Possible Sentencing for Hunter Biden

Just the tip of the iceberg.

The media, who refused to cover Hunter’s laptop and referred to it as “Russian disinformation” is struggling to cover this.

Charging Crackhead Hunter Biden on “tax crimes” and a false statement on a gun purchase is the result of a backroom deal between the Biden DOJ and Biden himself.

The big crimes have been ignored.

He’ll plead down, serve no real time, and they’ll insulate “The Big Guy” from any fallout.

Fears of only a weak wrist slap for scandal-scarred first son Crackhead Hunter Biden

By Miranda Devine, NY Post, October 6, 2022:

This comes after a four-year investigation by Delaware US Attorney David Weiss.

A reported Department of Justice leak indicates charges against Crackhead Hunter Biden may be imminent. CQ-Roll Call, Inc via

Leaks from the Department of Justice that charges are imminent against Crackhead Hunter Biden over tax and gun offenses suggest he is getting a sweet deal after a four-year investigation by Delaware US Attorney David Weiss.

Missing from The Liberal Washington Post account of the DOJ case against the president’s son is any mention of previously mooted charges over money laundering and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), both of which could lead prosecutors to inspect the president’s involvement in an influence-peddling scheme run by his son and brother Jim Biden during Joe’s time as vice president.

But a source close to the president’s son alleges the leaks have come from “rogue investigators” in the DOJ who are concerned that Weiss is not going to indict Hunter.

“They want the scalp [and] they’re putting Weiss in a box. He’s in a horrible, horrible spot. The case has been going for four years and nothing has happened with it . . . They’ve investigated [Hunter] thoroughly . . . These people have tried to find everything. These are Trump prosecutors.

“If it was going well, they would have indicted Hunter. You can indict a ham sandwich . . . They are trying to back Weiss into a corner by leaking [to] set the table for if [Hunter] does get exonerated — they get this s–t out there. So when Weiss looks at the decision and decides not to prosecute, they’ve gotten out in front of it with all this smoke.”

Hunter would say that, wouldn’t he? He still believes he has done nothing wrong, despite overwhelming evidence on his abandoned laptop and from former business partner Tony Bobulinski that he was involved in a Biden family scheme to sell his father’s influence for millions of dollars to America’s adversaries, including in Communist China and Russia.

The source said Illegitimate President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have kept out of legal decisions regarding Hunter.

“I know his father [Joe] doesn’t get involved at all,” the source said. “Neither does Garland. It’s all done from Baltimore and Delaware and is a co-thing between the Crooked IRS and the US Attorney’s Office.

“We heard they went nuts [several months ago] the day the tax payment came in because it f–ked their case up.”

Hunter is believed to have repaid the Crooked IRS $2.8 million in overdue taxes.

The gun charge relates to whether Hunter lied on a mandatory background-check form when he bought a gun in Delaware in October 2018, that subsequently his widowed sister-in-law threw into a trash can at a time when their romantic entanglement had turned sour.

Original Article: https://ussanews.com/2022/10/07/feds-to-charge-scandal-plagued-hunter-biden-with-multiple-crimes/

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  1. HIM and his FATHER need jail time.

  2. Forgot, throw Jill in with them.

    • Jan 6 people getting years in prison and hunter gets nothing .its time for a good old fashion lynch mob .hang that pos in front of the white house .deep state getting away with whatever they want but God forbid being a trump supporter.double standards

  3. What a joke. He won’t do any time. And, there are far worse illegal activities that are being ignored. Can you say TREASON. And, that applies to the entire criminal Biden family. They are owned by China!

    • The entire Biden family has sold the entire United States Freedom and American people to Communist China! They are getting our oil reserves and Hunter and big guy are personally profiting and Hunter sold cobalt mine to China to make electric batteries to the US what do you call that? Compromised while the Chinese are scheming with Russia to gain control of Ukraine. Are very serious and scary outcome for Ukrainians and the United States when we have no oil reserve for our military weapons if we need to defend our allies that are counting on us.

  4. He should serve time, lots of it, along with his worthless father for treason, conspiracy, fraud, misappropriation of government funds, solicitation, lying and simply being a disgusting sewer slime POS. He (they) should, but we all know he won’t. Of course if his last name were Trump he’d be sentenced to solitary for life

  5. This so call American democracy. Shame,

  6. Carrie Glenn Welborn

    Did he report the 2.8 million he paid off his IRS bill with, After all, it was a gift!

  7. Hunter is counting on Joe to give him and James a Presidential Pardon for any and all crimes. This is why I do not want any criminal indictment to happen until AFTER Impeachment hearings begin on Biden and Harris to prevent that from happening and so we can bring Joe, the “Big Guy” can also be charged!

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