Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign Did Nothing

In recent months, we’ve heard everything we need to know from both school officials and the kids themselves about how Michelle Obama’s little lunch program is faring in the real world. From stories of food being tossed in the trash to the realities of skyrocketing local expenditures, every indication thus far has pointed to the program being a complete failure.

Now we have the first hard evidence that her “Let’s Move” campaign has been, shall we say, less than effective in moving the needle on teenage obesity. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, teenage obesity rates actually went up for the first two years of the campaign. Democrats rarely let such minor details as “hard evidence” stand in the way of a bad idea, but this can’t be going over well at the White House.

According to the CDC, 18.4 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 19 fell into the “obese” category in the year 2009-2010. The Let’s Move initiative was launched. Two years later, 2011-2012, that percentage had gone up to 20.5 percent. While it would probably be a bridge too far to suggest that Michelle’s program is responsible for the rise, it certainly didn’t do anything to mitigate it.

The news comes on the heels of a national survey that revealed troubling statistics stemming from the new federal lunch guidelines. 83.7% of school districts report an increase in food waste, 81.8% report a rise in costs, and 76.5% report a decrease in student participation. In other words, something is terribly wrong with the guidelines. If they should be there at all, they need to be reformed in a hurry.

The Beginning Stages of Nationalized Schooling

On the surface, Michelle Obama’s desire to stamp out childhood obesity seems noble, but the paths she’s chosen to follow are dark and, frankly, idiotic. Scientific studies have proven that teen obesity rates are unaffected by what schools are feeding students. These kids didn’t get fat by eating pizza and french fries at lunch. If that was the case, our national obesity epidemic would have spiraled out of control fifty years ago.

What this is, when it comes down to it, is another attempt by the Democrats to federalize the school system. They are doing it through Common Core, so why not take the same approach with school lunch? By the time they’re finished, the Department of Education will be in direct ownership of all public schools. Then the liberals can get serious about indoctrinating our kids the way they’ve always wanted to.

With this indoctrination will come an entire generation of students who learn from an early age that gender is fluid, American history is shameful and evil, and humans are the greatest disease ever foisted on a beautiful Earth. When that happens – and we are already in the beginning stages – conservatism will die.

And the kids will still be fat.

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  1. Why should she be any different than her “husband”?

  2. We need to get unions out of the school districts. Unions are ruining our schools what moochella did just pissed kids off and of course would have never worked. When you’re a fat pig telling kids they are fat kind never works……

  3. Why should a little thing like failure stop the program? She is just like her husband. I want it and that is all that matters. My legacy is important. The fact that it didn’t work has nothing to do with it. It has my name attached, that is all that counts……personally I would be embarrassed.

  4. Having trouble sending this to twitter. Anyone else having a problem?

  5. It didn’t work. They are still in the White House!

  6. The first tranny is a bully.

  7. When you think you’re better than everyone else, nothing else matters. Filthy rich always talk down to those less fortunate. She should just stay out of the peoples business.

    • And you always have to wonder how ill-gotten the money is!!! Have a feeling we have been robbed blind and it aint over yet!!

      • THEY hit the “National Powerball” lottery after George Soros bought both elections. You know what they call someone who PISSES away all their winnings in a short time???

      • When obozo & his tranny wife are arrested, their assets should be seized. They won’t be needing money in prison! Payback to US.

  8. I cannot stand Mooschelle in any context…She is equal to he buddy Barak…total failures as humans.

  9. She should move!!!!! Right out of the US & take her effing family with her!!!!….Well, the kids don’t know any better than what their fraudulent parents tell them but; The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree….

  10. Everything either the tranny oboma or the bathhouse barry oboma has done, has done nothing. 2016 End of an Error!!!

  11. What they need to do is make the manufacturers stop putting chemicals in the processed foods that cause addiction!!! STOP THE SUGAR ADDICTION and that will help!

    • Good one elaine


        • Joe, Hope you are having a great time.
          I am fixed of the version I have.
          Have a great day and others to come.

          • OK Uzoozy…….but inquire about these things deeper, much deeper….to wit:

            The Qur’an was an oral text throughout the lifetime of Muhammad; it was also a fluid text. The complete text resided only in the memories of Muahmmad and his followers. As he added verses and reorganized the text, his followers would rememorize the text in the light of the additions or edits. This means that the Qur’an was a living text during the lifetime of Muhammad. Certain verses revealed to Muhammad were later repudiated by him as “satanic” verses revealed not by Gabriel but by Satan. These verses were expunged from the text that so many had memorized…..and WHY would this be?

