Liberal Bias: 25 of 32 News Sources Lean Left

“Reality has a liberal bias.” That’s the argument you hear from so-called progressives whenever you bring up the rampant liberalism found in today’s news media. Though studies have confirmed what conservatives have long believed, that most mainstream news outlets trend to the left, a new Pew survey puts the numbers in striking relief. Out of the 32 most used news outlets, a full 25 of them are considered to lean left of center.

The survey was interesting for a number of reasons, though. Unsurprisingly, it found that conservatives tended to watch Fox News more than any other television news outlet. 47% of self-identified conservatives claimed it as their primary source for news. Can’t really blame us, given the state of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the rest. Liberals, on the other hand, don’t strongly support any particular news outlet. Also not surprising, given the veritable buffet of options from which to choose.

There was something else I found very telling. Liberals in the press often criticize conservatives, calling them the politically strident ones. The ones who can’t take a disagreement without throwing a tantrum. The survey, though, shows the opposite may be true. While conservatives prefer friends with similar views, liberals won’t tolerate dissenting opinions. According to the numbers, liberals were much more likely to end a friendship or block someone on Facebook because of politics. Fascinating.

It’s No Conspiracy Theory

For years, liberals have waved their hands at the accusation of this bias in the media. They dismissed the notion, claiming it was little more than a nutty conspiracy theory. But this is no theory. The roots of liberal media bias are evident. Free speech, for whatever reason, has been claimed by the left. It’s their favorite amendment. It also happens to be a journalist’s favorite amendment. It’s not difficult to see how the two get mushed together over time. It’s not a conspiracy; it just happened to be the natural evolution of American journalism. That most major news outlets are headquartered in New York City just compounds the issue.

What’s disturbing and enlightening is how intolerant the left is of opposing viewpoints. Conservatives may rally around their Fox News, but I can’t quite imagine ending a friendship over a political disagreement. I suppose if the liberal was particularly aggressive, maybe, but over a different point of view? These lefties are really that sensitive, huh?

It’s just another example of that inherent hypocrisy that you can find so often in “progressives.” They love free speech until someone says something they don’t like. They preach religious tolerance until it comes to Christianity. They preach civil liberty, but, c’mon, we ought to get rid of that 2nd Amendment, don’tcha think?

It’s dangerous, though, this left wing media saturation. When liberals are choosing what stories to cover, which angles to hit, and which candidates to support, it has an inevitable effect on the country. That they couch it all in the context of “unbiased coverage” makes it all the worse.

Thank god for Fox. Let’s hope some other entrepreneurs see that channel’s success and use it as a springboard. Maybe in another 20 years, the split between right-wing and left-wing journalism won’t be so lopsided. Then maybe liberals will be able to handle a disagreement without taking their ball and going home.

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  1. Outside of FOX it never Identified the other News Outlets. I know of NEWSMAX TV
    But you have to Pay out the Ying-Yang to get any of the Others or have the Internet.
    I really do not like Glen Becks News Chanel anymore.

    • That’s what I wanted to know, are there any other conservative news outlets?

    • Yes, but even Newsmax has a liberal bias. Lately they have published a story repeatedly entitled, “Why Hillary May Be The Best President Ever.”

      No conflicting views. Nothing.

      I will NOT renew my subscription to Newsmax until they offer an equal viewpoint.

      • Newsmax has always been the wrong choice. Nice that you caught that positive negative about Hillary, she is another bad choice.

      • I also don’t care so much about The Blaze since Glenn Beck has become so preachy and a bleeding heart just like a leftist. NewsMax is better, but not everyone on there backs Hillary.

      • There is no equal viewpoint.

        • NO, there is just an honest viewpoint, and Hillary couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

          • An equal viewpoint would be if Hilliary told the American people she had inside information about a country in the middle East that has weapons of mass distruction.

          • There ya’ go. That, by the way, would be Iraq and Syria — where they were moved to before the invasion.

            We all know it.

          • who are we? you got a tird in your pocket?

          • Who in the hell are you, and what do you stand for? You are anything but clear. Too bad you have now turned to bad language attacks. Why? What the hell is your point?

          • I don’t. Do you? I would think that since you are either capable of talking into a microphone that types your words, OR use your fingers to type you would know that the term “we” is collective for ppl on this thread.

