Rubio Delivers on Promise to Support Republican Nominee

A lot has happened since 17 Republican candidates vowed to support the eventual nominee for president. This unusual demand, brought on by fears that Donald Trump would launch a third-party bid if he lost the primaries, has had an effect opposite its intentions. Trump won, and now all of these candidates who said he would never be the nominee are being forced to confront their pledge.

Several former candidates have already lived up to the promise. Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson have all offered Trump their support. Even Lindsey Graham appears to have softened his anti-Trump stance. But many others remain silent.

On Sunday, one of Trump’s biggest rivals took the plunge. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said he would support Trump despite their differences.

“In my view, I know this: Despite all my differences with Donald Trump, I have a better chance to get a conservative nominated to the Supreme Court with him than I ever will with Hillary Clinton,” Rubio said.

It’s not exactly the kind of endorsement that lights up the Republican Party, but Rubio deserves credit for recognizing the real situation here. He seems to understand that this election isn’t between Trump and The Perfect Conservative. It’s between Trump and Hillary.

“If the Congress passes a law to repeal Obamacare, Donald Trump will sign it,” he said. “Hillary Clinton will veto it. If you talk about rolling back some of these damaging regulations to our economy, Donald Trump will support that. Hillary Clinton will oppose it. Those things matter. These are important issues.”

It’s simply mind-boggling that more Republicans aren’t getting this. Many of them appear fully willing to throw this election away and try again in four years. As though we can afford four more years of ultra-liberal policies handed down from a Democrat executive. They’re more concerned about their hurt feelings and their personal ambitions and the purity of the Republican Party than they are about the country.

Rubio’s quasi-endorsement may not be a game changer, but maybe it will make some people (ahem, Mr. Ryan) rethink their positions.

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  1. My hat is off to Rubio. A sign of strength, Love of Country and Loyalty to the Republican Party. God Bless.

  2. If Rubio had shown this kind of class earlier, it might have gained him extra points. He clearly should not have joined the ranks of the naysayers. The right way to attack a popular leader is to.prove yourself a better leader. Just trying to pull the top dog down to your level gains you nothing. Of course, I was not an official advisor. I really could have used the income.

  3. Rubio has it right. Even if you do not like Trump, you have to admit Hillary will do far more harm. Likewise the majority of the career Republican RINOS need to go. Mitt Romney and the rest of the whinny failed politicians, still trying to topple the voters candidate, are a disgrace demonstrating the elitism on congress.

    Hillary to me is more offensive than Obama. Why do people not realize Obama’s excessive regulations are crippling America’s economy? He has not one accomplishment that has advanced the economic growth or security of American.

    It may have been time to elect a black President, however Obama was the wrong one to be chosen. Likewise it may be time for a woman to be President, but Hillary is definitely the wrong person for any time in history.

    • A natural born American

      Just last night I found myself seriously trying to figure out what obama’s accomplishments have been. Just like all those hillary supporters who weren’t able to come up with a single answer when asked to name even one of her actual accomplishments, I too was at a loss when it came to listing obama’s. However, it was very easy to grade his legacy. He got all D’s straight across the board. Destruction. Damaging. Demoralizing. Deviant. Devious. Demeaning. Divisiveness. Dismissiveness. Disparaging. Deadly. Feel free to add whatever you think I may have overlooked.

      • •First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.
        •President of the Wellesley Young Republicans
        •Intern at the House Republican Conference
        •Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School
        •Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action
        •Appointed to Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor.
        •Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
        •Staff attorney for Children’s Defense Fund
        •Faculty member in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
        •Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic.
        •First female chair of the Legal Services Corporation
        •First female partner at Rose Law Firm.
        •Former civil litigation attorney.
        •Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law.
        •twice listed by The National Law Journal as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America
        •Former First Lady of Arkansas.
        •Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983
        •Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession
        •twice named by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America
        •created Arkansas’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth
        •led a task force that reformed Arkansas’s education system
        •Board of directors of Wal-Mart and several other corporations
        •Instrumental in passage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program
        •Promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses
        •Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health
        •Worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (now recognized as Gulf War Syndrome)
        •Helped create the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice
        •Initiated and shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act
        •First FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree
        •Traveled to 79 countries during time as FLOTUS
        •Helped create Vital Voices, an international initiative to promote the participation of women in the political processes of their countries.
        •Served on five Senate committees:
        -Committee on Budget (2001–2002)
        -Committee on Armed Services (2003–2009)
        -Committee on Environment and Public Works (2001–2009)
        -Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (2001–2009)
        -Special Committee on Aging.
        •Member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
        •Instrumental in securing $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center site’s redevelopment
        •Leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 first responders.
        •In the aftermath of September 11th, she worked closely with her senior Senate counterpart from New York, Sen. Charles Schumer, on securing $21.4 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.
        • Middle East ceasefire. In November 2012, Secretary of State Clinton brokered a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.
        •Introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act, intended to protect children from inappropriate content found in video games.
        •First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate (and re-elected)
        •Two-term New York Senator
        -(senate stats here:…)
        -(voting record here:…)
        •Former US Secretary of State
        •GRAMMY Award Winner

        • A natural born American

          That was rich too. LOL’ Looks like the trolls called each other with the great news of where to find intelligent, THINKING people to try and torment. Thank you so much because it’s getting to the point we could really use all the comic relief you all are not only willing but ANXIOUS to provide for us. God Bless you all.

        • The old lady rode on the coat tails of het sexually deviant husband. A failed Secretary of State and as senator no significant legislation. She’s also responsible for the millions of refugees leaving the Middle East and infesting Europe. He foundation is also under FBI investigation for racketeering. Vote Trump

          • I was just reading that French President Hollande is building a huge facility for refugees replacing in what was an area of Paris for homeless who will also be welcomed into the new facility. This involves helping with needs and integration with French society . Those damn socialists, how dare they assist these folks! What don’t they get about selfishness ?