          • The Holy Quran is Gods words please do not make fun of it.
            Your writings are just flight of imaginations not based on facts.
            Like when Paul recognized JC on the way to Damascus when he did not even know what JC looked like.
            No verses of the Quran were expunged, where do you get this type of crap from.
            JC was a simple holy man going around down in the donkey

          • BEFORE there was the internet – there were encyclopedias – before that there were the books of the BIBLE – before that there were the recently discovered hand scribe d DEAD SEA SCROLLS – before that there were Steles – all by diverse persons from diverse events and all predate the Quran (Koran) by 100’s to 1000’s of years..ALL of human history is factual pursuant to same records…sans mendacity.

            The Quran is at best…. a plagiarism….at worst prevarications of Satan…and WHY you say? Why are there so many religions in the world……..for enlightenment or confusion?
            Open your mind……for tomorrow is gone…..behold………Veritas again!
            Ciao….I tried….

          • BEFORE there was the internet – there were encyclopedias – the Holy Quran before that there were the books of the BIBLE -(its going from modern day to earlier times.) and there were prophets ,Abraham, Moses, David ,Solomon, Jesus and Mohammed.(may peace to all of them).
            What is common is that they were acknowledge is the existence of ONE God they all prayed to God or whatever name was given.
            The Holy Bible and the Holy Quran are books from God.
            The Bible many words were changed to suit the Popes of that regime, so the Bible has been amended.
            The Quran has been preserved in its original words , if people do not like it they all can take a hike.
            God the common factor in all the books has been the same.
            And will remain the same , the Ten Commandments says that there is one God , so acknowledge and pray to God only.

          • NOT TRUE…………this is a world view thru history’s ages of Islam and Koran
            research it in detail.
            I tried………ciao

          • What is true and what is not true only God knows, so why fight over it.
            You tried and did a great job.
            For me I studied in Christian school, where I dared to ask the question What I trinity and he said believe or I will throw you out of school. This was my introduction to the Catholic faith.
            Love Ya, Joe and God bless you you are a good man.

    • Yes and stop eating all that processed food, packaged food and frozen foods and start home cooking and baking.

  12. All of your comments are right on target .the ignorant and the infatuated who voted for this NUMSKULL known as Barrack Hussein Obama………………are still stupid and vapid in thinking what utter FOOLS!

    • Joe T , you are the best

      • Uzoozy……..we (I) love you brother,,,,,,it’s late Monday after Monday night football I will email you tomorrow brother…………in the mean time….GOD loves you Uzoozy……….stay tuned for enlightenment beyond anything you know or have discerned to date……….many come few are chosen………you are chosen……….best regards as always….Joe T
        You do have an inquisitive mind and show intelligence that can be broadened for your gain…

    • GroupThink instead of individuals thinking for themselves.


      • WIlliam…actually he is extremely devious…….knowing exactly what he is doing.creating DISCORD in society, creating CHAOS in the world, creating HARM to certain people, creating MISERY to his ethic race……….he intentionally intends to cause all of this HARM to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….WHY YOU SAY…..HE IS A STAUNCH MUSLIM IN HIS MIND….which is self-evident by his arrogant and narcissistic attitude towards everything and everyone he comes in contact with and talks to……..his demeanor is EVIL in nature, pursuant to his daily 24/7 ongoing actions.He fits the mold of a DEVIL’s ADVOCATE to perfection..he is an aberration to compassion and human understanding for the masses………….HE LIES….continually HE’S an radical Islamic soldier in disguise……e.g. a WOLF in SHEEP’S clothing…..a despotic person.

  13. there is a definite link between babies and tots being give antibiotics and their becoming obese as they grow older, it also doesn’t help that “agribusiness” gives their animals antibiotics to make them grow larger (and thus more profitable)…the combo of these two things accounts in large part for the increase we are seeing in obesity

    • This is another reason why we need to thank God for our food before we eat it. He can prevent the chemicals from affecting us the wrong way.
      1 Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

  14. I thought she meant for her and her husband to move. I think that would be great! Like back to another country. Just being rhetorical.