            Are you a people?

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA

          • That would be Iran who I believe Obama and His friends are negotiating with under cover of darkness. No truth from them ever.

          • I know. Are you also aware that ISIS or whatever they are calling themselves these days has also taken over numerous chemical weapon plants (abandoned) in Iraq? That pretty much tells me that Iraq had WMDs, and we all knew it before.

          • I remember when President Bush left office. He said one day he will be proven right. What a way to find out. The Democrats really made him look bad,

          • The Dems tried the same stuff with George HW Bush, as well. There is a very well publicized picture of him being pulled out of the ocean and back onto his aircraft carrier deck after he was shot down by a gun ship in the Pacific.

            Some idiot liberal journalist tried to say he shot down an unarmed plane and deliberately crashed his plane because he “just knew he would be able to capitalize on it one day.”

            So, others went back and searched the coordinates he provided to them.

            Guess what?

            They found the EXACT same plane, fully loaded to the gills with bombs.

          • And we know that is never going to happen, so again, what is your point?

          • Hillary is the bitch from Hell, and her time is at an end. She has lost her momentum.

        • And again I ask you, what is your point?

      • Hillary the best president ever? Good God, they must be insane.

    • I find it most difficult to trust Glen Beck.

  2. Today, I turned on CNN. Imagine my surprise when it became MSNBC instead. Turner Broadcasting is responsible. I will not watch anything with Sharpton or any other Liberal newscaster. Turner shut down CNN and gave me the most liberal of all programming. I guess I will continue to watch Fox and listen to shows on the radio.

    • Do you use Dish Network? If you do, Turner Broadcasting pulled their service from Dish Network over a financial dispute with their contract. Turner wants more money….typical leftist tactic, of course.
      Dish replaced CNN with MSNBC because they’re both so similar with the leftist rhetoric. By all means, continue to watch Fox News and there’s also The Blaze and Newsmax TV to give us more conservative news that gives us the facts or at least is closer to the truth.

    • I never watched that crap anyway, I do watch Fox from time to time.

  3. Liberals suffer from a mental disorder called Cognitive dissonance.

    “Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. It therefore occurs when there is a need to accommodate new ideas, and it may be necessary for it to develop so that we become “open” to them.”

    “Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger and associates, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen. While fringe members were more inclined to recognize that they had made fools of themselves and to “put it down to experience”, committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members).”

    Cognitive dissonance can manifest itself as rage, hatred, and violence toward anyone who can, or even attempts to refute closely held convictions with irrefutable evidence.

    Gun ban advocates become highly incensed when shown hard evidence from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports database that even when examined rigorously and critically, that more guns in the hands of law-abiding people ALWAYS results in lower crime and violence where those people reside.

    One only has to look at Switzerland, where every household is mandated by law to be gun-trained and each household has fully automatic ‘assault weapons’ and ammunition, to see what their 100% implementation of a policy of a 100% armed and trained citizenry has resulted in. They have virtually no violent crime, and certainly, no home invasions. And that’s no accident.

    Violence, hatred and rage toward anyone with conflicting beliefs is characteristic of Cognitive Dissonance and are the hallmarks of liberalism. Liberalism is a mental disease, and it is expressed as Cognitive Dissonance.

    • Nomen Nescio, If you look at factual reality, right wing Republicans are addicted to illusionary shibbolths, a few examples will suffice; “Free Markets, Job creators, Self regulation, trickle down economics, lower taxes create jobs, privatization, eliminate all social safety net’s etc. etc. ad nauseam.
      Fact is the Republicans have not had a new idea since the ascension of St. Ronny in 1980. And if you wish to point out the brilliance of George (the moron) Bush and Beelzebub, his VP, as a general rule I don’t suffer fools lightly, however, in this case I’m willing to make an exception.
      Hope this doesn’t cause you too much cognitive dissonance?

      • Hey Dennis how about showing we Right Wing Republicans and Independents out here how
        Lord Obama and His CREW have made life so much better for us OK. Has the National debt more
        than doubled under Lord Obama? Has Healthcare cost gone up more than thirty percent under
        Lord Obama? Has the number of Burdensome Regulations gone up significantly under
        Lord Obama? Has the United States become less safe under Lord Obama? How many KNOWN
        LIES have come to light under and from Lord Obama? I don’t want to go on to much but I sure
        would like answers from you on all of these questions if you have the nerve.