          • Socialists, using everyone else’s money until the money runs out and that is exactly what has happened to the French. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. But the French are overrun with Muslims and having been demanding their own laws for sometime now. Ever heard of Sharia law? That’s right and they are demanding it. By the way I guess you also haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on in Germany thanks to Mother Merkel. Read up! If your so fond of Socialism why don’t you go and join them. We most certainly don’t need it here.

          • Merkel is taking a lot of heat from the citizens about the refugees. Crime is up over 100% as are rapes and sexual assaults. They think if a woman isn’t where something that looks like a tent, she’s asking to be groped and it’s that way throughout Europe. They don’t assimilate. FBI director and Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson have said that there’s no way they can vet the so called refugees, and ISIS has promised to be among them. We also don’t need anymore welfare recipients. The left defends those cave apes from countries where women have no rights.

        • Lets be honest about Hillary Clinton from someone who worked with her and her husband:

          by Dick Morris, former political advisor to President Bill Clinton

          If you happen to see the Bill Clinton five minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying that he wants to share some things we may not know about Hillary’s background . .

          As I was there for most of their presidency and know them better than just about anyone, I offer a few corrections;

          Bill says: “In law school, Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.”

          The facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal.

          Bill says: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children’s rights project for poor kids.”

          The facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him.

          Bill says: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.”

          The facts are: She flunked the DC bar exam, yes, flunked, it is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas, none, and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after he was elected Arkansas Governor.

          Bill says: “President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors and she became its chairman.”

          The facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman.

          Bill says: “She served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”

          The facts are: Yes she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill, was to sit on the Wal-mart board of directors, for a substantial fee. She was silent about their labor and health care practices.

          Bill says: “Hillary didn’t succeed at getting heal th care for all Americans in 1994 but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health insurance.”

          The facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott. I know; I helped to negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal and half from the Attorney Generals’ tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to do with either source of funds.

          Bill says: “Hillary was the face of America all over the world.”

          The facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there was no substantive diplomacy on any of them.

          Bill says: “Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for children’s and women’s issues.”

          The facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico . A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer’s or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire NY delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize the Woodstock fiasco of 40 years ago.

          Here is what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton. She has done everything possible to weaken the President and our country (that’s you and me!) when it comes to the war on terror.

          1. She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they would have access to our legal system.

          2. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from the USA .

          3. She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield.

          4. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA.

          5. She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the military & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even though such tactics might save American lives.

          One cannot think of a single bill Hillary has introduced or a single comment she has made that would tend to strengthen our country in the War on Terror.
          But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our country and makes it a more dangerous situation for all of us.

          Bottom line: She goes hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is abandoned.

      • Natural Born American, you have a knack for D’s. Perhaps, these were your only grades in school! Do you not read? Do you not listen to TV or Radio? And I’m not talking FAUX> How can you be so ignorant? Millions of people have health insurance now. Millions of people have jobs. The auto industry was saved. The banking industry was prevented from failing. These were off the top of my head. Perhaps you have heard these claims but refuse to believe them because FAUX “NEWS” doesn’t broadcast these TRUTHS!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Hey, Natural Born American is not a very bright person. It may be best and less embarrassing for “it” to keep “its” thoughts to itself.”

        • A natural born American

          Oh PUH LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ. Your repertoire was so darned original I just about busted a gut! Thanks for the laugh. Oh and God Bless You.

        • Hey Toilet Seat Lid (John Topper). Pull your head out of the crapper. Those millions of people that have insurance now cannot afford the
          increasing premiums that working men and women are subsidizing. People are being forced to drop out because they cannot afford the increasing premiums. Insurance programs are no longer participating because they are losing billions
          of dollars. Why should a 23-year-old male have coverage for a hysterectomy? It is a failed plan.

          Millions have jobs? Where do you get your facts? How can
          jobs be up when the work force numbers are significantly down? Unemployment numbers are down because they do not count people that have given up looking for work. And for all those Dumb Asses demanding $15/hr. for flipping burgers . . . They just put themselves out of work. Kiosks and automation are replacing them. And they did not see it coming either. Having self serve drink fountains saves a lot of money. On an average of 9 cents
          per drink, and not having to pay someone to pour the drink, the company is
          saving millions a day. And, they do not have to worry about a worker not showing up or having to pay government imposed employee fees. Those making $15/hr. are now asking for fewer hours because they earn too much to qualify for their government subsidies.

          If you knew anything about finance you would understand the auto and the banking industry are not actually saved. The banks have gotten bigger than ever. G.W. Bush signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 on October 3, 2008. Obama
          had nothing to do with it. However, since Obama has taken office 507 additional banks have failed, just not the big ones you hear about.

          Near the end of 2008 Bush used $17.6 Billion from TARP funds
          to keep GM and Chrysler alive. Ford did not need a bailout. By the time Obama took action Fiat had purchased Chrysler and the taxpayers footed 1/3 of the bill to bailout GM. Investors and the workers retirement and insurance funds picked
          up the other 2/3 of the bill. Thanks to Obama, his pen, his phone and some feckless RINOs the auto industry has abandoned American workers for cheaper
          labor in Mexico and elsewhere.

          So, you have nothing off the top of your head John. You have nothing but the ignorance of broad strokes of misinformation, misdirection, and
          befuddlement from the liberal and mainstream media.

          • Obama Care created 14.7 million jobs. John Miller for POTUS ’16!!

          • You are proof positive along with John Topper that “Ignorance is Bliss. Absolutely unbelievable that anyone can try to defend a dismal failure like the POS in the WH. But you guys go ahead and drink that Kool-Aid!

          • Defend America

            Do not know about the number you quote but their pay is at the taxpayers expense.

