .45 semiautomatic. It’s a safety thing. I think all shooting ranges should require them or you can’t shoot there. The Republicans need to hand tight on this. The lunatic in LV didn’t even use one. This comes all from Hillary’s stupid quote. Damn this lady is dumber and more criminal than any female politician out there.

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