  15. Conservatism will die when people continue to reject doing things God’s way. Our churches are not even using the Bible as their textbook. Too many have embraced humanism, Atheism, socialism, communism, relativism, sports-ism and all the other isms that exist in our world today. Our homes and schools no longer allow the God of the Bible to be spoken and if it is in Social Studies it is rediculed. If more people are willing to put God first in their lives then God will heal our Land.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  16. Put gym back into the programs in schools and kick out computers. Using a pen and pencil will probably use more calories than the Computer. Kick Michelle out of the lunch programs until she completes a degree in nutrition. Otherwise she should keep her ideas for her own family. Sending our children home starving means late in the day they are gorging on food after which they go to bed and build up fat from those calories. Shutting off Computers and TV and video games will do a lot more to encouraging kids to get out and play vigorously outside. That will burn rather than send calories into fat. Investing in a gym membership and going weekly as a family will also help burn calories. They won’t go without parents involved since we have taught American kids to set on their behinds, instead of playing hard outside. Get on your bicycles or inline skates as a family and go have fun. Children may be slow starters, but they want to get involved with their families. Fathers you are important as role models for your sons, so don’t come home and set in front of the TV or computer, but get out and involve your children in some active play or work. You will all find that getting more active will clear your minds and muscles and get you ready for some deep sleep each night.

  17. How much of the foods in the Obama Lunch Program contains High Fructose Corn Syrup? That is one of the biggest fat producing product and can be found in 90% of foods as cheap sugar. Obama is targeting the wrong food group but everyone knows that.

  18. You are right on about the Liberals plans to control the thought processes of our children. Can you image a government with nothing but Obama and Harry Reid s running the show. Scary stuff!

  19. Nice to hear people are sick of wanta be control BITCCTH

  20. Can you blame the 1st Lady for wanting the kids of big fat pig knuckle eating conservative’s to live longer? Why are conservative’s such haters?

    • You are saying she has better knowledge of what a person is to feed their children than they do???< When did she/he get a degree as a dietician, or elected to a post where she is over ALL school districts?? I raised my 9 kids, and they have raised their kids and NONE are obese, and I didn't need anyone to tell me how, nor did my kids raising theirs. Kids need to be outside playing, in school as well as home, PUT recesses back in school, let them play hop-scotch, jump rope, tag, climb monkey bars, and go down slides, etc. The reason they don't is because everyone is suing for what are normal kid injuries, NOTICE: Kids get hurt, they cannot be protected from all injuries, I have scars from falling on roller skates, also broke my arm skating, fell on a rusty nail, playing hide and seek and I got over all of that, my kids had their share of falls, broken bones, etc. and recovered, and so did my grandkids, it's called "Growing up" and kids having fun.

      • I grew up doing all the things the experts say are bad for you. 65 and still going. Prime reason most people are sick today. Never allowed to go out and play. Get dirty. We have protected ourselves into sickness.

        • You are correct, building up an immunity is vital to good health, I grew up and so did my kids, playing outside, and boy did my boy’s get dirty, we never heard of all the allergies that we hear of today, kid’s did have asthma, but most outgrew it, we all got measles and chickenpox to better strengthen our immune system.

      • Thank you. I always thought that is why they had family doctors.

        I have broken both arms, both feet, one wrist at least 5 times, so get real, people. You are to be congratulated and honored for raising your kids right and teaching THEM to raise THEIR kids right.

        My parents used to sit outside at night with other parents and keep an eye on all of us, and if one of us did something we weren’t supposed to do believe me, our parents knew about it.

        Not every parent can afford a gym membership, but if you go to a police auction you can pick up a bicycle quite cheaply. There are local pool memberships that are not very expensive, you can exercise at home with your kids, etc.

        I like the way the Duggar family raises their kids — to BE kids and have fun. Yeah, they are self-made millionaires, but they have never forgotten their family values.

        • It was that way for years, I remember when I was in HS, my mother knew I was smoking, BUT I was not to smoke on the street ( In those days proper young ladies did not smoke walking on a street), I got home and she was on the porch, OH< OH, a neighbor saw me and called her, same happened to my kids, they went to same Catholic school I did, and one had misbehaved, they saw me on the porch an I could see them looking at one another, "Did You ??". We didn't have "gym's", we did have PE in HS, and recesses in Grade school, we rode bikes to school, so did my kids, you had to live more than a 1/2 mile for grade school and a mile for HS, so a lot of kids either walked or rode bikes, very few boys had cars, the war had just ended when I started HS and only cars were jalopies that they put together with help from the HS mechanic program. What was good, We worked for what we got, not just given us because we could breathe.