          • ….As well as fireman, police, teachers, military; street/highway dept.; park workers; sanitation; mental health workers; social security workers; the mayor; county prosecutors ; sheriff dept.; and many others WHO PUT THAT PAY BACK INTO THE ECONOMY AND THEN PAY TAXES ON THAT MONEY; AS WELL AS SERVE OUR PUBLIC GOOD. WE USE OUR COMBINED WEALTH TO HIRE THOSE THAT WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE TO EMPLOY TO MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER . I have not seen any figures on the breakdown of how many of those 15 mil jobs are government and how many are private sector. Perhaps you can enlighten . The great thing is that WE created these jobs for our fellow citizens ! Surely if we can care about the trash removal of our people then why would we not use our communal funds to also care about our neighbors health ? If we decided to care about each other then we could use our collective wallet to make everyone’s health care just as available as teachers for our education or as those always available to put out some destructive fire. Interesting that WE, without question, CHIP IN TO HIRE PEOPLE TO SAVE A BUILDING BUT BITCH ABOUT CHIPPING IN TO PUT OUT THE FIRE OF CANER and any health issue TO SAVE OUR LIVES AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THOSE LIVES. Helping each other does not mean “FREE STUFF ‘,’ as many whine about ‘others ‘ wanting , it means that every medical need is a shared bill split by 200 million friends . Now that’s a real group policy and puts your medical plan money back in your pocket . WE FRIENDS PAY OUR SHARE TO THE PAY AND NEEDS OF THOSE WHO TAKE LIVES, AND SOME WHO LOOSE THEIRS, AROUND THE WORLD AND IN OUR STREETS BUT NOT CHIP IN TO PAY THOSE WHO SAVE LIVES AND HEAL? Its up to us to demand what we receive from OUR bank account. I guess this thinking is too progressive, we could change our society for the better with everyone helping and caring for each other to the benefit of the all.

          • Defend America

            Excuse me sir I would suggest that you wake up reality before you continue to make yourself look stupid. I responded to your post …you know the one that you said Obama Care created 14,000 jobs.
            I remember as a child … long before Obama Care … our military… firemen .. police officers…postal workers and so on all ready seemed to exist ..paid for by our local taxes other than the military. No one has complained about the one’s you have mentioned. nor did Obama Care create them.
            Since all you seem to want to do is criticize will not comment any longer
            except to say that I give freely to St. Jude’s Children Hospital.. Feed the Children …the VFW .. Feed the elderly.. Cancer Society.. and many others…. pay my Federal .. State.. Sales Tax.. Local Tax.. Property tax on everything I own…Social Security Tax.. Luxury Tax.
            Therefore you have no right to tell me where I should spend my money that I have worked hard for because I do believe in the America and the American dream. It is not however my place to support the whole world in including illegals and Freeloaders.
            PS It does not benefit me to work day after day just to give everything I make away to those who are to lazy to work and earn their own living.

          • Well duh I never meant any of those were created by Obama care, wow. No wonder there’s gridlock in Washington, the Reich speaks a different language. Your charities are a noble effort , thanks for caring . The point was that we pay for these services by pooling our resources for/to the benefit of all, that’s socialism. Like the Amish everyone pitches in to build a house . Perhaps you popped off a response without reading , you seem intelligent . I understand what you mean, you don’t want your tax pennies to go to healing as I don’t want mine to go to the injustices of war or to people who shoot citizens in the street in the mask of ‘protect and serve ‘. In France each school has a Chef and dietitian with real f…nevermind if you didn’t read….I’m “casting my pearls before the swine” Peace to you. Many blessings .

          • Defend America

            You are correct sir: I just re-read your post and I did take your post out of context, guess I am the one who looks stupid now. You had posted that Obama Care had created over 14,000 jobs …I posted at taxpayers expense …when you responded with “as well as” my train of thought was still on jobs created by Obama Care. I apologize.

            You stated as I do not want my tax pennies to go to to healing I once again think we are speaking two different languages. I donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital….healing. I
            donate to the disabled Veterans… again healing…I donate to Feed the Children…again healing and the list goes on. I applaud the fact that Obama Care now allows people with preexisting conditions to receive healthcare. I do however find many faults with Obama Care…since the original post was about how many jobs Obama Care created I am assuming that is what you are referring to.

            I do not know how many jobs Obama care created you say over 14,000 …I said at taxpayers
            expense… my point being if your job figure is correct …we the taxpayers are paying their salary…we are subsidizing the less fortunates insurance…which I have no problem with… we are also paying for illegals insurance… that I have a problem with…we are paying for the perfectly healthy but to lazy to work…I also have a problem with..for a Healthcare that has many failures.

            Healthcare has increased to such a point that many who had insurance can no longer afford insurance are has had to take a plan with less benefits. Deductibles have increased costing the insured not on Obama Care even more are making it hard for one to get care if a major illness occurs. Many Doctors have changed their profession because of Obama Care creating longer waits to be seen and the quality of care. Many insurance companies
            have dropped out of Obama Care giving the people less choices. Obama said no one would lose their Doctors nor choice of Hospital…this was not true.

            Insurance companies have dropped out of Obama Care giving the people fewer choices…and loss of jobs. So if my objecting to Obama Care and the absorbent cost to taxpayers is not wanting my tax pennies to go to healing you are correct.

