Liberal Bias: 25 of 32 News Sources Lean Left

“Reality has a liberal bias.” That’s the argument you hear from so-called progressives whenever you bring up the rampant liberalism found in today’s news media. Though studies have confirmed what conservatives have long believed, that most mainstream news outlets trend to the left, a new Pew survey puts the numbers in striking relief. Out of the 32 most used news outlets, a full 25 of them are considered to lean left of center.

The survey was interesting for a number of reasons, though. Unsurprisingly, it found that conservatives tended to watch Fox News more than any other television news outlet. 47% of self-identified conservatives claimed it as their primary source for news. Can’t really blame us, given the state of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the rest. Liberals, on the other hand, don’t strongly support any particular news outlet. Also not surprising, given the veritable buffet of options from which to choose.

There was something else I found very telling. Liberals in the press often criticize conservatives, calling them the politically strident ones. The ones who can’t take a disagreement without throwing a tantrum. The survey, though, shows the opposite may be true. While conservatives prefer friends with similar views, liberals won’t tolerate dissenting opinions. According to the numbers, liberals were much more likely to end a friendship or block someone on Facebook because of politics. Fascinating.

It’s No Conspiracy Theory

For years, liberals have waved their hands at the accusation of this bias in the media. They dismissed the notion, claiming it was little more than a nutty conspiracy theory. But this is no theory. The roots of liberal media bias are evident. Free speech, for whatever reason, has been claimed by the left. It’s their favorite amendment. It also happens to be a journalist’s favorite amendment. It’s not difficult to see how the two get mushed together over time. It’s not a conspiracy; it just happened to be the natural evolution of American journalism. That most major news outlets are headquartered in New York City just compounds the issue.

What’s disturbing and enlightening is how intolerant the left is of opposing viewpoints. Conservatives may rally around their Fox News, but I can’t quite imagine ending a friendship over a political disagreement. I suppose if the liberal was particularly aggressive, maybe, but over a different point of view? These lefties are really that sensitive, huh?

It’s just another example of that inherent hypocrisy that you can find so often in “progressives.” They love free speech until someone says something they don’t like. They preach religious tolerance until it comes to Christianity. They preach civil liberty, but, c’mon, we ought to get rid of that 2nd Amendment, don’tcha think?

It’s dangerous, though, this left wing media saturation. When liberals are choosing what stories to cover, which angles to hit, and which candidates to support, it has an inevitable effect on the country. That they couch it all in the context of “unbiased coverage” makes it all the worse.

Thank god for Fox. Let’s hope some other entrepreneurs see that channel’s success and use it as a springboard. Maybe in another 20 years, the split between right-wing and left-wing journalism won’t be so lopsided. Then maybe liberals will be able to handle a disagreement without taking their ball and going home.

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