Judge Makes Case That Joe and Kamala are Unfit

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered an earful on Vice President Kamala Harris during Tuesday’s broadcast of the network’s afternoon panel show “The Five.”

Pirro criticized Harris for claiming that the U.S.-Mexico border was “secure” — and repeatedly blaming former President Donald Trump and Republican governors for the ongoing crisis — saying that people could disregard anything she said after that because they could be certain that she was lying.


“Look, I don’t know how the woman gets out of bed and faces the world. She is a catastrophe,” Pirro began, joking that Harris should have skipped NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and appeared on “Gutfeld!” with host Greg Gutfeld instead.

“The number one comedy show, which is — what is the name of that show?” she asked sarcastically as Gutfeld, seated across the table from Pirro, shuffled papers and laughed.

“Look, you know, maybe when she says the border is secure, maybe you shouldn’t have to listen to anything after that because you know it’s a lie,” she continued. “So it doesn’t matter whether that stops someone from hearing the other things she’s saying because you know right then and there that she’s lying.”

“And then she says, ‘I love Joe Biden,’” Pirro continued, pointing out the fact that Harris had effectively labeled Biden a segregationist from the debate stage during the 2020 presidential primary.

“She said, ‘Having been vice president, he knows what the job involves,’” Pirro added, explaining, “She’s basically selling herself to you saying because he was vice president, he could be a good president, so I could be a good president, too — but everybody knows Joe’s a disaster and you’re a disaster, too!”

Pirro went on to list a number of the specific issues that Harris — who was appointed to oversee the Biden administration’s efforts to gain control of the border and manage illegal immigration — had failed to address, such as rampant human and drug trafficking. Instead, Harris criticized Governors Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) for transporting migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, arguing that they were derelict in their duty to take care of migrants who had arrived in their states.

Original Article: ‘Joe Is A Disaster, And You’re A Disaster, Too!’: Judge Jeanine Unloads On Kamala Harris | The Daily Wire

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  1. Felicia Scheuttig

    Absolutely right the two of them are bumbling idiots she’s an idiot and Joe Biden is a moron. Biden and his son are the two biggest crooks around how in the did Biden ever become president want to push they hated Trump so much it’s crazy people think it’s OK to go out and go to people and let Maddie jail angle ripping people and let them out of jail this world coming to. We are no longer a strong company we are the laughingstock of the world and why because of Joe Biden and cackling Vice President

    • The judge’s opinion about Harris and Biden hit the nail right on the head. Good for you judge you are an American patriot and Iove you. Joe Biden is an idiot and harris is a moron. it is what it is and there’s no contradicting the truth. I wish judge pirro was running for office, she would be a great politician and a positive influence on any position she took to help make America great again.

  2. We have been saying this Sense biden illegal win, then Dereliction of Duty, keeping America, and the American People safe, he has corrupted our laws, made America a bumping zone of illegals, criminals, biden and his administration congress all need arrested prosecuted immediately they are Treasonous Traitor’s must be prosecuted including judges, millionaires, billionaires, that are paying for the Destruction of America Our Constitution as Written, other laws, so why are these criminals Traitor’s not in jail awaiting trial our Federal Marshals have the right and the power to Arrest these criminals from biden his administration congress other politicians that are out to destroy America

  3. I am literally ashamed of the election in 2020 that installed the most crooked and corrupt President and a female who was chosen because she was simply a female of color. She also slept her way up the political ladder giving oral sex to another corrupt politician! Is that what we want to represent our nation, A corrupt bumbling idiot that never has anything to do with helping this country, only helping enrich him and his family and telling outright lies. Harris does nothing but cackle when asked very serious questions never giving real answers because she has none. They have corrupted our laws and Mores over and over again and the corrupt Leaders of the Democratic Party do nothing to stop them as they are also making a lot of money with these actions. Get out and vote on Nov. 8th and vote Republican and try and save this nation.

  4. If our southern border is secure then where the Hell are all these Mexican, Central American, South American and foreign people coming from that somehow just materialize out of thin air on the northern side of our Southern Border?

  5. Adults have known that from the beginning. It’s only the Demonrats who are stupid to comprehend how bad they are.

  6. frederick fetty jr

    I am 79 years old and like to think I have some common sense. I just want to make one comment before I go back outside to polish more quarry rock. The Federal Government just posted that the average 401k retirement plan has lost 25% in the last 15 months under the Biden Administration. Their example is a retirement portfolio of $110,000 has lost $27,000 or is worth around $83,000. Now listen to this. An old system federal retiree who also receives social security and a disabled Veterans pension knows that all three are safe and this 401k lose does not effect them. If fact, they will get a 8.7 % COLA. However if you really look at the facts, the only damage thie administration has done to them will be the current 9.1% inflation they will have to absorb. This is the same inflation percentage you will have plus the $27,000 you have lost. Do the math!!! All of these uneducated illegals coming across the border will drive the wages of normal post high school Americans down and the 2 or 3 hundred thousand with higher educations will work cheaper then the spoiled American graduates. Understand, I have mine. I just do not want to see hard working Americans lose theirs’s because of crooked politicians.
    As a very popular movie actor once ask,’What’s in your wallet?” How are you fairing America under this senile pervert president??? Can you afford a piece of red meat or are you only eating chicken now, and, for how long???? VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT THIS NOVEMBER!!!

  7. Its really no use I have seen the liberal’s. They still believe trump is a crook because of the democrats weaponised the F.B.I. for their own profit…. The sheep cannot think for themselves. Partly because of Adam shifts lies that any other person would of been purgered due to the blantent lies he got away with saying about trump ….w t f is going on I think we may never have another honest election because of the denial of the left to actually look in to the problem the election process has been faulty ..we know it but the left insisted its was unsubstantiated clames ….and never looked farther …..they cheated we all know it commies are in power in Washington ..

  8. We can call Biden all kinds of names regarding his mental capacity. But the truth is he is medically impaired. Harris on the other hand is just as dumb as a rock. It’s a shame that this country allowed these two to represent our country to the world. This is a carnival side show and we the people are to blame. We put them in office one way or another. We have to vote them out in 2024 and get ride of want we can in 2022. Not all politicians are bad the real good ones shine and bad ones stand out like a sore thumb.

  9. I am having a hard time still trying to figure out how these two won an election. Did you people not see what was going on . How if you any of you were in your right mind could you have voted these two jack asses to public office. Also how can any one say that the problems we are now having were not caused by Biden’s policies . The only one this group of politicians help are them selves . We need term limits now . The longer these people stay in office the more corrupt they become.

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