          • I understand that Obama care is not perfect systemology but is a move in the right direction and the only form at the time that could be considered even a little acceptable . Here is where you obviously will disagree as I feel our health system should have just been opening Medicaid/Medicare to every citizen, period . As I said before, your support of St. Jude and other organizations is noble, sincerely, but under my concept there would be no need for supporting groups with private monies but another $1 a week in taxes, a system that covers your needs and those of your neighbor . Do you know of a private insurer that will offer full coverage for $52 dollars per year ? A company like that could leave a lot of money in the pockets of individuals and employers , that company is us, banded together . I also understand your issue with illegals, however the numbers that I have been able to find show us that illegals pay more in taxes than they remove in services. According to the 14th amendment there is no such thing as an illegal . What numbers do we trust ? I have a couple friends in health care and they agree with you that the Care Act has complicated matters . Thank you for a second read, I’m just an average guy and my voice has been naturally against the grain since childhood, not sure why . I’m not a great writer, orator or thinker but you have offered me a gracious attitude . Peace to you in all things ..

          • Thank you for your reply. Guess what I do agree with you on universal healthcare for all…but there would still be one catch the $52.00 per year … which would be great except it would not cover the cost.

            Reason being those on Medicare pays the government $120.00 per month then they have a copay plus prescription. For an extra $125.00 to $150.00 per month you can purchase a subsidiaries to cover your copay and medical that Medicare does not cover…you still have to purchase a separate policy for prescriptions… another $35.00 and up per month plus copay. Bringing the cost to approximately $300.00 per month…which would be great for most Americans but for Seniors on Social Security it is already costly and it would also be costly for the poor. One other thing to consider not all Doctors accept Medicare do not know much about Medicade except it covers the disabled.

            The above figures are for those that are fairly healthy…those in poor health the cost would be even higher. I do not know the answer to this problem but I do truly believe the healthcare we have now is in need much improvement…between the loss of our physicians… the back log of patients….the hidden taxes associated with Obama Care..and the higher cost of insurance for those not on Obama Care …all needs to be addressed.

            I have enjoyed discussing this issue with someone who respectfully listens to others opinions without criticism and tries to see others views. It has been very refreshing and I have learned something new…hope you feel the same. Peace to you as well, sir.

          • He was in Ekhardt (?) IN stating that because of him they have high job creation but the businessmen are saying that in spite of Obummer and his policy and their state fighting the Federal Government is why they have good job numbers and a Republican Gov.

          • Yep, I’m in Indiana and our bigoted fascist Gov. Mike Pence was moved by der party from Texas to my district in 1999 still unknown to the Reich wing rubes who think he’s from just around the second curve 2nd place past the lynchin’ tree. We have a VERY SCARY AND DANGEROUS fascist running for the Senate in Herr Todd Young…pure evil.

          • That has nothing to do with what I posted about job creation.

          • He has watched many businesses leave here . Jobs are not an issue but the education, which he decreases almost daily , to have a job is an issue . We need an equal floor of education , that requires unselfish citizens .

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’m voting for John Barron.

          • Is that another Trump alter ego?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yes, Mein Furur used two names.

          • lol

        • Defend America

          Millions of people have Heath Insurance now…this is true some who were unable to get insurance do to preexisting conditions… which is a good thing…I will give Obama credit for that.

          Now for the rest of the truth Obama Care is a disaster. Many Americans lost their health care because of the rising cost…many lost their doctors and preferred hospitals. Many Doctors left their profession … Insurance companies have gone bankrupt …only the top 4 companies are still insuring… deductibles have gone way up.

          Millions of people have Healthcare because they already had Healthcare …and better care at that….others have Healthcare because taxpayers are still paying for it as we have always done …we are just paying it to the insurance companies instead of the emergency rooms…others that have Healthcare are the one’s with preexisting conditions…Obama Care still has not reached its goal.

          Millions have jobs: Jobs have been created mostly by in the Government at taxpayers expense.,.some by the private sector…man of which employee the illegals…while Americans just gave up because of lack of opportunity are jobs.

          While many jobs have been created just as many if not more have been lost. Stores are closing their doors everywhere… in my town alone we have had 50 stores close this past year. When the insurance companies closed their doors all of their employees lost their jobs….Wal-Mart close over 300 stores …jobs lost. Walmart employees have also told me their hours have been cut do to Obama Care.

          Do not let the media are political speeches keep feeding you their lies…get out in public and find out for yourself. If I have learned anything this year it is not to trust the media are a politician… they will tell you anything for your vote.

          As for bailing out the Auto industry that was Bush do you not remember how angry the American people got because they gave their top executives such large bonuses? Yes Obama before he took ofice did stand up and say he would back Bush…then we the public got angry Obama would not defend Bush.

          I will say Obama has done a few good deeds for our country but the unconstitutional… the disrespect he has shown to our country…the immortal acts he has imposed upon us…the disregard for our safety and our children’s safety wipes out any good he has done.

          Please educate yourself and stop allowing politians are anyone else brainwash you..find the truth for yourself. If you ask the right questions and listen you will find the truth.

          • On the news they are saying that the premiums are going up next year and many businesses/companies will not be able to afford to provide health insurance and more people will be on ObummerCare. Each year ObummerCare has new laws attached to it.

        • Have you read the rules that are being applied each year to ObamaCare? It is all in there the extra taxes, etc. the people will be responsible for.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Natural Born American is brain dead…just like all conservatives.

      • dumbshit, dorkass, dipstick, deadbeat, degrading, dufus, I could fill several pages just with the “D’s”.

        • Look in the mirror as you type D U P E D .

          • So says an obama voter.

          • I got no beef w u m&m, don’t go there please . We may not agree but at least we have been civil w each other and your much more intelligent than most of these quackers who have nothing to say. I respect you, but not so much for the derr hurrs that haunt this blog. Peace to you and yours .

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You don’t know sit from shinola Fetch it.

          • You were duped by voting for the community organizer, Zippy.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey, Step n’ Fetch It….get back to work nigger.

          • 50% M’Kmaq Indian, not black, Zippy. Liberals=racists.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re about as much ‘injun as I am nigger.