      • Dennis, not only do you look like an idiot in your iconic picture, but you rattle on like an idiot. Wisdom should come with age, but apparently it bypassed you while in your liberal sleep. Better luck in your next life, assuming God will give you another chance to repent. Just a thought.

    • liberals suffer from a lot more than cognitive dissonance. They dismiss anyone or anything they don’t get along with, and EVERTHING ELSE < THEY JUST "DIS".

    • well said, and very much the truth

  4. What I found most interesting about this article is this. “The survey was interesting for a number of reasons, though. Unsurprisingly, it found that conservatives tended to watch Fox News more than any other television news outlet. 47% of self-identified conservatives claimed it as their primary source for news”

    Now it makes a lot of sense. A poll by Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey showed that of all the news channels out there, FoxNews viewers are the least informed.

    So a huge percentage of conservatives go to Fox as their primary source of News and are THE MOST uninformed people out there. That must be why you think every other channel is liberal. Because most other channels are giving their viewers facts. Is it a surprise that Fox seems like the”only conservative station”? Its the only one feeding you lies. Which is why you turn to fake news sites like this one. You HAVE to come here to get the steady stream of Bull Shit

    You people are so fucking clueless. Just keep watching fox

    • fox dint give us obama & ebola

    • We’re not less informed by any means…, we just know how to recognize the truth in and among all the BS. Good luck Jimmy……

    • You are so wrong and have your head so far inverted that you need a windowectomy.

      I watch Fox, but the majority of my news comes from my local paper and various news sources on the Internet, both liberal and conservative.

      I don’t know exactly WHEN you overdosed on purple Kool-Aid, but you definitely need de-tox.

      And, if you think Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews are honest, you are in serious trouble to say nothing of all the others.

    • You lie and have a filthy mouth. MSNBC and NBC saying the same thing does not make it true.

      • Lies repeated over and over don’t make the truth. But Jimmy thinks they do, just as all liberals do.

      • No, asking questions of Fox viewers and people who view other news outlets. The Fox viewers consistently scored lower across the board. They get facts wrong, because they are fed inaccurate info And since the majority of Fox viewers get their news from one source, they don’t ever learn that they are wrong. THAT’S what multiple study’s have shown Not on opinions, but on FACTS

    • Just like You Fuking LIBS…. Vote for 0bola ….

    • Piss on you jimmy king

    • so you approve of CNN female anchor Carol Costello breezily introducing the segment [about the attack on Bristol Palin] this way: “Okay. I’m just going to come right out and say it. This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across – well, come across in a long time anyway.” Then, Costello advised the audience before playing the audio of Bristol, “Sit back and enjoy.”

      and you enjoyed hearing that Bristol Palin was knocked down and drug around by a supposed man, called a c*** and a f***ing wh***, you thought that was good fun; but if the same thing happened to any liberal woman you would be looking for a knife (because being a good liberal you would NEVER own a gun)

      you aren’t clueless, you know exactly how sick liberals are, but you defend them anyway

      • Just one sicko defending other sickos. That’s Jimmy Boy.

      • Jill WTF are you talking about? I merely cited a series of studies that say Fox viewers are less informed. And from that you get that I approve of the Bristol Palin treatment? You people really are stupid aren’t you

        • when all else fails, call names…since i don’t even own a TV, i never watch fox…if being uninformed includes finding that carol costello thinks a woman being knocked down and drug around by a man is worthy of glee simply because her last name is Palin, then color me desirous of being uninformed…you, on the other hand, seem to think that obfuscation about “fox viewers being less informed” means that we should ignore ms costello’s hateful (and unapologetic) diatribe

          • Jill I NEVER said anything about the Palin thing Try and stay on topic maybe its time for your meds

        • Jimmy, quit talking about yourself, to yourself. Get back on your meds and get some ‘conservative’ rest.

    • A liberal university says Fox viewers are the least informed. No bias there! Fox has a democrat and republican viewpoint on every issue, you get all liberal all the time. It’s you that’s uninformed Sparky.

