Pedophiles Exposed by Alex Stein

The recent drag show over the weekend at an adult bar in Dallas, Texas for young children was outrageous. But the way Alex Stein took on the people who ran the show was nothing less than epic.

Alex, the conservative comedian who lovingly trolls leftists, is known for having the last laugh. And that he did at the drag queen show venue, Mr. Misster, a gay bar in Dallas, Texas, where not only were young children allowed in the audience, but asked to come on the stage and walk with the drag queens. The trans performers—men in women’s makeup and revealing dresses, made sexual jokes as young children sat in the bar. Liberal parents (mostly women), who had brought their children to the bar gave their kids dollar bills to tip the trans dancers.

While all this was underway and conservative protesters gathered outside the bar and voiced their opposition, Alex Stein stood at the door, not allowed to go in by the security, recording with his phone. Left-wingers, some with their faces covered, tried to assault Alex and take his phone. They failed, but as he pushed back against them, he pulled the face covering off one of them.

Alex didn’t stop at just recording and leading the protest outside the bar; he also shamed the security outside for letting this happen and chased a drag performer when he was getting to his car along with his friend (or partner?).

“It’s disgusting, dancing for little children. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Alex kept shaming the drag queen who nervously rushed and got into the car, as seen in the video clip that was featured in dozens of media stories about the confrontation at the event.

The fruit of Alex’s work and subsequent media coverage was almost immediate. Within 48 hours, Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton, a Republican, announced that he would file legislation to ban drag shows in the presence of minors. Liberals are likely to throw a tantrum and cry trans-phobia over the legislation, especially the day it passes and is signed into law. It may be their turn to gather in protest. And that means Alex will once again have a last laugh. Keep up with this guy on Twitter @alexstein99 for making conservative activism a fun experience without losing its passion and strength.

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