          • My great grandparents and grandfather are M’Kmaq Indians and you’re poor white trash, Zippy. Leaving the office, see ya, Zippy!!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’m white, you’re MUD!

          • Pay him no mind. He has no class. He is a foul mouth lowclass piece of crap..who thinks he is a superior human being… living the American dream as a freeloader. Read all his post and you will see. I always wondered why Democrats had a Jackass for their symbol now I know …he has shown his true colors.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Thanks for the support Defend America! You’re damn straight a tootin boy! I tell ‘ya that pardner! I gots the biggest them thar hands…go ahead…squeeze ’em…harder you dumb fuck! What the fuck is your problem, what is your malfunction? Uh, what is it!?!

          • Racist!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            And naked as a jaybird

          • That is the only good thing your have said in your postings.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            That and the fact that no one here mentions the fact that when Donald wins, Melanoma will be close to power and she ain’t from the U.S. We can only hope for orgies in the blue room and anal in the Lincoln bedroom.

          • Yup, as all leftists are. Remember what LBJ said about getting the black votes for the next 200 years.

          • Wow ! I thought only Reps are racist………….LOL ! The truth comes out with any post by a lib/liar/true racist now, doesn’t it.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Wow ! You’re a dumb shit!

          • If you don’t want to follow the Constitution, you are more than free to leave. I’m sure North Korea would welcome another communist with open arms.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            And Trump wants to meet (appease) Kim Jong Un. You pukes are a bunch of work. Traitors!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Goat fucking Muslim ball sack cum sucking asshole licker.

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      • StupidConservativeValues

        Your’e not a very bright person. It may be best and less embarrassing for you to keep your thoughts to yourself. Just a suggestion you may find helpful.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You’re an abortion.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You’re “Hillary”ious! Great stuff fella! I really LOVE what you did with all the D’s! Wanna come over for a circumcision party?

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Hillary was able to function as Secretary of State without any hint of scandal. Benghazi you say? No, that just been “trumped” up by a bunch of idiots who couldn’t find any wrong doing in eight (8!) congressional investigations. Cost the taxpayers 11-million. YOU FUCKS ARE IDIOTS!

      • good job;)

    • You Trump people are the most ignorant people God ever created you are too stupid for words.

      • janice kraczon

        Thank you Candice, we considerate it a compliment…….

      • Loving America

        You mean Hitler Hillary people!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Fuck you, you don’t know shit. No Republicant does!

          • Loving America

            I see that you have the same big mouth and criminal attitude like Hitler Hillary! So Sorry! May God bless You then take your tongue out! God hates ugly like you!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I am the true Christian God you fucking mistake!

          • I think you better go read the bible then get on your knees and pray because your no Christian using that language. of course I’m sure being uneducated is what drives your language skills. Typical liberal commie.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Screw your bible.

          • But you said you’re a Christian remember? LOL

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Of course I remember you fucking goat turd! My Bible is the Christian version, yours is the Muslim version. You’re the Muslim, you’re the Muslim.

          • Oh I see, the bible uses that kind of language? I’m sure your bible has it all. You are no Christian. What a joke. Go take your drugs then go to bed.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Btty: Oh I see, my Koran uses that kind of language? I’m sure your bible has it all. You are a wonderful Christian. Let’s take some awesome drugs, fuck like animals and then go vote for Trump.

          • I see you have a spelling problem to. LOL

      • How can an imbecile call ANYBODY ignorant. (Bet you don’t even know the meaning of “IGNORANT”)

        Here are some facts to educate you and help make you less “ignorant” :then you obviously are.

        1. Trump has been elected by the registered republicans to represent the GOP in the upcoming presidential election.

        2. The Republican party must band behind Trump to prevent the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch from getting into the white house and completely poisoning the supreme court, and taking MANY other completely unacceptable actions.

        3. If the Republican Party dose not unite it will ceast to exist as a viable influence in any form . Industrys will fail and the US will become a 3d world socialist country.

        If you are a Sanders Communist them you will not want the republican party to survive.

        If not, get over it . Cruz, Bush etal lost! Get with the program.

        If you can’t understand those simple and obvious facts I’ll put it into words a completely uneducated person might better understand.

        Get out of my country you fargin icehole!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          You’re soooo fucking stupid it’s painful to even consider straightening you out….and I haven’t even got to straightening out your faggot sexuality.

          • Man, chill out these are humans, our fellow citizens; your accomplishing nothing with pointless personal attacks in tirade form. I understand your anger but you sound like Trumptard. Make your voice count and leave their hate, racism, sexism, bigotry, fascism on their side of the fence. It’ll be ok, relax. Societal /Cultral evolution is happening and they are addicted to a past long gone and never to return..

          • StupidConservativeValues

            But they’re such fucktards.

          • I know buddy, I know. Stay centered , focused and make good points and choose your battles . I loose it too sometimes then realize I sound like some of these folks spewing hate, let’s, you and I try to stay above that. its really not who I am and I’m not comfy spewing hate…I am a sarcastic sob though! Do what makes you happy with you, I ain’t ur daddy . Peace .

          • StupidConservativeValues

            No worries and thanks. Just pushing their buttons.

          • Yeah its like poking a sleeping dog with a stick to see what happens.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, and they never have anything of substance to come back with. My language is just mimicking their mind sets. Dim bulbs the lot of ’em.

          • Don’t blame us because you have an inability to comprehend what you read! Your language skills is a result of your low IQ.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            h m rowland- Btty’s little bit here is an excellent example of a low IQ individual attempting to appear as high functioning. Of course they are literally too stupid to know they’re stupid and it’s unseemly to tell them, so what to do, what to do?

          • I see your so intelligent that your stealing my lines. More proof of your limited IQ. Keep trying, it’s entertaining at best.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I see your so intelligent that your stealing my lines. More proof of your limited IQ. Keep trying, it’s entertaining at best.

