Kamala Snaps On Republican Governors

Vice President Kamala Harris said that those Republican governors who chose to move migrants across the country into Democratic cities and states would fall under “dereliction of duty.” During an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, Harris also said that there needs to be a solution to the migration crisis, which will include providing amnesty to many of the illegal immigrants that have entered the country.

She also said that these migrants were looking for refuge against dangerous and harmful situations and now they are being turned into political games. The migrants that are often getting off the buses include mothers with their children.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office has reported that more than 8,000 migrants were moved to Washington D.C., 3,000 to New York City, and roughly 1,000 to Chicago. Arizona has also joined in and is now bussing migrants to Washington D.C., while Florida flew around 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

In their statements, these Republican states have asserted that they are only trying to fill the gaps in the border policy enacted by the federal government. The border crisis has reached new heights with more than 200,000 encounters each month. This fiscal year there have been over 2.1 million encounters, marking a new record.

The Democrat mayor of El Paso has also joined in the transportation operations having sent migrants away from the city to relieve some of the pressure.

However, the Democrats have only been outraged about the Republican busing operations so far. In 2021 an immigration reform was introduced by the White House and Senate Democrats calling for a pathway to citizenship to be established for illegal immigrants.

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  1. Congratulations, Kamala! You just stomped and kicked all of those immigrants who came into this country LEGALLY! Who are you to cry dereliction of duty? You, madam vice president have failed this country as the border czar!

  2. The only ‘dereliction of duty’ is the harm these two ‘comrades’ are doing to our republic ! There only job is the ‘take down’ of this country, period!

  3. Dereliction of duty falls squarely on the shoulders of the Biden Administration, particularly on the shoulders of Kamala Harris herself. Biden made her the “border Czar”. Why should the states of Texas and Arizona bear the brunt of this mass invasion. The illegals are being bused or flown to cities/states who claim to be sanctuary cities, of course, they’re singing a different tune when actually faced with putting their money where their mouth is. You want these states to stop moving illegals around the country, then close the damned border, or take your fair share of the problem.

  4. Vice President Harris you are an embarrassment to our country. You serve under the worst president we’ve ever had in our history! You and the effort that you put in at the border for securing it has been deplorable. I find it hard to take what you say seriously because it’s usually followed by a laugh/heckle. Your time, and Joe Biden’s time is coming to an end. We are taking America back! Patriot

  5. Dereliction of duty can be applied to VP Harris when she was tasked with Border Tsar by Biden! She couldn’t be found anywhere near the Border and has not done anything to solve the problem, she is worthless!!

  6. She is talking about dereliction of duty!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! What has she done about anything sin e she talk office!!!!! Let us hope she stays as useless as she has been!!! Maybe she won’t get us into worse situations!!!!!

  7. Harris snapped a long time ago and hasn’t been relevant since. Just a gum flapping wobbling mouthpiece who seems to have consumed more alcohol in her life than her hero Pelousy.

  8. I’m certain that if I looked up the word ‘useless’ in the OED I would see Kamala’s picture in that space. I say this because in her almost two years in office I haven’t seen one positive thing she has accomplished. A few years ago there was a movie that sums up the Biden/Harris administration: ‘Dumb & Dumber”.

  9. Is this woman completely nuts??? Immigration is all of America’s problems, not just for those that live in the south. Want dereliction of duty, whose responsibility is it to work on the border problems? Huh, cackle hen.

  10. Ah yes. SloJoe and the Ho. This dimwit’s family makes their money in the slave trade, and the descendants of those slaves vote for this turd like she’s a queen.
    I thought the Prince of Nairobi was bad. But this pair beats him in spades.

  11. It’s amazing that a woman that called Joe Biden a racists during the Democratic presidential debate got to be Vice President. You were only selected for your color. Unqualified for this position in Smerican government. You are an embarrassment to this country along with Brandon. It’s going to take years to fix your mess.

  12. frederick fetty jr


  13. Biden and Harris are owned lock stock and barrel by China!

  14. I MUST agree with every post before mine! She wants a path towards citizenship for Immigrants, there is one simple way for that to be accomplished, come in legally like those before you instead of breaking the law and sneaking across the border and breaking our immigration laws! These Republican Governors are doing exactly what the Federal Government is doing, shipping these illegal to the Red States hoping they will be allowed to vote and that way they can turn those Red States into Blue States. Not going to happen as they will NOT be allowed to vote as they are illegal, and we CANNOT and WILL NOT ever allow them the vote and will do our best to deport every darn one of them. I feel badly for those poor uneducated illegals that listened to the lies that Biden told them to come on in, not problem amigo! Come on in, we’ll take care of you and even give you money etc. Many paid a lot of money to the Cartels in order to get their permission to cross the Border often raping the females even those under 12 yrs. old and even taking the best-looking ones as sex slaves! Many have also been killed if they did not have the money to pay the Cartels as a warning to other to pay up or else! I hope you are proud of yourself Biden and Harris and those tasked with protecting our Borders. You are doing one fantastic job losers. You make me want to puke in your face! Of course you do not want these illegals in your areas unless you can put them to work as produce pickers undercutting our legal immigrants and low-paid produce workers and handmaidens to clean your homes and watch and raise your kids and stay in your place and not be seen. You can immediately ship them out when they suddenly appear in your precious upper-class areas but you can place them in our homes and areas that we middle-class citizens live in and have us pay the taxes to provide for them in local taxes and even Federal taxes to pay for the Federal monies we have to pay for their sorry illegal butts.

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