PA Pride Fest Features Shirtless Instructor Teaching Kids to Pole Dance

Twitter users are reacting to a viral social media post that appears to show a young boy pole dancing at a Pennsylvania gay pride event while bystanders cheered him on. 

“A pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance,” the Twitter account LibsofTikTok posted on Thursday along with a TikTok video showing a young boy with a rainbow skirt pole dancing after a man with no shirt gave him instructions. 

“Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist,” the caption on the post read. “My kiddo is a natural!”

The hashtags on the post seemingly coincide with the Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival that took place in Harrisburg over the weekend. 

The video was deleted shortly after being shared to LibsofTikTok’s page.

The popular conservative Twitter account also posted a letter from Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf expressing his support for the event.  

Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival

“@GovernorTomWolf do you condone these actions?” the account asked.

Wolf’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. 

The video earned widespread condemnation on Twitter from accounts calling out the parents and calling the scene inappropriate. 

“This is profoundly inappropriate,” Federalist Correspondent Tristan Justice posted. “Gays who promote this type of grooming are doing such a disservice to gay people.”

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tweeted, “I will never support any Republican candidate on any level of government who does not pledge to use every available legal means to put a stop to this sort of thing and punish all those responsible.”

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  1. There must be a lot of sick parents that would pedophiles to come anywhere near their children. The parents are no better than the pedophiles. SHAME SHAME ON THEM!!

    • Are these Parents Crazy??? Yes they are for putting young children thru such Sick Exploits! Why can’t they just let them grow up normal? But obviously with these parents they don’t have a chance ! Why isn’t Child Services getting involved in these circumstances????


  3. Even though “pole dancing” falls within a person’s “rights”, that doesn’t make it a socially acceptable activity to most, either to perform or to watch, no matter by whom, when or where it occurs! 😖

  4. And people wonder why suicide is up in young people. Kids have enough to deal with, violence, divorce, etc, then adults who should live and protect children what to confuse them.

  5. As a gay person myself I am disgusted at this act. There are many in the gay and lesbian culture that do NOT condine these actions. Sorry, but teaching pole dancing to children? Sick! Protect your children and yes I absolutely will NOT stand with the LGBTQ and their BS agenda. It is one thing for an adult to make the decision they are indeed gay or lesbian it is another to try to promote, not even the good side of the nurses, doctors, lawyers, and IT people that help make this country, but they show the sleazy side and stereotype garbage, NOT COOL!

    I will ALWAYS VOTE REPUBLICAN AND I COULD CARELESS ABOUT THE GUTTER TRASH OF LGBTQ! I may be gay but WILL NOT EVER support the trash! I have seen way too much and if you let them win on this they’ll try to be pushing some other load of garbage on society. It puts the rest of us in very bad situations that do not agree with the majority of that culture.

    • It would seem that a door has been opened and if you dare speak about anything that the LGBTQ community is allowing, you are trashed as being homophobic or anti gay. I believe in privacy and adults being permitted to have what sexual relationships they prefer behind closed doors. That applies to straight as well as the LGBTQ community, so long as that doesn’t tred on my rights, or involve minors. Teaching pole dancing to kids goes beyond acceptable conduct!

    • God Bless You!! I am so Impressed by you statements! Too bad there are more like you in today’s sick Atmosphere!!! But then there is the Woke media and culture that promotes soo much of it! It’s just too bad our children have to suffer because of it.

    • Lucifer himself has taken over the united states’ .take God out of our schools and institutions and morality is gone.its only gonna get worse.democrats run the gov,msm,doj,fbi,cia,.it’s not gonna get any better
      Trump today and the rest of us tomorrow

  6. This is why much of the world hates us and our “culture”. How did we fall so hard so fast as to allow this. Even if most people find it as abhorrent as I do, there seems to be nothing we can do or say to stop it.

  7. Obama and Biden are so proud!

  8. The world needs many, many, more people like you LMS and Phil.

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