          • Thanks, When I was younger, my favorite game was red rover.

            I taught my son the best I knew how. It wasn’t great, but he’s a good man and has passed his knowledge on to his kids. One of the things I made him learn how to do was laundry and ironing.

      • Jeanne, you are exactly right! When I was a kid, we used to play hide and seek until our parents called us in after dark. We rode our bikes around the neighborhood, played football, dodge ball, or any other game in the middle of the street. We had Field Day at the end of the school year where we had the 50 yard dash and other competitions and we had winners and losers! None of this “everybody is a winner” BS. I got numerous ribbons for first place because I beat all the boys in the races. They called me “Too Tall” because I was always taller than everyone but I never complained because I knew they weren’t being mean. Nowadays, you can’t call anyone any name except what’s on their birth certificate, kids don’t go outside, and a lot of times parents won’t let their kids have friends over because they are afraid that if the other child gets hurt, their parents are going to sue them! My own daughter got hurt jumping on her friend’s bunk bed and the parents were so afraid I was going to sue them that they made up all kinds of excuses as to why it was my daughter’s fault. I just told them that kids are going to get hurt as a part of growing up and she has to learn from her mistakes. We’ve been friends ever since. It’s a sad world we live in today.

    • Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
      the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

    • If they served that meal in any prison or jail in the US. The ACLU would fill the courts with lawsuits.

  21. When are you people going to ‘get it?’ Mrs. Obama is a M I S T E R!!! This lines up perfectly with Obama being
    a homosexual (who is NOT the President Of The United States–he was born in Kenya, NOT AMERICA, which
    automatically E L I M I N A T E S him from becoming the President Of The United States)!!! Just look at America
    under this alien, the pillars of our Society are inches from being completely UNRAVELED). All Americans MUST
    get involved with ‘righting this wrong,’ and throwing this ‘illegal’ in Gitmo Prison, a U.S. Marine Corps prison NOT
    in the habit of E V E R having an escapee!!! Wake Up, America!!!

  22. Parents need to be aware of what is going on and speak out. The best defense against these actions is a well informed public. Parents have to be in the forefront and watch what is happening in their kids schools, when they see things that are wrong they need to act on it.

  23. This took place because of the deception in the White House. There is NO ‘she’ in this equation–Obama is a male and so is she!!! Both are homosexuals.

  24. I guess they see you and the “it” pigging out on all the fats and wonder why you deprive them of even a lunch that has not even a flavor to it. Your “it” makes a lousy fraud president and you bark as a first lady! Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts!!


    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!

    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

    and— in California –

    “If it’s BROWN..
    Flush Him Down !”

  26. Feeding your child starts at home. Unfortunately, things like one kid being allergic to peanuts means no on can bring peanut butter. And that is how these ‘movements’ get started and eventually are complete failures – you can’t make everyone happy. So parents, feed your kids what you want. Those that can’t handle it need to sit somewhere else and have lunch.

    • And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a kid taking a peanut butter sandwich to school. Kids who are allergic to peanuts know it long before they start school.

  27. If the “Let’s Move” campaign meant them moving out of the White House before the Obamas turn it into an outhouse, more Americans would have helped to make it a success!

  28. I feel that more families being eligible for food stamps is part of the problem. I have seen kids in the stores with the card buying sooo much junk food. With the tiny amounts of food the kids get in school, they then go out and buy junk afterwords or before sports because they are hungry.

  29. Y’all be careful. She either wants to be one of the Senators from D.C. or president, so tread lightly. Good Grief, it crossed my mind that we could have a Mr and Mrs. O as Senators from D.C. As mentally negative as the D.C. citizens, they would elect them both. Just think what they did with His Honor Mayor Whats His Name Barry.

  30. “Let’s Move” was a Black Panther Party slogan in the 1980’s out of Kansas City. It doesn’t mean lets exercise, it’s a tribute the Black Panthers. The Obamas are always using old campaign innuendos

  31. I don’t know. The food program is working out great for the local pigs. The more the farmer hauls off. The more they have to eat.