          • I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with someone of your limited IQ. Copy that Moron!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey dumb fuck: I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with someone of your limited IQ.
            Copy that Moron!

          • Judging from your language and inability to reason I have to believe your a Harvard grad. Nice to see they are doing such an outstanding job with their liberals.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, and Donald’s okay! You fucking retarded piece of shit. Get some sense into your head! Don’t you fucking realize everything you say and do is a projection!?!

          • Oppsie, hit a nerve didn’t I? You poor educated MORONS.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Don’t give yourself too much credit Btty. This is such child’s play with you scared wittle cons. Why is it you’re so afraid of EVERYTHING!

          • LOL, I’m scared of nothing! It sure looks like you commie/liberals are running scared. I can hardly wait until November when I can watch you Morons try to steal the election. You still digging up dead people? LOL

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Laugh Out Loud (LOL)- But you’re the only one who hears it.

          • So says he with low IQ! LOL

          • StupidConservativeValues

            LOL…did you hear it?

          • The more important question is: DID YOU?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            False, my question is in fact the most important.

          • Functional illiterates always believe that they are self important. Grow up and get help.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Btty, you are a functional illiterate who always believes that “they,” the men in black are self important. Grow up and get help, for it may save you from my useless Christian God and worthless son, little Jesus.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Just bought some great baby parts down at Planned Parenthood for my Rubber Baby Bumpers.

      • ” Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers” – George Carlin

      • Retired Marine

        You have a mirror? That is where you will find at least one ignorant person.

      • Are you and hm dating? If you aren’t you should be… would be a match made in hell……

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Are they even people or have anything to so with the human race? I don’t think they do.

      • A natural born American

        And may God Bless you too!

    • StupidConservativeValues


    • whose side are you on? why do you oppse pro life people first you endorsed Trump and you also Endorse the Democrats you are Contradicting your self stop your reack less work before you hurt yourself if you keep on doing this i will come to your House and Breck your windows and to Spray paint Stupid Troll on it

      • This is a SNAFU if I ever saw one. Your spelling and grammar is in need of a lot of work. You are not responding to anything I posted. I did not mention anything about pro-life nor did I endorse any Democratic candidate.

        In your maddening ignorance and name calling you have publicly threatened stalking me, damaging and defacing my personal property, and perhaps you might go so far as to harm me and my family.

        • Well said, JW, as was your comment above in reply to “John Topper”. (Loved your humorous take on the name!) There are some really, REALLY ignorant dipsticks on this thread. Kudos to how you’re handling them.

        • it is a joke man you have no taste of jokes i like joking about your things and your family because after all i am the Joker and i am going to Defte Bat man

      • Why do you think that we have to agree 100% with everything a party or a President think or say ? If total allegiance to some person is part of the deal, count me out! Could you, would you really treat a fellow citizen disrespectfully as you say for exercising free thought ?

    • Very well put, JW!!!

    • I am sure we all know people that do not like Trump because there is no filter on his mouth but we need to try and convince them that he is the best we have to stand up to the lying media, the politicians that are giving away our country, etc. If we don’t convince everyone we know that he is the only choice we are doomed.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Rubio is left. He was a Senator from that weird state, Florida where all the gross and weird crimes happen. I know it’s a red state. must be all the fucking dip wad white trash they have down there. just a bunch of scum sucking goat fuckers who lost the Civil War and were never able to get over it. Well, fuck you little itty bitty penisis’.

    • I think you are right JM. I liked Rubio, He is young, & as he gets more experience I hope he will be able to run again one day, that is if we still have a USA. We are at the most serious time in the history of our nation. The decision we make in Nov. will have serious repercussions if we make the wrong one. I think Sen. Rubio is correct in his decision to support Mr. Trump. I will too. I think he has a big mouth, I think he sticks his foot in it quite often. I don’t think I could ever quite understand him, but I do like his no nonsense approach to things, I do believe he would shake up Washington, I do believe he would surround himself with some smart people, but most of all, I trust him to appoint conservative judges to the SC. With all of his faults, I do believe he would be far,far better to sit in the oval office than Crooked Hillary. I just think she is a commie, & I think she would be bad news for Americans & our way of life. I think if she gets elected, you can kiss the American Dream goodbye.

      • I think more of her as a “Two Faced Greedy Lying Bitch”. She will do or say anything for a buck. I’m sure she and Bill are grooming Chelsea to grab the political reins in the near future.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “You have to admit Hillary will do far more harm.” No I don’t fuck face.

  4. Defend America

    GOP needs to realize that if they do not support Trump over Hillary and Hillary wins the American people will give up and most likely never vote Republican again.

    This country will not survive another 4 years of Obama. It will surely bring on a third party for the next election and Republicans will lose again.

    The people have spoken and when we say Enough is Enough we mean it.

    • If the congress listens to this idiot, who is trying to disrupt the Republican Party, they HAD better WAKE UP!! If they pull any shenanigans and NOT elect the chosen by the people Republican nominee and Hillary waltzes into office ONLY to be arrested by Obama’s DOJ, AFTER the election results are in, then the REPUBLICAN PARTY will fizzle out and dissolve.VOTE TRUMP and STOP this political behind the scenes in house fighting.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You have no idea what you are talking about. This exceptionally superior liberal commands you little conservative worm to slither away and die! You fuck, I told you you have no idea what you are talking about. This exceptionally superior liberal commands you little conservative worm to slither away and die!

    • Perhaps David French will run and save us all from the embarrassment of a Trumptard presidency . Go French 2016! French is a fascist hawk but at least he isn’t clinically insane or a pathological liar. French is a true conservative and will not hold hate rallies, or fraud citizens out of their hard earned money. Better 4yrs of Secretary Clinton than 10 minutes of the whiny little bitch Trump, too bad President Obama can’t run again until 2020, we would elect him again, no question, hands down, slam dunk. We can hope and pray that Bill Kristol saves the republican party from Dangerous Don and his butt ignorant masses.

