Nearby Murder “Shocks” Anti-Police Council

Oakland California’s city council was in session last week in effort to discuss pressing issues like subsidizing the “unhoused” and trying to finesse the baseball team (A’s) out of hundreds of millions to build more public housing next to their “new ballpark”. Any of that ever happening is in serious doubt because Oakland suffers from some of the worst wokeism in the nation. We would say the worst, but it borders Berkeley and shares a bridge with San Francisco. Wokeism or Social Justice or whatever you want to call it amounts to discussions that turn into boneheaded decisions or discussions that simply fizzle out.

The council’s discussions didn’t get far before they were interrupted by the realities of their streets. Gunshots rang out just feet away from the building . . . in an area highly patrolled by police.

Council Member Bas (President) was “shocked” by the event that ended up killing one and injuring another. “Shocked” is a strong word for Oaklanders who have seen their city go from bad to worst in the past two years. The New York Post reported an anonymous employee of nearby Credit Karma complaining about the very same shooting and the unsafe conditions for female workers “forced” to work in the neighborhood. What’s shocking is that this kind of thing has been normalized in cities like Oakland. This was one of four murders within twenty-four hours.

Bas was one of the many politicians involved the “Defund the Police” movement in 2021. Oakland’s high-crime rate already makes it a hard sell for aspiring law enforcement. The city is forced to offer one of the highest starting salaries in the nation just to have enough officers for the understaffed force to operate. The birthplace of the Black Panther Party has a long history of anti-police rhetoric. There’s no shock to those living in reality. This is what happens when you add it all up. Just another failing city that needs to wake up — to bad gunshots probably won’t do the job.

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  1. Should have shot at the council members, that might actually get their attention.

  2. Just more rot form liberals. Fence California off and let it happen.

  3. Still want to get rid of the Police, geniuses??? All you libs, DEMONICrats, you snowflakes etc… deserve to HAVE TO CALL the Men in Blue! And when you get NO response……Oh well! You asked for it!

  4. What do you mean “shot at”?

  5. The worst is yet to come from commiefornia. They have a council person in LA who is proposing a statute that will give the drug users a way to test their drugs to see if they are safe to use once they have bought them from their cartel members. The council member says that will cut down on the fentanyl deaths being caused by chinese drugs coming in through Mexico. That is their way of dealing with illegal deadly drugs !

  6. Wish they would just break off from our country and float off into the Ocean

  7. So much for the state that has the most gun laws in the Free World! Did he shooter get his gun from a licensed dealer and have it registered? NOT! But they want law abiding US Born Citizens to give up their guns, so illegals can have a gun free shooting gallery! Way to go dumb A _ _ law makers!

  8. The migrents were offerd a chance to go to calafornia & they said NO THANKS.

  9. With any luck at all, maybe there will be a huge rift on the SanAndreas fault line and we could end up with an island and call it Alcatraz 2.

    How can they continue to live this way. I’ll never understand. When things get worse they always choose to “double down.” Sounds like a big need for an expansion of mental health facilities to me.

  10. When suddenly the policies you have created come to affect you directly the wokeness immediately disappears. These virtue signaling leftists can only ignore the realities of the consequences for such ridiculous policies for so long. That which affects the communities they represent on a daily basis is entirely the fault of the administration that ensured the inevitable outcome of these dangerous policies. Ignoring reality in an effort to further their own self serving guilt driven wokeness these “woke” delusional concepts hurt the very people they claim to represent. The tired incessant cries of racism at every turn from denying what a woman is to bridges and math are white evil concepts and therfore racist has grown beyond tiresome. It never leads to solutions only more problems simply because you can not legislatre from a position of guilt or disregard for facts. Every single thing that has gotten worse in this country was entirely predictable because common sense and logic tells us that these policies simply don’t work and fails to serve the public. If you are fed up with how life is going right now it’s your responsibility to get out and do something about. November gives you a choice. Use it wisely or expect more of the same. Eventually the rampant crime will find you or someone you love. We deserve better than this from the government we pay for.

  11. Piglousy lovin dumb DEMOCRAPS that defunded the police ??? What ever made any of these IDIOTS think that getting rid of the police ANYWHERE was smart?? They get what they deserve !! MORONS

  12. It never ceases to amaze me that these people who wish to defund the police and hire people to simply sit down and negotiate with others are shocked when violence happens in their view or having direct knowledge of these low-life criminals! They simply do not understand why police officers are necessary to curb violence. This isn’t middle school where having hall monitors is going to keep everyone in line. These a corrupt, deranged and desperate individuals who have no conception of death or grieving for anyone but themselves. Fund and hire more police officers and allow them to police in the ways that work and still be respectful but firm.

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