No Reason For Gun Suppressor Bill to Be Shelved Because of Vegas Tragedy

If there is to be a legislative sacrifice on the altar of the left’s anti-gun hysteria, we suppose the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act is better than some we could think of. There is no constitutional amendment protecting the right to inexpensive noise suppressors. If it’s between this bill being shelved and a rabid, unconstitutional gun grab, we’ll go along to get along, even if we won’t be happy about it. Suppressors (or silencers, as the media likes to call them) will still be legal, even if they will remain irritatingly regulated and expensive to get.

But really, there is no good reason why this bill should not move forward. The Republican capture of both houses of Congress and the White House set the stage for pro-gun Americans to actually make some progress in this unending battle over freedom and fairness. That includes bills like this one, which was already delayed once in the wake of Steve Scalise’s shooting earlier in the year. It also includes the development of national reciprocity laws, which would require one state to recognize concealed carry licenses from another. These are small but meaningful ways in which a conservative federal government can push back on the anti-gun movement of the last eight years. And we would like to see Republicans take a firmer hand.

There is no reason to capitulate to the (roundly and rightfully mocked) Hillary Clinton crowd. Clinton, before virtually anything was known about the shooter or the weapons we used, said, “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer.”

We highly doubt that any suppressor the shooter might have purchased would have actually silenced the gunshots. And guess what? At last count, authorities had discovered, what, 40+ guns in his home and the room. This guy wasn’t hurting for money. If he’d wanted to buy the best silencer on the market, he could have. There were no laws standing in his way. This was a dumb, insensitive way to politicize this mass murder, even for Hillary.

But even still, Republicans are likely to take the path of least resistance and hope that the fervor dies down before taking up the SHARE Act. A piece of legislation that is actually meant FOR public safety – namely, the hearing health of hunters and other gun enthusiasts. A law that would not, in any form or fashion, make killings like the one seen Sunday night more deadly or more frequent.

But don’t expect to see logic or sense from the Democrats.


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