Lawyer Close To Biden’s Family Expects Hunter To Be Indicted

According to the Western Journal, Clint Lancaster, lawyer for the Arkansas woman who battled Hunter Biden over the paternity of her child, the walls are closing in on Biden; “I expect him to be indicted,” Lancaster said. “Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I would be surprised if he’s not indicted.”

“Lancaster represents Lunden Alexis Roberts, who had a child with Hunter Biden in 2018. After first contesting whether the child was his, which a court ruled it was, he refused to pay child support, leading to more legal action,” the Journal reports.

Lancaster supplied “a significant amount of Hunter’s financial records” to investigators, saying “they’re all in electronic form…I would estimate it was anywhere from 10 gigs of data.”

“I saw a lot of information” that was “problematic” for Biden, he added.

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  1. INDICT the coke head, arrest him, his crappy daddy, and his crime family! LOCK THEM ALL UP!

  2. Lick up all the crooked Bidens

  3. I will be waiting , this has been a long, long time trying to get Hunter Biden . I do not believe you can do it . Some way it will be hidden away.

  4. One problem with any indictments at Hunter is that daddy will pardon him at this point in time . If GOP wins in the mid terms and after everyone is seated then something could happen. But biden and harris would have to be removed ( only in a lawful way ) . Then Hunter would fase the truth .

  5. Joe Biden is king pin Hunter is a crack head that would of been living on the streets Daddy still wiping his ass , sucked in the whole family and others , that fucked over every American citizen , seize all there assets put them in jail for a long time, should do what our fore fathers would do , FIRING SQUAD, that includes Nancy Pelosi it would take me all day to finish the list . From a real patriot, A.S.

  6. This SUDDEN release of Hunter’s laptop is not coincident nor is it guilt. This is the Democratic Party KNOWING that they must get rid of Biden as soon as possible.By re leasing the laptop information they will force their already medically damaged President to step down BECAUSE of demands by the GOP. It is called ‘triangulation’.If the GOP should not call for impeachment. Let our country and the world see everyday how corrupt and inadequate the Democratic Party actually is.

  7. frederick fetty jr

    I am 79 years old, 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran, lived 24/7 for 20 years of my 34 year military and civil service career in third-world countries. I was always proud to be an American warrior, government agent, and citizen. I am very sad to say that my feelings towards my country have changed. When Trump was President, I wore my Vietnam Veteran hat and disabled veteran patch with pride. I always parked at the spots reserved for veterans at the stores and always asked for my veterans discount at stores. I was not interested in the close parking nor the 5% discount offered. I was just proud of the distinction I received as a warrior for my country. That all changed on January 21. I am not a truly religious man. I have done things that will keep me out of Heaven for a long time. War does that. However, I am sure I will be far in front of Biden and Company when St Peter revisits those of us who have sinned against our fellow man. Biden and Company will never make the cut. I think that is something worth waiting for. A place in the hereafter without the Biden crime family trying to steal everything.

    • Mr. Fetty. first off, thank you for your selfless service to this country. You have nothing to regret. You did what was expected of a real man. to defend this country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. You will see Heaven, my friend. But I can almost guarantee that none of the demon rat party members in politics will never see it. they had to sell their souls to the devil to do the things that the demon rat party requires. bribem and his band of devils will get what they signed up for. eternity in hell, with their leader, satan. they have done things knowingly for self profit and aggrandizement all their lives. another one I hope goes straight to hell is Fraudci. he has caused the deaths of millions with his lies. and billy gates, for buying the gain of function studies to try to kill the world. his father and grandfather were NWO members, and little billy was raised to believe that he is a chosen one. we have to be patient. these people will get theirs soon. they can’t live forever. I just hope I am here to rejoice over each ones passing. fraudci tortures dogs and cats with frankensteinian “tests” that have no scientific value. he was the little boy who tortured animals for fun. still doing it some 80 years later. look up his experiments on cats in Russia. that is the most heinous thing I have ever encountered in my 70+ years. give me 5 minutes with this fool. I bet he will scream like his animals did.

  8. I am a 74 year old Vietnam veteran of the United States Air Force, a 20 year retired police officer, 10 years as an EMT at our local hospital and a 911 dispatcher for another 5 years after my police service.
    Proud to be an American, proud of our flag and can recite the oath of allegiance to our country and the constitution. However I will never have any allegiance to the current president or democratic socialist who are destroying our country.
    Hopefully that will change soon with clan Biden either in prison or nursing home and the socialist removed from any political office, not just congress. The constitution prohibits socialism in article 6.

  9. The Federal Government moves slower than a glacier. Look how long it’s taken for Durham to indict a low-level attorney. The DOJ will bury this, because Biden is the president they wanted. Corrupt birds of a feather. They’ll say that they are looking into the matter. Besides they’re too busy right now prosecuting conservative protestors and investigating parents accused of being terrorists by the school boards.

    • wait for it. after we sweep the midterms, they all will be called to account for what they have done and are still doing to this beautiful land and its peoples.

  10. We are told that in the last days the battle will not be of flesh and blood but of the good verses evil
    This is what is happening now
    The father of lies(Santa) battles the Father of Truth)(GOD)
    We are in a battle for the very soul of our existence
    This country was formed for the right to be a nation under GOD not to remove GOD !
    Wake up America open your eyes and see the destruction!

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