      • Keep telling yourself that Mac Last week Megan Kelly did a piece on Colorado voter fraud Google it. It was total Bullshit. But you morons gobble it up and believe everything fox tells you. It doesn’t appear on any other station because…uh “all the other stations have a liberal bias” Keep feeding on a steady stream of faux news

        • I was witnessing voter fraud in the second election of your buffoon president. Why do you think democrats don’t want voter ID? Election fraud is the only way they can win. I’ll watch Fox, you just stay indoctrinated, and stupid.

          • Who did you report this “voter fraud” to ?? You’re full of shit and you know it. The Democrats could have run a blind pig against any candidate to follow George Bush and the pig would have won. This country was so over your failed policies and principles

          • They did run a blind pig after Bush and blind pigs voted for him. Talk about failed economic and foreign policies. Lowest worker participation are since the 70’s because almost 14 million businesses have been taxed out of existence. 20 million more people living under the poverty level. Democrats and their failed policies. World leaders know obama sits on the chicken switch and that American voters, like you are idiots. I suggest you get to work on a GED.

          • Or, just go to work at most anything, but…..

          • So, they ran a black pig and won due to fake promises and fake change for the better of all other black pigs. Talk about rigged.

          • And he will, as he can’t bare the thought that he has been led astray most all of his life, assuming you can call what he has as a life.

        • So, you admit that you can’t stand the truth. Figures.

      • Jimmy Boy isn’t looking for truth.

    • Not only are you a raving idiot, you are also a left wing liberal liar.

  5. That will never happen unless we replace liberal college professors. ALL teachers should be politically neutral, and if they can’t do that they shouldn’t be hired.

  6. mr. king is wrong on so many levels. Using a biased reporting company to keep the field level for the liberals.
    what else is new with liberal speak. They must continue to espose their agenda as to keep those who question them under a cover of ignorance. pray for our country.

  7. Um, Look at the reporters the liberal media hire……and you want something intelligent to be discussed or reported?

  8. It is just common sense 25 out of 32 negative happenings are done by the Republicans. When they get reported those thin skinned Republicans cry fowl.

  9. That was a really good article. You even answer a question I have pondered for 60 years’ There was this kid who used to come and play football in the street. We always liked it when he came as he had the ball. But every time a play didn’t go his way, he took his ball and went home. Now I understand. They’re actually born that way!

  10. James W Parker III

    The liberals/progressives have become so dogmatic and closed minded that they are no fun to talk with. Most people I know enjoy discussing the issues and candidates. The media bias is just as stifling and dogmatic unless you tune in FOX and I don’t always agree with them I hear more from actual Democrat elected people on FOX then anywhere else. The mass media types just tell us what they think was said or you are stuck with trivializers like Bill Maher and the race-baiters.

  11. If a conservative does not like something they don’t buy it, watch it or just stay away from it. If a liberal does not like something then NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO WATCH BUY OR STAY AWAY FROM, THEIR OPINION IS THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SURPRISE!!!!

  13. Yes, surprise. (I should say) The news that most networks are left-wing. You could have knocked me over with a feather.


  15. 25 of 31 lean left. That sounds awful low to me, considering over 90% of journalists claim to be liberal the last I read.

  16. Really well written article.


  18. The liberals have been using biased news programs to advance a liberal progressive agenda. I am tired of this unfair practice and have started a boycott of the advertisers that support ABC, NBC, CBS nightly news programs.
    Conservative values are not given a fair chance on these stations. And EVERYBODY is suffering.
    Please join my boycott at it is easy, and with enough people it will be very effective.

  19. Does that surpise you — I figured the number would be higher — esp since 99% of new papers are liberal rags. I almost puke ewverytime the butt smootches say the dear leaders name — I can’t even beleive how stupid their readers/ watchers are if they believe their BS — Just these names say it all: Slick Bill & bump on head – Hillery, O- bummer, Mortuary Harry, Snob John Kerry, Scammer Nancy Pelosi, phonies like Brother Al and Rev Jesse need I say more — Hell if you can lie and say good things about any of these mo-rons then your destine to be a boot lick’er like Keith O-the Doberman pincher, Debby Blabber mouth Shultz — I hate to be so critcical but these people are the Eliete of the Demo-rat party are you kidding me — and if the Republicans can do no better than a Cry baby like Bainer –then they and we are screwed —

  20. Those numbers are pretty encouraging – I thought that 95% of our MSM are of the far-left kind; still it’s a bit better that in the former USSR

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