  32. Angela Joy Britt-Braun

    Get the GMO’s & other poisons out of the farmer’s fields; Get the hormones & antibiotics out of the meat, eggs, and dairy; Get the excess sugar & additives out of the food factories; Get the kids outdoors in the sunshine playing; and most importantly…GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR KIDS LIVES ALL TOGETHER! And then they might just grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted human beings.

  33. Amen. Michelle Obama is, as I have said MANY times before, NOT QUALIFIED to be an expert on what our kids should be eating. A few cases in point:

    1. When she went on school tours around the country to promote her program, ELEMENTARY school children were FORCED to sit on the floor for as long as EIGHT HOURS with NO bathroom and NO water breaks, to say nothing of NO lunch. Part of that is the responsibility of the Secret Service. Kindergartners are terrorists, you know.

    2. There was absolutely NOTHING ever put into place for children with chronic health problems going in, such as Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. Mrs. Obama simply decided that EVERY child with diabetes got it because of how they were eating, and certainly NOT from their individual hereditary.

    3. She failed to recognize the importance of the food commodity program.

    4. She flat-out refused to involve educated people from the American Nutrition Academy, choosing instead to task Democratic political operatives to put her program into place;

    5. She tried to outlaw homemade school lunches because, of all things, the kids might “swap” their lunches, something kids have been doing for hundreds of years. She specifically decided that, instead of being a staple of the American household, homemade lunches were dangerous.

    6. Instead of making lunch periods enjoyable, she turned them into dreary experiences. NO desserts (come on, every kid needs dessert once in a while), she FAILED to explore the many nutritional desserts that are out there, choosing instead to offer pencils and erasers instead of dessert;

    7. She tried to limit caloric intake to 850 calories a day — far too few for an active and growing child.

    8. She failed to recognize that our kids are individuals in their own right, that not every parent can afford choices she can afford for her own kids, and that most kids think tofu and legumes, if not prepared in a tasteful and appetizing way, sucks.

    She failed to involve the parents in their children’s education. When I was a kid, and I don’t care who doesn’t agree with me, we had “tasting” classes, where we were given the opportunity to taste foods we would not ordinarily be exposed to in our homes.

    NO child was ever forced to eat something they didn’t want, but we were ALL encouraged to learn about the different types of foods out there.

    That is exactly the way it should be now.

  34. It is designed for failure. They should be serving kids the same food that congress gets. At least as good as prisons. (most government officials have, or should be jailed) so they get the same foods for continuity.

  35. Yes please move — To West Africa!!

  36. she she should keep her nose out of the public schools. she should look in the mirror at herself…not exactly an example of slim, svelte, beauty…

  37. The amazon needs to move her self and her mate back to Africa where he came from. Our schools were fine when parents sent them OUTSIDE to play ball and run track then they could eat what they wanted to eat.

  38. If Moochelle want’s to battle childhood obesity, she should put less emphasis on school lunches and more on the poor meal choices impoverished families make, at home. Kids’ fat cells are already in place, by the time they hit elementary school.
    She should push to make families using EBT cards (food stamps) buy healthy foods.

  39. Impeach, fumigate the WhiteHouse, and lets move along, business as usual!!!!!!!!!

    • The present problem with the White House is that they are not currently conducting any proper business to be usual

      • I understand! We’ll need to clean up all the crap they left behind, plus all his politcal non-sence, before we start business as uaual! I hate trying to explain myself! Quit being so technical Phile!
        I will not explain myself on any more comments, if you don’t get the meaning, you should check yourself for being thick!!!!!!

  40. The reason for the increase in obesity is easy to understand.The MICHELLE OBAMA LUNCH is not fit to eat so the children dump it in the trash and go buy a candy bar and a bag of chips Thus they are eating more sugar and saturated fats which cause weight gain.

  41. Cotton, My reference /comment means that they are totally in a FOG!! No pun intended.

  42. I was encouraged when I heard their “Let’s Move.” But I should have known they won’t move out of our White House until they absolutely have to – and that may not be in January 2017.

  43. Some people should never be put in public office. They destroy more than they fix.

  44. “Let’s Move” is a good campaign slogan for the true Americans to follow in getting it’s fat a$$ outta the white house along with that gay muslim Hitler-wannabe it is supposedly “married” too!