      • Don’t you get it? You and the never Trump fools lost.

        GET OVER IT and work to keep the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch out.

      • Retired Marine

        How about the embarrassment of the current holder of the office? That thing is much worse than even Carter, whom I assume you thought was a great President.

        • That “Thing” Retired Marine is your Commander In Chief. Show some respect for the office Marine!

          • Respect is earned, jackoff. The Vets and majority active duty absolutely hate your kenyan king, and support Trump. I hope you plan to leave if he is elected? I will organize a detachment of Marines to give you a going-away party.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Did you earn respect jacking off on you military buddies? You dumb shits volunteered for Bush’s lies!

          • Not a chance.

          • God Bless You Marine. Your a man among men! Thank you for your service. These little pricks on here only wish they were half the man you are. You fought for your country what have they ever done? NOTHING!!

          • Retired Marine

            Thanks, they are fairly chickenshit, keyboard bad asses. More of a joke really, I just laugh at the stupid things they write.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          In retrospect, Carter makes Reagan look like a watermelon lovin’ nigga.

          • Carter was the second worst president in US history, and it only took Reagan two years to clean up the mess that Carter left us. Hussein’s made things worse. Trump2016

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Oops, ‘ya got it backwards…again! Oh well, you see it was Reagan who is a contender for worst five presidents and Carter in the top five. Jesus Christ, Reagan never even got nominated for anything relative to his acting “abilities,” which was in great evidence when he was “acting” as president. What a fucking loser he was. What fucking losers people are who think he was a great president are.

      • Go stick your empty head up Billy kristol’s a”, dick breath! See if you can spot some light at the end of that tunnel.

      • You are absolutely fucking insane! Please leave and go to a nice socialist country like Cuba or Russia.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Gee, I thought Obama made the U.S. a socialist country? So why would they have to move to get to socialist country? You’re a typical dumb ass Republicant.

          • Look in the mirror MORON! You have no clue what socialism is.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Sorry, but the mirror didn’t help. Gotta run and drive my car on the socialist streets of my city to get to my socialist job of being a big brave fireman.

          • ROFLOL, thanks for the giggle. With socialism you’ll take the job your government gives you and like it. LOL

        • …or France, Italy, U.S., Norway or Findland . Ok, sounds good .

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Perhaps you’ll keep your dumb ass, half baked ideas to yourself dumb shit!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You have no idea what you are talking about. This exceptionally superior liberal commends you little conservative worm to slither away and die.

      • Defend America

        You finally got something right your are an exceptionally superior Liberal that is why Democrats symbol is a JACKASS and you are the SUPERIOR ONE.
        Perhaps someday you… whinny little brat… will grow up and stop living off the Taxpayers. Get off the Cocaine and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. When you do come back and join a civil and intelligent conversation.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          FUCK YOU! I’m living the American Dream! I don’t have to work, I get free stuff from the taxes you pay and will get SSI. Thanks, because of fools that work “hard” like you, I get to live the privileged life and what it truly means to be American.

          • Defend America

            Well dumb ass that freeloading just may dry up wen we hard working taxpayers tell you Democrats to go to hell.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Nah, ain’t gonna’ happen, you’re all too much pussy…all talk, no action AT ALL!


    …. ryan is a “pussy” !

    • Trump is a whiny little bitch, he has to PRETEND to be human, it doesn’t come naturally, he’s more like his orange mother. Paul Ryan is the bowling team/Walmart on Friday night kind of backwards but at least stands up for the GOP.

  6. Loving America

    Rubio if you honestly back and support the Republican Party Please have Congress and mr. gowdy and whoever else it takes to remove Hitler Hillary from Running the Race until she found innocent or guilty in her investigation and We the People do not want any deals for her….she is guiltyof Treason and murder and email fraud….Hillary, took her orders from Obama and Holder! They are three guilty of crimes against America!!

    • By what you say Trump should stand down until he’s found innocent or guilty of fraud/theft against citizens. Documentation on treason and murder ? You lie and you do it willfully. Prove your slander. I’m not a fan of Secretary Clinton but its not ok to lie about her or any, I would vote for her everyday over the insanity and pathological lies of Trump. Grace, dignity and diplomacy matter in a civil society. Hopefully David French will run.

  7. What is the point of trotting out someone w/ ZERO name recognition at this late date?? It’s a STUPID idea. If folks don’t want to vote for Trump, fine. DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!!! That’s the beauty of our system. You have a choice. And that choice includes staying home, or not pulling a lever for a presidential candidate. Good grief, people, there is absolutely no need for name calling and feeling that anyone who votes for a particular candidate is an idiot. We all vote based on the information we receive. If you don’t like my choice, get over it. I may not like yours, either. Although, I have to admit I have thought that folks who put the current POTUS in power are borderline certifiable, especially those who continue to think he’s the greatest ever. . . . . .

    • The point? To protect us and the worlds citizens from a possible Trumptard presidency even if it means giving up 4 years more and to save the face of conservatives everywhere .

      • My POINT is if you’re going to put someone in at this late date, it should be someone who, if not a household name, has at least a LITTLE name recognition. Hell, someone coming into the race now, with less than 6 months left to go, can’t even get onto all the states ballots because the filing deadline is past. If there’s going to be a 3rd party candidate, it must be someone who can get a significant number of votes. A person who few people have ever heard of coming in now probably wouldn’t get any more than a couple of percent of the votes. One of the former Republican candidates would be a better choice. . . .

