Missouri House Scores a Big Victory for the 2nd Amendment

It’s increasingly rare to see the government – state or federal – make the right call even in the face of well-funded opposition. That’s one of many reasons why the Missouri House of Representatives are PatriotNewsDaily heroes this week. After Democrat Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a comprehensive and protective gun-rights bill, it seemed all hope was lost for 2nd Amendment freedoms in the Show Me state. But now the Missouri House has overridden Nixon’s veto, putting the bill on a screaming path towards becoming law.

The bill is meant to ensure that state residents with concealed-carry permits can bring their firearms anywhere in the state, regardless of what individual municipalities have to say about it. It even goes further, lowering the minimum age to 19 for those wanting to get a concealed-carry permit and permitting school districts to arm teachers. Finally, the bill makes it illegal for police to confiscate guns from people unless placing them under arrest.

All in all, it’s a great day for gun rights in America.

One representative – Rick Brattin of Harrisonville – went so far as to recommend that all Missouri state residents be armed. “We live in a world that’s evil, that wants to harm each and every one.”

Is he wrong? Keep in mind that this is a state that has seen considerable violence over the last couple of months as passions ran strong in Ferguson. Would you have wanted to be in the middle of those riots without a gun to protect yourself? What right do the police have to roll in on tanks and then claim that American individuals shouldn’t be armed? Hell, if Ferguson proved anything, it’s that we should be more vigilant than ever when it comes to our self-defense. The government is one scary beast when it wants to be, as is an unruly mob.

According to news reports, it appears Democrat Stacey Newman wins the award for most political cluelessness. In her argument against the bill, she insisted that it was actually a vote for big government since it would put state law above individual cities. No, Ms. Newman, that’s not what we mean when we talk about big government. Try again.

She did. Grasping at straws, she invoked the 2008 Kirkwood shootings, a dark day in Missouri state history. On that day, five city council members were killed by a man who had long battled with the council over construction contracts. Newman opined that the bill would prevent municipalities from banning firearms from places like Kirkwood City Hall. Do liberals like her even listen to themselves talk? Does she really believe that Cookie Thornton wouldn’t have killed those people had there been a firearms ban in effect? The idiocy of these people never ceases to astound.

Anyway, Newman and the libs didn’t win this day, and that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing for Missouri, a good thing for people who still care about the Constitution, and a great thing for law-abiding gun owners. Good job, Missouri House.

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