  45. who’s this michelle Obama any way, why does anyone listen to this person, she tries to be something she is not. I say to the public school officials, we tax payers pay your salaries it doesn’t come from the government, feed the children real food, and let the
    kids get out for exercise and quit teaching them stupid stuff, let’s get back to RWA

  46. I can not stand smell of Obama or his wife any more .. Sick of Black power trippers America is fine just way was before bunch Muslim came along and try to screw it up

  47. Yes, yes move. Michael and Obama bin Lyin need to “MOVE” out of the White House and into prison while they await their trial for treason.We need to help them move.

  48. bo ‘s deceitful actions of spending & violating U.S. Laws for 6 years has obviously proven his plans to bankrupt the U.S. to declare his wannabe dictatorial commie, muslim regime..! michies spending is her contributon to tyranny..!

  49. That fat-az transvestite is dumber than her/his bitch husband

  50. Is eBOla trying to stack the deck with a 100,000 illegals from Haiti?

  51. Mrs. Obama should worry about her own big caboose and her love of barbecued ribs and fries.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  52. Mrs. Obama should worry about her caboose. It is gigantic!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  53. I’ve decided not to listen or look at the Obamas anymore or read about them…They both make me sick to my stomach…

  54. It seems that Mrs. O is ignorant to the fact that most people do not like to be told what to do, what to eat, and God forbid someone should tell anyone they are fat…human nature seems to take over and the rebellion in one’s individuality comes forth in the form of …”I’ll just show them!” And walla!! you have fat, rebellious people and Adam is eating the apple all over again!!!

  55. Restrict the use of the EBT cards! They buy all the crap on tax payers backs. So why should a BS school program work?

  56. She is likely one of the few people in the USA despised more than Obama.

  57. I wonder if the schools in Seattle will be fined for having more than 10% of their garbage being food waste from the lunches these kids are throwing away…

    If they would bring back Physical Education as a requirement for Elementary and Middle School children, maybe we can get that obesity rate down. Parents also need to take away or limit the time spent on electronics and encourage their children to use their imagination. We have a bunch of brain dead kids that have no clue how to interact with people and only know how to sit in front of a screen playing games all day. They need to get out and play.

  58. Mrs. Obama needs to get rid of her huge caboose before she starts telling us to eat vegetables.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

  59. Two losers! They are a disgrace & embarrassment to America!

  60. Yawn!!! Why did anyone think she would make any serious difference or improvement? She’s not qualified to do what she’s trying to do. She isn’t a nurse, doctor, dietician, nutritionist. She’s simply a first lady, who has surrendered her law license, a wife and mother. Nothing here qualifies her to do what she has been trying to do.

  61. She is no shining example of what to eat…pictures of the Obama’s shows they eat what they want…it’s ” Eat what I say not as I eat.” The King and Queen have spoken……

  62. the obamas are a complete failure

  63. If she paid attention to her own enormous caboose we might pay attention to her. What arrogance!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  64. Hey… Obama was good to his word… MOVE…. yup.. he’s moving all right.. right out to the golf course and moving to get on Air Force One to take him to all places on the globe. Yup… he’s got MOVE under his feet….!!!

  65. If she were really concerned with the obesity of our youngsters, she would “mandate” a decrease in the time they spend on their butts, watching a screen.

  66. White food for Hispanics and Blacks. They let thousands of Hispanics into the country and expect them to eat what White kids eat. They won’t do it. Hispanic kids and Black kids will eat their cultural high fat/high caloric meals they enjoy. Her program is also competing against IPods, IPhones, Kindles, and Tablets. They are sedentary. Fast paced programs and cultural moderated foods are needed until the generations are weaned into dietary White foods. She, Obama, needed to do her homework before initiating an expensive program against kids. They are a formidable foe indeed.

  67. In Ontario, Canada: The Premier of Ontario’s ideas on Teaching Sex Education in schools to babies. Little Billy and Little Annie were in grade school, Age 8 and 7 years old in Grade 3. Their mothers, Mary and Ann, were sitting at Mary’s house having a cup of tea waiting for their children to come home from school. When Little Billy and Little Annie came home from school, Mary asked them, “What have you learned in school today, Billy?” Little Billy and Little Annie tell them, “Well, we learned about penises and vaginas and about masturbation. Mary and Ann were flabbergasted and very annoyed to say the least. Little Billy and Little Annie then tell them that, “Next year we will be learning about anal and oral sex and same sex partners.” You think you have problems with lunches. This is without the parents’ consent and how do you know what kind of a teacher and what ideas they would put into your children’s heads?? More to come:

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