  8. Why should Republicans vote anyway? The people they voted to Congress haven’t done anything in 7 1/2 YEARS. A Speaker of the House that wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare. A Senate Leader who is an obstructionist racist. Here in Alabama, the Republican Doctor Governor’s only real accomplishment has been to boink his chief advisor and rebuild his beach house on the coast; while threatening Planned Parenthood and not accepting Federal money to expand Medicaid for the poor. Did I mention HE’S A PHYSICIAN? And a State Supreme Court Chief Justice, who already has been impeached once, then reelected, who refuses to listen to SCOTUS regarding same sex marriage legislation, tells Probate Judges to ignore this ruling, but is appealing to The Fed about current law suit toward him. Yea, you vote Republicans! Be proud of your accomplishments.

  9. lil marco , the not natural born citizen, has had a blinding flash of the obvious. IT is vote and support Trump or we get Hilary and a destroyed nation. He finally had his cranial rectal impaction fixed

  10. StupidConservativeValues

    Conservatives….pigs…..the lot of ‘ya! Should be taken to the slaughter house and watch you beg like Jesus did before he was sacrificed by Dad.

    • You are a complete @$$ hole.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Ouch! What burning sarcasm!

        • I’m pretty sure it’s not the first time, nor the last time a kind, loving, tolerant “A”-hole like you will hear that throughout you miserable life.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s funny how all of you stupid cons like Trump for “telling it like it is,” but are too pussy to say it yourselves (i.e. “A”-hole”). What a fucking cock sucking pussy!

          • Emphasis on kind, tollorant & loving. Your true colors shine through for everyone to see! Bravo chump!!!!

  11. KILLARY accomplishments:4 Americans killed because she got caught selling arms to Libya.She was sleeping.Whitewater,she got caught stealing money,I don’t know how many people she and Bill had killed.Lookup on YouTube Hillary hit list.Personal server in her basement,I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.Had knowledge of fast and furious.lied .Barred from practicing law.Got a rapist off and laughed about it.All of her aides lied about email scandal.Lies and covering up.Should I go on.Obama’s scapegoat.”What difference does it make.She better get use to wearing Orange.

  12. StupidConservativeValues

    Conservative media Condemn Trump’s “Racist” And “Bigoted” Attacks On Federal Judge

  13. StupidConservativeValues









  14. StupidConservativeValues

    Conservatives are beginning to stream across the Mexican border in hopes of becoming Mexican citizens and picking cantaloupes.

  15. John Miller for President ’16!!

  16. soldier for liberty

    I had United health my premiums were 680 per month for family of six 2000 deductible same policy after Obama care 1210 per month with 5000 deductible last year did not meet deductible but one kid had stitches 1200 severe twisted ankle on other son from football 1100 out of pocket my wife has a bladder condition treatments 2400
    so last year cost me 19220 for normal medical services before Obama care 10,000 50% increase everything your being told is an outright LIE! By the way anyone look up income tax increases hidden in the bill that went into effect in Jan of this year ? Your news media didn’t mention that did they!. i am dropping out and paying the fine much cheaper to just pay out of pocket.Wonder how many million people like me in same boat?A giant wealth transfer is all it is folks.

  17. soldier for liberty

    And by the way we just reduced the workforce by 22 people at my place more on the unemployment rolls but they hide those #s too!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Trump owns your company you dimwitted mistake of a life. Too bad you we’rent aborted, then conservatives could pass you around in a jar and have sex with your cut up boy parts before selling them to the most depraved Republicant bidder.

  18. soldier for liberty

    The positive is the left , progressives ( communist) are just one civil war away from extinction!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You have it “ass” backward asshole licker. You should know better being one of the top rimmers in Amurika.

  19. Those Republicans who just can’t bring themselves to support Trump are why our country is failing on so many fronts. When they stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about what our Country needs to heal, then and only then will America survive and move forward!

    Three Cheers for Mr. Rubio being much much smarter than the Rino crew!

  20. “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!gd324ur

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  21. Rowlandyour just scared cause when TRUMP becomes president you’ll have to move out of your parents basement and get a job and your welfare queen girl.Break your crack pipe and drink the Kool-aid.




  23. “Employees Of Trump ‘University’ Say It Was High Pressure Sales Scam.”

    In court documents unsealed Tuesday,
    former employees of Donald Trump’s fake “University” say the real estate
    seminars weren’t so much a way to learn Donald Trump’s secrets for
    getting rich as a high-pressure scam to sell people more expensive real-estate seminars. So at least somebody was making a lot of money from the fake “school.”

    One sales manager for Trump University, Ronald Schnackenberg, recounted how he was reprimanded for not pushing a financially struggling couple hard enough to sign up for a $35,000 real estate class, despite his conclusion that it would endanger their
    economic future. He watched with disgust, he said, as a fellow Trump University salesman persuaded the couple to purchase the class anyway.

    THIS is conservative Presidential material?


  24. The Liberal RINO Professional Politician Puppets will continue to fight the Trump nomination. The establishment is pouring billions into stopping Trump because the know he will swamp Hillary

  25. I believe that the slang term is “sh*t sandwich”.

  26. StupidConservativeValues

    Robert Cruder eats shit sandwiches out of his own ass.

  27. soldier for liberty

    At least the Orlando shooter hit the right venue!

  28. soldier for liberty

    I own the Company FAG!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You own the “FAG” company!?!! That’s great, you have your own private steam room where you gently suck your boy buddies and take their collective jizz up your enormous ass.

  29. StupidConservativeValues

    Solider for Liberty- You are a fraud. It should be against the law to impersonate a vet, you despicable glob of bull jizz. You never fought or did anything productive for this great liberal country…so go away fuck face!

  30. StupidConservativeValues


  31. StupidConservativeValues

    Trump is a scared little baby with tiny hands.

  32. StupidConservativeValues

    And a tiny penis.

  33. This boob worked with Democrats against America. Don’t vote for him, Floridians—unless the other guy is even worse.

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