Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign Did Nothing

In recent months, we’ve heard everything we need to know from both school officials and the kids themselves about how Michelle Obama’s little lunch program is faring in the real world. From stories of food being tossed in the trash to the realities of skyrocketing local expenditures, every indication thus far has pointed to the program being a complete failure.

Now we have the first hard evidence that her “Let’s Move” campaign has been, shall we say, less than effective in moving the needle on teenage obesity. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, teenage obesity rates actually went up for the first two years of the campaign. Democrats rarely let such minor details as “hard evidence” stand in the way of a bad idea, but this can’t be going over well at the White House.

According to the CDC, 18.4 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 19 fell into the “obese” category in the year 2009-2010. The Let’s Move initiative was launched. Two years later, 2011-2012, that percentage had gone up to 20.5 percent. While it would probably be a bridge too far to suggest that Michelle’s program is responsible for the rise, it certainly didn’t do anything to mitigate it.

The news comes on the heels of a national survey that revealed troubling statistics stemming from the new federal lunch guidelines. 83.7% of school districts report an increase in food waste, 81.8% report a rise in costs, and 76.5% report a decrease in student participation. In other words, something is terribly wrong with the guidelines. If they should be there at all, they need to be reformed in a hurry.

The Beginning Stages of Nationalized Schooling

On the surface, Michelle Obama’s desire to stamp out childhood obesity seems noble, but the paths she’s chosen to follow are dark and, frankly, idiotic. Scientific studies have proven that teen obesity rates are unaffected by what schools are feeding students. These kids didn’t get fat by eating pizza and french fries at lunch. If that was the case, our national obesity epidemic would have spiraled out of control fifty years ago.

What this is, when it comes down to it, is another attempt by the Democrats to federalize the school system. They are doing it through Common Core, so why not take the same approach with school lunch? By the time they’re finished, the Department of Education will be in direct ownership of all public schools. Then the liberals can get serious about indoctrinating our kids the way they’ve always wanted to.

With this indoctrination will come an entire generation of students who learn from an early age that gender is fluid, American history is shameful and evil, and humans are the greatest disease ever foisted on a beautiful Earth. When that happens – and we are already in the beginning stages – conservatism will die.

And the kids will still be fat.

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