Will Biden Be Investigated?

House Republicans have noted that one of their key plans for the next Congress will be to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings as well as to look into the level of potential involvement that President Joe Biden has had.

Representative James Comer, who is the most likely candidate to become chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee in the next Congress, has noted the importance of this investigation during a recent press conference. He has added that this investigation, which will be the main focus of the next Congress, is dealing with Joe Biden.

Republicans have often questioned Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the new probe is now set to determine whether the current President has had any involvement in his son’s business dealings. They will also be looking at whether he at any time took advantage of his position as either vice President or President in order to assist in these dealings.

Comer also criticized the Treasury on Thursday saying that they have asked the Treasury Department to release the financial documents relating to the case, but so far they have not followed along with this request.

He added that the Biden administration is trying to hide something. Comer has added that Republicans have found evidence that suggests that Hunter and Joe Biden had “commingled” “finances, credit cards and bank accounts” that might at times even have been shared.

The president has maintained that he has no involvement in his son’s business dealings.

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  1. This investigation will lead right back to obuthead. Both hidenbiden and obuthead were the worst criminal presidents, in history,if they were investigated,we would find all kinds of dirty dealings,of them supporting terrirsts,to kill our own troops.

  2. This is nothing more than a big show! Nothing will become of this. The laptop will become nothing but a hoax. Someone like the computer repair guy will take the fall. The FBI will raid this guys shop and find all the fake information needed to destroy this man. Hunter and Joe will become saints.

  3. No, because he is a Democrat that has been protected, protected and protected. He won by fraud and Congress and the Supreme Court could have cared less. He is a criminal and so is his son, but Congress and the Supreme Court, FBI (who has protected Hillary Clinton, Obama and Pelosi as well as Biden) are corrupt and protect criminals now and go after a “good” President with values. The DOJ is corrupt and the FBI so no there won’t be any investigation and if it is it will be a sham.

  4. The computer guy more than likely has copies of all the data on Hunters lap top in a very secure place. He should have someone go there and remove it, make several more copies and send it to all the new investigative members of Congress who have oversight authority with the express agreement that his name be left out of all investigations as well as send him into Witness Protection.

  5. He better be along with obama bush I want all their tax forms made public want to know where all their millions came if gotten by cheating lying inside trading sell out America then cease all assets of all of them , not fixed I wrote a book garbage, Investigate all politicians , judges , every year done with these people getting rich all retirements revoked they pay their own medical Not Taxpayers we don’t get free retirement and we work they don’t

  6. No. They don’t have the guts to do their jobs.

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